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October 26

Events - October 26
1785 - The first Spanish jacks imported to the United States arrived in Boston this day. They were a gift from King Charles III of Spain. George Washington bred them resulting in the first donkeys to be born in America.

1825 - The 363-mile-long inland waterway, connecting Lake Erie to New York City by way of the Hudson River, opened to boat traffic. Cannons fired in celebration and folks lined the route to cheer the $7,602,000, pet project of Governor Clinton. He knew that this, the first major, man-made waterway in the U.S. would be enormously important to the settlement of the Great Lakes region. And right he was! By the 1840s, thousands of barges used the Erie Canal.

1858 - The rotary motion-washing machine was patented by Hamilton E. Smith of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1881 - Doc Holliday joined the Earp brothers, Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan, in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ. They went up against members of the Clanton gang of suspected cattle rustlers. Wyatt Earp and Billy Clanton opened the battle -- the most famous gunfight of the Old West -- with Doc shooting Billy in the chest. Less than thirty seconds later, three men lay dead and three were wounded. Doc had shot each of the dead cowboys at least once. Virgil had been shot in the leg and Morgan through both shoulders. Holliday was wounded in the hip. Only Wyatt Earp survived the fight untouched.

1911 - Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics beat the New York Giants in the World Series four games to two. Led by Chief Bender, the A’s cruised to a 4- hit 13-2 victory over the Giants in game six, capped by a 7-run seventh inning. The Giants managed just 13 runs and a .175 batting average off pitchers Bender, Jack Coombs, and Eddie Plank in the Series.

1934 - Cole Porter recorded his own composition titled, "You’re the Top", from the show "Anything Goes", on Victor.

1935 - A talented twelve-year-old sang on Wallace Beery’s NBC radio show on NBC. Judy Garland delighted the appreciative audience. The young girl would soon be in pictures and at the top of stardom. It would be only four years before Ms. Garland (George Jessel gave her the name, thinking it would be better than her own, Frances Gumm) captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere with her performance as Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz".

1951 - Rocky Marciano, the ‘Brockton Blockbuster’, knocked out Joe Louis, the ‘Brown Bomber’, in the 8th round of a fight at Madison Square Garden in New York. One year later, Marciano became heavyweight champ of the world.

1952 - NBC-TV premiered "Victory at Sea". The show was the first documentary film series to gain wide acceptance. Richard Rodgers wrote the score and Robert Russell Bennett orchestrated it. "No Other Love", adapted from one of the songs in the score, became a hit for Perry Como in the summer of 1953.

1955 - "The Village Voice" was first published. The "Voice" was New York City’s ‘underground’ (alternative) newspaper.

1965 - The Beatles received MBE medals from the Queen of England, as they became Members of the British Empire. Ceremonies were held at Buckingham Palace. John Lennon returned his medal four years later in protest of Britain’s involvement in the Nigerian Civil War.

1970 - Following 3½ years of forced isolation from boxing, Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) returned to the ring and beat Jerry Quarry in Atlanta, Georgia.

1970 - Only 22 years old, Garry Trudeau began his comic strip, "Doonesbury", in 28 newspapers across the U.S. The sometimes controversial strip is now in hundreds of papers and has spawned a publishing empire of books and assorted items.

1971 - Memphis minister Al Green received a gold record for his single, "Tired of Being Alone".

1984 - Barbra Streisand won multiplatinum certification for three albums that reached the four-million-dollar sales mark. "Greatest Hits, Vol. II", "Guilty", and "A Star is Born" (with Kris Kristofferson) were honored.

1986 - Donald Duck was shown for the first time in the People’s Republic of China. Chinese television launched a weekly half-hour of old Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse cartoons. We guess “quack” is the same in any language.

1996 - The New York Yankees played against the defending World Champion Atlanta Braves in what looked like a quick sweep. The Yankees were battered, injured and struggling until the World Series left New York with the Braves leading two games to none. Beginning in Atlanta, the Yankees came to life and beat the braves in four straight, culminating with the 3-2 win on this day back at Yankee Stadium. The Bronx Bombers won the series four games to two.

1997 - The expansion Florida Marlins, who debuted during the 1993 season, won one of the most exciting game sevens in the history of the World Series and became the first wild card team to win a World Championship. Edgar Renteria’s bases-loaded single with two outs in the bottom of the 11th inning started the celebration in Miami. The Marlins became the fastest team to reach the pinnacle of baseball, winning the World Series, four games to three, over Cleveland Indians.

2000 - “It is often said that the Mayor of New York City wears many hats, while this may be true, I can assure you that for the duration of this World Series I'll be wearing a Yankees hat,” said New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. New York (Yankees) battled New York (Mets) during the 2000 Fall Classic and the Yankees won the Series with a 4-2 victory over the Mets in Game 5 this day at Shea Stadium. Catcher Jorge Posada scored the game-winning run as the Yankees won their third consecutive World Series and their fourth in five years.

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Birthdays - October 26
1685 - Domenico Scarlatti (composer: over 550 clavier sonatas; son of composer Alessandro Scarlatti; died July 23, 1757)

1803 - Joseph Aloysius Hansom (architect, inventor: Patent Safety Cab [2-wheeled, horse-driven cab with the driver seated above and behind the passengers]: the hansom cab; died Jun 29, 1882)

1854 - C.W. (Charles William) Post (cereal mogul; founder of Post cereals and products: Grape Nuts, Post Toasties, Postum; died May 9, 1914)

1874 - Abby (Greene Aldrich) Rockefeller (philanthropist: cofounder of NY Museum of Modern Art; died Apr 5, 1948)

1875 - H.B. (Henry Byron) Warner (actor: Bulldog Drummond series, It’s a Wonderful Life, Lost Horizon, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Ten Commandments; died Dec 21, 1958)

1894 - John S. (Shively) Knight (Pulitzer Prize-winning [Editor’s Notebook: 1968] reporter, editor: The Akron Beacon Journal; publisher: Knight- Ridder newspaper empire; died June 16, 1981)

1902 - Jack Sharkey (boxer: World Heavyweight Champion: won title from Max Schmeling in a 15-round split decision [June 21, 1932], lost title when Primo Carnera knocked him out [June 29, 1933]; record: 38-13-3 (14 knockouts, 1 no-contest); died Aug 17, 1994)

1906 - Primo Carnera (boxer: heaviest heavyweight champion [270 pounds: 3/1/34]: outweighed opponent by 86 lbs., won on points; died June 29, 1967)

1911 - Sid Gillman (College and Pro Football Hall of Famer: Ohio University: 1st college all-star game; Cleveland Rams; head coach: Miami University, University of Cincinnati, LA Rams, LA/San Diego Chargers, Houston Oilers [AFC Coach of the Year-1974]; general manager: Houston Oilers; died Jan 3, 2003)

1911 - Mahalia Jackson (singer: God’s Gonna Separate the Wheat from the Tares, Move on Up a Little Higher, The Lord’s Prayer; in film: St. Louis Blues; LP: I Sing Because I’m Happy, The World’s Greatest Gospel Singer; died Jan 27, 1972)

1913 - Charlie Barnet (musician: saxophone; bandleader: Cherokee, We’re All Burnt Up, Where Was I?, Pompton Turnpike, I Hear a Rhapsody, Skyliner; autobiography: Those Swinging Years; died Sep 4, 1991)

1914 - Jackie Coogan (John Leslie Coogan, Jr.) (actor: The Kid: 1st full-length movie to star a child; Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, College Swing, Outlaw Women, The Shakiest Gun in the West, The Escape Artist, The Addams Family, McKeever & The Colonel; TV panelist: Pantomime Quiz; cause of the Coogan Act requiring parent’s of child actors to put their earnings in trust; died Mar 1, 1984)

1916 - Francois Mitterand (President of France [1981-1995]; died Jan 8, 1996)

1934 - Rodney ‘Hot Rod’ Hundley (basketball; W. Virginia Univ., Minneapolis/LA Lakers; sportscaster: Utah Jazz; died Mar 27, 2015)

1942 - Bob Hoskins (actor: Hook, Brazil, The Cotton Club, Mona Lisa, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Heart Condition, Mermaids; died Apr 29, 2014)

1944 - Michael Piano (singer: group: The Sandpipers: Guantanamera, Come Saturday Morning)

1945 - Jaclyn Smith (actress: Charlie’s Angels, Christine Cromwell, The Bourne Identity, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Goodbye Columbus; commercials: Breck girl)

1946 - Keith Hopwood (singer, musician: guitar: group: Herman’s Hermits: Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter, I’m Henry the Eighth I Am)

1946 - Pat Sajak (TV host: Wheel of Fortune, The Pat Sajak Show)

1947 - Hillary Rodham Clinton (attorney; First Lady: wife of 42nd U.S. President William J. Clinton; U.S. Senator from New York [2000-2009]; U.S. Secretary of State [2009–2013])

1948 - Toby (Colbert Dale) Harrah (baseball: Washington Senators, Texas Rangers [all-star: 1972, 1975, 1976], Cleveland Indians [all-star: 1982], New York Yankees)

1949 - Steve (Stephen Douglas) Rogers (baseball: pitcher: record: NCAA Division I individual career pitching wins [Tulsa: 4, 1969, 1971]; Montreal Expos [all-star: 1974, 1978, 1979, 1982, 1983)

1949 - Mike (Dudley Michael) Hargrove (baseball: Texas Rangers [Rookie of the Year: 1974/all-star: 1975], Cleveland Indians, SD Padres; manager: Cleveland Indians)

1950 - Chuck Foreman (football: Minnesota Vikings running back/receiver: NFC Rookie of the Year [1973]: Super Bowl VIII, IX, XI; NFC Player of the Year [1974, 1976]; New England Patriots)

1951 - Steve (Steven Robert) Ontiveros (baseball: SF Giants, Chicago Cubs)

1953 - Keith Strickland (musician: drums: group: The B-52s: Rock Lobster, Quiche Lorraine, 606-0842, Dance This Mess Around)

1953 - Lauren Tewes (actress: The Love Boat, Magic Kid, The China Lake Murders)

1956 - Rita Wilson (actress: The Bonfire of the Vanities, Barbarians at the Gate, Sleepless in Seattle, Mixed Nuts, If These Walls Could Talk, That Thing You Do!, From the Earth to the Moon, Runaway Bride, The Story of Us; wife of actor Tom Hanks)

1961 - Dylan McDermott (actor: The Practice, Hamburger Hill, Twister, Steel Magnolias, In the Line of Fire, Destiny Turns on the Radio, Big Shots)

1962 - Cary Elwes (actor: Twister, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Hot Shots!, Days of Thunder, Glory, The Princess Bride, Another Country)

1963 - Thomas Cavanagh (actor: Ed, Sherlock Holmes Returns, Jake and the Kid, Bloodhounds II)

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