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March 22

Events - March 22
1630 - The first legislation to prohibited gambling was enacted -- in Boston, Massachusetts.

1894 - Play-off competition for the coveted hockey award known as Lord Stanley’s Cup began. Montreal and Ottawa played for the first championship honors on this day. Montreal took home the trophy. The original trophy cost $48.67 and was purchased the previous year by Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston. He then donated it to the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. The inaugural champion was the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association.

1948 - "The Voice of Firestone" was the first commercial radio program to be carried simultaneously on both AM and FM radio stations.

1956 - Sammy Davis, Jr. starred in the play, "Mr. Wonderful", in New York City. The critics were unkind, saying that they didn’t care for the production. Audiences, however, gave it ‘thumbs up’ and the show went on to be one of Broadway’s more popular musicals, catapulting Davis into the limelight. His father had already launched him into the vaudeville spotlight when Sammy was just three years old. By the time he was "Mr. Wonderful", Sammy Davis, Jr. had played vaudeville and the nightclub circuit singing and dancing his way to the top over a twenty-eight-year period. He entertained us for sixty-two years!

1962 - The play, "I Can Get It For You Wholesale", opened on Broadway. It featured a 19-year-old named Barbra Streisand. She stopped the show at the famed Shubert Theatre in New York City. Streisand starred as Miss Marmelstein. Audiences kept coming back for more of Barbra for 300 performances.

1969 - UCLA defeated Purdue 92-72 to win the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball championship. The Bruins were the first team to win three consecutive championships -- all under legendary head coach John Wooden. UCLA went on to dominate the college basketball title through the 1973 season.

1977 - Comedienne Lily Tomlin made her debut on Broadway as "Appearing Nitely" opened in New York.

1980 - Pink Floyd started a 4-week run in the #1 slot on the pop charts with their smash, "Another Brick in the Wall". When the boys popped open their gold record and threw it on the stereo, they heard "Flowers on the Wall" by the Statler Brothers. Legend has it that they ordered a pizza and played it over and over for hours (the record, not the pizza).

1981 - U.S. Postage rates rose from 15-cents to 18-cents an ounce.

1981 - RCA put its Selectravision laser disc players on the market. Soon, the product was called “the Edsel of the entertainment field.” The units cost $500 and the videodisks about $15 each. The combination failed to catch the consumer’s fancy.

1985 - Clara Peller, the lady who said, “Where’s the Beef?” in those Wendy’s hamburger ads, said, “Where’s my final paycheck?” She ended her relationship with Dave Thomas and company when she found the beef for a spaghetti sauce company. The hamburger chain said it made her “lose credibility.”

1990 - Microsoft Windows 3.0 was released. This version offered dramatic performance increases for Windows applications, plus advanced ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

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Birthdays - March 22

1887 - Chico (Leonard) Marx (comedian; the Marx Brother who wore the hat: Animal Crackers, A Day at the Races, Duck Soup; died Oct 11, 1961)

1912 - Karl Malden (Mladen Sekulovich) (actor: Streets of San Francisco, Streetcar Named Desire, The Sting, How the West was Won, On the Waterfront; spokesperson: American Express commercials; died Jul 1, 2009)

1917 - Virginia Grey (actress: The Rose Tattoo, Bachelor in Paradise; died Jul 31, 2004)

1920 - Ross Martin (Martin Rosenblatt) (actor: The Wild Wild West, Dying Room Only; died Jul 3, 1981)

1920 - Werner Klemperer (Emmy Award-winning actor: Hogan’s Heroes [1968-1969]; Ship of Fools; died Dec 6, 2000)

1923 - Marcel Marceau (Mangel) (mime: famous quote from Marceau “!”; he spoke in Silent Movie - the only speaking part in the film; died Sep 22, 2007)

1924 - Bill Wendell (William Joseph Wenzel, Jr.) (announcer: Tonight, Late Night with David Letterman; died Apr 14, 1999)

1928 - ‘Easy’ Ed (Edward) Macauley (Basketball Hall of Famer: St. Louis Univ., St. Louis Bombers, Boston Celtics [all-star: 1951-57/1st NBA all-star game: MVP: 1951/NBA championship: 1958], St. Louis Hawks; coach: St. Louis Hawks; died Nov 8, 2011)

1930 - Pat Robertson (Marion Gordon Robinson) (TV evangelist)

1930 - Stephen Sondheim (composer, lyricist: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Company, Follies, A Little Night Music; lyricist: West Side Story, Gypsy)

1931 - William Shatner (Emmy Award-winning actor: The Practice [2004], Boston Legal [2005]; Star Trek, Rescue 9-1-1, T.J. Hooker)

1934 - May Britt (Maybritt Wilkens) (actress: The Young Lions, The Hunters, Murder, Inc., Haunts)

1935 - Gene (Eugene George) Oliver (baseball: SL Cardinals, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs; died Mar 3, 2007)

1935 - M. (Michael) Emmet Walsh (actor: Relative Fear, The Mighty Quinn, Serpico, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Fletch, Blade Runner, Reds, Ordinary People, East of Eden, Stiletto, Unsub, The Sandy Duncan Show)

1940 - Dick (Richard Clark) Ellsworth (baseball: pitcher: Chicago Cubs [all-star: 1964], Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers)

1940 - Dave Keon (Hockey Hall of Famer: NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs [Rookie of the Year; 1961/Lady Byng Trophy: 1962, 1963/Stanley Cup playoff MVP: 1967], Hartford Whalers)

1941 - Jeremy Clyde (singer: group: Chad & Jeremy: Yesterday’s Gone, A Summer Song, Willow Weep for Me, Before & After)

1941 - Bruno Ganz (actor: The American Friend, Wings of Desire, The Last Days of Chez Nous, Children of Nature)

1941 - Bob Leiter (hockey: NHL: Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Atlanta Flames)

1943 - George Benson (singer: This Masquerade, On Broadway, Give Me the Night; session guitarist: CTI Records)

1946 - Don Chaney (basketball: Univ. of Houston, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics; coach: Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets [1991 Coach of the Year])

1946 - Harry Vanda (musician: guitar: group: The Easybeats: She’s So Fine, Wedding Ring, Sad and Lonely and Blue, Woman, Come and See Her, Friday on My Mind, Hello How are You, Good Times)

1948 - Randy Hobbs (musician: bass: group: The McCoys: Hang on Sloopy)

1948 - Andrew Lloyd Webber (composer: Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Cats, Phantom of the Opera)

1952 - Bob Costas (Robert Quinlan) (sportscaster: WSYR radio/TV [Syracuse NY], KMOX radio [voice of ABA Spirits of St. Louis MO], CBS Sports, NBC Sports: Contributor: Dateline NBC, Anchor: MSNBC’s InterNight)

1955 - Lena Olin (actress: Romeo is Bleeding, Havana, After the Rehearsal)

1957 - Stephanie Mills (singer; actress: The Wiz)

1959 - Matthew Modine (actor: Fluke, Short Cuts, Married to the Mob, And the Band Played On, Pacific Heights, Full Metal Jacket, Mrs. Soffel, The Hotel New Hampshire, Birdy, Private School)

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Chart Toppers - March 22
A Little on the Lonely Side - The Guy Lombardo Orchestra (vocal: Jimmy Brown)
Accentuate the Positive - Johnny Mercer
My Dreams are Getting Better All the Time - The Les Brown Orchestra (vocal: Doris Day)
There’s a New Moon Over My Shoulder - Jimmie Davis

Till I Waltz Again with You - Teresa Brewer
Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Perry Como
Doggie in the Window - Patti Page
Kaw-Liga - Hank Williams

Surrender - Elvis Presley
Where the Boys Are - Connie Francis
Dedicated to the One I Love - The Shirelles
Don’t Worry - Marty Robbins

Dizzy - Tommy Roe
Traces - Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost
Indian Giver - 1910 Fruitgum Co.
Only the Lonely - Sonny James

Love Theme from "A Star is Born" (Evergreen) - Barbra Streisand
Fly like an Eagle - Steve Miller
Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Southern Nights - Glen Campbell

Can’t Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
The Heat is On - Glenn Frey
Material Girl - Madonna
Crazy for Your Love - Exile

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