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March 14

Events - March 14
1743 - The City of Boston conducted the first town meeting in Faneuil Hall. It became an idea that caught on quickly throughout New England.

1794 - Eli Whitney patented his cotton gin, making it possible to clean 50 pounds of cotton a day, compared to a pound a day before Whitney’s invention.

1812 - War Bonds were authorized by the United States government for the first time. We presume they were in support of the War of 1812.

1923 - U.S. President Warren G. Harding became the first Chief Executive to pay taxes and account for his income. Harding’s tax bill amounted to nearly $18,000.

1936 - The U.S. government went into the magazine business on this day. There were no advertisements in the publication and very little artwork ... heavy on the text boxes. The publication is known today as "The Federal Register".

1937 - Fred Allen and Jack Benny met on radio in one of the biggest publicity gags ever. It was called, “The Battle of the Century.” The two comedians locked horns in the ballroom of the Hotel Pierre, exchanging torrid insults that were heard by the second largest audience in the history of radio. The ‘feud’, incidentally, lasted for the next 12 years! This was probably the longest-running publicity stunt in history, too!

1941 - Years before Desi Arnaz would make the song "Babalu" popular on the "I Love Lucy" TV show, Xavier Cugat and his orchestra recorded it with Miguelito Valdes doing the vocal. The song was on Columbia Records, as was the Arnaz version years later.

1958 - The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified the first gold record. It was Perry Como’s "Catch A Falling Star" on RCA Victor Records. The tune became the first to win million-seller certification. The next three gold records that were certified after Perry Como’s million seller were the 45 rpm recordings of "He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands" by Laurie London, "Patricia", an instrumental by the ‘Mambo King’, Perez Prado and "Hard Headed Woman" by Elvis Presley. The first gold album certification went to the soundtrack of the motion picture, "Oklahoma!" featuring Gordon MacRae.

1959 - Elvis Presley made the album charts, but no one would have known by the title of the disk. "For LP Fans Only" was the first LP ever issued without the artist’s name to be found anywhere on the cover -- front or back. On selected copies of the album, however, some record buyers who held the record up to their ears could plainly hear Elvis screaming, "Help! Get me outta here! It’s me, Elvis!" Not everyone. Just some record buyers...

1968 - After three seasons on television, ABC-TV showed the last episode of "Batman", starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Robin. The first "Batman" episode was "Hi Diddle Riddle", shown on January 12, 1966. The pilot program for "Batman" cost $300,000 -- quite expensive by 1966 standards. Through the three seasons, the ‘Dynamic Duo’ welcomed these stars to the cast: Art Carney (The Archer), Tallulah Bankhead (Black Widow), Eartha Kitt (Catwoman), Julie Newmar (Catwoman), Liberace (Chandell), Vincent Price (Egghead), Cesar Romero (The Joker), Rudy Vallee (Lord Phogg), Milton Berle (Louie the Lilac), Shelley Winters (Ma Parker), David Wayne (The Mad Hatter), Zsa Zsa Gabor (Minerva), Van Johnson (The Minstrel), Otto Preminger (Mr. Freeze), Burgess Meredith (The Penguin), John Astin (The Riddler), Frank Gorshin (The Riddler), Cliff Robertson (Shame), Joan Collins (The Siren) and Anne Baxter (Zelda the Great). Finally, a partial list of official Bat-Noises: Aargh!, Clash!, Crunch!, Klonk!, Pow!, Splat!, Clunk! Eee-Yow! Ooof!, Powie! Swoosh!, Biff!, Conck! Ouch!, Qunkk!, Thunk! Boff! Crash!, Uggh!, Zam!, Zap! and others. Wow!

1969 - Less than one month after winning her first horse race, Barbara Jo Rubin became the first woman jockey to win at Aqueduct Race Course in New York. She rode Brave Galaxy to victory and into the winner’s circle.

1972 - The Cincinnati Royals announced plans to move the National Basketball Association franchise to Kansas City, MO. You may think that the Royals not only moved, but changed their sport ... to baseball. However, the Kansas City Royals baseball team was already in place, so the basketball team became the Kings.

1985 - Bill Cosby captured four People’s Choice Awards for "The Cosby Show". The awards were earned from results of a nationwide Gallup Poll. Barbara Mandrell stunned the audience by announcing that she was pregnant while accepting her second award on the show. She talked about “the child here tonight in my tummy.” Bob Hope won the award as All-Time Entertainer beating Clint Eastwood and Frank Sinatra for the honor. Mr. Hope, however, did not announce that he was pregnant.

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Birthdays - March 14
1833 - Lucy Hobbs Taylor, D.D.S. (1st woman to receive a degree in dentistry [1866]; died Oct 3, 1910)

1854 - Paul Ehrlich (1908 Nobel Prize in Medicine; founded chemotherapy, discovered Salvarsan - a remedy for syphilis, developed antitoxin for diphtheria; died Aug 20, 1915)

1864 - (John Luther) Casey Jones (railroad engineer: subject of The Ballad of Casey Jones; killed in train crash Apr 30, 1900)

1879 - Albert Einstein (Nobel Prize-winning physicist [1921]: developed the Theory of Relativity; died Apr 18, 1955)

1912 - Les Brown (bandleader: Les Brown and His Band of Renown: Sentimental Journey, My Dreams are Getting Better All the Time; Leap Frog, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm; died Jan 4, 2001)

1918 - Dennis Patrick (actor: The Time Travelers, Choices, The Air Up There; killed in house fire Oct 13, 2002)

1919 - Max Shulman (novelist, playwright: Strictly for Laughs, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, I Was A Teenage Dwarf, The Tender Trap, Rally Round The Flag Boys; died Aug 28, 1988)

1920 - Hank Ketcham (cartoonist: Dennis the Menace; died June 1, 2001)

1926 - Phil Phillips (Baptiste) (singer: Sea of Love)

1927 - Bill Rexford (auto racer: NASCAR Winston Cup Champion [1950 at age 23]; died Apr 18, 1994)

1928 - Frank (Frederick) Borman II (Apollo astronaut, president of Eastern Airlines)

1929 - Bob Goalby (golf: PGA champ: Greater Greensboro Open [1958], Coral Gables Open Invitational [1960], LA Open, St. Petersburg Open Invitational [1961], Insurance City Open Invitational, Denver Open Invitational [1962], San Diego Open Invitational [1967], Masters [1968], Robinson Open Golf Classic [1969], Heritage Golf Classic [1970], Bahamas National Open Championship [1971]; Senior PGA champ: Marlboro Classic [1981], Peter Jackson Champions [1982])

1933 - Michael Caine (Maurice Micklewhite) (Academy Award-winning actor: Hannah and Her Sisters [1986]; Sleuth, The Ipcress File, Alfie, Educating Rita, California Suite, Jack the Ripper, On Deadly Ground)

1933 - Quincy Jones (composer: film scores, TV show themes; bandleader; record producer; arranger; 25 Grammys, Grammy’s Trustees Award [1989], Grammy’s Legends Award [1990]; Musical Director for Mercury Records, then VP; established Qwest Records)

1934 - Eugene (Andrew) Cernan (astronaut: pilot: Gemini 9 [June, 1966]; crew member: Apollo 17 [Dec, 1972] moon landing, spent three days exploring lunar surface [w/astronaut Harrison Schmitt], Cernan quote before departing for Earth, “As we leave the moon at Taurus-Littrow, we leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind. God speed the crew of Apollo 17.”; died Jan 16, 2017)

1934 - Shirley Scott (swinging, blues-oriented organist: recorded mostly with former husband Stanley Turrentine [they were married from 1961 to 1971]; died Mar 10, 2002)

1936 - Bob Charles (golf champ: British Open Champion from New Zealand [1963])

1942 - Rita Tushingham (actress: Dr. Zhivago, A Taste of Honey, Trap)

1944 - Clyde Lee (basketball: Vanderbilt Univ [rebounds: 1,223: 1964-1966]; NBA: SF Warriors [rebounds: 7626: 1966-1967, 1975-1976])

1945 - Walter Parazaider (musician: reeds: group: Chicago: If You Leave Me Now, 25 or 6 To 4, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, You’re the Inspiration, Hard to Say I’m Sorry)

1946 - Wes Unseld (basketball: NBA MVP: Baltimore Bullets [1969])

1948 - Billy Crystal (Emmy Award for Best Individual Performance and Writer in a Variety or Music Program: 63rd Annual Oscars [1991]; Emmy Award-winning Writer for a Variety or Music Program: Midnight Train to Moscow [1990], 64th Annual Oscars [1992]; actor: City Slickers, Throw Mama from the Train, Soap, When Harry Met Sally)

1950 - Michael Ford (son of U.S. President Gerald R. Ford and First Lady, Betty Ford)

1955 - Boon Gould (musician: guitar: group: Level 42: The Chinese Way, The Sun Goes Down [Living It Up], Hot Water)

1968 - Megan Follows (actress: The Chase, Anne of Green Gables, Hockey Night, Second Chances, Domestic Life, The Baxters)

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Chart Toppers - March 14
Accentuate the Positive - Johnny Mercer
Saturday Night - Frank Sinatra
A Little on the Lonely Side - The Guy Lombardo Orchestra
(vocal: Jimmy Brown)
I’m Losing My Mind Over You - Al Dexter

Till I Waltz Again with You - Teresa Brewer
Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Perry Como
Doggie in the Window - Patti Page
Kaw-Liga - Hank Williams

Pony Time - Chubby Checker
Surrender - Elvis Presley
Where the Boys Are - Connie Francis
Don’t Worry - Marty Robbins

Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone
Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Dizzy - Tommy Roe
Only the Lonely - Sonny James

Love Theme from "A Star is Born" (Evergreen) - Barbra Streisand
Fly like an Eagle - Steve Miller
I Like Dreamin’ - Kenny Nolan
She’s Just an Old Love Turned Memory - Charley Pride

Can’t Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
The Heat is On - Glenn Frey
Material Girl - Madonna
My Only Love - The Statler Brothers

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they’d never end...

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