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July 14

Events - July 14
1789 - This was the day the French Revolution began -- at the fall of the Bastille. It is still celebrated in many countries throughout the world and is a public holiday in France; generally called Bastille Day or Fete National. It is considered the day freedom was born in France.

1868 - Alvin J. Fellows of New Haven, CT patented the tape measure. Alvin’s measurements: 40-46-42.

1908 - "The Adventures of Dolly" opened at the Union Square Theatre in New York City. It was the first film release for director D.W. Griffith.

1911 - For the first time, a pilot flew an airplane onto the lawn of the White House! Harry N. Atwood flew in to accept an award from President William Taft. There wasn’t a National Airport at the time, you see. Today, if you land a plane on the White House lawn, you do so at your own risk. If you don’t get shot out of the sky first, you’ll probably receive a hail of bullets from the Secret Service as a welcoming salute. It’s not that people don’t keep trying. In 1994, a small plane crashed on the lawn and slammed into the White House, killing the pilot.

1914 - Robert H. Goddard of Worcester, MA patented liquid rocket fuel on this day.

1942 - Helen O’Connell and Bob Eberly sang their last duet together as they recorded the famous "Brazil" with the Jimmy Dorsey band.

1946 - Dr. Benjamin Spock's "Baby and Child Care" was first published. The book became one of the most widely-discussed books ever published -- and one of the most widely sold. In fact, Dr. Spock's baby book has sold more copies than any book other than the Bible.

1951 - In his last race, Citation became the winningest thoroughbred in horse racing as he won the Hollywood Gold Cup at Hollywood Park. Citation earned a total of $1,085,760 in his career.

1951 - The first sports event to be shown in color was the Molly Pitcher Handicap at Oceanport, New Jersey. The historic event was seen over CBS-TV this day, but not by many. A color TV system for wide use wouldn’t be available until the 1960s.

1957 - Funnyman Stan Freberg debuted a new weekly comedy program on CBS radio beginning this night. Freberg was a late entry into the radio program race, though he was well known for many famous radio commercials over the years. The Freberg show only lasted a short time and that newfangled contraption, television, was blamed for the show’s quick demise.

1962 - Bobby Vinton’s "Roses are Red" became the top song in the U.S. The song stayed at the top for four weeks and was the first of four #1 hits for Vinton. The others were: "Blue Velvet", "There! I’ve Said It Again" and "Mr. Lonely". "Roses are Red" was also Vinton’s first million-seller. He had two others: "I Love How You Love Me" (which made it to #9 in 1968) and "My Melody of Love" (which hit #3 in 1974.)

1967 - Eddie Mathews of the Houston Astros hit career homer #500.

1968 - Hank Aaron hit his 500th career home run -- in Atlanta, GA -- leading the Braves to a 4-2 win over the San Francisco Giants. (In April of 1974, Hammerin’ Hank eclipsed the old home-run mark [714] held by Babe Ruth.)

1981 - The All-Star Game was postponed because of a 33-day-old baseball players strike. Still, some 15,000 fans showed up to boo the players and to see an imaginary game! The 52nd All-Star classic was not held until August 9th (in Cleveland Municipal Stadium).

1985 - Baltimore defeated Oakland, 28-24, to clinch their second consecutive United States Football League championship. The game was also significant, in that it brought the curtain down on the league’s spring schedule. Total losses were estimated at $63 million for all 14 teams. The USFL quickly faded away when owners refused to incur further losses. Plans calling for the league to resume play in the fall of 1986 never materialized.

1987 - The second-longest game in All-Star Game history was played as the National League defeated the American League in a 2-0 shutout in 13 innings. The game was played in Oakland, CA and lasted 3 hours, 39 minutes.

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Birthdays - July 14
1862 - Florence Bascom (geologist: first woman geologist appointed to the U.S. Geological Survey and first to be elected a Fellow of the Geological Society of America; associate editor: American Geologist; educator: Bryn Mawr, Ohio State; 1st woman to receive a doctorate degree: Johns Hopkins University [1893]; died June 18, 1945)

1903 - Ken Murray (Don Court) (actor: Follow Me, Boys!, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Marshall’s Daughter; died Oct 12, 1988)

1903 - Irving Stone (Tennenbaum) (novelist: Lust for Life, Love is Eternal, The Agony and the Ecstasy; died in 1989)

1910 - William Hanna (cartoonist: half of Hanna-Barbera team: The Flintstones; died Mar 22, 2001)

1911 - Terry-Thomas (Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens) (actor: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River; died Jan 8, 1990)

1912 - Woody (Woodrow Wilson) Guthrie (‘father of modern American folk music’: singer, songwriter: This Land is Your Land, Hard Travelin’, Union Maid, So Long It’s Been Good to Know Yuh, Dirty Overhalls, Pretty Boy Floyd, The Sinking of the Reuben James, more than 1,000 original songs; father of folk singer Arlo Guthrie; died Oct 3, 1967)

1913 - Gerald R. Ford (Leslie King, Jr.: changed name to Gerald Ford after his adoptive father) (38th U.S. President [1974-1977]; married to Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Bloomer [three sons, one daughter]; nickname: Jerry; first non-elected vice president and president: Vice President under President Richard Nixon, assumed presidency upon resignation of Nixon; one of seven left-handed Presidents [others were/are: James A. Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry S Truman, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton]; died Dec 26, 2006)

1917 - Douglas Edwards (TV’s first evening news anchor: CBS; TV panel moderator: Masquerade Party; host: F.Y.I., The Eyes Have It, Armstrong Circle Theatre; died Oct 13, 1990)

1918 - Ingmar Bergman (Academy Award-winning director: Through a Glass Darkly [1961]; The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Cries and Whispers, Fanny and Alexander; died July 30, 2007)

1918 - Arthur Laurents (playwright: Home of the Brave, Summertime, Gypsy, The Turning Point, The Way We Were, Anastasia; died May 5, 2011)

1923 - Frances Lear (magazine publisher: Lear’s; married to TV producer Norman Lear; died Sep 30, 1996)

1923 - Dale Robertson (actor: The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang, Melvin Purvis: G-Man, Kansas City Massacre, Son of Sinbad, Tales of Wells Fargo, J.J. Starbuck, Death Valley Days; died Feb 27, 2013)

1926 - Harry Dean Stanton (actor: Down Periscope, Never Talk to Strangers, Against the Wall, Wild at Heart, Twister, The Last Temptation of Christ, Red Dawn, Christine, Paris, Texas, Repo Man, Young Doctors in Love, Escape from New York, Private Benjamin, Death Watch, The Rose, Alien, The Godfather, Part 2, Kelly’s Heroes, Cool Hand Luke, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Two-Lane Blacktop; died Sep 15, 2017)

1927 - John (William) Chancellor (radio/TV newscaster: NBC Nightly News with John Chancellor; commentaries: The Huntley-Brinkley Report, Chicago Sun Times, WMAQ radio, Today; director: Voice of America; died July 12, 1996)

1928 - Nancy Olson (actress: Sunset Boulevard, The Absent-Minded Professor, Son of Flubber, Snowball Express)

1930 - Polly Bergen (Nellie Burgin) (actress: The Winds of War, Cry-Baby, Escape from Fort Bravo; TV panelist: To Tell the Truth; died Sep 20, 2014)

1931 - Robert Stephens (actor: The Secret Rapture, Chaplin, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Henry V, Empire of the Sun, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, A Taste of Honey; died Nov 12, 1995)

1932 - Roosevelt ‘Rosey’ Grier (football: one of the LA Rams ‘Fearsome Foursome’ [w/Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy and Merlin Olsen]; actor: Sophisticated Gents, The Big Push, The Seekers; minister)

1933 - Del (Franklin Delano) Reeves (singer: Slow Hand, Be Quiet Mind, The Girl on the Billboard, Looking at the World through a Windshield, The Philadelphia Phillies; films: Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar, Forty Acre Feud; died Jan 1, 2007)

1934 - Lee Elder (golf: 5-time United Golf Association Champion, PGA winner: Monsanto Open [1974], Houston Open [1976])

1947 - Steve (Steven Michael) Stone (baseball: pitcher: SF Giants, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles [World Series: 1979/Cy Young Award: 1980/all-star: 1980]; sportscaster)

1948 - Earl (Craig) Williams (baseball: Atlanta Braves [Rookie of the Year: 1971], Baltimore Orioles, Montreal Expos, Oakland Athletics)

1952 - Chris Cross (Allen or St. John) (musician: bass, synthesizer: group: Ultravox: Vienna, All Stood Still, The Thin Wall, The Voice, Reap the Wild Wind, Hymn, Visions in Blue)

1952 - Jerry Houser (actor: A Very Brady Christmas, Slap Shot, Class of ’44, Summer of ’42)

1970 - Missy Gold (actress: Little Mo, Benson, Twirl)

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Chart Toppers - July 14
Peg o’ My Heart - The Harmonicats
I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder - Eddy Howard
Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba - Perry Como
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Tex Williams

Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets
Learnin’ the Blues - Frank Sinatra
Hard to Get - Giselle Mackenzie
A Satisfied Mind - Porter Wagoner

Easier Said Than Done - The Essex
Surf City - Jan & Dean
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport - Rolf Harris
Act Naturally - Buck Owens

It’s Too Late/I Feel the Earth Move - Carole King
Indian Reservation - Raiders
You’ve Got a Friend - James Taylor
When You’re Hot, You’re Hot - Jerry Reed

Ring My Bell - Anita Ward
Bad Girls - Donna Summer
Chuck E.’s in Love - Rickie Lee Jones
Amanda - Waylon Jennings

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston
Shakedown - Bob Seger
Songbird - Kenny G
All My Ex’s Live in Texas - George Strait

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