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July 5

Events - July 5
1865 - William Booth formed the internationally acclaimed Salvation Army in London, England. The Salvation Army’s officers are ordained ministers who have vowed to serve the Army for life. The Army has units in over 80 countries.

1865 - Make no sudden moves. Those guys with the dark glasses and the earphone in one ear could be watching ... even here on the web! Ever wonder why U.S. Secret Service agents pictured in movies talk into their hands? Is it to stifle a cough? Is it because Mr. Microphone is hidden in the palm of their hand? Is it because they just like talking into their hand? We’ll go with Mr. Microphone. Anyway, it was on this day that the United States Secret Service was created. At first, the agency was only responsible for protecting against the counterfeiting of U.S. currency. In 1901, following the assassination of President William McKinley, the Secret Service began protecting the President of the U.S. The scope of responsibility for the Secret Service has grown enormously over the years. This arm of the U.S. Treasury is now also responsible for guarding the White House, the Executive Office Building, the Treasury building and annex along with all the billions of $$$ stored in its vaults.

1916 - Adeline and Augusta Van Buren started on the first successful transcontinental motorcycle tour attempted by two women. The bikers left New York City this day and arrived in San Diego, CA on September 12th.

1934 - "Love in Bloom", sung by Bing Crosby with Irving Aaronson’s orchestra, was recorded for Brunswick Records in Los Angeles. The song was fairly popular, but became a much bigger success when comedian Jack Benny made it a popular standard.

1943 - "The Adventures of Nero Wolfe" debuted on the Blue Network. Nero Wolfe was “the detective genius who rated the knife and fork the greates tools ever invented by man.” The ‘gargantuan gourmet’ continued on the radio until 1951.

1946 - The first two-piece brief swimsuit was shown in public. The bikini was worn by a model at a press party. According to our Bikini Encyclopedia, it wasn’t long before the creation of Louis Réard went from making the rounds of media events to the beaches of the world. Mr. Réard, incidentally, called his bikini creation, “four triangles of nothing.”

1947 - The first black baseball player in the American League joined the lineup of the Cleveland Indians. Larry Doby played his first game against the Chicago White Sox. He played for both the Indians and the White Sox during his 13-year, major-league career.

1948 - "My Favorite Husband", with Lucille Ball, became the gifted redhead’s first regular radio program on CBS. Lee Bowman, and later, Richard Denning, co-starred with Lucy as “two people who live together and like it.”

1951 - "The Silver Eagle" debuted on ABC radio as a late entry into radio’s action-adventure lineup. Jim Ameche starred as Jim West. The program continued for four years and marked the last of radio’s long list of adventure shows.

1951 - Dr. William Shockley announced that he had invented a working and efficient junction transistor at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ.

1954 - Elvis Presley recorded "That’s All Right (Mama)" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky". It was his first session for Sam Phillips and Sun Records in Memphis, TN.

1962 - Bob Garibaldi got a bonus of $150,000 as he signed with the San Francisco Giants.

1969 - Rod Laver became the first man to win four Wimbledon tennis titles.

1982 - For the first time since 1974, Jimmy Connors won the men’s singles tennis title at Wimbledon. Connors beat John McEnroe 3-6, 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4.

1986 - Janet Jackson finally took "Control" and got all the way to the top of U.S. LP charts. She was the youngest (19 years old) to hit number one with an LP since Little Steve Wonder ("The 12 Year Old Genius") in 1963. Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, "Control" was her third album, but her first to hit number one. Tracks from the LP, "What Have You Done for Me Lately" became Jackson’s first top-five single and "Nasty" made it to number three.

1987 - Pat Cash, the 22-year-old, #11 seed, captured the Wimbledon singles tennis championship by defeating Ivan Lendl.

1991 - Regulators in seven countries, including the U.S., shut down BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International). The institution and four of its units were indicted for fraud, theft, and money laundering from corrupt activities. In July 1990 five former officials of BCCI were convicted in Tampa, Florida for laundering $32 million in cocaine profits for Colombia’s Medellín drug cartel.

1994 - Hootie and the Blowfish released their first LP, "Cracked Rear View". But it didn’t zoom to the top of the charts. The group had to get lots of help from a guy named David Letterman before their album made it big. Letterman heard one of the tracks, "Hold My Hand", on the radio and invited the band to appear on "The Late Show". "Cracked Rear View" finally hit number one on May 27, 1995. By mid-1996, the album had sold more than 13 million copies in the U.S.

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Birthdays - July 5
1801 - David Farragut (Civil War Union Navy Admiral: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”; died Aug 14, 1870)

1810 - P. T. (Phineus Taylor) Barnum (circus showman; passed away Apr 7, 1891)

1853 - Cecil John Rhodes (diamond tycoon; founded Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University; the African country of Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe] was named after him; died Mar 26, 1902)

1879 - Dwight (Filley) Davis (Tennis Hall of Famer [inducted in 1956]: founder of Davis Cup [donated first trophy in 1900]; played for winning U.S. team in first two Davis Cup finals [1900, 1902]; champ: U.S./Wimbledon doubles [1901]; politician: St. Louis, MO Parks Commissioner [1911]; U.S. Secretary of War [1925-1929] under President Calvin Coolidge; died Nov 28, 1945)

1902 - Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (American diplomat: U.S. Ambassador: U.N., Viet Nam; died Feb 27, 1985)

1904 - Milburn Stone (actor: Gunsmoke, Arrowhead, The Sun Shines Bright, Atomic City, Branded, Heading for Heaven; died June 12, 1980)

1923 - John McKay (College Football Hall of Famer: head coach: USC: only coach to take a team to the Rose Bowl 4 years in a row [1967-70]; head coach: Tampa Bay Buccaneers; died June 10, 2001)

1924 - Janos Starker (Grammy Award-winning cellist [Instrumental Soloist without Orchestra: 1997]: Bach: Suites for Solo Cello Nos. 1–6; Grand prix du disque [France: 1948]; died Apr 28, 2013)

1928 - Katherine Helmond (actress: Soap, The House of Blue Leaves, Who’s the Boss, Brazil, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman)

1928 - Warren Oates (actor: Dillinger, Wild Bunch, In the Heat of the Night, Stripes, The Blue and the Gray, Prime Time, Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Rawhide; stunt tester: Beat the Clock; died Apr 3, 1982)

1934 - Gordy (Gordon Calvin) Coleman (baseball: Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds [World Series: 1961]; died Mar 12, 1994)

1936 - Shirley Knight (actress: Dark at the Top of the Stairs, The Group, 21 Hours at Munich, Sweet Bird of Youth, Color of Night)

1943 - Curt (Curtis Le Roy) Blefary (baseball: Baltimore Orioles [Rookie of the Year: 1965/World Series: 1966], Houston Astros, NY Yankees, Oakland Athletics, SD Padres; died Jan 28, 2001)

1943 - (Jamie) Robbie Robertson (composer, musician: guitar: group: The Band: Up on Cripple Creek, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Shape I’m In, River Hymn, Life is a Carnival)

1950 - Huey Lewis (Cregg) (musician: harmonica, singer: group: Huey Lewis and the News: Power of Love, Stuck with You, Trouble in Paradise, Heart of Rock and Roll, Heart and Soul, Doin’ It [All for My Baby], Do You Believe in Love, Power of Love, [Too] Hip to Be Square)

1950 - Gary (Nathaniel) Matthews (baseball: San Francisco Giants [Rookie of the Year: 1973], Atlanta Braves [all-star: 1979], Philadelphia Phillies [World Series: 1983], Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners)

1950 - Michael Monarch (musician: guitar: group: Steppenwolf: Born to Be Wild, The Pusher, Magic Carpet Ride, Rock Me)

1951 - Rich (Richard Michael) ‘Goose’ Gossage (baseball: Chicago White Sox [all-star: 1975, 1976], Pittsburgh Pirates [all-star: 1977], NY Yankees {World Series: 1978, 1981/all-star: 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982], SD Padres [World Series: 1984/all-star: 1984, 1985], Chicago Cubs , SF Giants, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners)

1952 - Don (Donald John) DeMola (baseball: pitcher: Montreal Expos)

1956 - James Lofton (football: wide receiver: NFL Individual Record for career yards gained 14,004 [1978-1995]: Green Bay Packers, LA Raiders, Buffalo Bills, LA Rams, Philadelphia Eagles)

1968 - Jillian Armenante (actress: Judging Amy, The Seven Mysteries of Life, Delivered, Girl, Interrupted)

1975 - Chris Gratton (hockey: NHL: Tampa-Bay Lightning, Philadelphia Flyers, Buffalo Sabres, Phoenix Coyotes, Colorado Avalanche)

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The Gypsy - The Ink Spots
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Little Things Mean a Lot - Kitty Kallen
Hernando’s Hideaway - Archie Bleyer
Three Coins in the Fountain - The Four Aces
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I Can’t Stop Loving You - Ray Charles
The Stripper - David Rose
Palisades Park - Freddy Cannon
Wolverton Mountain - Claude King

The Love You Save - The Jackson 5
Mama Told Me (Not to Come) - Three Dog Night
Ball of Confusion - The Temptations
He Loves Me All the Way - Tammy Wynette

Shadow Dancing - Andy Gibb
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It’s a Heartache - Bonnie Tyler
It Only Hurts for a Little While - Margo Smith

There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) - Billy Ocean
Holding Back the Years - Simply Red
Who’s Johnny - El DeBarge
Everything that Glitters (Is Not Gold) - Dan Seals

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