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August 15

Events - August 15
1848 - M. Waldo Hanchett of Syracuse, NY patented the dental chair. So, lean back, stare at the big light up there and don’t worry about that drill!

1877 - Thomas Edison wrote the president of the Telegraph Company in Pittsburgh, PA. The letter stated that the word, “hello” would be a more appropriate greeting than “ahoy,” as suggested by Alexander Graham Bell when answering the telephone. And so it is that we pick up the phone anywhere in the world and say: “Allo. Alo. Bueno. Pronto. Hallo. Aloha. Mo simosi. Hello.”

1896 - The "Emporia Gazette" published the editorial, “What’s the matter with Kansas?” And we thought everything was up-to-date in Kansas ... or at least in Kansas City...

1911 - Procter & Gamble Company of Cincinnati, OH introduced Crisco hydrogenated shortening. We still use the stuff for pie crusts today.

1926 - The famous Three Men on Third play happened in Boston’s Fenway Park. Babe Herman came to bat in the bottom of the seventh inning. One man was out and the bases were loaded. Chick Fewster was on first base, Dazzy Vance on second and Hank DeBerry on third. Herman hit the ball off the right-field wall. DeBerry crossed the plate, Vance stopped at third and Fewster ran past second base on his way to third. Herman ran PAST Fewster on HIS way to third. Herman was declared out and Fewster was tagged out. Herman had hit into a double play. DeBerry’s score, however, was allowed -- and the Brooklyn Dodgers won, 2-1.

1941 - "Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams" was recorded by Ben Bernie and his orchestra.

1943 - Because of his special talent to use food scraps in both unusual and appetizing recipes, the War Department awarded Sgt. Edward Dzuba the Legion of Merit.

1948 - CBS-TV inaugurated the first nightly news broadcast, with anchorman Douglas Edwards reporting the day’s events.

1954 - Bob Toski captured the richest prize in golf -- The Tam O’Shanter world pro golf title. Toski earned a cash prize of $50,000 and a $50,000 exhibition contract.

1969 - Three Dog Night (Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron) was awarded a gold record for the album, "Three Dog Night". Where’d the name of the group come from? In Australia, the aborigine tribes of several regions slept outside all year. As the temperatures got colder, the tribesmen would sleep with a dog to keep warm. In colder weather, they would huddle with two dogs. It must have been an extremely cold night when the group was formed...

1969 - The Woodstock Music and Art Fair opened. Two dozen bands came to play on a wooden stage in the middle of a pasture. It was a happening unlike any other. 450,000 people formed a love-in for three days and nights. Jimi Hendrix was there, Joan Baez, and Arlo Guthrie, too. Country Joe and the Fish, Santana, Crosby, Stills and Nash. Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, and so many more. There were hippies, and bikers, Viet Nam war vets, and high school kids ... college kids and college grads, longhaired and short, young and old ... and the world watched and joined in through the magic of the media. They came by the thousands. The music played, people danced and sang. And the memories went home with them. Woodstock marked an era. Groovy! Far out! Like, wow, man! Power to the people! And, of course... Peace, brother!

1970 - On this day, Mrs. Pat Palinkas became the first woman to ‘play’ in a pro football game. She held the ball for the Orlando (Florida) Panthers.

1980 - "I Me Mine", an autobiography by former Beatle George Harrison, went on sale.

1981 - Lionel Richie and Diana Ross hit number one on the pop music charts with their beautiful duet, "Endless Love". It was a huge success for the two singers. "Endless Love" was number one for 9, count ’em, nine weeks.

1984 - New York City turned out to honor the Team USA Olympic medalists. An estimated two million people lined the streets during the 10-block-long ticker-tape parade.

1984 - Pete Rose returned to become player and manager of the Cincinnati Reds after being away from his hometown for six years. Rose had been in Philadelphia and Montreal.

1994 - Llich Ramirez Sanchez, the terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal was captured in Sudan, taken to Paris and jailed. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for three murders and held responsible for numerous terrorist attacks.

1997 - The Los Angeles Dodgers retired player, scout, coach, manager, executive Tommy Lasorda’s uniform #2 in a pre-game ceremony at Dodger Stadium.

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Birthdays - August 15
1769 - Napolean Bonaparte (emperor of France; died May 5, 1821)

1771 - Sir Walter Scott (writer: Ivanhoe, The Talisman, The Heart of Midlothian, Rob Roy, The Fortunes of Nigel; died Sep 21, 1832)

1879 - Ethel Barrymore (Ethel Mae Blythe) (Academy Award-winning actress: None But the Lonely Heart [1944]; The Farmer’s Daughter, Pinky; died June 18, 1959)

1885 - Edna Ferber (Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist: So Big [1925]; Show Boat, Cimarron, Saratoga Trunk, Ice Palace, Giant, Dawn O’Hara; playwright [w/George Kaufman]: The Royal Family, Dinner at Eight, Stage Door, The Land is Bright, Bravo; died Apr 16, 1968)

1904 - Bil Baird (puppeteer: Bil Baird Puppets: Life with Snarky Parker; died Mar 18, 1987)

1909 - Hugo Winterhalter (orchestra leader: Canadian Sunset, Rhapsody in Blue; died Sep 17, 1973)

1912 - Julia Child (McWilliams) (Culinary Institute of America’s Hall of Famer: chef, author: The French Chef; TV host: Dinner with Julia; died Aug 13, 2004)

1912 - Dame Wendy Hiller (Academy Award-winning actress: Separate Tables [1958]; A Man for All Seasons, Making Love, Murder on the Orient Express, Pygmalion, The Elephant Man, Toys in the Attic, David Copperfield; died May 14, 2003)

1923 - Rose Marie (Mazetta) (comedienne, actress: The Dick Van Dyke Show, Hollywood Squares, The Doris Day Show, My Sister Eileen, Ghetto Blaster, Witchboard, Memory of Us; died Dec 28, 2017)

1924 - Phyllis Schlafly (antifeminist; author; died Sep 5, 2016)

1925 - Mike Connors (Krekor Ohanian) (actor: Mannix, Tightrope, Today’s F.B.I., Sudden Fear; died Jan 26, 2017)

1925 - Oscar Peterson (jazz pianist: jazz trios, solos, played with all jazz greats, composer; biography: Oscar Peterson: The Will to Swing; died Dec 23, 2007)

1925 - Bill Pinkney (musician: bass: group: The Drifters: Money Honey, Such a Night, Lucille, Honey Love, Bip Bam, What’cha Gonna Do, White Christmas; died July 4, 2007)

1931 - Janice Rule (actress: American Flyers, L.A. Bad, Invitation to a Gunfighter, The Life You Save; died Oct 17, 2003)

1933 - Bobby Helms (singer: My Special Angel, Jingle Bell Rock, Fraulein; died Jun 19, 1997)

1935 - Abby Dalton (actress: Falcon Crest, Barney Miller, Hennesey, The Joey Bishop Show)

1941 - Don Rich (country musician, songwriter: Waiting in Your Welfare Line; one of Buck Owens’ Buckaroos; died Jul 17, 1974)

1942 - Peter York (musician: drums: group: Spencer Davis Group: Gimme Some Lovin’, Keep on Runnin’, Somebody Help Me)

1944 - Linda Ellerbee (journalist, TV co-host: Our World; Maxwell House commercials)

1945 - Duffy (Don Robert) Dyer (baseball: NY Mets [World Series: 1969], Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos, Detroit Tigers)

1945 - Jill Haworth (actress: Exodus, In Harm’s Way, Tower of Evil; died Jan 3, 2011)

1945 - Gene Upshaw (Pro Football Hall of Famer: Oakland Raiders guard: Super Bowl II, XI, XIV; died Aug 20, 2008)

1946 - Jimmy Webb (Grammy Award-winning songwriter: Up, Up and Away [1967]; MacArthur Park, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, Galveston)

1950 - Princess Anne (Mountbatten) (British royalty: daughter of Philip Mountbatten [Duke of Edinburgh] and Alexandra Mary Windsor [Queen Elizabeth II], sister of Princes Charles, Andrew and Edward)

1950 - Tess Harper (Washam) (actress: Tender Mercies, Flashpoint)

1961 - Matt Johnson (musician: guitar, singer: solo as: The The: Controversial Subject, Untitled, Cold Spell Ahead, Uncertain Smile, Perfect, This is the Day, Giant, Heartland)

1968 - Debra Messing (actress: Will & Grace, N.Y.P.D. Blue, Ned and Stacey)

1972 - Ben Affleck (actor: Pearl Harbor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Glory Daze, Good Will Hunting, Armageddon, Forces of Nature, Reindeer Games)

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Chart Toppers - August 15
Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole
I Wanna Be Loved - The Andrews Sisters
Sam’s Song - Bing & Gary Crosby
I’m Moving On - Hank Snow

Poor Little Fool - Ricky Nelson
Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) - Domenico Modugno
My True Love - Jack Scott
Alone with You - Faron Young

Summer in the City - The Lovin’ Spoonful
They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
Sunny - Bobby Hebb
Almost Persuaded - David Houston

Feel like Makin’ Love - Roberta Flack
The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace
Please Come to Boston - Dave Loggins
Rub It In - Billy "Crash" Craddock

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
Hurts So Good - John Cougar
Abracadabra - The Steve Miller Band
I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home - David Frizzell

Vision of Love - Mariah Carey
The Power - Snap!
If Wishes Came True - Sweet Sensation

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they‘d never end...

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