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Radio People by Name (W3)

Mike Wilmot
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CFPL [London ON] 1996-2000
Now: Mike says (5/04), "I am a managing partner of a training company, Supporting Roles Interactive Training, supplying professional roleplay actors to companies; I also act in theatre, commercials, film, touring dinner theatre, etc."

Bob Wilson
KOIL [Omaha] 1955
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1967
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1969
- GM
WKTQ [Pittsburgh] 1973 - creative dir
Bob Wilson Productions [Pittsburgh] 1975 - owner
KHFI [Austin TX] 1988
KJZY [Dallas] 1989
WQKB [Pittsburgh] 1993

Bob (Robert Wolfson) died April 25, 2015 (81 years of age) in Pittsburgh, PA. See ROBERT WILSON "BOB" WOLFSON (post-gazette.com) and Bob Wilson 6am to 10 am (Jeff Roteman's KQV Personalities page).

Bob Wilson 'Your Chunky Leader'
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 196?
KDAY [LA] 1969
Radio & Records [LA] 1973
- publisher
Now: ???

Brad Wilson
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KBOX [Dallas TX] 1983-1985
Now: Brad says (11/14), "I left radio in 1985, moved to New York City to get into the film business; I'm currently based in Hollywood and produce for TV, direct to video and theatrical films."

Brian Wilson
KWPR [Tulsa OK] 1978
KMOD [Tulsa] 1979
KCFO [Tulsa] 1983
KLTY [Dallas TX] 1985
KHYI [Dallas] 1986
KQLZ [Los Angeles CA] 1989
KODZ [Dallas] 1991
KLIF [Dallas] 1995

Now: Brian says (1/06), "I am at ABC Radio Networks in Dallas as PD of the Jack FM format."

Brian Wilson
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1978
WABC [New York NY] 1981
WBSB [Baltimore MD] 1984
WHTZ [New York] 1989
- with Ross Brittain
WGST [Atlanta] 1990
WWRC [Washington DC] 1992
WCBM [Baltimore] 1993
WOCT [Baltimore] 1994
KSFO [San Francisco CA] 2000
WCTR [Baltimore] 2002
- owner
WQSR [Baltimore] 2004
WSPD [Toledo OH] 2006

Now: Brian's wife, Cassie, says (6/08), "Brian continues his VRINK (Vacation Relief, Inc. -- talk radio fill-ins via ISDN), is PD and PM drive host at News/Talk WSPD (we started in Toledo in Nov 2006 -- I'm Director of News Ops for the cluster), and midday talk host at WHFS, Baltimore. Through VRINK, Brian has filled in at many stations, including KCMO, WABC, WBT, WGST, WBAP, WMAL, WBAL and KSFO -- that's how he got the KSFO show, which originated from our Maryland studios; VRINK was contracted by ABC for the Live from 125 show that was on ABC's XM channel, which Brian hosted for quite a while."

Bryce Wilson
WNIR [Akron OH] 1975
WEWO [Laurinburg NC] 1984
- Ops Dir
WGBR [Goldsboro NC] 1990 - Ops Dir
WTND [New Bern NC] 1994 - Station Mgr
WPTF [Raleigh NC] 1996 - Ops Dir
Curtis Media Group [Raleigh] 1996 - Director of Web Services
NCNN [Raleigh] 2016 - Ops & Affiliate Relations Dir
Now: Bryce says (11/17), "I am Operations & Affiliate Relations Director for the North Carolina News Network (NCNN) based in Raleigh, NC. 80 affiliates. I co-founded "Dial-A-Date" (later called the Dating Game) with Jim Albright on WNIR-FM, Akron, Ohio."

Dick Wilson
KYYS [Kansas City MO] 1974 - Dick & Jay Show
KSHB-TV [Kansas City MO] 1984 - late night host
KCMO-FM [Kansas City MO] 1986
Now: Morning Drive at Oldies KCMO-FM, Kansas City, Missouri.

Don Wilson
WALR [Union City TN] 1980
WCMT [Martin TN] 1982
WWKF [Fulton KY] 1982
WWUC [Union City] 1997
WQAK [Union City] 1998

Now: Mornings and Ops Mgr/PD at Rock WQAK-FM, Union City, Tennessee.

Ed Wilson
KWK [St. Louis] 1956
Now: Passed away in 1975.

Gary Wilson
KRZN [Denver CO] 1985
KPKE [Denver] 1985
KQLA [Manhattan KS] 1986
KJCK [Manhattan] 1988
KZXY [Victorville CA] 1989
KXXZ [Barstow CA] 1991
KAPL [Victorville] 1993
KOOJ [San Bernardino CA] 1994
- Lil' Gary Crews
KOLA [San Bernardino] 1997 - Lil' Gary Crews
KLKX [Lancaster CA] 2000 - Gary Crews
Now: Gary says (1/08), "I'm Director of Technical Operations at High Desert Broadcasting in Palmdale/Lancaster, CA; and I'm doing weekends and fill on Classic Rock KLKX-FM (93.5 The Quake), Lancaster/Rosamond, California."

J. Michael Wilson
KATI [Casper WY] 1961
KOOK [Billings MT] 1962
WIRL [Peoria IL] 1962
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 1963
KBTR [Denver CO] 1965
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1966
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1968
WGR [Buffalo NY] 1970
CKFH [Toronto] 1970
WMEX [Boston MA] 1972
WRC [Washington DC] 1972
WEAM [Washington] 1974
WWDC [Washington] 1975
WWWE [Cleveland OH] 1977
WYST [Baltimore MD] 1982
WRQC [Cleveland] 1984
WGCL [Cleveland] 1985
WCPZ [Sandusky OH] 1987-1993

Now: J. Mike resides near Cleveland, Ohio. He says (12/02), "I am a professional cyclist. No money, but much fun and fitness. Won four medals in the Ohio Senior Olympics in summer 2002. I qualified for National Senior Olympics in Virginia in May 2003. Recent photo at keener13.com." Click for more on J. Michael Wilson.
Working e-mail needed.

Jerry Wilson
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KITZ [Seattle WA] 1987-1988
Now: Jerry says (12/07), "I've been disabled and unemployed since 1988, due to complications of diabetes and a stroke suffered while in Alaska; what am I up to? mainly missing the daily grind that I complained about when I was working..."

Pat Wilson
KALO [Little Rock AR] 1965
WDOV [Dover DE] 1967
WTID [Norfolk VA] 1969
- PD
WKLX [Norfolk] 1973 - CE
WRNL [Richmond VA] 1978 - CE, PD
WRVA [Richmond] 1979
WINA [Charlottesville, VA] 1983-1995
- Ops Mgr
Now: Pat says (1/06), "I left broadcasting in 1995 to enter the world of computers as a network engineer for CIGNA Healthcare. I hold the position of Director of Administrative Services for a state agency. We have 3000 computers and I manage the Purchasing, IT and other departments. I loved every minute of radio and would not have changed a thing; however, the lack of retirement and other benefits meant that I eventually had to leave to find the best thing for myself and family. I recently got my Private Pilot's license and intend to get the IFR added to my ticket. I have my Extra Ham license and still have my 1st Class Radiotelephone license (General now I guess). I give FCC exams every other month for a local group. Although my flying takes most of my free time now. I also am Master of my Masonic Lodge this year (2006). Would love to hear from old friends in broadcasting."

Paul Wilson
KEEP [Twin Falls ID] 1973
KMOR [Salt Lake City UT] 1975
- Eric Scott
KRGO [Salt Lake City] 1976 - Eric Scott
KAYK [Salt Lake City] 1976
KRSP [Salt Lake City] 1978
KCPX [Salt Lake City] 1980
KISN [Salt Lake City] 1983
KJQN [Ogden UT] 1984
KSIF [Idaho Falls ID] 1988
KZHT [Salt Lake City] 1989
- Jimmy Scott
KQFC [Boise ID] 1989
KOSY [Salt Lake City] 1998
KSSK [Honolulu HI] 2001
KALZ/KRZR [Fresno CA] 2007
KBLQ [Logan UT] 2010
WROX [Clarksdale MS] 2011
- owner
Now: Paul says (11/11), "I am owner and VP/GM of Oldies WROX, Clarksdale Mississippi."

'Scorchin' Scotty Wilson
KNAC [LA] 1985
Rock Explosion KSCI-TV [LA] 1988
Z-Rock [Dallas] 1988
WHVY [Annapolis] 1991
KEGL [Ft. Worth TX] 1994
HardRadio.com [Dallas] 1996

Now: Scorchin' Scotty says (6/03), "I am with HardRadio.com, the first 24-hour, real-time, hard-rock radio station on the Internet -- out of Dallas, Texas."

Tom Wilson
KWUN [San Francisco CA] 1974
KVHS [San Francisco] 1978

Now: Tom says, "I am Chief Engineer at KVHS-FM and technical coordinator at Brentwood Unified School District. Also, still married to Melissa McConnell (now General Manager/Faculty Advisor at KVHS-FM, Concord, CA). I was Norga Norga, a regular character on Dan Sorkin's show on KSFO from 1970-1974."

Jeff Winfield
WHBF [Davenport IA] 1985
KFXE [Pine Bluff AR] 1986
KHAK [Cedar Rapids IA] 1988
NRG Media LLC [Cedar Rapids] 2002
- Director of Programming
Now: Jeff says (4/14), "I am Director of Programming for NRG Media LLC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa."

Andy Winford
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KURQ [San Luis Obispo CA] 2003 - Special Ed
Now: Andy says (8/07), "I'm doing PM drive at Rock KURQ-FM; and Director of FM Programming for Clear Channel Radio, San Luis Obispo, Califotnia."

Ted Winkler
WYBR [Rockford IL] 1980
WTTM [Trenton NJ] 1981
WFIL/WNTP [Philadelphia PA] 1993

Now: Ted says (9/08), "I am an anncouncer and Chief Operator for Religious WFIL and News/Talk WNTP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

Steve Winogron
CFRA [Ottawa ON] 1974
Now: News Director at The New RO Television, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

John Winquist aka Madman John Stevens
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WFPS [Rockford IL] 1987-1992
Now: John says (2/10), "I own 1st Entertainment Services, a small band/group lighting, sound and demo recording company in Beloit Wi, with mobile Dj/karaoke shows available; am also stage manager for Club Impulse, Beloit Wi."

Dennis Winslow aka Bobby Dennis
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KLDE [Houston TX] 1995-2001
WOGL [Philadelphia PA] 2002

Now: Program Director at Oldies WOGL-FM, Philadelphia, PA.

Fred Winston
WKYC [Cleveland OH] 1968
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1968
WLS [Chicago] 1971
WFYR [Chicago] 1976
WMAQ [Chicago] 1976
WCFL [Chicago] 1980
WLS [Chicago] 1982
WJMK [Chicago] 1989
WPNT [Chicago] 1995
WXXY [Chicago] 1999
WJMK [Chicago] 2004

Now: Fred is doing PM drive at Oldies WJMK, Chicago, Illinois.

Walt Winston
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WQXZ [Cordele GA] 2004
Now: Walt says (6/04), "I'm Operations Manager at Oldies WQXZ-FM, Cordele, Georgia; am the voice of the Crisp County Cougars; celebrating my 19th year in the industry; and have been writing and recording music since 1979."

Cris Winter
WWCL [Pittsburgh PA] 1984
WXXP [Pittsburgh] 1985
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1988
WXDX [Pittsburgh] 1995
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1997
WBGG [Pittsburgh] 2001
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh] 2002
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 2007

Now: Chris is doing mornings on WSHH-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Bill Winters
WCEC [Rocky Mount NC] 1958
WFMA [Rocky Mount] 1959
WEED [Rocky Mount] 1960
WGAI [Elizabeth City NC] 1961
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1963
WQAM [Miami FL] 1965
WKYC [Cleveland OH] 1966
WPOP [Hartford CT] 1966-1968, 1969
CKLW [Detroit] 1970
WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1971
WBZ [Boston MA] 1971
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1971
WCBS-FM [New York] 1973-1975

Bill Winters died Nov 27, 1975 in New York City.

Steve Winzenburg
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WHO [Des Moines IA] 1995-2002
Now: Steve says, (1/10), "I'm a college professor who runs two radio stations (at Grand View College) in Des Moines, Iowa while consulting local commercial stations; I also worked for awhile hosting shows on WHO radio, with my own feature-oriented talk show and guest hosting shows for almost 20 years; I have had articles about the business published in the late R&R and in Radio World."

Bill Wippel
KXLE [Ellensburg WA] 1950
KNEW [Spokane WA] 1953
KUTI [Yakima WA] 1955
WCCO [Minneapolis MN] 1956
KOZE [Lewiston ID] 1957
KOFE [Pullman WA] 1959
- owner/mgr
KOL [Seattle WA] 1964
KIXI [Seattle] 1965
KTNT-TV [Tacoma WA] 1967
- anchor, editor
WBAY-TV [Green Bay WI] 1970 - anchor, photographer
KORD [Richland WA] 1973 - mgr
KIRO [Seattle] 1975-1979
KSEA [Seattle] 1981
KCIS/KCMS [Seattle] 1986-1991
KSPO/KTRW [Spokane] 2000-2006

Now: Bill says (4/08), "Since 2006, I have been executive director of Tape Ministries Northwest, a 501c3 charity which records books free of charge on tape for people who are blind or disabled; we have 1,219 books on cassette tapes; I reside in Normandy Park, WA, and record from my home; am active in the community with a Web site (ggiahighline.org) to help the poor in Southwest King County; also active with the Burien Lions and the Evergreen Church (Foursquare) in Burien." Click for more from Bill.

Scott Wisdom
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KSAM [Huntsville TX] 2002
Now: Scott says (11/08), "I am back in small, micro-market, local Texas radio; no corporate BS; I'm elling local, main street air time and producing creative radio commercials that work; they even use me on the air from time to time; after 32 years, I still believe in live and local radio - despite all those 'better ideas' like consolidation and bland cookie-cutter formats."

Bruce Wiseman
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WVOD [Manteo NC] 1992-1994 - Bruce Owen
Now: Bruce says (4/10), "I landed at the I T Network, Spring of 2000 where I locked in to a great media gig as an annnouncer, anchor, writer, reporter, etc. but it went under after June 2009; I am doing independent voice-over gigs, studio work, and occasionally TV sports announcing for college & high school games...."

Chris Witting
WMNB [North Adams MA] 1973 - Chris Lawrence
WIND [Chicago IL] 1975
WBZ [Boston MA] 1977
WOWO [Fort Wayne IN] 1980
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1983
WBBM [Chicago] 1986
WCAU [Philadelphia PA] 1989 - VP/GM
WCBS [New York NY] 1990 - VP/GM
WMAQ [Chicago] 1994-1997
Now: I'm CEO of Syndication Networks Corporation, and host of two syndicated shows: InfoTrak (375 stations) and Success Journal (250 stations)."

Bob Wittnebel aka Bob Scott
KDWA [St. Paul MN] 1965
KUXL [Minneapolis MN] 1966
KLIX [Twin Falls ID] 1966-1967
KRIB [Mason City IA] 1969-1988
- GM
Now: Bob was PD for KRIB 1969-1985, then GM. He says (6/08), "I left radio in 1988 and sold insurance for a year which turned into another career a year later: selling home improvement products; I still live in Mason City, semi-retired and enjoying family and grand kids."

Joe Wiwel
WEEP [Pittsburgh PA] 1978
WRSC/WQWK [State Colleg PA] 1980-1986
WWKS [Beaver Falls PA] 1989
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 1991-1997

Now: Account rep at Valley Media Audio/Video Distribution, Pittsburgh, PA.

Fred Woak aka Fast Freddie
WNIO [Youngstown OH] 1979
WNCD [Youngstown] 1988
WKBN [Youngstown] 2001

Now: Fred says (7/07), "I am still doing PM drive at AOR WNCD-FM, Youngstown, Ohio; I also do part-time talk on WKBN-AM -- I add a little rock and roll edge to a traditional talk giant. I worked with Boots Bell for many years; had top AM drive show, Big Radio, with Chris patrick and Dana Steele; Bob and Tom came in with Jacor and I moved to PM Drive; have been a part of the sound track for Youngstown for many years; best known for prank phone calls and local parody songs and spots; tons of stuff with former congressman Jim Traficant and the mob; have been arrested along with Butcher the Road Dog over several pranks; have written songs with comedian Sean Morey that have been played on Bob and Tom, wrote a few bits with Mr. Manly; material has been played on stations across the country."

Jeff Wodzak aka Jerry Butler
CKLC [Kingston ON] 1978 - Jeff Daniels
CKOB [Ottawa ON] 1978 - Jeff Daniels
CFCH [North Bay ON] 1979
CKJD [Sarnia ON] 1981
CJFI [Sarnia] 1983
CKLW [Windsor ON - Detroit MI] 1984
CKEZ [Windsor - Detroit] 1985
CHOK [Sarnia] 1986
CFGX [Sarnia] 1988-1989

Now: Jeff says (2/10), "I retired from radio in 1989; I always had an interest in technology so I returned to school to study robotics and electrical theory; a few years later, I found myself "Radio Active" again working at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station as a nuclear operator; I feel fortunate to have had two successful careers, both quite different from each other; I still listen to many of my old friends when traveling in Canada and the U.S."

Bruce Wolf
WLUP [Chicago] 19??
WMVP [Chicago] 1994

Now: Still doing sports at WMVP, Chicago.

Charlie Wolf
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TalkSPORT [Cork, Ireland] 2000
RedFM [Cork, Ireland] 2002

Now: Charlie says (6/03), "One jock, two stations, two countries. I currently do a morning show on RedFM in Ireland and a overnight political/current events phone in on TalkSPORT, London. On Monday mornings I start my first show at 0100 ('till 0600) by ISDN from Ireland) and then do a morning show from 0700-1000. Then I sleep."

John Wolfe
KMYR [Denver] 1957
Now: ???

Paul Wolfe
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WXPQ [Augusta GA] 1966-1970 - owner
Now: Paul says, "I own an antique mall in Augusta, Georgia and am developing a new radio syndicated show idea."

Bill Wolfenbarger
KAPA [Raymond WA] 1960
KRKO [Everett WA] 1965
KARI [Blaine WA]/KERI [Bellingham WA] 1965
KPUG [Bellingham] 1966
KALE [Richland WA] 1966
KMCM [McMinnville OR] 1967
KWRC [Woodburn OR] 1967
KOL/KOL-FM; KMPS/KEUT [Seattle WA] 1969-1979
- CE
KSWW, KJET, KBKW, KANY, KLSY [Aberdeen WA] 1997 - owner
Now: Bill says (11/03), "I am president of Jodesha Broadcasting (KSWW, KJET, KBKW, KANY, KLSY), Aberdeen, Washington."

Kenneth Wolt aka Danny Clayton
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KTNQ [Los Angeles CA] 1985-1994 - pres
Now: Kenneth says (10/03), "I am owner/operator of Radio/TV Travel, Incline Village (Lake Tahoe), Nevada."

Buddy Wommack
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WBPR [Myrtle Beach SC] 1990-1991
Now: Buddy says (4/08), "After selling WKOA (Myrtle Beach) in 1992, I concentrated on running my contracting business (Broadcast Technical Services) -- I operated this company until 2005 when I was contacted by Adventure Radio Group and ask to be Chief Engineer for their Savannah, GA / Hilton Head, SC stations; I have seen alot of changes in radio over the last 30 years, some good, some bad, but I guess I'll hang around a little longer...

Bob Wood
WYRE [Annapolis MD] 1968
WELK [Charlottesville VA] 1969
WAMS [Wilmington DE] 1969
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1970
- Woodburger
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1972
WARM [Scranton PA] 1972
- Christopher Sky
CHAM [Hamilton ON] 1974
CJFM [Montreal Quebec] 1976
WBEN/ROCK 102 [Buffalo NY] 1978
[various cities] 1984-1986
- consultant
KFMK [Houston TX] 1989
WEZG/WNSS [Syracuse NY] 1991
WBOB [Minneapolis MN] 1993
WRQC [Minneapolis] 1997
KQQL [Minneapolis] 1997-2004
KJZI [Minneapolis] 2003-2004

Now: Bob says (7/05), "I now live in Austin, Texas and await my shipment of ski masks so I can rob gas stations. Radio/gas - a station is a station."

'Daddy' Dave Wood
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WJPS [Evansville IN] 1992-1996 - Hollywood Diner
Now: Dave says (3/08), "I'm hosting Daddy Dave's Hollywood Diner, a feature of XM Satellite Radio on the 50s Channel (Channel 5), for two broadcasts a week (11 PM eastern Friday nights and an encore Saturday afternoon at 4 PM); the show is pre-produced weekly at NTA STUDIOS in Evansville, Indiana and features great obscure oldies, three brassy waitresses, Seeburgs, and pop/country/R&B guests."

Jim Wood
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 196?
KONO [San Antonio] 196?
KILT [Houston TX] 196?-1964
KBLA [Los Angeles CA] 1965
KGFJ [Los Angeles] 1966
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1967
KGFJ [Los Angeles] 1970
KROQ [Los Angeles] 1972
KGFJ [Los Angeles] 1978
XPRS [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1982-1983

Jim Wood died in 1990 at 58 years of age. Buddy McGregor remembers (3/09), "At KILT in Houston, Jim Wood commanded leading numbers at night; his big Soul voice and R&B-type delivery made him unique; when Jim left Houston for the West Coast, he gained fame as one of only two white deejays on all-black legendary KGFJ; he was dubbed the 'Vanilla Gorilla'; his work in L.A. won him the 1970 Leading Soul Music Air Personality award; after his radio career he worked in the San Fernando Valley for a Security Co.; Jim Wood accidentally choked to death on a cough drop while hospitalized."

Robert Wood
KGNB [San Antonio TX] 1982
KBUC [San Antonio] 1982
KRNN [San Antonio] 1985
KONO/KITY [San Antonio] 1987
KLBJ [Austin TX] 1990
- Capitol Bureau Chief 1992-1993
Texas State net [Austin TX] 1993-2011 - Capitol Bureau Chief
Now: Robert says (7/13), "I left the radio business after 29 years in August of 2011; I am the Communications Director at the Texas Association of Business in Austin."

Steve Wood
KZUL [Parker AZ] 1976
KNIX [Phoenix AZ] 1980
KOY [Phoenix] 1986
KMLE [Phoenix] 1991
KWCY [Phoenix] 1996

Now: Steve says, "Not in radio for any one station now. I'm doing voicoovers for radio/TV and commercial clients all over the country (from Phoenix, Arizona) thanks to the latest toys in computer technology."

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Terry Wood
WRVR [Memphis TN] 1980-1989 - GM
Now: Terry says (1/14), "I am retired from radio in Memphis, Tennessee; I now have my own media consulting business working with small and medium business on their marketing and PR challenges."

Steve Woodburn
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WPCH [Atlanta GA] 1988-1996
Now: Steve says (12/06), "I've lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 1982; married since 1984 to Stasia Kelly (who was also in radio) and have two sons; I work in the promotional products industry, and do some freelance writing "

John Woodcock
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CIDC [Toronto ON] 2003
Now: John says (12/06), "I am senior swing man, heard during all dayparts, on Top-40 CIDC (Z103.5), Orangeville, Ontario; a mainstay on the PNA roster in Toronto, my voice is heard all over the world in a variety of mediums and lately for Discovery, History, Star! and MuchMoreMusic."

Les Woodruff
WEEI [Boston MA] 1969
CBS Radio Washington bureau [Washington DC] 1980-1994

Now: Les' son Arthur reports (5/08), "My dad died of a stroke Nov 29, 1994; he worked out of the CBS Washington studios 2020M St -- on seven different CBS-affiliated radio stations across the U.S..."

Sandi Woodruff
KKUP [San Jose CA] 1982 - Sandra Woodruff
KKIQ [San Francisco CA] 1983
Sony Broadcast [San Jose] 1984
- writer
KSEI [Pocatello ID] 1988
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1989-1992

Now: President - Hit Comedy Inc.: listen at http://HitComedy.com. Hear your favorite Oldies from http://Top40Gold.comm. Click for more from Sandi.

Kenny Woods
WKEG [Washington PA] 1977 - Bill McWreath
WGRP [Greenville PA] 1978 - Bill McWreath
WKST [New Castle PA] 1979 - Bill McWreath
WBCW [Jeannette PA] 1980 - Bill McWreath
WVSC [Somerset PA] 1981 - Bill McDonald
WVAQ [Morgantown WV] 1982 - Bill McDonald
WYDD [Pittsburgh PA] 1989 - Bill McDonald
WNRJ [Pittsburgh] 1989 - Bill McDonald
WWSW/WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh] 1990
WORD/WPIT [Pittsburgh] 2001

Now: Operations Manager/Program Director at Religious WORD-FM and WPIT-AM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kevin Woodsen
KMJM [St. Louis] 1988
Now: ???

Scott Woodside
WSTR [Atlanta] 1972
WZGC [Atlanta] 1974
WPGC [Washington DC] 1978
WRQX [Washington DC] 1981
WZGC [Atlanta] 1988
WSB-FM [Atlanta] 1994

Now: Running Woodside Works LLC (writing instrument distributorship), Roswell (Atlanta), Georgia (www.platinumpen.com).
WRQX Bogus News Story ... scottwoodside@mediaone.net

Lynn Woolley
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KLBJ [Austin TX] 1999
Now: Occasional host on News/Talk KLBJ, Austin, Texas. Lynn says, "I write a political column that appears in several papers from time to time including the Dallas Morning News and the Waco Tribune Herald. My web site is belogical.com."

Bill Worthington
WRVQ [Richmond VA] 1973 - Scott Richards
WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1976 - Scott Richards
WMZQ [Washington DC] 1984
WASH [Washington] 1993-2001, 2003

Now: Bill says (4/07), "I am back in the fold at Adult Contemporary WASH-FM since 2003, doing afternoons this time; WASH-FM is the best set of call letters in DC; we have a real good group of pros."

Bob Worthington
WCGO [Chicago IL] 1978
WYEN [Chicago] 1983
WNSR [New York NY] 1986
Solid Gold Sat Night [NY] 1988-1996
- syndicated: host/producer
WYXR [Philadelphia PA] 1991
WPAT-FM [New York] 1994
WCBS-FM [New York] 1995
WQSR [Baltimore MD] 1996
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 2005
WMYX [Milwaukee, WI] 2006
- Danny Miller
WLS-FM [Chicago] 2008 - Danny Lake
Now: Bob says (1/09), "I'm doing weekends, swing, and having a blast hosting the Saturday Night Party on WLS-FM; Since 1998, I've been president/owner of Bob Worthington Voice-Overs, based in Chicago, Illinois."

Dennis Woytek
WJET [Erie PA] 1964
WRIE [Erie] 1973
WIDG [St. Ignace MI] 1974
WFRA [Franklin PA] 1976

Now: Teaching Multimedia Technology Master's Program at Duquesne University and Operations Manager, Tribune-Review, Department of New Media, Pittsburgh, PA.

Bill Wright, Sr.
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1950-1956
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1956-1967
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1986

Now: Doing special projects for Adult Standards WPEN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Brademan (Brady Wright)
KRKO [Everett WA] 1976 - Jim Brady
KMPS [Seattle] 1979 - Brady Wright
KMPS-FM [Seattle] 1981 - Brady Wright
KRPM [Tacoma WA] 1985
KZOK [Seattle] 1988
KQUL [Seattle] 1989
KYCW [Seattle] 1995-2002

Now: Brady says (12/03), "After several years of freelance voice work for radio and TV, I'm working as the training director for a 20-year-old retail financial services company. It's somehow a natural progression from the communications business, and is basically my dream job."
stories ... brade.man@verizon.net

Danny Wright
WGEZ [Beloit WI] 1984
WZOK [Rockford IL] 1984
WZEE [Madison WI] 1985
KKRC [Sioux Falls SD] 1986
- Shadow Daniels
WLUM [Milwaukee WI] 1986 - Shadow Daniels
WZPL [Indianapolis IN] 1988 - Shadow Daniels
WHYT [Detroit MI] 1990 - J.J. Walkman
WTFX [Madison] 1991 - Jo Jo Wright
WKBQ [St. Louis MO] 1991
WKSE [Buffalo NY] 1993
WTMX [Chicago IL] 1994
KRQQ [Tucson AZ] 1995
WNKS [Charlotte NC] 1996
WIFC [Wausau WI] 1999
WLCE [Philadelphia PA] 2002

Now: Danny says, "I program WLCE as APD/MD and voicetrack nights."

Dancin' Danny Wright
KRKO [Everett WA] 1973 - Toby Ryan
KRLC [Lewiston ID] 1974 - Danny Glad
KDZA [Pueblo CO] 1976 - Danny Glad
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1976
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1978
KMJK [Portland OR] 1979
KJR [Seattle WA] 1980
KNBQ [Tacoma WA] 1981
WXKS [Boston MA] 1982
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1983
WRQX [Washington DC] 1984
KBEQ [Kansas City MO] 1985
WGCL [Cleveland] 1986
WRQC [Cleveland] 1988
WWWE [Cleveland] 1988
WQMX [Akron OH] 1989
WKDD [Canton OH] 1991
WGAR-FM [Cleveland OH] 1994
Jones Radio Networks [Seattle] 2002

Now: Danny says (2/07), "Since 2002 I've hosted a syndicated all-night country show for Jones Radio Networks in Seattle, Washington; It's ingeniously called Danny Wright All Night -- it is seriously the hardest I've ever worked, but it is truly fun..." Click for more from Danny.

Jerry Wright
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Radio Caroline [Essex England UK] 2001
Now: Jerry says, "I am working for Radio Caroline at the Maidstone Studios, broadcasting to europe on the Astra Satellite and on the Internet. Also very much into production work, and voice-overs, etc."

Robert E. Wright
WTTF [Toledo OH] 1959-1996 - co-owner, PD
Killed in an auto accident in February 1996 (age 56). Ken Hawk remembers Bob.

Robert J. Wright
KBSF [Springhill LA] 1972 - Bob Wright
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1973 - Bob Wright
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1974 - Bob Wright
WIFI [Philadelphia PA] 1974 - John Fox
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1976 - John Fox
WSPR [Springfield MA] 1977
WHFM [Rochester NY] 1982
WKLQ [Grand Rapids MI] 1985
WKNR [Cleveland] 1991-1993
KRUF [Shreveport] 1996
KVKI-FM [Shreveport] 2003

Now: Robert says (4/06), "I am morning host at AC formatted KVKI-FM in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana; still clinging to the dream of the 20-hour work week and lots of bad golf (just like my role model, Larry Ryan)." Favorite story: "Somebody died at a remote. Honest. Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1987. Human checkers game at the mall, everybody on 'the board', and one of the players' grandmother dropped dead while I was less than ten feet away, live on the air. E-mail me your best line. Maybe I haven't heard them all."

Scott Wright aka Shadow Steele/Stevens
WIRL [Peoria IL] 1972 - Jeff Stevens
KKJO [St. Joseph MO] 1973 - Jeff Stevens
KBEQ-FM [Kansas City MO] 1974 - Jeff Stevens
WYOO [Minneapolis] 1974 - Jeff 'Mother' Robbins
KFMB-FM [San Diego CA] 1975 - Rocket Man
WIFI [Philadelphia] 1976 - Rocket Man John
KROY [Sacramento] 1977 - Jeff 'Mother' Robbins
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 197?
WHTZ [Newark NJ] 1983
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1987
KQLZ [LA] 1989
WHTZ [Newark NJ] 1991
Epic Records [LA] 1991
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1993-1995

Now: Scott says (1/05), "I am proprietor/winemaker of Scott Paul Wines, Portland, Oregon."

Stu Wright
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WORG [Columbia SC] 2006
Now: Stu says (7/06), "I'm doing mornings at Adult Contemporary WORG-FM, Orangeburg, South Carolina full-time; if I could ever find a way to combine the love for radio and trucking..."

Barbara Wunder
WDEK [DeKalb IL] 1977
WSUN [St. Petersburg FL] 1979
SMN/ABC [Mokena IL] 1981
WRWD [Poughkeepsie NY] 1988
WSUN [St. Petersburg 1990
- Dixie Lee
WRWM [St. Petersburg FL] 1992-1997
Now: Barbara says (6/01), Left WRWM in May 1997. "I just got tired of low wages and stifling formats. Now I'm doing lots of free-lance voice work, also free-lance writing - especially in the recreational boating business. Plus, I've developed a talent for buying and then selling houses at phenomenal profit ... so that keeps me from starving!."

'Brother' Dave Wyatt
KLWW [Cedar Rapids IA] 1972-1972 - J. Robert Foster
WIZM [La Crosse WI] 1974
WWLA [La Crosse] 1976-1976
WDUZ [Green Bay WI] 1977
WEBC [Duluth MN] 1977
KLWW [Cedar Rapids] 1977-1978
KCRO [Omaha NE] 1981-1982, 1993-1995
WOW [Omaha] 1995-1995

Now: Dave says (3/11), "I'm doing some voice work and staying in touch with friends and associates from my earliest years to my later years in radio.""

Scott Wykoff
WMER [Portland ME] 1985
WGAN [Portland] 1986-1990
WMAL [Washington DC] 1992
WBAL [Baltimore MD] 2002

Now: Scott says (3/04), "After beginning my radio career in Portland, Maine as a sports broadcaster (most of that time as the voice of the Maine Mariners), I find myself as a career news person in the Baltimore-Washington area. Winning a national Murrow Award for my coverage of Cal Ripken's last game was a thrill, but it's still the daily excitement of working in a radio newsroom that gives me the greatest thrill."

Pat Wyllis
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KVTA [Ventura CA] 1998-2006
Now: Pat says (10/09), "I work for Verizon in Oxnard, California." Favorite story, "April 1977: WKNR, Battle Creek MI, on the 7th floor of an 8-floor bank building when the weather wire went crazy. A tornado touches down right outside Battle Creek. I look out the window and can see the tornado coming. I record an announcement that a tornado is spotted headed downtown and for people to take cover. I run down the stairs, grab the security guard (poor guy was 80 something years old), thought he was gonna have a heart attack. I dragged him down to the basement to find the door locked. Sounded like a frieght train going by. Luckily, no major damage but of course it hits a trailer park on the outskirts of town."

Tom Wynn
KBIZ [Ottumwa IA] 1956
KDHL [Faribault MN] 1956
WLOL [Minneapolis MN] 1957
WDGY [Minneapolis] 1958
KRSI [Minneapolis] 19562
WLOL [Minneapolis] 1967
Columbia School [Mpls] 1979
- manager
KFGO [Fargo ND] 1979
Now: Mornings at Talk KFGO, Fargo, North Dakota. Tom says, "A new contract will take me down this road to 2005. At that point, I will have spent 50 years in this wild radio business (26 years doing mornings). I do believe that's enough. Our ratings the past 18 years have been a complete domination of the market in the morning. The station has also won four Edward R. Murrow awards, two Peabody awards and two years ago was named the #1 News-Talk station in the country beating out WFAN. Not bad for Fargo."

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