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Radio People by Name (W)

Larry Wachs
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WKLS [Atlanta GA] 1998
Now: Larry says (1/04), "I'm doing mornings at WKLS-FM (96Rock), Atlanta, Georgia; half of The Regular Guys Show."

Rob Waddell
KGKB [Tyler TX] 1962
KFMK [Houston TX] 1963
KODA [Houston] 1963
KTBB [Tyler] 1964
KTBC [Austin TX] 1965
KPRC [Houston] 1967
KILT [Houston] 1969
KHFI [Austin] 1971
- GM
KRLY [Houston] 1972-1975 - GM/Partner
Now: CEO of MarkeTrax Communications, Fort Worth, Texas specializing in message on-hold, Web audio & narrations. Rob says, "I was fired from KPRC the first year Astroworld was opened when I said one afternoon: 'Sure is a pretty day. You moms & dads should think about taking your ass to Kidstroworld.'"

Bill Wade
KGB [San Diego] 1964
KHJ [LA] 1968

Now: Now teaching at Lampson Business College in Mesa, Arizona.

Duane Wadsworth
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1954
WHRB [Cambridge MA] 1957
WORL [Boston] 1958
WKBR [Manchester NH] 1959
KELP [El Paso] 1959
KTPL [Carson City NV] 1965
- owner
KKIS [Pittsburg CA] 1967-1970 - owner
Duane says (8/09), "I'm a member of the Media Gang, Boston and Broadcast Legends, San Francisco; I've retired from the semiconductor industry (since 1963) and am busy doing voice-over narrations ( duanewadsworth.com); I'm studying at VoiceTrax here in San Francisco; Life is good and ever interesting and surprising."

Jim Wadtke
KGEK [Sterling CO] 1973 - Jim Roberts
WJMT [Wausau WI] 1973 - Jim 'Sunshine' Roberts
WIFC [Wausau] 1974-1977 - Sebastian Oliver Stone
WOMT [Manitowoc WI] 1978 - Jim Roberts
WGEZ [Beloit WI] 1979 - Jim Roberts
WBEL [Beloit] 1980-1980 - Jim Roberts
WCTS [Minneapolis MN] 1984-1990
KKMS [Minneapolis] 1998
KYCR [Minneapolis] 2000
WWTC [Minneapolis] 2001-2011

Now: Jim says (5/11), "I was let go at Salem Communications Twin Cities (KKMS,WWTC & KYCR) in early 2011 due to budget cuts; my wife and I are taking this opportunity to travel and spend time with our family."

Bernie Wagenblast
Now: Director of Operations for SmartRoute Systems, New York, NY.

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Scott Wagner
WUSN [Chicago IL] 1988-1996
Now: Scott says (12/17), "I left radio full time after stint in Kalamazoo/Battle Creek MI (WNWN) from 2005-2010 to work for Comcast. Currently working as insurance agent in Chicago IL, though wish to reenter broadcasting."

Randy Wahlberg
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WRBA [Panama City FL] 1999-2003 - GM
Now: Randy says (10/08), "I am area manager for Viamedia, Inc., supervising the Panama City and Montgomery markets; and I am founder and president of W Marketing Group, LLC, Panama City Beach, Florida..."

Dave Waid
WCRL/WKLD [Oneonta AL] 1970-1980
WJBY [Gadsden AL] 1986-1990, 1999-2001
- aka Brother Dave aka Capt Weigh Mo'
Now:Dave says (4/07), "I'm a fire dispatcher with Center Point Fire District; I miss radio though -- I miss the good old days with Mike Hooks and Fred Gray at WJBY; if there is a part-time job in radio in my area, just let me know; I would love to do it again." davewaid@yahoo.com

Andy Waits
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KTPI [Tehachapi CA] 1995-1997
Now: I'm jocking country 7am to noon (Pacific) at Dial-Global Networks (formerly WW1); also writing news at KABC-TV, and doing weather on a Time-Warner cable station in Lancaster/Palmdale, California."

Dunbar Wakayama
KORL [Honolulu] 1962
KHAI [Honolulu] 1963
KULA [Honolulu] 1964
KGMB [Honolulu] 1965
KPOI [Honolulu] 1966
KSFM [Sacramento] 1967
KJAY [Sacramento] 1967
KXOA [Sacramento] 1968
CFLA [Goose Bay, Newfoundland] 1969
KXOA [Sacramento] 1970
KCRA [Sacramento] 1971
KLOK [San Jose] 1972
KRAK [Sacramento] 1972
KIOE [Honolulu] 1973
KGU [Honolulu] 1974
KPOI [Honolulu] 1975
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1976
Audio-Media Recording Studios [Honolulu] 1977-1999
- owner
Now: Dunbar (Jon Reeves Wakayama) says (1/10), "I'm retired and living in Ogden Utah, with wife Norma, daughter Monica, 2 horses and 3 cats. My PD at KHAI, Sam Sanford, once gave me a description of my on-air skills as a jock: 'Dunbar ... you may not have stopped the show, but you sure have slowed it down some.'"

Bill Waldrop aka Chopper Bill
KHFI [Austin] 1979
KILE [Galveston] 1979
KNTU [Dallas] 1980
KMWT [Mineral Wells TX] 1980
KENR [Houston] 1981
KULF [Houston] 1981
KKBQ-FM [Houston] 1982
KEZB [El Paso] 1983
KRBE [Houston] 1986
Metro Traffic Control [Houston] 1986-2001
- traffic reporter
Now: Bill says (7/04), "I'm a helicopter photographer and reporter for KHOU-TV, Houston, Texas." chopperbill@ev1.net

Bob Walker
WNNR [New Orleans LA] 1966
WSMB [New Orleans] 1966
WTIX [New Orleans LA] 1967
KQLD [New Orleans] 1989
WTKL [New Orleans] 1993
WTIX [New Orleans] 2001

Now: PM drive at Oldies WTIX-FM, New Orleans. Bob bills himself as the 'Oldie King'. He's been doing PM drive in New Orleans since 1967. He was inducted into the Louisiana Entertainment Hall of Fame in 1998.

Brian J. Walker
WBUF [Buffalo NY] 1970 - Brian Rickert
WDOE [Fredonia NY] 1974 - Brian Rickert
WBVM [Utica NY] 1975 - Dr. Don LaMarca
WINR [Binghamton NY] 1978 - Dr. Don Ryan
WPHD [Buffalo NY] 1979-1989
WHTT [Buffalo] 1997

Now: Brian says (7/03), "I got out of full-time radio in 1989 and went into computers and networking. Little did I know that was training for radio. I now service computer networks, work part time at Oldies 104, Buffalo, and teach part time at Erie Community College."

Calvin Walker
WGIV [Charlotte NC] 1963 - Bomba
WIST [Charlotte] 1965
WAYS [Charlotte] 1966
WFHG [Bristol VA] 1966
- Charlie Dillon
WRNA [Charlotte] 1968
WROQ [Charlotte] 1972
WRPL [Charlotte] 1973
- mgr
WROQ [Charlotte] 1973
Nat Lampoon True Facts Radio [NY] 1978
- producer
WPEG [Charlotte] 1980
WRFX [Charlotte] 1988
WXRC [Charlotte] 1995-2001
WXRC [Charlotte] 2003-2005

Now: Calvin says (3/05), "Well, folks, it's over! I finally quit the radio business after watching it change from a fun, creative, and popular industry to be in, to an automated, and humilating place to hang my hat." Click for the whole story from Calvin.

Dave Walker
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KROG [Medford OR] 2001-2005
Now: Dave says (1/06), "I'm in Medford, Oregon looking to move to Austin, TX; doing voice-overs and voice-tracking wildplanetradio.com."

Dude Walker
WMKR [Millinocket ME] 1970 - Tom Collins
WGHM [Augusta ME] 1971 - Tom Collins
WABK [Augusta] 1971 - Tom Collins
WPOP [Hartford CT] 1973 - Tom Collins
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1974
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1976
WRKO [Boston MA] 1977
WRQX [Washington DC] 1979
WPGC-FM [Washington DC] 1983
WASH [Washington DC] 1984-1985

Now: Dude says (1/03), "Freelance voice-overs for radio, TV, industrial videos (since 1985). On-camera occasionally; small parts in West Wing and Minority Report; residing in the Baltimore, Maryland area." He recalls, "Rick Dees hired me when he was PD at WMPS in Memphis in 1975. I had just left WHBQ across town. Disco Duck had just hit-and Rick was off to KHJ within a week. The new PD didn't approve of Rick's latest hire-so I was off to Cleveland..."

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Ed Walker
KFKF [Kansas City KS] 2011
Now: Ed (Parreira) says (2/17), "I'm doing PM drive at Country KFKF-FM, Kansas City since 2011; and I own a small audio production company"

Jason Walker
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WDOD [Chattanooga TN] 2000
Now: Jason says (8/07), "(W/partner Brad Steiner) I'm doing mornings at WDOD-FM World Class Rock (Adult Album Alternative), Chattanooga, Tennessee; married, four children."

Jay Walker
KFIV [Modesto CA] 1970 - Lee Sherman
KSTN [Stockton CA] 1971 - K.C. O'Neal
KELP [El Paso TX] 1972 - Daryl Sinclair
WGOW [Chattanooga TN] 1971 - Jason BoJohn
WGRQ [Buffalo NY] 1973 - Jason BoJohn
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1973 - Hurricane Cash
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1973 - Steve York
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1974
KAFM [Dallas TX] 1974
XEROK [Juarez, Mexico] 1974
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1975
WMJX [Miami FL] 1975
- Jay 'Stash' Walker
KROY [Sacramento] 1977 - J Street Walker
KLRZ [Salt Lake City UT] 1980
WZKS [Nashville TN] 1982
KFIV [Modesto] 1984
KMEL [San Francisco CA] 1985-1988
- Shadow Logan
West Sacramento Press [Sacramento] 1988-1994 - owner
KHYL [Sacramento] 1994 - Jay 'Baby' Walker
KQOD [Stockton] 1996-1999 - Jay 'Baby' Walker
KCCL [Sacramento CA] 2002-2002 - Jay 'Baby' Walker
Jay Walker (Daryl McCann) died April 1, 2012 at Maury Regional Medical Center in Pulaski, Tennessee (complications of heart attack; age 60); see Veteran Air Personality Jay Walker Dies at Age 60 (RADIO ONLINE).

Jay Walker
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KJKK/KLLI/KRLD-FM [Dallas TX] 1992-2013
Now: Jay says (6/13), "After 20 years with CBS Radio I'm retired and enjoying life in rural North Texas."

JoJo Walker
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WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 1983-1985, 2003-2009
WWBA [Tampa] 2010

Now: JoJo says (1/10), "I'm doing mornings with Mike Reeves from the old Q105 Tampa Bay days on News/Talk 820AM; it's the first time that Mike Reeves and I have done talk radio, and I have to tell you, it's a blast; the station is a 50,000 watt AM flame thrower and I love it."

Johnny Walker (James Embrey)
WFBR [Baltimore MD] 1974-1987
Paul Hughes reports, "Johnny Walker died March 2, 2004." See these Baltimore Sun stories for more details.

Johnny Walker
WFOB [Toledo OH] 1958
WIZE [Dayton OH] 1964
WPTR [Albany NY] 1965
WCIT [Lima OH] 1967
WING [Dayton OH] 1969-1970

Johnny's daughter, Jacqueline K. Walker-Adkins, reports, "Johnny Walker (Jack K. Walker, Jr.) passed away on January 25, 2005. He died in Florida of complications due to lung cancer. He was buried in Dayton, Ohio."

Lisa Walker
WGRQ [Buffalo NY] 1981
WAQX [Albany NY] 1982
WSCY [Syracuse NY] 1983
KISW [Seattle WA] 1984
WAQX [Albany] 1985
WPYX [Albany] 1986
WKDF [Nashville TN] 1988
- Stevie Stevens
WZRR [Birmingham AL] 1990 - Lisa Jagger
WAQX [Albany] 1990
WKLI [Albany] 1992-1996
WRCZ [Albany] 2001

Now: Lisa says (1/04), "In 1997, I went back to college for BS degree #2 and also worked at WTKW and K-ROCK in Syracuse. I became a high school and college teacher in 1999. I teach audio and video production and also do radio part time just for fun (Classic Rock WRCZ-FM, Albany). Teaching has become my love, but when I am not teaching I am running my media relations company, To The Max!, where I have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented people. I recently finished my Masters of Education."

Preston Walker
Now: Chief Engineer/AM DJ at KNED-AM/KMCO-FM, McAlester, Oklahoma.

Rob Walker
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KMGX [Bend OR] 2001-2004
Now: Rob says (2/06), "I am APD and P.M. Drive at KKWF (100.7 the Wolf, Seattle, Washington."

Rob Walker
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CISS [Toronto ON] 1992-1994 - Scott Taylor
Now: Rob says (6/03), "I gave up the full-time radio career to work for myself at Taylor Made Productions Voice Overs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

'Doc'/'Dr.' Robb Walker aka Greg Davis
WSAO [Senatobia MS] 1982-1983 - Greg Lee
WVIM [Hernando MS] 1988
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1988
WEGR [Memphis] 1989
WGKX [Memphis] 1992
WMC-FM [Memphis] 1994
WRXQ [Memphis] 1995-1996
WMC-FM [Memphis] 1998
- Dylan
WEGR [Memphis] 2000
WOTO [Memphis] 2003
Sirius 13 Elvis Radio [Memphis TN] 2004

Now: Doc says (8/08), "I am doing weekends on Sirius Satellite Radio (Channel 13 Elvis Radio) live from Graceland in my home town of Memphis, Tennessee; I've been on Elvis Radio since the launch in July 2004; from 1999-2004 I recorded four records with Reigning Sound, was the drummer with Arthur Lee & Love until Arthur's death in August of 2006, and am currently drumming and recording with Memphis-based bands."

Robert W. Walker
KAKC [Tulsa OK] 1966
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1968
WHYI [Miami] 1974
WKIS [Miami] 2001-2007

Now: Robert says (9/07), "I'm now based in Los Angeles, California, doing voice-overs for radio/TV commercials, station imaging, and all sorts of narrations."

Rusty Walker
WOWL [Florence AL] 1972 - Sam 'Goodtimes' Darwin
WQLT [Florence] 1975 - Sam 'Goodtimes' Darwin
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL] 1976
WQIK-FM [Jacksonville FL] 1977
WZZK [Birmingham AL] 1980
KFKF [Kansas City KS] 1983-1984

Now: President/owner of Rusty Walker Programming Consultants, Iuka, Mississippi. Rusty says (5/06), "I consult (some 100) Country radio stations. I'm the guy who brought Top-40 sensibilites to Country radio. I've assisted in the debut of many great Country Radio stations, yet the thing I'm most proud of in my career, is that I'm the guy who created, and instituted the Top-40 stations playing Country music concept; I brought the first ‘cookers’ to Country radio as Disc Jockeys."

Paul Walkewicz
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KDON [Salinas CA] 1998-1999 - Paul Robbins
Now: Paul says (4/05), "I live in Orland, CA with my wife and five children (a blended family). I own North Valley DJ Service, a professional mobile DJ company (I started mobile DJ work about 1986). Since I do a lot of DJ office work from home, I am able to take care of our children when my wife is at work. I also drive big-rigs on an on-call basis, as well as co-manage our mountain rental cabin near Lassen Volcanic National Park."

Bob Wallace
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WQFM [Milwaukee WI] 1975-1986
Now: Bob says, "I am owner of CreativeCom (award-winning radio creative specialists), Tulsa, Oklahoma."

Brian Wallace
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WTLC [Indianapolis IN] 1998
Now: Brian says (8/03), "I am Ops Mgr at WTLC-AM/FM and WHHH, Indianapolis Indiana ... and blessed to still enjoy doing this crazy business after all these years."

Chris Wallace
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WRMB [West Palm Beach FL] 2001
Now: Chris says (9/03), "I'm Program Director and host (with Audrey Altman) of Mornings on Religious WRMB-FM, Boynton Beach, Florida."

Curt Wallace
KGLD [St. Louis] 1984
Now: ???

Todd Wallace
KFDI [Wichita KS] 1963
KWBB [Wichita] 1963
KLSI [Salina KS] 1964
KNOE [Monroe LA] 1965
KFSA [Ft. Smith AR] 1965
KSEE [Santa Maria CA] 1966
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1966
KDOK [Tyler TX] 1966
KBTR [Denver CO] 1966
KIMN [Denver] 1966
KILT [Houston TX] 1969
CKLW [Windsor - Detroit MI] 1969
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1970
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1970
KRUX [Phoenix] 1970
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1972
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1973
KLIF [Dallas] 1974
KUPD [Phoenix] 1975
KTAR/KKLT [Phoenix] 1994

Now: Running Radio Index and Todd Wallace Associates (consultants) in Phoenix, Arizona. Todd is also Publisher and Editor of Programmer’s Digest. Click for more on Todd.

Al Wallack
WBUF [Buffalo NY] 1968
WUSJ [Buffalo] 1969
WYSL [Buffalo] 1971
WNIA [Buffalo] 1972
- Tom Thomas
WPGC [Washington DC] 1973
WKBW [Buffalo] 1974
WEBR [Buffalo] 1975
WNED [Buffalo] 1993

Now: Program Director at Public Radio WNED-AM (The Information Station) and Ops Mgr, booth announcer at WNED-TV, Buffalo, New York.

Mark Wallengren
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KOST [Los Angeles CA] 1985
Now: Mornings (w/Kim Amidon) at Adult Contemporary KOST-FM, Los Angeles, California.

Jim Walsh
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WGMD [Rehoboth Beach DE] 2001
KFYR [Bismarck ND] 2003-2004
KACL/KLXX [Bismarck] 2012

Now: Jim says (8/13), "I am with Townsquare Media in Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota; doing afternoons at Classic Hits COOL 98.7 (KACL) and hosting a talk show on SuperTalk 1270 KLXX."

Little Walter
WTBS [Boston MA] 1968
WBCN [Boston] 1968
WROR [Boston] 1978
WDLW [Boston] 1980
WCGY [Boston] 1981
WFNX [Boston] 1984
WMRE [Boston] 1985
WMEX [Boston] 1986
WODS [Boston] 1987

Now: Doing Little Walter's Time Machine weekends at WODS-FM (Oldies 103.3), Boston, Massachusetts.

Barry Walters
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WFBC [Greenville SC] 1979-1982
Now: Barry says (2/05), "Joined the U.S. Air Force in 1982, spent eight years flying jets; went to law school; now work for the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC."

John Walton
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 1970
KILT [Houston TX] 1973
KTRM [Beaumont TX] 1975
KLVI [Beaumont] 1975
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1978
KIXK [Dallas TX] 1980
WQUE [New Orleans LA] 1983
KTKS [Dallas] 1985
WQHT [New York NY] 1988
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1988
WCKW [New Orleans] 1995
WRNO [New Orleans] 1998
KLOL [Houston] 2002
KIOL [Houston] 2005
KPRC [Houston] 2008
KKRW [Houston] 2009
KPRC [Houston] 2013

Now: John is the Walton of Walton & Johnson. John Fernandez reports (5/13), "John Walton and Steve Johnson have jumped around in the last few years in Houston. They were let go from Cumulus/KIOL before a flip to a Jack format in 8/2007. Landed back at Clear Channel at talk/KPRC (AM) (2008), then moved over to classic rock/KKRW (FM) (2009). CC brought in a new morning show, displacing W&J for a couple months. Ending up back at KPRC (AM) (2013)."

Darrell Wampler aka Insane Darrell Wayne
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KTHO [South Lake Tahoe CA] 2009
Now: Darrell owns Classic Hits KTHO, South Lake Tahoe, California; see kthoradio.com/about.html.

Frank Ward
WQXI [Atlanta] 1962
wpub@rocsoft.net reports: "Frank passed away a few years ago of a heart attack. I had the pleasure of working for Frank when he put WXRY-FM on the air in Columbia. I was a college student at the time and learned more about radio at XRY than anywhere else I've been."

Jim Ward
WCOJ [Coatesville PA] 1978
WKBO [Harrisburg PA] 1984
WFBR [Baltimore MD] 1985
WCAU [Philadelphia PA] 1987
WLIF [Baltimore] 1990
WITH [Baltimore] 1991
- GM
WWLG [Baltimore] 1993 - GM
WINX [Baltimore] 1994 - GM
WAMD [Aberdeen MD] 1995
WBJC [Baltimore MD] 2000

Now: Development Director at Classical WBJC-FM (Baltimore Community College), Baltimore, Maryland.

Mike Ward
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WAKR [Akron OH] 2009
Now: Mike says (1/13), "I'm doing news for my hometown radio newsroom at Rubber City Radio Group (Oldies WAKR, Rock WONE, Country WQMX and AkronNewsNow.com); also heard on the company's Cleveland station, smooth AC WNWV (107.3 The Wave)."

Trey Ware
KBUC [San Antonio TX] 1975
KONO [San Antonio] 1980
KITY [San Antonio] 1980
KTSA [San Antonio] 1982
KSMG [San Antonio] 1985
KTSA [San Antonio] 1986
KSLR [San Antonio] 1988
KQXT [San Antonio] 1990
KSRR [San Antonio] 1991
KTSA [San Antonio] 1993

Now: Mornings and sales at News/Talk KTSA, San Antonio, Texas. Trey says (12/02), "I'm host of The Morning Edge hot talk and morning news show ... weekdays 5:30am-9am on KTSA."

James Warner-Smith
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WYSS [Sault Sainte Marie MI] 1999
CHAS [Sault Sainte Marie ON] 2003

Now: James says (3/06), "I work with Rogers Radio in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada as the Assistant PD and P.M. Drive Host on Sault Ste. Marie's CHAS-FM (Music @ Work 100.5 EZ Rock). I also do voice work for Overnight Radio Productions of London, Ontario and am heard in commercials from the Cayman Islands to Iqluit in Northern Canada. When I'm not on the air, I'm belting out the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada before local sporting events or I'm at home enjoying being with Alison and our daughter Jacqueline."

Bob Warren
KFML [Denver] 1956
WRR [Dallas] 1961

Now: Retired. "A hacker, from earliest Sinclair days." Residing in Reno NV.

Charlie Warren
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WMAL [Washington DC] 1986-2003
Now: Charlie says (12/07), "...I'm an Internet radio station, glide789 (The Smoothest Hits of the '70s, '80s & '90s); it's great being on all the time without being on, having a signal that stretches around the world using your PC as the transmitter is fantastic -- no license required..."

Steve Warren
WTMT [Louisville KY] 1963
WKLO [Louisville] 1963
WPDF [Corydon IN] 1963
WCCF [Ft. Myers FL] 1964
WIRE [Indianapolis IN] 1965
WIFE [Indianapolis] 1967
WGEE [Indianapolis] 1968
WIFE [Indianapolis] 1968
WAMS [Wilmington DE] 1969
WKIP [Poughkeepsie NY] 1970
WPAT [Paterson NJ] 1971
WHN [New York] 1973
WNBC [New York] 1975
WSPB [Sarasota FL] 1977
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1977
WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1979
WKHK-FM [New York] 1980
WPTR [Albany NY] 1981
KKYX [San Antonio TX] 1983
WING [Dayton OH] 1987
KTSA [San Antonio] 1988
Unistar [Los Angeles CA] 1990
- announcer
WNCN [New York] 1993
WNEW [New York] 1991
WYNY [New York] 1994
WPTR-FM [New York] 1996
CD Radio [New York NY] 1998
- consultant
Radio Ink mag [W Palm Beach FL] 1998 - editor
SIRIUS Satellite Radio [New York] 1999-2003 - Country format mgr
SIRIUS Satellite Radio [New York] 2010 - news anchor
Now: Steve says (1/11), " Since 1998 I have hosted and produced The Country Oldies Show for the Envision radio network out of Cleveland Ohio; I am also news anchor for Howard 100 News on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM; am executive producer of Chinamerica Hit Radio, New York; and author of RADIO: The Book, published by the NAB."

John Watanabe
WFXW [Chicago IL] 1987
WDEK [De Kalb IL] 1989
- John Wesley
WKKD [Chicago] 1990 - John Wesley
WDKB [Rockford] 1990 - John Wesley
WCFL [Chicago] 1993 - John Wesley
WXXQ [Rockford] 1994-1998 - John Wesley
KDAR [Oxnard CA] 2003
KHWY [Essex CA] 2006
KCAA [San Bernardino CA] 2010-2012
KWVE [Santa Ana CA] 2011

Now: John says (6/11), "I'm with KWVE, and I thank God that I'm serving on-air at the K-Wave Christian Radio network; previously, I worked as the nationally-seen on-camera host for the syndicated Urban Wrestling Alliance TV series and the FMW Wrestling home video series; I am also the live on-air morning host on AM 1290, KKDD, Riverside-San Bernardino, "Good News Radio For The Inland Empire" (which features Bible teaching programs and Christian music, along with weather and local community information)."

Lou Waters
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1959 - 'Loveable' Lou Reigert
WWTC [Minneapolis] 196? - Lou Reigert
WGR [Buffalo NY] 1968
KNEW [San Francisco CA] 196?
WCBS [New York NY] 197?
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 197?
KWFM [Tucson AZ] 197?
KVOA-TV [Tucson] 197?
KCST-TV [San Diego CA] 197?
KOLD-TV [Tucson] 1978
CNN [Atlanta] 1980-2001
KWBA-TV [Tucson] 200?

Now: Lou is anchor of Tucson's WB News First at Nine on KWBA-TV, Tucson, Arizona." lwaters@kwba.com

John Waters
WQDI [Miami FL] 1983
WQAM [Miami] 1985
WMXJ [Miami] 1987
WINX [Rockville MD] 1987
- The Great Juan O'Reilly
KQCR [Cedar Rapids IA] 1988
KDAO-TV [Marshalltown IA] 1989
KCHA [Mason City IA] 1991
KAYL [Storm Lake IA] 1996
WGYL [Vero Beach FL] 2002
- The Great Juan O'Reilly
Now: John/Juan says (1/05), "I am doing 9a-2p, PD at Adult Contemporary WGYL-FM (and PD of WGNX and WTTB-AM), Vero Beach, Florida."

'Weerd' Wayne Watkins
WAIL [Baton Rouge LA] 1976
WLCS [Baton Rouge] 1976
WIBR [Baton Rouge] 1976
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1977
WFMF [Baton Rouge] 1980
WRNO [New Orleans] 1983
WCKW [New Orleans] 1990
WCPR-FM [Gulfport MS] 1995
WXRG [Pascagoula MS] 1997
WHGO/WTNI [Pascagoula/Biloxi MS] 2006
WQBB [Pascagoula] 2014

Now: Wayne says (5/14), "I'm Program Director for Adult Hits WQBB-FM (BOB 105.9), Pascagoula, Mississippi; I also operate Internet Classic rock/Classic hits station and Web site RocknOldies.com."

Bill Watson
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1962 - Mr. Kicks
KHJ [LA] 1965
KIQQ [LA] 1973
KMPC [LA] 1975-1978; 1982-1987

Bill Watson died May 15, 2018 in San Diego, CA (pneumonia/emphysema, age 88). See DJ who got the Rolling Stones to San Bernardino for their first U.S. concert dies at 88 (sbsun.com).

Don Watson
KOLD [Tucson AZ] 1963
KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1968
KPRC [Houston TX] 1971
WIND [Chicago IL] 1978
WWWE [Cleveland OH] 1980
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1982
- GM
NBC Radio [New York NY] 1984 - news anchor
Now: Don says (2/07), "I am SEMI-retired (ready to respond to the bell at any moment) enjoying Pensacola weather and time spent out on the water. Latest consulting activity in Africa and Europe -- November and December 2007."

Tom Watson
WQXI-FM [Atlanta GA] 1974-1975
WNCI [Columbius OH] 1980
KJR [Seattle WA] 1984
WASH [Washington DC] 1984
KIFM [San Diego CA] 1986
KEZR [San Jose CA] 1986
KVIL [Dallas TX] 1987
KXKL [Denver CO] 1988
WOLL [West Palm Beach FL] 2001
KJLL [Los Angeles CA] 2008-2009

Now: Tom says (7/10), "I was Director of Operations & Programming for Classsic Hits KJLL-FM (JILL-FM), Los Angeles California."

Kelly Watts
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WIQT [Elmira NY] 1989-1992
KRIM [Payson AZ] 2004

Now: Kelly says (3/05), "I'm announcing at Variety KRIM-FM, Payson, Arizona. For the first time in many years I am really enjoying radio thanks to some really great managers and owners."

Tim Watts
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WWIN-FM [Baltimore MD] 1995
Now: Tim says (3/07), "I'm PD and doing midday at Urban Contemp WWIN-FM, Baltimore, Maryland; been here since 1995."

Karen Waygood
KSHO [Honolulu] 1983
KGU [Honolulu] 1984
WJAZ [Stamford CT] 1986
KHHH [Honolulu] 1989
KHVH [Honolulu] 1989
KHNR [Honolulu] 1992
KHNL-TV [Honolulu] 1995
KINE [Honolulu] 1996
KITV-TV (Channel 4) [Honolulu] 1997-2000
CNN [Atlanta GA] 2000

Now: Copy editor at CNN (main channel), Atlanta, Georgia.

Richard Wayman
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KDES [Palm Sprins CA] 1991-1992 - Ric Stratton
Now: Richard says (4/06), "I am president and general manager of PC Utah (computer consulting firm), St. George, Utah."

Bobby Wayne
WITH [Baltimore MD] 1963
WWHY [Huntington WV] 1963
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1964
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1966
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1967
WUBE [Cincinnati] 1968
- The Wizard
WCBS-FM [New York NY] 1969 - The Wizard
WHN [New York] 1975
WYNY [New York] 1977-1979

Bobby Wayne died in the New York City area ca. 1993. His Swing Train program was popular in several major markets during the 1960s. A good example of his work can be heard on reelradio.com."

Larry Wayne
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WVOD [Manteo NC] 1989-1994 - ND/station mgr
Now: Larry (Soblotne) says (9/06), "I am a Baptist pastor in Silver City, North Carolina."

Les Weatherford
WSIE [Edwardsville IL] 1977
WIBV [Belleville IL] 1979
Belleville News Democrat [Belleville IL] 1983
- reporter/editor
The Kansas City Star [Kansas City MO] 1987 - copy editor
Now: Copy editor at The Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Missouri.

Beau Weaver
KRBE [Houston] 1969 - Thomas W. Randall
KAKC [Tulsa OK] 1970 - Bo Weaver
KILT [Houston] 1971
KNUS [Dallas] 1972
KFRC [San Francisco] 1972
KHJ [LA] 1975
Transtar Satellite Service [Denver] 1976
KILT [Houston] 1976
- also Beauregard Rodriguez Weaver
KILT [Houston] 1979 - half of Hudson & Harrigan
KRTH [LA] 1990
Now: Beau says (1/03), "I'm heard on program promos for all the networks; signature voice of KNBC TV; promo voice for Entertainment Tonight, Real TV, Pyramid, Live with Regis & Kelly, etc. I do some image voice work for radio stations ... from home studios in Toluca Lake (LA), and Ojai, California."

Jackson Weaver
WMAL [Washington DC] 1942-1992
Chris Berry reports (9/05), "Jackson Weaver co-anchored WMAL-AM's morning drive-time slot for 32 years as half of Harden and Weaver, one of the most durable teams in radio history. Weaver joined WMAL in 1942 but was not teamed up with Frank Harden until 1960. He freelanced for years as an announcer, gaining national prominence as the voice of Smokey the Bear. His last broadcast was Oct 14, 1992." Weaver died in 1992 at the age of 72 from heart and kidney failure.

Jackson Dell Weaver
WXCO [Wausau WI] 1965
WSAU [Wausau] 1968
WIFC [Wausau] 1968
KMOR [Salt Lake City UT] 1970
KOB [Albuquerque NM] 1972
KCPX [Salt Lake City] 1972
KRGO [Salt Lake City] 1975
KPRQ [Salt Lake City] 1975-1979
- owner
KJR/KJR-FM [Seattle WA] 1986-1991 - GM
InTown Media, LLC [Seattle WA] 1995 - managing partner
Now: Jackson says (03/13), "InTown Media, LLC - Interim Radio Managment-KAST/KCRX/KVAS-F/KLMY/KVAS-A, Astoria/Seaside, OR KGY/KAYO - Olympia, WA."

Jay Weaver
KPOS [Post TX] 1963 - Basil J. Weaver
KLBK [Lubbock] 1963 - Basil J. Weaver
KDNT [Dallas TX] 1966 - Con West
KCUL [Ft. Worth TX] 1966
KBUY [Ft. Worth] 1967
KPCN [Dallas] 1968
KBUY [Ft. Worth] 1968-1973
KRLD [Ft. Worth] 2003
KBOC [Bridgeport TX] 2004
KMNY [Ft. Worth] 2008

Now: Jay (Joe Fuchs) says (11/08), "I'm playing oldies on KMNY, Hurst/Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas; in 2002, I completed 30 years as a home builder in the northeast Fort Worth suburbs; still miss radio like it was back when; enjoyed meeting many of the late 60s, early 70s country-music recording artists, many of whom are now legends."

Boyd Webb aka Dave Clark
WMC [Memphis TN] 1987
KMPZ [Memphis] 1989
KPYR [Memphis] 1990
WPYR [Memphis] 1991
WYKL [Memphis] 1993-1994
WRVR [Memphis] 1998
WSRR [Memphis] 2003-2005

Now: Boyd says (3/10), "I am taking a break from the radio biz -- in Memphis, Tennessee."

Jeff Webb
WPLX [Collierville TN] 1988
WSMS [Memphis TN] 1989
KMPZ [Memphis] 1990
KPYR [Memphis] 1990
WYKL [Memphis] 1993
WOGY [Memphis] 1993
- Webb Foot
WGKX [Memphis] 1995 - Jeff Allen
WYPL [Memphis] 1995
WMC-FM [Memphis] 1998
WOGY [Memphis] 1999
WJZN [Memphis] 2001-2003

Now: Jeff says (3/05), "I am a marketing consultant in Mississippi."

Tedd Webb
WALT [Tampa FL] 1963 - Johnny Angel
WYOU [Tampa] 1965 - Hank Henry
WPKM [Tampa] 1966 - Hank Henry
WSOO [Sault Sainte Marie MI] 1967 - Henry Ruiz
WCWR [Clearwater FL] 1969
WKKE [Asheville NC] 1969
- Gary Morgan
WCWR [Clearwater FL] 1970
WFSO [St Petersburg FL] 1970
WLCY [St Petersburg FL] 1973
WDAE [Tampa] 1973
WFLA [Tampa] 1983

Now: Tedd says (2/18), "I retired from radio Jan 31, 2018, 54 years in the biz. Was nominated to the National Radio Hall of Fame for the 2nd year in a row in 2018. Now working part time in retirement for Graham Capital."

Clark Weber
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 195?
WLS [Chicago IL] 1961
WCFL [Chicago] 1969
WJJD [Chicago] 1972
WAIT [Chicago] 19??

Now: Running Clark Weber Associates (radio advertising consultant), Chicago, Illinois.

'Monster' Mike Weber
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WRRK [Pittsburgh PA] 1996
Now: Mike says (6/03), "I am doing weekends 6-10am at Classic Rock WRRK-FM, Pittsburgh, PA."

Mike Weber
WMOA [Marietta OH] 1970
KNEZ [Lompoc CA] 1971
WOXR [Oxford OH] 1973
KCRG [Cedar Rapids IA] 1975
WLW [Cincinnati OH] 1978
WLCY/WNSI [St. Petersburg/Tampa FL] 1980
WQYK [St. Petersburg] 1982
WFLA [Tampa] 1984-1986

Now: Mike says (1/03), "I own (since 1986) CMR Studios, St. Petersburg, Florida. We have diversified quite a bit from our roots (radio commercials). TV production and post is the biggest chunk of our business. I voice a lot of spots. My most recent national work has been for Universal Studios Florida." Click for The Mike Weber radio story.

Pete Weber
WGIL [Galesburg IL] 1972
WNDU [South Bend IN] 1974
- hockey PBP
WEBR [Buffalo NY] 1976
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1978
- LA Kings color
KPRZ [LA] 1979
KOGO [San Diego CA] 1980
KQEO [Albuquerque NM] 1981-1981
- Dukes color
WUFO [Buffalo] 1983 - Bisons color
WHAM [Rochester NY] 1983
WBEN [Buffalo] 1983
WGR [Buffalo] 1988
- Bisons PBP
WWKB [Buffalo] 1995 - Sabres PBP
WGR [Buffalo] 1996 - Sabres PBP
WWTN [Nashville TN] 1998
WNFN [Nashville] 2003
WGFX [Nashville] 2005
- Predators PBP
Now: Pete says (7/07), "I'm doing Nashville Predators hockey PBP."

Steve Weber
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KEUG [Eugene OR] 2000-2001
Now: Steve says (9/04), "I am working at Willamette Pass Ski Resort where I turn the tables on the chair lifts; looking for an all right Big Band gig on Web site or satellite."

Chuck Webster
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WTQR [Winston-Salem NC] 1989-2000
Now: Chuck says (July 2002), "I am Marketing Director for Joel Coliseum Complex, Winston-Salem, North Carolina."

Daryl Webster
KCMG [Anchorage AK] 1985
KTNX [Anchorage] 1985
KASH [Anchorage] 1986
KYAK [Anchorage] 1988
KMPS [Seattle WA] 1994
Radio Computing Services [Seattle] 1996
Prophet Systems Innovations [Las Vegas NV] 1998

Now: Daryl says (2/05), "I'm VP of Customer Support (since Dec 2004) for Scott Studios, Dallas, Texas."

Gene Weed
K??? [Dallas TX] 195?
K??? [Omaha NE] 195?
WQAM [Miami FL] 1957
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1958-1968
KLAC [LA] 1971

Passed away August 5, 1999. Click for much more on Gene.

Jay William Weed
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KPGA [San Luis Obispo CA] 1989-1989
Now: Jay says (6/06), "I am Mr. Mom, but will soon be coming out of semi-retirement."

Steve Weed
WXLO [New York] 1978 - Steve 'Smokin-Wacky' Weed
WMXV [New York] 1995
Now: Program Director at Hot AC WMXV-FM (Mix-105), New York.

John Weeks aka John Donavan
WNAT [Natchez MS] 1969 - John Franklin
WMIS [Natchez] 1970 - John Franklin
WKOR [Columbus MS] 1972 - John Franklin
WJDX [Jackson MS] 1976
WSSO [Columbus] 1979
WHKW [Tuscaloosa AL] 1979
- Kris O'Kelly
WOWW [Pensacola FL] 1981 - Kris O'Kelly
WWRO [Pensacola] 1984-1992 - Kris O'Kelly
WXBM [Pensacola] 1995 - Kris O'Kelly
WYCL [Pensacola] 1997 - Kris O'Kelly
WKVS [Morganton NC] 2002 - John McGraw
WOXL [Asheville NC] 2003-2007
WCRK [Morristown, TN] 2010
WJDT [Morristown] 2012

Now: John says (11/12), "I'm Program Director for WJDT-FM (Country) and WBGQ-FM (Hot AC) in Morristown Tennessee; I'm also doing afternoons on WJDT; and I'm running my voice-over production company from my home studio in East Tennessee."

Ken Wehl aka Krazy Ken Wheel
KASB [Bellevue WA] 1986
KQBE [Ellensburg WA] 1987
KXLE [Ellensburg] 1988
KXDD [Yakima WA] 1991
- Ken Dahl
KMPS [Seattle WA] 1992
KYCW [Seattle] 1993
- Bugs
WYAY [Atlanta GA] 1997-1999
Now: Ken says (5/11), "I am married with three wonderful kids; multi-state sales representative for Bulova Watch Company; living in Seattle Washington."

Ed Weigle
WCQO [Blairsville PA] 1982-1984
WBCW [Jeannette PA] 1983-1985
WQTW [Pittsburgh PA] 1984-1993
WLSW [Scottdale PA] 1984-1987
WBEM [Johnstown PA] 1985-1986
WSSZ [Pittsburgh] 1988-1989
WHJB [Pittsburgh] 1988-1989
WLCY [Blairsville] 1988-1993
WCNS [Pittsburgh] 1989-1993
WMYG [Pittsburgh] 1989-1991
WRRK [Pittsburgh] 1992-1993
WCCQ [Joliet IL] 1993-1995
WFYI [Indianapolis IN] 1996-1997
WINN [Columbus IN] 1996-1997
WLRO/WLTO/WVLK/WXZZ [Lexington KY] 1997
WEDJ/WSYW [Indianapolis] 2000-2002

Now: Ed says (11/11), "In addition to being a voice actor for more than 30 years, I’ve worked for Nick Sommers Productions, Sarasota, FL, since the fall of 2001, creating, voicing and producing all national (and English international) radio commercials for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.; I’m also the announcer of syndicated radio’s The Cigar Dave Show, narrator of TV’s Territories Wild with Tom Miranda and the voice of many movie trailers, promos, narration projects. I live in Venice, Florida with my wife and son; I’m the biographer of my radio mentor, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoree, Porky Chedwick; visit my website at edweigle.com."

Wayne Weinberg
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WDBO [Orlando FL] 1983-1994
Now: Wayne says (2/04), "I'm Director of Development for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Unviersity of Central Florida, Orlando. Still doing voice work."

Mike Weiner
AFRTS [Elmendorf AFB AK] 1974
KFQD [Anchorage] 1975
- Joel Michaels
KENI [Anchorage] 1976 - Joel Michaels
WMDM [Lexington Park MD] 1977 - Michael in the Morning
WDON [Washington DC] 1978
WPGC [Washington DC] 1984
WRQX [Washington DC] 1985
- Michael St. John
WXTR [Washington DC] 1986 - Mike Winters
Now: "...Operating Voiceline, producing audio and video narration tracks for information-on-hold customers, generally making more money than in radio and having more fun without worrying about some %$#hole GM or PD deciding his future on a whim."
Some of Mike's recollections of radio

Harvey Weinstein
KPOI-FM [Honolulu HI] 1969-1974
KPOI [Honolulu] 1972-1974
KNDI [Honolulu] 1991-2008

Harvey Weinstein died Feb 28, 2009 (cancer, age 65) in Honolulu, Hawaii. See Honolulu FM radio pioneer dies (Erika Engle, Honolulu Star-Bulletin). [Dates needed for Harvey at KIKI-AM, KULA and KIVM, Lihue. If you can tell us what years Weinstein worked for these stations, your help will be appreciated.]

Richard Weirich aka Burt
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WYDE [Birmingham AL] 2001
Now: Kurt of the Burt and Kurt Show heard mornings on WYDE, Birmingham, Alabama.

Bob Welch
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KDTH [Dubuque IA] 2002
Now: Bob says (2/05), "I am on air (1-5 p.m.) at News/Talk KDTH, Dubuque Iowa; combination of music and talk/interviews. I am an acoustic music performer and songwriter; songs have acquired some recognition in regional and international songwriting competitions."

Gary Welch aka Justin Case
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KYKX [Longview TX] 1998-1999
Now: Gary says (12/08), "I retired from radio in April 2008; am enjoying the finer things in life."

George Wells
WSLB/WPAC [Ogdensburg NY] 1980
WZOZ [Oneonta NY] 1989
- station mgr
Now: George says (6/06), "I am Regional Manager (New York State) of Central New York Radio Group (WZOZ, WKXZ, WBKT, WCHN, WDHI, WIYN, WDLA-AM, WDLA-FM); being back in radio with Double O Radio Corporation (parent company) -- radio the way it used to be -- feels great."

Jon-David Wells
KWOD [Sacramento CA] 1978
KOFM [Oklahoma City OK] 1980
WEZC [Charlotte NC] 1982
WQUE [New Orleans LA] 1984
WHYT [Detroit MI] 1988
WSTF [Orlando FL] 1990
WARM [Scranton PA] 1992-1994
KBGO [Las Vegas NV] 1996
KXNT [Las Vegas] 1999
KLIF [Dallas TX] 2006
KSKY [Dallas] 2010

Now: Jon-David says (3/12), "I've been fortunate to have had a successful career which continues with NewsTalk 660 KSKY ... I'm working directly for John Peroyea, who has done more for my career than anyone save the great Jerry Clifton. I made my way down the Radio Road as a Music Jock working for Giant PDs: Tom Chase, Bill Conway, Kevin McCarthy, Jerry Clifton, Jay Stevens, Rick Gillette, Brian White, and Dave Popovich; then started my Talk Radio career with Michael Neff and worked with Gavin Spittle, Andy Vierra, Jim Fisher, Steve Nicholl and the AMAZING Tom Tradup. The 9-11 attack was a huge turning point in my career; I re-committed to radio, and the listener, vowing to never waste another on-air moment, I stopped doing The Jon-David Wells Show, and started doing The Wells Report; we talk about the news, the facts, we comment and debate; the motto of the show is ‘Truth Spoken Here’." jondavidvox@verizon.net

Ken Wells
WMCK/WIXZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1966
WOMP [Wheeling WV] 1967
WESA [Pittsburgh] 1969
WEEP [Pittsburgh] 1971
WWOL [Buffalo NY] 1974
WEDO [Pittsburgh] 1975
WIXZ [Pittsburgh] 1975-1979

Now: Ken says (2/03), "I did general news and sports reporting for NBC radio from 1978 to 1982 and was at WNEU-TV, Pittsburgh, PA 1983-1984. I still work in marketing and communications. Spent the last decade as VP of an advertising & marketing firm. Still do some voice-over work and write an occasional article. It's a 'kick' to remember when radio was 'fun', and they paid you for it." More from Ken.

Pete Wenk
WSHB [Raeford NC] 1964
WRKT [Titusville FL] 1965
WAPC [Riverhead NY] 1965
WBIC [Bay Shore NY] 1966
- Salvadore F. Ginsberg
WHRF [Riverhead] 1966
WPAC [Patchogue NY] 1967
WALK [Patchogue] 1969
WKVO [New Bern NC] 1969-1977
- GM
WZXS [Wilmington NC] 1993-1995 - GM
Now: Pete says (10/06), "I am in the software development business in Beaufort, NC; radio was a grand and wonderful trip, and I'd do it again in a minute."

Gene Werley
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WSPI [Mt. Carmel, PA] 1997-1998
Now: Gene says (2/09), "After 14 years in the biz, I was replaced by automation and the bird; I miss broadcasting dearly, and hope someone will take a chance on a seasoned vet with a proven track record; while I enjoy what I do as an Internet sales manager for an automotive group that treats me well, a full-time radio gig would grab my attention very quickly..."

Jay Werth
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KVOO-FM [Tulsa OK] 2002 - GM
Now: Jay says (Aug 2002), "I am General Manager, Journal Broadcast Group, Tulsa, OK (KVOO-FM, KFAQ-AM, KXBL-FM)."

Andrew 'Andy' West
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1959 - Jumpin' George West
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1965
KRKD [Los Angeles] 1968
KCRL [Reno NV] 1970-1975

Andrew West died April 3, 1975 of cancer in Reno, Nevada. Click for more on Andy.

Harry West
WARM [Scranton PA] 1959
WSBA [York PA] 1968
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1969
WILK [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1992
WEJL/WBAX [Scranton/Wilkes-Barre PA] 1994
WKXP [Benton PA] 1996
WICK [Scranton] 2003

Now: Bob Shortz reports (3/03), "Harry is doing Saturday mornings at Oldies WICK, Scranton, Pennsylvania."

Jay West
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KODA [Houston TX] 1976-1978
Now: Jay says (4/10), "In 1976, I created my Jay West Productions, a recording studio specializing in radio, TV audio, and industrial narration productions; still doing that, but work out of my house with a small digital studio installed for my use only."

Jim West
KRSD [Rapid City SD] 1973
KUAM [Agana Guam] 1974
KTOQ [Rapid City] 1976
KHOS [Tucson AZ] 1976
KCUB [Tucson] 1977
KROD [El Paso TX] 1978
KAFF [Flagstaff AZ] 1979
KNIX [Phoenix AZ] 1979
WFMS [Indianapolis IN] 1986
KMLE [Phoenix] 1988
WMKS [Macon GA] 1993
KASY [Albuquerque NM] 1994
KBFG [Albuquerque] 1997
WGRX [Baltimore MD] 1998
Radio One [Vail CO] 2000
- Network PD
KEKB [Grand Junction CO] 2002
KMLE [Phoenix] 2006

Now: Jim says (6/15), "I am back in Phoenix; retired from radio, writing a book on early Phoenix music scene in fifties and sixties; lots of major stars came out of Arizona; book available January 2016 from History Press."

Jim West aka Dan West (Daniel Bingman)
KBLU [Yuma AZ] 1976
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1978
KDOL [Lancaster CA] 1979
KFRE/KFRY [Fresno CA] 1981
KQYZ [Fresno] 1982
KGOE [Thousand Oaks CA] 1982
KBLU/KTTI [Yuma] 1983
KSYV [Lompoc CA] 1986
KRQK [Lompoc] 1987
KBOX [Lompoc] 1987
KLIT [Santa Barbara CA] 1988
KBBQ [Santa Barbara] 1988
KOWF/KKOS [San Diego/Oceanside CA] 1990
WQMX [Akron OH] 1993
WMMS [Cleveland OH] 1997
WMVX [Cleveland] 1999
Sunny West Productions [Cuyahoga Falls OH] 1999

Now: Jim says (10/08), "I was mentioned in Deanna R. Adams book, Rock 'N' Roll and the Cleveland Connection, for having the idea for the award-winning Buzzard 2000 poster and a picture of the poster that also made the cover of FMQB (I have the cover framed and it looks nice); I went to high school in Southern California, HART High in (1969, 1970, 1971) and listened to 93/KHJ and was even on the Groovy show (as a listener) with the Real Don Steele; attended college in the same area before launching my pro career along side Lou Dobbs (now CNN) doing news and Fred Roggin (now MSNBC) sports at KBLU; I think my being a Southern Cal radio listener truly helped my idea of what was good later in my career." Click for more from Jim...

Rich West
KTKN [Ketchikan AK] 1974 - Rich Grissom
KYAK [Anchorage AK] 1975 - Rich Grissom
KIAK [Fairbanks AK] 1975 - Rich Grissom
KFAR [Fairbanks] 1975 - Steven Angelo
KENI [Anchorage] 1976
KBYR [Anchorage] 1976
KANC [Anchorage] 1977
KGOT [Anchorage] 1978
KENI [Anchorage] 1979
KDUK [Honolulu] 1980
KORL [Honolulu] 1981
KDUK/KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1982
KHFX [Honolulu] 1989
KHHH [Honolulu] 1992
Rich West Computer Consulting [Honolulu] 1995
KKLV [Honolulu] 1997
headrock.net [Honolulu] 2000-2001

Now: Managing (since 1998) master control at PAX TV, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rod West
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KRUZ [Santa Barbara CA] 2001
Now: Rod says (Aug 2002), "I am part owner of TunEdge Music Services, Los Angeles (CD library for radio/TV). Still love radio; doing weekends at Hot AC KRUZ-FM, Santa Barbara, California."

Ron West
KBLF [Red Bluff CA] 1976
KOBO [Yuba City CA] 1977
KOWL [Lake Tahoe CA] 1983
KNVR [Chico CA] 1986
KHYL [Sacramento CA] 1987
KCCL [Sacramento] 2002-2005

Now: Ron says (12/16), "I moved to Phoenix in 2016; owner of DJ Sun City AZ Entertainment services."

Ron West
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WDQX [Peoria IL] 2003
Now: Ron says (7/03), "I am Ops Mgr/PM drive host at AAA Entertainment Radio Group, Bloomington and Peoria, IL. I oversee daily operations of four radio stations and act as liasion between program directors and chief engineer, reporting directly to the GM."

Sonny West (Greg Panattoni)
KBPS [San Diego CA] 1974
WBYG [Kankakee IL] 1974
- Greg Shelby
KVON/KVYN [Napa CA] 1976
KLOK [San Jose CA] 1979
KWIZ [Los Angeles CA] 1980-1982
KITT [San Diego] 1979-1981
XETRA [San Diego/Tijuana] 1981-1982
- Greg Shannon
KCBQ [San Diego] 1981-1991
KFMB-FM [San Diego] 1991
KYXY [San Diego] 1991

Now: Mornings at Adult Contemporary KYXY-FM, San Diego, California. Sonny says (Aug 2002), "I am ringleading the KyXy morning show (after resigning the PD position in 1996). I spent 1987-1997 as the promo/image voice at KFMB TV 8. Many overlapping dates as I worked at KCBQ, XETRA and KWIZ at the same time -- fulltime at KCBQ; parttime/weekends at the other stations ... all under different names. Lots of driving from Santee to Santa Ana to Rosarito, Mexico."

Steve West
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WMBZ [Memphis TN] 2001
Now: Steve says (4/10), "I am weekend news anchor (as Steve Sawyer) for the Information Radio Network, Memphis TN (news to U.S. radio stations); and I host my own Web site at airchexx.com."

Steve West
KWVE [Los Angeles CA] 1981
XTRA-FM [LA/San Diego/Tijuana] 1983
XHRM [Tijuana, Baja, Mexico] 1996
XTRA-FM [LA/San Diego/Tijuana] 1998

Now: Steve says, "I am still doing voice-overs and a show called Resurrection Sunday on 91X (Rock XTRA-FM), San Diego/Tijuana on Sundays; and running an Internet radio station, Radio Nigel."

Tommy West
KDEO [Honolulu HI] 1989
KIOV [Honolulu] 1990
KHFX [Honolulu] 1990
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1991
KLUA [Kailua Kona HI] 1992
KKBG [Hilo HI] 1993
KOY-FM/KYOT [Phoenix AZ] 1993
KSLX [Phoenix] 1993
WOFX [Cincinnati OH] 1994
WKQI [Detroit MI] 1996-1998

Now: Tommy works for a document management software company as Director of Technical Services and is still doing "voice work by request in my all-digital (who knew?) studio" in Los Angeles, California.

Troy West
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WJQK [Grand Rapids MI] 1993 - station mgr/air talent
Now: Troy is station manager of Christian Contemporary WJQK-FM, Zeeland, MI. He says (7/07), "On the air since 1981 and still getting up at 3 a.m. for JQ99 in the Grand Rapids, Michigan market; I sure miss the early years in my career; radio seemed more innovative and fun back then ... voicetracking, computers, HD, satellite now ... I wish I could spend a day in a studio cueing up 45s, stacking carts, and ripping the forecast off the weather wire (just one day)."

Susan West
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WCVK [Bowling Green KY] 2006 - aka Suz
Now: Susan says (6/07), "I'm PD of Christian Contemporary WCVK-FM and host of The Morning Cruise With Suz on Christian Family Radio (90.7 FM in Bowling Green, KY, and 91.7 FM in Owensboro, KY), with worldwide streaming online; I became PD on 6/11/07; would love to hear from former colleagues or listeners any time..."

Scott Westerman
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WATT [Lansing MI] 1980-1981
Now: Scott says (6/17), "I am Director of Alumni Relations at Michigan State Univ and curator of Keener13.com, celebrating Detroit Radio Station WKNR."

Bill Western
KRAY [Amarillo TX] 1958
KFDA [Amarillo TX] 1959
KICN [Denver] 1959
KOIL [Omaha] 1960
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1960
KDAB [Denver] 1960
KISN [Portland OR] 1961
KGON [Portland] 1964
KIMN [Denver] 1969
KPEN [San Francisco CA] 1984
KYGO-FM [Denver] 1993

Now: Bill says (6/12), "I’m Director of Engineering for AARP in Washington, DC; still do some VO work."

Keith Weston
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WUNC [Chapel Hill NC] 1988
Now: Keith says, "I am annnouncer, music producer and Webmaster at Public WUNC-FM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina."
more Ws...

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