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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (T2)

Alan Thompson
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WHTQ [Orlando FL] 1988-1989
Now: Alan is a Registered Nurse (orthopedics/neurosurgical/pediatrics) in Orlando, Florida.

Bill Thompson
Now: Retired (Feb., 1996) as Program Director, WIXI, Ft. Myers, FL.

Bob Thompson
CKKW/CFCA [Kitchener ON] 1975
CJOY [Guelph ON] 1982
CHYM [Kitchener] 1985
CJOY [Guelph] 1991
CHYM [Kitchener] 1995

Now: Bob says (10/05), "After a brief gig in newspaper sales working for the Pennysaver in Kitchener, I returned to Guelph and was part of the team that launched the new Magic 106 (CJOY); sold there for four years, then returned to CHYM-FM in 1995 to sell the station I used to be on-air for; still voice commercials and do some DJ work on the side."

Bryan Thompson
KGVL [Greenville TX] 1975
KPLT [Paris TX] 1975
KIKM [Sherman TX] 1975
- Barry Shannon
KROK [Shreveport LA] 1976
KIKM [Sherman] 1979
KXII-TV [Sherman] 1979
- production
KROK [Shreveport] 1980
KAAM/KAFM [Dallas TX] 1981-1983
WBAP [Ft. Worth TX] 1990
KSCS [Ft. Worth] 1992-1996

Now: Bryan says (2/09), "In 1996, I left the radio industry in Dallas/Ft Worth to pursue a successful sales career, only to return in 2008 to create GUS.FM (WebRadio of the Great United States) and 'The Classic Hit Combo'® format. And the formation of a parent company, Echo Hill Media, LLC, of which I'm also heavily involved with nationally marketing Verizon FiOS. Ann and I are blessed with 9 grandchildren!"

Cliff Thompson
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WBGM [Tallahassee FL] 1986-1989 - GM
Now: Cliff says (6/05), "I am semi-retired in Burnsville, Minnesota -- and run a small ad agency."

Dan Thompson
WIKE [Newport VT] 1961 - Wade Allen
WTWN [St. Johnsbury VT] 1962 - Wade Allen
ABC-TV [New York NY] 1963 - prod. asst.
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1965 - Ronnie Temple
KPOI [Honolulu] 1966 - Ronnie Temple
KGMB [Honolulu] 1967 - Ron Temple
WOR-FM [New York NY] 1968
KUMU [Honolulu] 1972
- Jock Harvard
KCMO-FM [Kansas City MO] 1997-1999
KEYN [Wichita KS] 1995-2000

Neil Ross reports (3/13/2011), "Dan Thompson aka Ronnie Temple died in late 2010 from complications of diabetes at his home in Toronto, Kansas. Dan was one of the most talented radio people I ever worked with. He made it all the way to WOR-FM in the late sixties after only seven years in the business but then quit to work with traveling carnivals. For a time he owned a ‘haunted house’, which he would truck around the circuit. He told me that touring with carnivals was something he’d always wanted to do and that he never regretted the decision. Dan got back into radio much later in life with all the energy and talent he had exhibited in the earlier years. He was a great guy to know and work with. I’ll miss him."

Dick Thompson
WKRZ [Oil City PA] 195?
KSON [San Diego CA] 1954
WJET [Erie PA] 1957
WHOT [Youngstown OH] 1958
WSOM [Youngstown] 1992

Now: Mornings at Nostalgia WSOM, Youngstown (Salem), Ohio.

Doug Thompson aka Doug Adams
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WJJD [Chicago IL] 1990-1994
Now: Doug says (4/07), "I am District Sales Manager in Quincy, Illinois for Harris Broadcast and travel among five states in the upper midwest planning and discussing transmitter projects; I left radio in 1994 to come to Quincy and work for BE selling AudioVAULTs; stepped away from that to get off the road while the kids grew up; back at it now on the RF side selling for Harris; I love the continued contact with Radio stations and never get tired of what I do."

Ed Thompson aka Tom(my) Edwards
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KQKQ [Council Bluffs IA] 2002
Now: Ed says (5/07), "I am working in the Production Department for a seven-station group in Omaha, Nebraska and loving it."

Erik Thompson
KMLO [Oceanside CA] 1977
KAVO [Oceanside] 1978
KKOS [Oceanside] 1979
KIFM [San Diego] 1980
KBZT [San Diego] 1981
KFMB [San Diego] 1981
XTRA-FM [LA/San Diego/Tijuana] 1983
- Reckless Erik
KGB-FM [San Diego] 1988-1992 E.T.
Now: Erik says (5/14), "I'm voicing promos for several television networks, and narrating The Universe on the History Channel and a few other TV shows."

Gary Thompson
KRSC/KNGX [Tulsa OK] 1989 - Alex Taylor
KXOJ [Tulsa] 1993 - Alex Taylor
KMMY [Tulsa] 1995 - Gary Walker
KORU [Tulsa] 1996-1997
KCFO [Tulsa] 1996-2000
KQLL [Tulsa] 1999
KOKL [Tulsa] 2000
WCVO [Columbus OH] 2000
KKOW [Pittsburg KS] 2001
KRAV [Tulsa] 2001
KXOJ [Tulsa OK] 2002
WHKO [Dayton OH] 2006
- Trey Thompson
WJQK [Grand Rapids MI] 2007-2009
KSOS [Las Vegas NV] 2010
KXOJ [Tulsa] 2014

Now: Gary says (3/14), "Previously at SOS Radio Network, Las Vegas; now back home in Tulsa doing on-air at KXOJ FM, Tulsa; also Production Director for Stephens Media group, Tulsa (KMYZ-FM, KYAL-AM/FM, KTSO-FM, KXOJ-FM)."

Jack Thompson
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CKLC [Kingston ON] 1984
Now: Jack says (8/03), "I am Senior Account Executive at CKLC and CFLY-FM, Kingston, Ontario, Canada."

Les Thompson
KASK [Ontario CA] 1959
KGMS [Sacramento] 1960
KXOA [Sacramento] 1962
KPLS [Santa Rosa CA] 1964
KXOA [Sacramento] 1966-1974

Now: Les says (March 2002), "I am retired; residing in Carmichael (Sacramento), California."

Linda Thompson
KDKB [Phoenix AZ] 1971-1977
KBBC [Phoenix] 1979-1980

Now: linda says (4/17), "I now live in Silver City, Mexico. After 10 years of Phoenix media, I taught school in the Phoenix Area, briefly working at KZON on weekends and doing some voice-over work as well. I eventually received my Ed.D. from Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers' College and have worked at the Administrative level in higher education and in health care in New Mexico. Under the mentorship of William Edward Compton, I was fortunate to be involved and serve as Music Director in a free-form progressive and very successful 1970s radio station, where we chose our own music and served our community through a huge commitment to public service for our listeners. Each day was an amazing experience with an incredibly creative group of people. Many of the staff are gone now, but it was a magical time in a special place, and the impact of Bill Compton on Phoenix radio should never be forgotten. Best job I ever had!"

Marty Thompson
KTEE [Idaho Falls ID] 1983 - Jim Stolz
WFKB [Florence KY] 1984 - Sean Michaels
WDJO [Cincinnati] 1985
WUBE [Cincinnati] 1985
WKRC [Cincinnati] 1988
WLW [Cincinnati] 1988
WPFB [Dayton] 1988
WGRR [Cincinnati] 1990
KQOL-FM [Las Vegas NV] 2000
WUBE-FM [Cincinnati] 2005
WDJO [Cincinnati] 2007

Now: Marty says (3/08), "I am running an international media consulting business and hosting the syndicated Classic Top 40 and Hall of Fame Coast to Coast shows and doing ‘death and illness’ fill-in on WDJO, Cincinnati, Ohio."

Paul Thompson
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KPLZ [Seattle WA] 1987
Now: Weekends at Hot AC KPLZ-FM. Paul says (2/03), "I'm working for Fisher Brodcasting, Ed Hume, myself, and enjoying family and friends in Seattle, Washington."

Stacey Thompson
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CFCA [Kitchener ON] 2000
Now: Stacey says (4/03), "I'm doing mid-days at Rock CFCA FM (105.3 KOOL FM), Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario."

Dave Thomson
WXLO [New York NY] 1973
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1976
WRQX [Washington DC] 1980
WMGK [Philadelphia PA] 1984
WLOL [Minneapolis] 1986
- Doctor Dave
KKBQ [Houston TX] 1989
KHMX [Houston] 1990
WKQI [Detroit MI] 1991
WXTR [Washington DC] 1994
WLIF [Baltimore MD] 1997
KYMX [Sacramento CA] 1998-2012

Now: As of 9/12, Dave is choosing his next adventure --in Sacramento, California.

Bill Thorman
Now: Bill is Willie B., Program Director at KHOM, New Orleans, Louisana.

Marty Thorn
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WGYY [Meadville PA] 2007 - Danger Frog
Now: Marty says (5/12), "I'm doing mornings on Country WGYY-FM (Froggy 100.3 & 98.5), Meadville, PA; plus I'm copywriter for 7 stations in the cluster."

Bill Thornton aka Chuck Hunter
WYBG [Massena NY] 1967
WNOW [York PA] 1967
WYBG [Massena] 1968
WBUD [Trenton NJ] 1969
WINX [Rockville MD] 1969
WPGC [Washington DC] 1969-1970
WJMD [Bethesday MD] 1973-1975
KNJO [Thousand Oaks CA] 1984-1985
KTYM [Los Angeles CA] 2005
- Dr. Bill Thornton
Now: Bill says (2/08), "I left radio in the mid 1970s for chiropractic college; after graduation I did a weekend DJ gig at KNJO; in 2005 I started doing a weekly health talk show on KTYM, in the L.A. market; even though it's primarily a talk format I try to get in a musical bridge or closing, which usually brings out the Top-40 DJ that still lingers within."

Bob Thornton
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KXOJ [Tulsa OK] 1998 - Bob Michaels
Now: Bob says (6/06), "I am National PD for Christian-owned Adonai Radio Group: KTLI Wichita, KXOJ Tulsa, KAEZ Amarillo, KOFR Lubbock, WYJS Jackson, MS, KCXR Tulsa, all Christian music stations; we also have KYAL Sports, Tulsa."

DD Thornton
WKZL [Winston-Salem NC] 1978-1979, 1981-1985
WSEZ [Winston-Salem] 1985-1986

Now: DD says (10/09), "I returned to radio in 2007 hosting a live mid-day show weekdays at ErrorFM.com. My show is called Deaconlight and the tagline is "Classic and Current Contemporary Non-Schlock-Rock Metropolitan Music" - the same tagline I used for my new music shows, New Generation and Try This back in the 1980s." See Ginger Coyote's interview with DD.

'Big' Jim Thornton
WRMA [Montgomery AL] 1969 - James T.
WHHY [Montgomery] 1973
WHHY-FM [Montgomery] 1976
KRAN/AFRP [San Diego CA/USS Ranger] 1978-1980
KGB-FM [San Diego CA] 1978-1980
KFMS [Las Vegas NV] 1979-1980
WLSQ [Montgomery] 1980
WREZ [Montgomery] 1980
WLWI [Montgomery] 1981
WRFS [Alexander City AL] 1983
- Big Jim/Jonathan Steed
WGH/WGH-FM [Norfolk VA] 1985 - Jonathan Steed/Big Jim
WLTY [Norfolk VA] 1987
WKEZ [Yorktown] 1987
WTAR [Norfolk] 1988
WFOG [Norfolk] 1988-1989
- Jay Thorn
WBBN [Taylorsville MS] 1991
WKNZ [Hattiesburg MS] 1992
WQID [Biloxi MS] 1993
WHSY [Hattiesburg] 1995-1996
- music consultant
Now: Jim says (5/10), "I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel and earned a PhD and DD in the last six years; my last post was as the Communications Officer S6 for HQ / 1st MP Brigade MSG; I retired 1 July 2009; I'm still doing production for many commercials using many of the voices I've done since the begining; I'm also on the lecture cirtcuit for military issues from my past." Click for more from Big Jim.

Scott Thrower
KGAY [Salem OR] 1975
KBZY [Salem] 1975
KBDF [Eugene OR] 1979
KMJK [Portland OR] 1980
- Glen Richards
KOPA [Phoenix AZ] 1980
KZZP-FM [Phoenix] 1981
KKFM [Colorado Springs CO] 1982
KWK [St. Louis MO] 1985
KRXY [Denver CO] 1986
- Scruff Thrower
KKFM [Colorado Springs] 1987
KMPZ [Memphis TN] 1988
WEGX [Philadelphia PA] 1989
KKFR [Phoenix] 1990
KCLX [San Diego CA] 1992
KKRZ [Portland] 1994
KTST [Oklahoma City OK] 1997
KBIG-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1998
KMLE [Phoenix] 1999
KURB [Little Rock AR] 2000-2006

Now: Scott says (10/16), "In Aug 2008 I left radio for a career in medicine and am with a large hospital in Little Rock, AR. Even on my worst days as an RN, there's not been even one time when I've thought, "Why did I leave radio?"

Bob Thurgaland aka Bob Todd
WELL [Battle Creek MI] 1964
WKFR [Battle Creek] 1964
WLYV [Ft. Wayne IN] 1966
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1966
CKLW [Windsor, Ontario/Detroit] 1967
WQXI [Atlanta] 1967
WIBG [Philadelphis PA] 1969
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1969
WGOW [Chattanooga TN] 1970
- Chickamauga Charlie
WDXB [Chattanooga] 1972 - owner aka Chickamauga Charlie
WFLI [Chattanooga] 1973 - Chickamauga Charlie
WMYK [Norfolk VA] 1973
WILS [Lansing MI] 1975
- Michigan Bob
WVOY [Charlevoix MI] 1976
WGSO/WQUE [New Orleans LA] 1976
WVUE-TV [New Orleans] 1978
- host: This Weekend in New Orleans
Thurgaland Advertising [Traverse City MI] 1978-1987 - owner
KDUO/KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1987-1988
McCaffrey & McCall Adv [Irvine CA] 1987-1988
- Dir New Biz
VNN-TV [The Villages FL] 1988-1998 - GM. news anchor
WKTK [Gainesville FL] 1991-2003 - Bob T
Now: Bob says (12/10), "Since 1998 I have owned Thurgaland Marketing & Consulting, Inc., Ocala, Florida (TV marketing, production & photography for law enforcement & select clients); and I'm 'Beatle' Bob Todd on beatlesarama.com."

Mike Thurnell
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CKPC [Hamilton ON] 1995-1996
Now: Coordinator of the ‘Broadcasting - Radio and Television’ (CJIQ) program at Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Dick Thyne
WHCN [Hartford CT] 1969
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1970
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1970
WBCN [Boston MA] 1970
WPLJ [New York NY] 1971
WABX [Detroit] 1971
KNAC [Los Angeles CA] 1975
WQBK [Albany NY] 1976
KVRE [Santa Rosa CA] 1979-1984
WEQX [Manchester VT] 1986-1988
KRSH [Santa Rosa] 2003-2005

Candi Chamberlain reports, "Dick Thyne was killed in a car crash in Sonoma County Feb 11, 2005. He was 59 years old."

Bob Tibbetts aka Bob Scott
WINU [Highland IL] 1963-1983, 1968-1969 - Scott Tibbetts
WYNA [Raleigh NC] 1969
WAME [Charlotte NC] 1971
WUBE [Cincinnati OH] 1973
- Bob Roberts
WKRC [Cincinnati] 1975-1978 - Bob Roberts
KHTR/KMOX [St. Louis MO] 1980
WRTH [St. Louis] 1985-1986

Now: Bob says (1/08), "Since 1986, I've been the face and voice of Lennox Heating and air conditioning worldwide. a.k.a. Dave Lennox; I wouldn't trade my time on the air (both good and bad) for anything; wonderful, creative people!"

Slick Daddy Tom Tiberi
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1979 - Truckin' Tom
WSEZ [Winston-Salem NC] 1980 - Truckin' Tom
WKOS [Nashville TN] 1981 - Tom Britton
WGRQ [Buffalo] 1982
WZIR [Buffalo] 1983
WGRQ [Buffalo] 1984
WYSL [Buffalo] 1985
WBYR [Buffalo] 1986
WGRF [Buffalo] 1988

Now: Evenings at WGRF-FM (97 Rock), Buffalo, New York.

Dean Tiernan
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KCBS [San Francisco CA] 1993
Now: Dean says, "I am the Product Manager for Audicy, a digital audio workstation at Orban (where I have been since 1997). I have done news fill at KNBR and have worked as a traffic reporter for Metro and Shadow. I also do freelance v-o work."

Jim Tighe
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WOWO [Fort Wayne IN] 1997
Now: Jim says (5/07), "I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana with wife Pat; GSM of News Talk 1190 WOWO and ESPN 1380 WKJG."

Chuck Tiller
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KHJZ [Houston TX] 2002
Now: Chuck says (7/05), "I am on the air on KHJZ (Smooth Jazz 95.7 The Wave); also on the air as an morning announcer and producer on Newstalk 1070 KNTH; and I am a legal videographer, videotaping depositions for attorneys."

Marc Tillery aka Marc Tyll
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WIFL [Ocala Fl] 2006-2007
Now: Marc says (2/07), "I am president and CEO of AM FM License Holdings, Inc. (small/medium stations in the southeastern U.S.)" See Marc's bio.

Paul Tilton
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KGON-FM [Portland OR] 1995-2004
Now: Paul says (10/06), "I'm off the air for the first time in years; my wife and I stepped in and took over a family business, which we run from our home in suburban Portland, Oregon."

Norman Tindal
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WHIP [Mooresville NC] 1998
Now: Norman says (8/11), "I am the morning man at Oldies WHIP, Moooresville North Carolina -- also do the sales; I live in Concord NC, enjoy working out, going to church on Sunday, bible study two nights a week, most sports, music and going to comedy clubs."

Tim Tindall
KEVA [Shamrock TX] 1955
KLYN [Amarillo TX] 1956
KUDY [Littleton-Denver] 1958
- Jim Dandy
KIMN [Denver] 1958
WKYW [Louisville] 1962
- National PD Polaris Broadcasting
Polaris Corporate Hq [Chicago] 1963 - National PD
KGMB [Honolulu] 1965 - manager
KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1965 - anchor
KITV-TV [Honolulu] 1982 - anchor
KHVH/KHHH-FM [Honolulu] 1990 - GM
Broadcast/Advertising Consultant [So Calif] 1993
KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1995-1998
- Executive Editor/anchor
eNews.hawaii.com [Honolulu] 2000-2000 - cyberanchor, news reporter
Now: Tim is an international business strategy consultant in Los Angeles, California.

Mike Tinnes
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WKLQ [Grand Rapids, MI] 1984-1993
Now: Mike says (6/09), "I own and operate BassMotives, a marketing, voice-over, copywriting service in Indianapolis, Indiana; we've worked with The Chicago Tribune, Briggs & Stratton-Milwaukee, D&W Fresh Market grocers in Grand Rapids, and TV stations in various markets; I do miss radio though."

Gary Titus
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WCOD [Cape Cod MA] 1988-1989
Now: Garys says, "I'm no longer in radio except for commercials. Mobile DJ on weekends, and vocab specialist for an interactive voice response/speech recognition computer company during the week. Recently built a home studio. Married to Sarah Titus, with 2 children. Living in Canton, MA."

Jim Titus
WKNK [Muskegon MI] 1956
WGRD [Grand Rapids MI] 1957
WMAX [Grand Rapids] 1958
WKBZ [Muskegon] 1959
WLAV [Grand Rapids] 1960
WKYR [Keyser WV] 1960
WFMD/WFRE [Frederick MD] 1968
WJEJ [Hagerstown MD] 1999-2013

Jim Titus died Feb 27, 2014 in Frederick, MD (age 74). See James Titus 1939 - 2014 (Frederick News Post).

Joe Tobin
Now: At WEZE/WPZE, Boston, Massachusetts.

Bill Todd
WBUX [Philadelphia PA] 1966
WAAT [Trenton NJ] 1967
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1968
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1969
- Johnny Williams
WRKO [Boston MA] 1970 - Johnny Williams
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1972 - Cat Simon
WKRQ [Cincinnati OH] 1973
WDAI [Chicago IL] 1974
KRLY [Houston TX] 1978
KPRI [San Diego CA] 1979
KMET [Los Angeles CA] 1979-1980

Bill Todd died May 13th, 2007 (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [ALS]: Lou Gehrig's Disease). In his last note to 440 (Oct 2005), Bill said, "I have my own Internet business which is doing very well (30 employees); we do affiliate Web sites and are located in Phoenix, Arizona; have been at it since 2004; plan to retire in 2008. My wife (Tina) and daughters (Ashley and Nikki) are wonderful. I miss radio, but we have great memories and reminders like 440 to keep the spirit alive." Tina Todd is trying to reach as many people as possible for photos, old air-checks, any memorabilia of Bill that you might have. Please send them ASAP to Tina at: 4540 E. Collinwood Dr., Gilbert AZ 85297.

John Todd
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1933 - voice of Tonto on The Lone Ranger
Now: ???

Dale Toews
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CJJR [Vancouver BC] 1999
Now: At Country CJJR-FM, Vancouver British Columbia.

Scott Tom
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KKSN-FM [Portland OR] 1998
KKSN [Vancouver WA] 2005-2005

Now: ???

Howard Toole
WRDW [Augusta GA] 1965 - Johnny Jay
WBBQ [Augusta] 1967 - Johnny Jay
WRFC [Athens GA] 1969 - Johnny Jay
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1971 - Jason O'Brian
WNOE-FM [New Orleans LA] 1973 - Jason O'Brian
WVEE/WAOK [Atlanta GA] 1976
KJMZ/KHVN [Dallas-Ft. Worth TX] 1991
- GM
Metro Networks [Dallas] 1997-2003 - GM
Now: Howard says (9/10), "As of Apr 2009, I am an owner through Rome Radio Partners, LLC of WRGA/WQTU FM in Rome, GA: WZOT AM, Rockmart, Ga; Rome Radio Partners LMA's WTSH FM, WSRM FM, and WGJK Rome; Toole also owns WRBF FM."

Jay Tope
KISS [San Antonio TX] 1990
KSMG [San Antonio] 1992
KPOZ [San Antonio] 1997
KTSA/KTFM [San Antonio] 1997-2003

Now: Jay says (3/06), "Since 2001, I have been owner and senior editor of SAsports.com, a daily publication of high school activities in and around San Antonio. I was named Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 2004 Businessman of the Year; I appear throughout the year on San Antonio radio (as a guest)."

Laurent Torno
KSD [St. Louis] 1957
KMOX [St. Louis] 1958-1976

Passed away.

Jesse Torrero
KIIS [Los Angles CA] 1979
KPRZ [Los Angeles] 1980
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1981
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1982
KHJ [Los Angles] 1983
KMGG [Los Angeles] 1983
KDAY [Los Angles] 1983-1991
KJLH [Los Angeles] 1993
KMPC [Los Angeles] 1995-1996
KCMG [Los Angeles] 2000-2002

Now: Jesse says (12/08), "I am doing motivational speaking, coaching baseball, teaching Wing Chun kung fu, am CEO/broker of WINWINWIN, Inc., finishing two books, producing a life coaching series of motivational CDs, doing voice-overs, buying as many properties as I can, and looking for a new radio home in California..." Click for more from Jesse.

Ricardo Torres aka El Nenorro
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KNTO [Merced CA] 1993-2006 - VP Programming
Now: Ricardo says (9/09), "I retired from La Favorita Network in 2006; am in Austin, Texas playing lots of golf; invested in a commercial building where I also run and operate a restaurant and bar."

Joe Torsitano
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KFBK/KGBY/KHYL/KSTE/[Sacramento CA] 1995-2004 - CE
Now: Joe says (2/04), "I am Manager of Studio Technology for EMF Broadcasting, Rocklin, California."

Phil Tower
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WOOD [Grand Rapids MI] 1998
Now: Phil says (1/07), "I am serving as Director of Programming and Operations for Clear Channel Radio, Grand Rapids, Michigan."

Chris Tracy
WFTQ [Worcester MA] 1981
WLLH [Lowell MA] 1982
WHEB [Portsmouth NH] 1982
WXKZ [Rochester NH] 1983
WHAV [Haverhill MA] 1984
WLYT [Haverhill] 1984
WFEA [Manchester NH] 1985
WKNE [Keene NH] 1988
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1990
WSRZ [Sarasota FL] 1990
WKNE [Keene] 1993
WHYN/WNNZ [Springfield] 1996
WPKX [Enfield CT] 1996

Now: Chief Engineer at WHYN-AM/FM, WNNZ-AM, WPKX-FM (Clear Channel) Springfield, Massachusetts. Chris says, "I am also owner of a small voiceover & broadcast production company: Time Machine Productions." His 'tribute' sites are big56.com (history of WHYN), wacky102.com (history of WACKY102 [WAQY]) and springfieldradio.com (other Springfield stations).

Rick Tracy
WVOR [Rochester NY] 1976 - Mike McKay
KROQ [LA] 1976 - Mike McKay
KBOS [Tulare CA] 1977 - Mike McKay
WWWD [Schenectady NY] 1978 - Dick Tracy
WLIQ [Mobile AL] 1978
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1978
WPXI [Charleston] 1979
WSSX [Charleston] 1980
WMJQ [Rochester NY] 1982
- Michael McKay
WKTM [Charleston SC] 1982
WFYV [Jacksonville FL] 1983-2001

Rick (Michael J. McKay) died (lung cancer) Oct 18, 2008 at his home in Jacksonville, Florida.

Chris Trane
WHCG [Metter GA] 1976 - Karl Whitaker
WBBQ [Augusta GA] 1976 - Karl Whitaker
WAUG [Augusta] 1978
WERC [Birmingham AL] 1979
WKXX [Birmingham] 1979
WZNE [Clearwater FL] 1983
WZGO [Philadelphia PA] 1984
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1986
- TraneOnTheRadio
WROO [Jacksonville] 2004-2006
Chris Trane (Karl Whitaker) died May 17, 2011 (heart attack, age 50) in Georgia. See Karl 'Trane On The Radio' Whitaker Passes (ALL ACCESS Music Group); Veteran jock Chris Trane dies of heart failure at 50 and R.I.P. Trane On The Radio (RADIO-INFO.COM)

Aaron Traylor
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KSAS [Boise ID] 2005 - Tallest DJ in America
Now: Aaron says (12/05), "I am PD and doing PM drive at Top-40 KSAS-FM, Boise, Idaho; also have a book published a book about the Spokane radio scene titled The DJ Chronicles: A Life Remixed, shoot me an email and I'll send a copy to my old skool friends."

Jim Trefney
WADC [Parkersburg WV] 1974
WATH [Athens OH] 1975
WXIL [Parkersburg] 1976
- Freewheelin
WZYQ [Frederick MD] 1977 - Steve Rivers
WLIT [Steubenville OH] 1977 - Freewheelin
WEIR [Weirton WV] 1982 - Freewheelin
WKWK [Wheeling WV] 1986
WMCL [Mt. Vernon IL] 1982
- GM
WTAO [Carbondale IL] 1982 - GM
WTOV-TV [Steubenville OH] 1992
Now: Jim is a sales rep at WTOV-TV, Steubenville, Ohio.

Rollin Trehearne
Now: P.D. and sales at KKHB-FM, Eureka, CA.

Tony Tremayne (Mel Fritze)
KROW [San Francisco CA] 1943
KTIM [San Rafael CA] 19??
KSFO [San Francisco] 19??
KYA [San Francisco] 1960
AFTRA [San Francisco] 1968-1970
Len Shapiro reports (10/04), "Mel Fritze aka Tony Tremayne passed away September 21, 2004 in Santa Rosa, California. Obit appears in Santa Rosa Press Democrat."

Eddie Trent
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KVEC [San Louis Obispo CA] 1994-1998
Now: Eddie says (1/07), "I am out of the business and loving life in sunny Palm Springs, California; but looking to get back into Sports Talk, Play-by-play or V-O work."

Dean B. Trew
WESA/WESA-FM [Pittsburgh PA] 1987
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1996
WGAE/WEAE [Pittsburgh] 1998
Insider Radio Net [Pittsburgh] 1999
- Dir Radio Ops
WW1-Metro Networks [Pittsburgh] 2002 - U.S. Dir of Marketing
WJAS/WPTT [Pittsburgh] 2003-2006
Now: Dean says (1/10), "Since January 2010, I have been working with Dave Radin (formerly of Internet Insider with David Radin--Radio with Byte!) at his new company Just Between Friends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Bobby Tripp (Mike Guerra)
KFRC [San Francisco] 1965 - Bobby Mitchell
KHJ [LA] 1966
Passed away July 19, 1968.

Peter Tripp - Curly Headed Kid in the 3rd Row
WEXL [Detroit MI] 1947
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1953
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1954
WMGM [New York] 1955-1960
KYA [San Francisco] 1961
KGFJ [Los Angeles CA] 196?
WOHO [Toledo OH] 196?

Now: Passed away January 31, 2000 of an apparent stroke at his home in West Hills (LA), California. Click for more details.

Wayne Tropp
WERA [Plainfield NJ] 1987-1996
WHWH [Princeton NJ] 1987-1994
WCTC [New Brunswick NJ] 1986-1988

Now: Wayne says (4/09), "I do weather for stations all around the U.S. for the Radio Forecast Network (see http://promo.radioforecastnetwork.com/staff-details.php?id=133)."

John Trout
WCSI [Columbus IN] 1979
WBOW [Terre Huate IN] 1980
WSTO [Evansville IN] 1982
- Paul Gregory
WNAP [Indianapolis IN] 1984 - Rock Starski
WZPL [Indianapolis] 1986 - Jammin' John
WNVZ [Norfolk VA] 1993-1995
WKST [Pittsburgh PA] 1999
WHOT [Youngstown OH] 2002-2007
WWFG [Ocean City MD] 2010-2012
WBOC-TV [Salisbury MD] 2010
- meteorologist
Now: John says (8/16), "I'm with Westwood One News in Washington, DC, anchoring several hourly newscasts, and am weekday host of America in the Morning, daily radio news magazine heard on affiliate stations across the U.S. As a Meteorologist, I can also occasionally be heard doing weather reports on affiliate Westwood One shows."

Tim Trumble
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WSSS [Charlotte NC] 1989 - T. Edward Benson
WKQC [Charlotte] 2005 - T. Edward Benson
Now: Tim says (3/05), "I'm doing afternoons at Oldies-based AC WKQC-FM, Charlotte North Carolina."

Bob Trow
WWSW [Pittsburgh PA] 194?
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1954
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, PBS-TV [Pittsburgh] 1968
- Robert Troll, Bob Dog
Passed away November 2, 1998 (heart attack) in Pittsburgh, PA.

KLOL [Houston TX] 1989
KIKK [Houston] 1998
KTHT [Houston] 2004

Now: Tubby (Tom Lawler) says (3/04), "I'm doing mornings at KTHT (Country Legends 97.1), Houston, Texas."

Ed Tucholka
WEBR [Buffalo NY] 1940s
WHLD [Buffalo] 1950s
WBEN [Buffalo] 1960s

Passed away in January 1996. Click for more on Ed.

Dale Tucker aka Dan Tucker
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WRKO [Boston MA] 1967-1968
Now: Dale is Western Sales Mgr. for Radio World newspaper, based in Sacramento, Calfornia.

Danielle Tucker
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KGMZ [Honolulu HI] 2000
Now: News at Oldies KGMZ-FM, Honolulu, Hawaii.

John Tucker
CKY [Winnipeg MB] 1971
CFUN [Vancouver BC] 1973
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1975
CFFX/CFMK [Kingston ON] 1984-2002
- GM
Now: John says (7/06), "Since 2005, I have been in sales consulting with CITL/CKSA-TV, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada."

Tod Tucker
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KHTT [Tulsa OK] 2002
Now: Tod says (8/08), "I'm Ops Mgr/Dir of Programming and PM drive talent on Top-40 KHTT-FM (106.9 K-HITS) Tulsa, Oklahoma."

Charlie Tuna
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1966
WMEX [Boston] 1967
- Charlie Tunah
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1967
Voice of America AFRTS [LA] 1971
- host
KCBQ [San Diego] 1972
KROQ [Los Angeles] 1972
KKDJ [Los Angeles] 1973
KIIS [Los Angeles] 1975
Mike Douglas, Scrabble [Los Angeles] 197?
- TV announcer
KHJ [Los Angeles] 1977
KTNQ [Los Angeles] 1978
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1986
KCBS-FM [Los Angeles] 1990
KMPC [Los Angeles] 1993
KMPC [Los Angeles] 1993
KIKF [Los Angeles] 1994
KRTH [Los Angeles] 1998
KIKF [Los Angeles] 1998
KLAC [Los Angeles] 1999
KBIG-FM [Los Angeles] 2000
KRTH [Los Angeles] 2008

Charlie (Art Ferguson) died February 19, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA; see Longtime L.A. Radio Legend Charlie Tuna, 71, Passes (AllAccess.com) and A Tribute To CHARLIE TUNA (Produced by Dave Skyler, voiced by Charlie Van Dyke).
Charlie Tuna Wikipedia article

Andi Turco
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WNEW-FM [New York, NY] 1999-2000
Now: Andi says (11/06), "I don't find myself on the radio much these days, although I will do an occasional shift at WDST, Woodstock just to 'feed the addiction'; I'm now living in upstate New York; after many years of radio and record promotion, I shifted gears and became a realtor and also have been restoring houses; I've been married to a bass player named Tony since 1997, and life is good!"

Lou Turco
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WKNW [Sault Sainte Marie MI] 1992
Now: Lou says, "I'm still still working in radio in Sault Ste. Marie (since 1964); still doing on-air work as host of the Weekend Club, doing on-air broadcasts at sister stations YES-FM and The Bear. I'm also involved in radio sales and have been a City Councillor since 2000."

Bob Turnbow
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KTMC/KTMC-FM [McAlester OK] 1986 - marketing dir
Now: Bob says (2/07), "I am marketing director of McAlester Radio (KMCO, KNED, KTMC AM-FM), McAlester, Oklahoma."

Jeff Turnbow
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KFMY [Olympia, WA] 2001-2009 - ops mgr
Now: Jeff says (7/10), "I'm out of the radio business, working at Costco, Las Vegas, Nevada."

Jim Turner
WBEV [Beaver Dam WI] 1958
WSPT [Stevens Point WI] 1958
WEND [Baton Rouge LA]? 1959
WAAY [Huntsville AL] 1959
- Jim Richmond
WVLK [Lexington KY] 1959
WJBW [New Orleans LA] 1959
- Dial Dooley
KBZY [Salem OR] 1960
KOMY [Watsonville CA] 1960
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1961
WLOB [Portland ME] 1962
WJAB [Portland] 1962
CKGM [Montreal QC] 1962
CKCW-TV [Moncton NB] 1964
WWOM [New Orleans] 1966
WVUE-TV [New Orleans] 1967
CJON [St. John's NF] 1968
CBN [St. John's] 1976
KNZA [Hiawatha KS] 1978
KMBZ [Kansas City MO] 1986-1991

Now: Retired, living in Northern Michigan.

Mary Turner
WHGR/WUPS [Houghton Lake MI] 1988
WODJ [Grand Rapids] 1989
WCSO [Portland ME] 1991
WILS-FM [Lansing] 1993
WVIC [Lansing] 1994
WLHT [Grand Rapids] 1997
WVIC [Lansing] 2003

Now: Mary is doing mornings at Classic Rock WVIC-FM, Lansing, Michigan.

Max Turner
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WFMS [Indianapolis IN] 2006 - Dir of Engineering
Now: Max says (5/10), "I was Regional Engineering Manager for Susquehanna Radio Corp; I went out the door the day the company sold to Cumulus [May 2006] and have done some consulting and freelance engineering since."

Ron Turner
Now: Operations Manager at WYLL, Chicago, Ilinois.

Les Turpin
KYNO [Fresno] 1962
KGB [San Diego] 1964
KFRC [San Francisco] 1967
WCBS-FM [New York] 1970

Now: ???

Gerry Turro
WKQW [Nanuet NY] 1975-1977
WPAT [Paterson NJ] 1975-1985
WWDJ [Hackensack NJ/NYC] 1977-1982
WBIO [Morristown NJ] 1977-1983
- CE
WNJR [Newark NJ] 1980-1988
WJDM [Elizabeth NJ] 1980-1990
- CE
WVNJ [Newark] 1985-1992
WNEW-FM [Newark NJ] 1989-1993
WJUX [Monticello NY] 1993-2003

Now: Gerry says (2/05), "I am starting a new group of stations in Southern California (president of Christyahna Broadcasting, Alpine, CA). I had fun with Jukebox Radio in New Jersey/New York. Moving forward; looking to new ventures in radio... It was great starting my own radio station and having the greats I grew up with work at a station I started. Greats such as Chuck Leonard (RIP), Lee Arnold, Bill Owen and others all who graced at Jukebox Radio (WJUX-FM)!"

Bobby Tutton
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WAMF [Syracuse NY] 2005
Now: Bobby says (5/05), "I'm in sales at Country WAMF, Fulton, New York. After I left radio in 1997 I accepted a job as a driving instructor. I really enjoyed teaching the teens how to drive properly. But my love is radio, and I am so glad I have the opportunity to be back in."

Thomas H. Twine
WROV [Roanoke VA] 1972
WQRK [Norfolk VA] 1974
- Tom McGregor
WJJJ [Christiansburg VA] 1973 - Tom Davis
WCOG [Greensboro NC] 1976
WCHV/WWWV [Charlottesville VA] 1972
WSGM [Staunton VA] 1985
WINA [Charlottesville VA] 1985
WALY [Altoona PA] 1987
WTAJ-TV [Altoona PA] 1987-2001
- weather, Webmaster, tech
WHPA [Altoona] 1989-1992
AccuWeather [State College PA] 2001
- announcer
WLTS/WOWY [State College] 2004-2005
Now: Thomas says (7/05), "I am computer support engineer for Newsroom Solutions (TV software, hardware); still on the on-call list part-time at AccuWeather, State College, Pennsylvania."

Chris Tyler
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WKTN [Kenton OH] 2003
Now: Chris says (1/04), "I'm doing PM drive at Adult Contemporary WKTN-FM, Kenton, Ohio."

Chuck Tyler
Now: Operations Director at KPDQ AM/FM, Portland, Oregon.

Dean Tyler (Tyler Finch)
WAMS [Wilmington DE] 196?
WILM [Wilmington DE] 196?
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1969
WIP [Philadelphia] 1970
WNEW [New York] 1976
KLIF [Dallas] 1978
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1980
WPEN/WMGK [Philadelphia] 1983
- GM
Now: General Manager at adult standards WPEN and classic rock WMGK-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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E.J. Tyler
KBIG-FM [Los Angeles CA] 2004-2008 - weekends
Now: E.J. says (1/14), "I am consulting radio stations freelance and writing."

Jennifer Tyler
KLEV [Cleveland TX] 1988
KHMX [Houston TX] 1990
KODA [Houston] 1998
KKRW [Houston] 1999
KGLK [Houston] 2009

Now: Jennifer says (1/10), "Mid-days at Classic Rock KGLK-FM (The Eagle), Houston, Texas."

Jim Tyler (Jim Radcliffe)
KRAK [Sacramento CA] 1971 - Jim Radcliffe
WHNC [Henderson NC] 1971 - Jim St. John
WFBS [Spring Lake NC] 1972 - Jim St. John
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1973
WNOR-FM [Norfolk VA] 1975
WPLO [Atlanta GA] 1976
WDAF [Kansas City MO] 1978
WMAQ [Chicago] 1981
KPLX [Ft. Worth] 1985

Now: Middays at Country KPLX-FM, Ft. Worth, Texas - and running ON AIR Software, Inc. and KRUD Radio.
Jim remembers Rick Dees

Tom Tyler
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WTIC [Hartford CT] 1977-1986
Now: Tom says (9/13), "I left broadcasting to open New England Personnel with wife Kathryn in 1986."

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