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Radio People by Name (R3)

Ron Robin
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WHDH [Boston MA] 1989-1990
Now: Robin says (10/03), "I am owner operator of the Mews Restaurant, Provincetown, Massachusetts. I also am a freelance commercial announcer, video producer; president of Provincetown Repertory Theatre, and president of Robin & Teo, Inc. (interactive Web site programming company)."

Walt Robin
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Radio 108 [Seborga, Liguria, Italy] 1993-1994
Now: Robin says (Aug 2002), "I am producing, directing and writing feature films and television programming. I move around a lot, but maintain an office in Miami, Florida."

Dan Robins
WPAY/WPAY-FM [Portsmouth OH] 1973
WIOI [Portsmouth OH] 1974
WCIR [Beckley WV] 1976
WVOT [Wilson NC] 1977
- Terry Tunes
KIRL [St Louis MO] 1978 - DeMarco in the Morning
WWWE [Cleveland OH] 1980 - Lanny Wheeler
WHK [Cleveland] 1981 - Lanny Wheeler
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1983
WQDR [Raleigh NC] 1986
WSB-FM [Atlanta GA] 1992
WEGX [Florence SC] 1995

Now: Dan is a 'contract programmer' in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.
stories: Miracle on 440 Street WIOI WPAY

Randy Robins
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WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1976-1977
Now: Randy says (11/02), "I am living on Lake Lanier in Georgia; wishing I was on an Oldies station and fishing a lot; also selling cars."

Dave Robinson
WSAZ [Huntington WV] 1953
WFBR [Baltimore MD] 1956
WTOW/WAQE [Baltimore] 1962
KMBC/KMBZ [Kansas City MO] 1965
KBIG-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1971-1987

Dave Robinson (William David Robinson) died Aug 20, 2008. His last note to 440 (6/03), "...I attended American River College, Sacramento, CA in 1998 graduating with certificate in Gerontology (study of aging) and am now working as Gerontologist with Senior Peer Counselors. I am living on a little farm with wifey named Mimzi and seven cats. Owned and flew a 1968 Cessna 150 for many years; am a member of Valley Broadcasting Legends, Sacramento." See his bio on laradio.com

Edd Robinson
WSIC [Charlotte NC] 1963 - Ruggs Buggy
WMMW [Meriden CT] 1964
WERA [Morristown NJ] 1965
WPIX [New York NY] 1967
WWOK [Charlotte] 1967
- Easy Edd
WAME [Charlotte] 1969 - Easy Edd
WSOC [Charlotte] 1979-1988 - Edd with 2 Ds please
WFMX [Charlotte NC] 1990-2006 - Edd with 2 Ds please
Now: Edd says (5/07), "I am semi-retired; 'semi' because I still feel I have something to contribute after 40-plus years in broadcasting; I spent the better part of April/May 2007 as an extra in the George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, John Krasinski movie, Leatherheads, filming in the Carolinas." Click for more from Edd.

Gary Robinson
KBSF [Springhill LA] 1987
KITT [Shreveport LA] 1989
KVKI [Shreveport] 1994
KITT [Shreveport] 1994
KRUF [Shreveport] 1996
KQAR [Little Rock AR] 1998
KBED [Shreveport] 2002

Now: Gary says (8/06), "I am PD and doing PM drive at Hot AC KBED-FM, Shreveport, Louisiana."

Ken Robinson
WCSB [Cleveland OH] 1976
WJMO [Cleveland] 1979
WGAR [Cleveland] 1982
WGAR-FM [Cleveland] 1987
WTAM [Cleveland] 2001

Now: Ken says (1/05), "I am a reporter for News/Talk WTAM, Cleveland, Ohio."

Kevin Robinson
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KYKY [St. Louis MO] 2004-2006 - VP/Programming
Now: Kevin says (11/06), "I have launched Robinson Media (consulting), working with medium/small-market clients and the exclusive distributor of The Roadmaster format."

Len Robinson
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CHWC [Goderich ON] 2007-2011 - Tom E Dean
Now: Len (Tom) says, (6/12), "I've retired from my morning show at Adult Contemporary CHWC-FM (104.9 The Beach), Goderich, Ontario; I'm doing some freelance work, plus a lot of little theatre; I enjoy writing and painting; being in radio for 40 years has been a wonderful ride."

Red Robinson
CJOR [Vancouver BC] 1954
CKWX [Vancouver] 1957
KGW [Portland OR] 1959
KGW-TV [Portland] 1959
- host
CKWX [Vancouver] 1961
CFUN [Vancouver] 1962
CJOR [Vancouver] 1968
CKWX [Vancouver] 1971-1983
SRN [Vancouver] 1985
- Satellite Radio Network coast to coast
CISL [Vancouver] 1993-2000
CISL [Vancouver] 2002

Now: pmackesy@shaw.ca says, "Red retired from getting up early in the morning, but not from working. When he isn't busy at Red Robinson Management, he's hosting a weekend Oldies show on CISL/Vancouver. Red was the first DJ in Canada to play rock 'n' roll (1954); the only DJ to MC concerts by Elvis (1957) and the Beatles (1964); founder/president of three advertising agencies (1970-85); host of Timmy's Christmas Telethon (1976-96); host of Red's Classic Theater on KVOS-TV Bellingham WA (1989-2001). He was inducted into the Canadian Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1997 and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in 2000."

Steve Robinson
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KNUZ [Houston TX] 1984-1990
Now: Steve says (11/09), "In 1990, I left KNUZ and radio altogether and went into retail sales, first at Montgomery Ward, then at Sears; plus I took a few shots at playing golf professionally; my wife, Jenny, and I live in The Villages, Florida and are teaching glass engraving to residents here; I still play a LOT of golf."

Tom Robinson
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WMZQ [Washington DC] 1999
Now: Tom says, (10/06), "I'm doing weekends at Country WMZQ-FM, Washington, DC."

Gord Robison
CKXL [Calgary AB] 1968
CFOX [Montreal Québec] 1971
CHED [Edmonton AB] 1972
CKLG [Vancouver BC] 1974
CHAB [Moose Jaw/Regina SK] 1985
CKXL [Calgary] 1986
CHED [Edmonton] 1987
CKNG [Edmonton] 1993
CKRA [Edmonton] 1994
CFRV [Lethbridge AB] 1998-2004
CHQT [Edmonton] 2007-2008

Gord Robison died March 21, 2008 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; see radiowest.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3179&highlight and/or cool880.com/Channels/Reg/MemoFromTheBoss/Story.aspx?id=1002017.

Dino Robitaille
Now: Latest report (11/98) had Dino as Program Director/MD at WJET (Jet102), Erie, PA.

Bill Rock
WERA [Plainfield NJ] 1966
WOR [New York NY] 1966
WDHA [Morristown NJ] 1967
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1968
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1968
WAVZ [New Haven] 1969
WFBG [Altoona PA] 1970
WIXZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1970
- Sean Grabowski
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1970
WTRY [Albany NY] 1970
WWDJ [Hackensack NJ/NYC] 1971
WMEX [Boston MA] 1972
WAVZ [New Haven] 1973
WNBC [New York] 1974
WELI [New Haven] 1977-1981
Insilco B'casting [CT OK FL LU] 1979-1981
- VP
Bill Rock Productions [New York] 1981 - president
WYNY [New York] 1981-1996
United Stations [New York] 1986-1989
Unistar [New York] 1987
Pro-media, Winstar radio networks [New York] 1989
Westwood One [New York] 1994
News 12 [New Jersey] 1996
NBC-TV [New York] 1996
MSNBC [New York] 1997-2003
CNBC [New York] 1999-2002
Sirius Satellite Radio [New York] 2002
WCBS-FM [New York] 2004-2005

Now: Bill says (6/13), "I'm still at Sirius XM, on Channel 13, Elvis Radio, on Saturday Nights; in addition I am a prominent announcer on the NBC TV net; have been doing the commercial billboards for Saturday Night Live since 2001; I also do imaging for stations and my company (Bill Rock Productions, Bridgeport, CT) produces radio and TV shows plus radio and TV commercials and imaging." Click for more from Bill.

Bill Roddy
KHUB [Santa Cruz CA] 1941
KPO (NBC) [San Francisco CA] 1942
- page/anncr
KPIX-TV [San Francisco] 1956
KROW/KABL [San Francisco] 1957
KNBR (NBC) [San Francisco] 1962
NBC News [San Francisco CA] 1964
- correspondent
Mayor's Office [San Francisco] 1965-1976
Now: Retired. Residing in Mission Viejo, California.

Rod Roddy
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1960
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1961
KLIF [Dallas] 1971
KOST [LA] 1973
The Price is Right CBS-TV [LA] 1986-2003
- announcer
Now: Rod Roddy died Oct 27, 2003; in Los Angeles, California.

Scott 'Records' Roddy
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WGLD [Indianapolis IN] 1995
Now: PM drive at Oldies WGLD-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana. Scott says (3/04), "I'm having the absolute time of my life. To have grown up here listening to people like Chuck Riley; working with icons like John Trout (Paul Kinney) and Gary Todd; I step back everyday in awe of the blessing."

'Jolly' Rodger (Skinner) aka John Paul Roberts
WBLF [State College PA] 1963
WPIC [Pittsburgh] 1964
WHOT [Youngstown] 1965
WEEP [Pittsburgh] 1967
- Johnny Breit
WIRK [West Palm Beach] 1968
WQAM [Miami] 1968
TRA Comm Consultants [Ft. Lauderdale] 1980
- owner
W27AQ [Ft. Lauderdale] 1989 - owner
Memories of R&R [Ft. Lauderdale] 1993 - host
W47AL [Orlando] 1995-2000 - owner
Now: Rodger says (1/07), "In 2000, I sold all of my low-power TV stations and other businesses and retired; I'm enjoying my hobbies (all kinds of radio) and grand children in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida."

Lee Rodgers
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KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1995
Now: Morning host at Talk KSFO, San Francisco CA.

Paul Rodgers
WMPT [Williamsport PA] 1958 - Paul Rothfuss
WHGB [Harrisburg PA] 1960 - Paul Rothfuss
WSBA [York PA] 1960 - Paul Roberts
WARM [Scranton PA PA] 1962 - Paul Roberts
WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1963
WCBM [Baltimore] 1969
WYRE [Annapolis MD] 1973-1975
WORL [Orlando FL] 2012

Now: Paul says (7/12), "I'm living in Orlando, Florida where I'm hosting a Saturday morning talk show on WORL, 660 AM; I'm hoping to expand this into a PM drive talk program that I envision as being 'America's First Radio Reality Show'." Click for more from Paul.

Dave Rogers
KIMN [Denver] 1958
KLAC [LA] 1967

Now: ???

Eddie Rogers
WEAM [Washington DC] 1969
CKLW [Detroit MI/Windsor ON] 1972
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1973
WXYZ [Detroit] 1975
WDRQ [Detroit] 1978
WYYS [Cincinnati OH] 1980
WMJC [Detroit] 1982
WCLS [Detroit] 1984
WOMC [Detroit] 1985
WLTI [Detroit MI] 1987-1996

Now: Eddie says (10/05), "I am Ford-Lincoln-Mercury District Manager for the Detroit Region of the Great Lakes Market for Ford Motor Company; and President, Eddie Rogers Productions (Friday Singles Jubilee & Saturday Night Singles), Detroit, Michigan."

Jay Rogers
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WPEP [Taunton MA] 2003-2005
Now: Jay says (7/10), "I'm in New England running A1A Surf Radio as a time-brokerage company as well as reporting traffic across Southern New England..."

Jerry Rogers
WLLL [Lynchburg] 1965
WSGA [Savannah] 1967
WRHQ [Savannah] 1991
- owner/GM/PD
Now: Owner, GM and PD at Adult Alternative WRHQ-FM, Savannah (Richmond Hill), Georgia.

Jim Rogers
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WINS [New York NY] 1995-1997
Now: radiohawk@email.com says, "Jim is in the real estate business in Colorado Springs, Colorado."

Ken Rogers
WEAB [Greenville SC] 1961
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1962
WZOO [Spartanburg SC] 1963
WQOK [Greenville] 1963
WANS [Greenville] 1965
WQOK [Greenville] 1966
WAIM [Greenville] 1966
WFBC [Greenville] 1969-1993

Now: Ken says (3/16), "I am still living in Upstate SC with a home in Flat Rock, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC. Married for 50+ years to my wife Pat. Still golf (about once a week) work part time as a music consultant and producer for (British) ACE records and Rhino records. Staying busy and active are important when you get in your 70s. Still do a little voice work for a few clients."

Lee Rogers
Now: At KUPL, Portland, Oregon.

Clay Roe
KFI [Los Angeles CA] 1999
Now: Clay says (1/12), "I am technical director of the John & Ken Show on Talk KFI, Los Angeles, California."

Neil Rogers
WQAM [Miami FL] 1996-2009
Joe Cassara, Operations Manager for WDNA-FM, reports (12/10), "Neil Rogers passed away on 12/24/2010 of vascular dementia and heart failure." See Radio legend Neil Rogers dies (by Tom Jicha); and Neil's Wikipedia bio.

Tripp Rogers
WAYV [Atlantic City NJ] 1978
WDIF [Columbus OH] 1978
- Scott Rogers
WADZ/WDEC [Americus GA] 1982
WJAZ [Albany GA] 1983
WRAN [Morristown NJ] 1984
WPST [Trenton NJ] 1984
WJRZ [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1988
WKTU [Atlantic City NJ] 1989
- Dr. Scott Robinson
WKXW [Trenton NJ] 1990 - Scott Rogers
WNSR/WMXV [New York NY] 1991 - Scott Rogers
WZVU [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1996
WKXW [Trenton] 1996
WNJO [Trenton] 1998
WTTM [Trenton] 1999
WTHK [Trenton] 2001
WPHY [Trenton] 2002
WEPN [New York] 2004
WABC [New York] 2005

Now: Tripp says (4/06), "I'm the NYC Sportscenter anchor for Mike & Mike in the morning on the NYC affiliate of ESPN Radio (WEPN); I have also filled in for Warner Wolf on WABC Radio doing sports ... What a great business and job I had (working overnights in NYC at Mix 105), looking down on the Ave. of the Americas at 3 a.m., exhausted because my newborn wouldn't let me sleep the day before, and smiling because I knew I was doing what I'd always wanted to and someone in my hometown could hear me do it; I get the same feeling today. February 2001: a last minute rally to support the troops in Seaside Heights, NJ packed the boardwalk on an unusually warm day with about 10,000 people; sitting on top of the WJRZ boom box and seeing the boardwalk filled in the middle of winter singing God Bless America was a thrill."

Mark Rollings
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KYKY [St. Louis MO] 1996-1998
Now: Mark says (12/09), "Upon moving to L.A. [1998], my only goal was to enjoy the So Cal sunshine and continue doing work I enjoyed; I have been in property development and location rentals for TV and film, have been a union represented voice talent and done both on-camera and v.o. work for regional and national campaigns and imaging; I miss the midwest, but L.A. is hard to beat."

Chris Romer
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WSIX [Nashville TN] 1990
Now: Weekends at Country WSIX-FM and Operations Manager at TN Radio Network, Nashville, TN.

Geno Romo
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KSND [Salem OR] 2004
Now: Geno says (5/07), "I'm hanging out in Salem, Oregon doing mornings at Adult Contemporary KSND-FM and on the move for the next exciting music box -- my contract with KSND will expire when it goes spanish in June 2007; I'll chime in with more details on where I land next..."

John Rook
KASL [Newcastle WY] 1957 - Johnny Rowe
KOBH [Hot Springs SD] 1957 - Johnny Rowe
KALL [Salt Lake City] 1960 - Johnny Rowe
KTLN [Denver] 1961 - Johnny Rowe
KDAB [Denver] 1963 - Johnny Rowe
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1963
WLS [Chicago] 1967
WIFI/WBAP 1972-1982
- consultant
KFI [LA] 1977
KCDA [Spokane] 1983-1998
- owner
KABC [LA] 1988
KNJY [Spokane] 1994-1998
- owner
KEZE [Spokane] 1996-1998 - owner
John Rook died March 1, 2016 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. See John Rook Dead At 78 (allaccess.com) and wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Rook.

Jason Rooney
WKBQ-FM [St. Louis MO] 1994-1995
KXPT [Las Vegas NV] 1997
KMXB [Las Vegas] 2000

Now: Jason says (2/08), "I'm doing PM drive at Hot AC KMXB-FM, Las Vegas, Nevada; been with Mix 94.1 since 2000 -- a loooong time in this day and age."

Dr. Don Rose
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1956
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 195?
KRNY [Kearney NE] 195?
KWMT [Fort Dodge IA] 196?
WEBC [Duluth MN] 1962
WQXI [Atlanta] 1967
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1972
KFRC [San Francisco] 1973
KKIS [San Francisco] 1988
KIOI [San Francisco] 1989-1989

Don Rose died March 30, 2005 at his home in Concord, California.

Jim Rose
KASO [Shreveport/Minden LA] 1964
KTER [Terrell TX] 1964
KHFI [Austin TX] 1967
KPCN [Dallas TX] 1967
WFAA [Dallas] 1967
KBUC [San Antonio TX] 1968
KBAT [San Antonio] 1970
WACO [Waco TX] 1971
KBOX [Dallas] 1971
KLIF [Dallas] 1972
KITE [San Antonio] 1972
KBER [San Antonio] 1972
KVET [Austin] 1973
KTEM [Temple TX] 1973
KJIM [Ft. Worth TX] 1973
KFJZ [Ft. Worth] 1973
KXOL [Ft. Worth] 1975
KTRM [Beaumont TX] 1976
KIKK [Houston TX] 1977
KNUZ [Houston] 1977
KULF [Houston] 1978
KILT [Houston] 1981
KENR [Houston] 1981
KSBJ [Houston] 1986
KILT/KILT-FM [Houston] 1981-1982, 1993-1997

Now: Jim says (2/04), "I am in contract oil and gas exploration and production -- geo-tech and draftsman. I miss radio dearly. Would love to be back on the air. There are so many stories, after over 30 years on the air all over Texas."

Roy Rosen
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WKKT [Charlotte NC] 2000
Now: Roy says, "I am president and owner of Roy Rosen productions, Inc., a large Mobile DJ operation in Charlotte, NC. We have 14 mobile units handling parties in NC, SC, and GA. I am also working weekend/swing at WKKT-FM (Kat Country) in Charlotte, NC."

Steve Rosen
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KRCH [St. Louis MO] 1966-1967
KRXO [Oklahoma City OK] 1990-1994

Now: Steve says (9/11), "I went into TV in 1978 and started directing; I did shows for pro wrestling, News, TBN, PTL, NBC, CBS, and Fox; I am now in marketing, but still do some promoting in the southwest. I have been married since 1975 to a wonderful women I met when I was on KSHE."

Sharone Rosen
Now: At Shadow Broadcasting, Los Angeles, California, doing KFWB traffic reports.

Rosko (Bill Mercer)
WHAT [Philadelphia PA] 194?
WDAS [Philadelphia] 195?
WBLS [New York NY] 195?
WNJR [Newark NJ] 195?
WINS [New York] 195?
KDIA [San Francisco CA] 196?
KGFJ [LA] 1964
KBLA [LA] 1965
WBLS [New York] 1966
WOR-FM [New York] 1966
WNEW-FM [New York] 1968
KMET [LA] 1971
WKTU [New York] 1981-198?
WCBS [New York] 1981-2000
- Voice of CBS Sports, New York
William Roscoe Mercer died August 1, 2000 in New York City. He was 73 years old.

Alan Ross
KQCR [Cedar Rapids IA] 1978 - Carl Ross
KOKQ [Monterey CA] 1979 - Carl Ross
WPIX [New York NY] 1981 - Carl Ross
WPAT [Paterson NJ] 1983 - Carl Ross
WNBC [New York] 1984 - Carl Ross: Imus Show (N Car)
WJLK [Asbury Park NJ] 1985 - Carl Ross
WZGO [Philadelphia PA] 1986 - Dr. Jon
WNSR [New York] 1986
WMXV [New York] 1992
WYNY [New York NY] 1996-1997

Now: Alan says (6/08), "I am business development manager at RealAge Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Hearst Corporation), a consumer-health media company and provider of personalized health information and management tools."

Chauncey Ross
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WDAD/WQMU [Indiana PA] 1986-2000
Now: Chauncey says (6/09), "I joined The Indiana Gazette (PA) newspaper staff 5/1/2000 as full time general assignment reporter/writer; added Web editor duties in 2007 for indianagazette.net; broadcast remains my niche - radio industry stories get handed to me for proof/localization."

Gary Ross
KFRB [Fairbanks AK] 1974
KIMN [Denver CO] 1975
KIOA [Des Moines IA] 1976
KGW [Portland OR] 1977
KULF [Houston TX] 1979
KSD-FM [St. Louis] 1980
KKLT [Phoenix AZ] 1988
KMLE [Phoenix] 1989
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1990
KPSN [Phoenix] 1992
WMQX [Winston-Salem NC] 1995-2006

Now: Gary says (3/07), "I'm Assistant Athletics Director for Public Affairs at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. (Entercom took WMQX from Oldies to Country in Oct 2006; everyone was let go, so I called it a career ... it was a nice ride.)"

John Ross
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KNBQ/KBSG [Tacoma WA] 1987-1989
Now: John (John R. Prukop) says (10/07), "I departed radio in April 1989 after obtaining my Airline Transport Pilot certificate, and traded the studio microphone and headset for an airborne studio in the sky: flew all over the colorful Southwest U.S.; in 1991 I departed commercial flying, got into politics and founded Citizens For A Constitutional Washington, a citizen-activist organization based in Puyallup, Washington..."

Mark Ross
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KTSM [El Paso TX] 1997
Now: Mark says (2/08), "I am working in TV promotion; still keep my fingers greasy in radio, serving as the occasional fill-in host for a morning talk show or filling in as a news reader..."

Neil Ross
KMUR [Salt Lake City UT] 1963 - Neilson Ross
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1964 - Bobby Lee
KGMB [Honolulu] 1965 - Neilson Ross
KKUA [Honolulu] 1968 - Neilson Ross
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1969 - Neilson Ross
XHIS/XHERS [San Diego/Tijuana Mexico] 1971
KDEO [San Diego] 1974
- 'Natural' Neil
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1976 - 'Natural' Neil
KZLA [Los Angeles CA] 1978
KMPC [LA] 1982

Now: Doing freelance voice-over work in Los Angeles, California. Click for more on Neil.

Russ Ross aka Uncle Russie
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WLBE [Orlando FL] 1996
Now: Russ says (11/03), "In addition to hosting the Doo Wop Shoppe on Talk WLBE, I am also at Metro Networks, Orlando, Florida (Metro provides, news, weather and traffic reports)."

Kelly Rossi
WKRY/WKEY [Key West FL] 1993 - traffic mgr
Key Chain Inc./Clear Channel WAIL et al. [Key West] 1997 - traffic mgr
Cumulous Broadcasting WKAK et al. [Albany GA] 2001 - traffic mgr
WWHV [Norfolk VA] 2004 - traffic/business mgr
Vox Communications WCNK et al. [Key West] 2005 - traffic mgr
MEC Networks XESPN et al. [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 2007-2010 traffic mgr
Now: Kelly says (12/10), "I started a freelance business in 2010 providing full-time remote traffic & billing services online from home for several stations; am having a great time still doing what I love but in my PJs now, which makes it even better." Click for more from Kelly.

Mike Rossi
WNRK [Newark DE] 1975 - Mike Schwartz
WAMS [Wilmington DE] 1978 - Chris Michaels
WCBM [Baltimore MD] 1980 - Chris Michaels
WMJJ [Birmingham AL] 1985 - Mike Schwartz
WGRX [Baltimore] 1986
WSTW [Wilmington] 1987

Now: Mike says (4/13), "I am PD, Music Director and do middays at Top 40 WSTW-FM, Wilmington, Deleware."

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Shawn Rosvold aka Shawn Kelly
WAXQ [New York NY] 1997-2001
Now: Shawn says (12/15), "I'm doing mornings in Colorado Springs at KRCC, the local NPR station."

Jeff Roteman
WPSL [Pittsburgh] 1969
WRUA [Pittsburgh] 1978
WHVR/WYCR [York PA] 1988
WWKL [Harrisburg PA] 1990
WWKL [Harrisburg PA]/WHTO [Williamsport PA] 1995
WCHA-FM [Chambersburg PA] 1997
- J.P. McCartney
WIKZ [Chambersburg PA] 1997-2015 - J.P. McCartney
Now: Jeff is retired from the radio biz, but still very much involved in making radio memories (see his Radioville website) in Carlisle, PA.

Chris Roth
WMET [Gaithersburg MD] 1990
WINX [Rockville MD] 1991
- Chris Curtis aka Bobby Payton
WWRC [Washington DC] 1993
WNAV [Annapolis MD] 1996-2000
- Chris O'Brien
Shadow Traffic [Washington DC] 1996-1998
WINC-FM [Winchester VA] 1996-2000
- aka Scott McKenzie
WAPP/WBPP [Winchester] 1997-1998
WBQB [Fredericksburg VA] 1997-1998
WGRX [Baltimore MD] 1997-1999
WRQX [Washington DC] 1999-2004
WWON [Waynesboro TN] 2001
WFPA [Fort Payne AL] 2001-2005
- owner
WGAD [Gadsden AL] 2002-2005 - owner
WASH [Washington DC] 2002-2005
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 2004-2006
- Ted Striker
Cumulus Media [Fayetteville NC] 2005 - Sr Dir of Programming
WWMY [Raleigh NC] 2007
Now: Chris is doing middays at Oldies WWMY-FM, Raleigh, North Carolina; he says (5/07), "I am Director of Programming for Curtis Media, Raleigh NC (WWMY, WWNF)."

Dale Roth
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CHWC [Goderich ON] 2007-2008
Now: I am networked across the province of Saskatchewan on the MBC Radio Network; as well, I am the net's promotions & social media director & PSA coordinator."

Dick Roth aka Marc Richards
AFVN [Saigon, Viet Nam] 1967
KABL [San Francisco CA] 1966
- Dick Marshall
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1968 - Dick Marshall
KXXK [Dallas] 1968 - Dick Marshall
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1969 - aka Charlie Brown #2
KCOR [San Antonio] 1969
KITE [San Antonio] 1969
- aka Dick Marshall
KBER [San Antonio] 1970
KHER/KLUE/KMHT [Longview TX] 1971
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1971
- aka Dick Richards
KONO/KITY [San Antonio] 1971 - aka Dick Marshall
KIKN/KMIO [Corpus Christi] 1972-1974 - aka Terry Christi, Dick Richards
KIOU [Corpus Christi] 1973
KZFM [Corpus Christi] 1973
KEYS [Corpus Christi] 1975
KLLV [Dallas] 1976
KMHT [Abilene TX] 1977
KRBC [Abilene] 1978-1979
KEGL [Ft. Worth] 1995-1995
KAAM [Dallas] 2002-2002

Now: Dick says (5/06), "I am once again in the music business (with a twist), doing A&R for Cynthia Bennett, internationally known composer and singer of Irish folk music and ballads -- from Dallas, Texas."

Tom Rounds
WINS [New York NY] 1959
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1959
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1964
Charlatan Productions [Los Angeles CA] 1967
Watermark Productions [Los Angeles] 1969
ABC Watermark [Los Angeles] 1981
Radio Express [Los Angeles] 1985

Tom Rounds died June 1, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA (age 77); see Pioneering Radio Syndicator Tom Rounds Dies at 77 (The Hollywood Reporter) and Tom Rounds, Pioneer of Music Videos and Rock Fests, Dead At 77 (Billboard).

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Dan Rouse aka Dan Clayton
KFJZ [Ft. Worth TX] 1974-1976
Now: Dan says (9/16), "I left radio in 1976 to get BBA and MBA; brokered stations for Chapman for a few years; went into banking; bought AM-FM in Albany GA -- absentee for 4 years; stayed in commercial finance around DFW; retired in 2017 at 69."

Don Roux
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WECL/WAYY/WDRK [Eau Claire WI] 1998-2003 - AT/talk host/promo dir
Now: Don says (10/07), "I retired from radio in December 2003; am currently doing voice work as a seminar moderator (hosting distance learning programs for lawyers, accountants, health-care pros and associations) for KRM Information Services, Eau Claire, Wisconsin."

Charles E. Rowe, Jr.
WVLD [Valdosta GA] 1967 - Charlie Kaye
WFUN [Miami FL] 1968 - Gary Nelson
WDOL [Athens GA] 1969 - Gary Nelson
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1971 - Gary Nelson
WTAL [Tallahassee FL] 1973 - Bwanna Johnny
WGLF [Tallahassee] 1974 - Bwanna Johnny
WCGQ [Columbus GA] 1977 - Tom Kelly
WJAD/WMGR [Albany GA] 1979 - GM
WPPR/WZBQ [Macon GA] 1987 - GM
WZKX/WROA [Gulfport MS] 1988 - GM
WJHG-TV/WBKL [Panama City FL] 1990
mgmt consultant [Florida, Georgia] 1993-1996

Now: Charles says (Oct 2002), "I am an NCAC-II and CAC-II (Certified Addiction Counselor), attending graduate school, and am the A & D Partial Hospitalization Coordinator of Northside of Archbold Medical Hospital, Thomasville, Georgia. I'm also a promotional and programming consultant to McHan Broadcasting and Associates of Jacksonville, Florida, and am presently developing a regional commercial video and audio production studio." Click for more on Charlie.

Rick Rowland aka Rick Stevens
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WGUF [Naples FL] 1992-1994 - OM, CE, PD, DJ
Now: Rick says (4/06), "I am writer and owner of Power-Link Software Systems, used by some 1400 radio and 250 TV stations for schedule transfer and commercial reconciliation."

Simone Rowson
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WFKS [Daytona Beach FL] 1993-1995
Now: Simone (Rowson-Green) says (2/08), "I am National Sales Manager for CBS Radio, Tampa, Florida."

Mel Royer aka Mel Rogers
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KFIR [Roanoke VA] 1992
Now: Mel says (Sep 2002), "I am working fill shifts at News/Talk WFIR (new owners) and WVTF (public radio), Roanoke, Virginia. I also run a freelance studio operation doing voice-overs and imaging work plus narrations and odds and ends."

Steve Rubin
KARA/KLIV [San Jose] 1992
KSCO [Santa Cruz] 1993
KSFO/KYA [San Francisco] 1994
KBAY/KKSJ [San Jose] 1994
KYLD [San Francisco] 1995
KARA/KLIV/KRTY [San Jose] 1995
Sports Byline USA [San Francisco] 1996
San Jose Sharks Radio [San Jose CA] 1997
KLIV/KRTY [San Jose] 2003

Now: Steve says (7/15), "I own Talk KTOX (ex-KSFE), Needles and Adult Contemporary KUNK-FM, Mendocino, CA."

Dave Ruddle aka Dave Rockin' Roddy
WKGN [Knoxville TN] 1958
WWOK [Charlotte NC] 1960
- Ken Keene
WYDE [Birmingham AL] 1960
WSGN [Birmingham] 1961-1972

Now: Dave says (6/07), "I have been in the advertising business since leaving Birmingham in 1972; The Ruddle Agency has served local, regional and national accounts from Columbia, SC and Scottsdale, AZ, specializing in (tah-dah) radio commercials; sample my work at christmasdreams.net." Click for Dave Roddy's oldies and goodies (very creative and original).

Richard Rudman
WBZ [Boston MA] 1966
KAYN [Nogales AZ] 1971
- GM, CE
KGB/KGB-FM [San Diego CA] 1972 - CE
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1975-2002 - CE
Now: Richard says (9/07), "After 27 years at KFWB, I started my own engineering consulting practice in 2002; my speciaties are FCC compliance, studio maintenance design and construction, transmitter site maintenance design and construction, engineering management issues; it's all about working for good people who understand local broadcasting, and having fun doing it; I live in the San Fernando Valley, but most of my work now is in Ventura, Santa Barbara and the High Desert; I have done remote broadcasts for clients all around the U.S., and in several wonderful places like Milan, Italy, Cancun, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas; most rewarding meomories of my KFWB days are what the station accomplished during the Northridge Earthquake in 1994."

Steve Rudolph aka Steve Lindsay
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WTDY [Madison WI] 2008-2009
Now: Steve says (9/11), "I've been in Madison, WI since 1975; pretty much left radio behind in 1992 when I joined a local ad agency as media director, copy writer and voice talent; formed my own, small ad agency in 1999 and did well until the recent recession hit hard; I still work with a couple of clients on a project basis and get a call for commercial work every now and then."

Chad Rufer
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WCVQ [Ft. Campbell KY] 2002
Now: Chad says (11/02), "I'm programming Hot AC WCVQ-FM for Saga Communications just outside of Nashville, Tennessee."

Tony Rugero
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WFYR [Chicago IL] 1972-1979
Now: Tony says (12/10), "I retired from radio in 1979; am living in River Forest, Illinois and am a real estate investor, owning shopping centers, apartment buildings, etc."

Rick Rumble
WKBQ-FM [St. Louis] 1988
WNOR-FM [Norfolk VA] 1995

Now: Mornings at Rock WNOR-FM (Tommy and Rumble), Norfolk, Virginia.

Randy Rundle
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WSWT [Peoria IL] 1990
Now: Randy says (7/13), "I am Operations Manager for JMP Radio Group, Peoria, IL and doing mornings (w/Stacy Campbell) on Adult Contemporary WSWT-FM (Peoria)."

Rob Rupe
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WIOU [Kokomo IN] 1999
Now: Morning drive at Talk WIOU, Kokomo, Indiana.

Joe Rupp aka Mojo
WFKS [Daytona FL] 1988 - JR
WHHZ [Gainesville FL] 2001
WDYL [Richmond VA] 2008-2009

Now: Joe says (8/09), "I am doing voice work and podcasting in Richmond, Virginia; will soon be back in radio...

Ted Ruscitti
WMBA [Pittsburgh PA] 1970
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1971
WDVE/KQV [Pittsburgh] 1973
- CE
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1975
Taft Broadcasting [Cincinnati OH] 1980-1986
- VP radio ops
WBVP/WWKS [Beaver Falls PA] 1985-1990 - owner
On-Air Research [Sewickley PA] 1985 - president
Now: Ted says, "I own one of America's top market research firms, On-Air Research, Sewickley, Pennsylvania."

Gene Rusco
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KGO [San Francsico CA] 1981-2000
Now: Gene says (5/08), "I'm financial officer with Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union and selling real estate in the metro area of Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul); not a word spoken over radio since 2004..."

Brent Rush
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KUZZ [Bakersfield CA] 1990-2000
Now: Brent says (3/08), "I am in Bakersfield CA and currently work for Pacific Gas & Electric Company as area manager for government relations in Kern County. After leaving KUZZ radio I finished college, including my MBA, and teach part-time."

Ronnie Rush
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KCCL [Sacramento CA] 2000-2001
Now: Ronnie says (3/06), "I'm a concert promoter in Sacramento, California."

Daylan Rushing
Now: On an extended vacation courtesy of the U.S. Government (don't ask). Daylan was a teen idol in Florida in the early & mid 60's. For more info, contact Tedd Webb at twebb003@tampabay.rr.com

Bob Rusk
KSWB [Seaside OR] 1979-1990
Patrick Martin, Seaside, Oregon, reports (9/04), "Robert Rusk, my partner, passed away of heart failure on Dec 3, 2002. He was 43."

Scott Rusk aka Scott Shannon
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KKZX [Spokane WA] 2002
Now: Scott says (1/03), "I'm voice-tracking nights on Clear Channel's big gun in Spokane (98.9 KKZX/Classic Rock); producing the Tim & Willy morning show on sister station KIXZ; as well as morning sports updates on sister station KQNT."

J.R. Russ
WWSH [Philadelphia PA] 1983
WZGO [Philadelphia] 1985
WBMW [Washington DC] 1985
- 'Crazy' J.R.
WAVA [Washington DC] 1985 - J.J. Russ
WMZQ [Washington DC] 1986
WPGC/WCLY [Washington DC] 1986-1987
WBSB [Baltimore MD] 1986-1987
Voice of America Europe [Washington DC] 1986-1991
WGRX [Baltimore] 1987-1989
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2004

Now: J.R. says (5/05), "I am producing major-league baseball for XM Satellite Radio, Washington, DC. I have worked for some great radio stations and excellent programmers including WAVA (Smokey Rivers), WBSB (Steve Kingston), WWSH (Bobby Rich) and WGRX (Leigh Jacobs). WAVA and WBSB were #1 in their respective markets when I was there."

Charlie Russell
KCHS [Truth or Consequences NM] 1952
KIUN [Pecos TX] 1954
KVFC [Cortez CO] 1955
KTLU [Rusk TX] 1958
KBRZ [Houston TX] 1959
KELP [El Paso TX] 1960
KHEY [El Paso] 1969
KSET [El Paso] 1992-1994
KTSM/KTSM-FM/KHEY [El Paso] 1998-2010

Charlie Russell died Feb 22, 2010 at his West Side El Paso, Texas home (prostate cancer, age 73). See Local radio legend Russell dies at 73 [El Paso Times].

Craig Russell
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WFGR [Grand Rapids MI] 2010
Now: Craig says (7/11), "After making my way around Michigan, I have settled down doing The Afternoon Hustle at Classic Hits WFGR-FM, Grand Rapids, scheduling music, writing, producing promos and sweepers, and taking out the trash."

Dave Russell
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WCTO [Allentown PA] 2003 - Dave Stray
Now: Middays and PD at Country WCTO-FM, Allentown Pennsylvania. Dave says (11/03), "I am enjoying being back in the area where I was born and raised. Love Cat Country 96 and the country format."

Howard Russell aka Charlie Cooper
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WKAZ [Charleston WV] 1973-1980
Now: Howard says (2/03), "I own Admix Broadcast Service (voiceover, radio production house), Charleston West Virginia."

Carl Russo
WGR [Buffalo NY] 1979
WYSL [Buffalo] 1980
WGRQ [Buffalo] 1980
WFBQ [Indianapolis IN] 1985
- Rock & Roll
KZEW [Dallas TX] 1988 - Rock & Roll
WGRF [Buffalo] 1988
Now: Carl says (11/17), "I'm still doing PM Drive at Classic Rock WGRF-FM (97 Rock), Buffalo NY -- and on 150 Classic Rock Stations nationwide via Westwood One Radio Network." Carl was elected to the Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2017.

Carl 'Ratso' Russo
KVRE [Santa Rosa CA] 1983-1984
KUSF [San Francisco CA] 1990-2003
KGO [San Francisco] 1998-1998
- producer
Now: Carl says (7/05), "After discovering that corporate radio is a grim world indeed, I've returned to independent filmmaking. My latest short project has screened at US film festivals. I reside in San Francisco, California."

Tony Russomanno
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KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1977-1980
Now: Tony says (4/03), "I moved to TV news in 1980. I'm with KPIX-TV, San Francisco."

Vince Rutherford
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WISE/WKSF [Asheville NC] 1975-1987
Now: Vince says (6/03), "I own Soundtrax Studio Services (voiceover/special projects), Asheville, NC. I still own The Sound Factory, a mobile DJ service and am still doing a lot of gigs after nearly 40 years."

Alan Ryan
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WFLA [Tampa FL] 1990
Now: News anchor at News/Talk WFLA, Tampa, Florida.

Bobby Ryan
WNNJ [Newton NJ] 1992
WJDM [Elizabeth NJ] 1992
WHLI [Hempstead NY] 1993-1994
WZVU [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1993-1994
WVNJ [Teaneck NJ] 1995-1997
WJUX [Dumont NJ] 1999-2002
WBZO [Bay Shore NY] 2006

Now: Bobby says (8/06), "I am doing weekends and fill at Oldies WBZO-FM (B-103), Bay Shore, New York; I worked with some of the radio greats like Jack Spector, Ted Brown, Dean Anthony, Max Kinkel and Tommy Dean; they helped shape my radio career, and I am eternally grateful."

Chris Ryan
KWFM [Tucson AZ] 1980
KIOZ [San Diego CA] 1987-1998

Now: Chris says, "I left KIOZ in the midst of a Clear Channel (then Jacor) merger. I got out of radio and went to the agency side ... now working in Cincinnati at Local Marketing Corporation, a subsidiary of Grey Worldwide Advertising. I plan/buy radio and other media."

Chris Ryan
KPXI [Longview TX] 1990
KISX [Tyler TX] 1991
KDGE [Dallas TX] 1993
KEGL [Dallas] 1994-2004, 2008
KDGE [Dallas] 2004-2008

Now: Chris says (9/10), "I am back at Rock KEGL-FM, Fort Worth, Texas as PD/Afternoon Drive."

Jeff Ryan
WFHN [Fairhaven MA] 1999-2002
WWBB [Providence RI] 2000-2004
WQGN [New London CT] 2000-2004
WKSS [Hartford CT] 2002
WPST [Trenton NJ] 2002-2003
WSNE [Providence] 2004
WXTU [Philadelphia PA] 2005-2011

Now: Jeff says (1/12), "I left WXTU in 2011 (after I got married) to restart my career in financial services; I'm a financial advisor at USAA in Colorado Springs, Colorado."

Larry Ryan
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1964
KBCL [Shreveport] 1976
- owner
KEEL [Shreveport] 1982
WUSN [Chicago IL] 1988
KVKI [Shreveport] 1990
KEEL [Shreveport] 1996
KLKL [Shreveport] 2000

Now: Mornings at Oldies KLKL-FM, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mike 'Records' Ryan
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KLBB [St. Paul MN] 1996
Now: Weekends at Nostalgia KLBB, St. Paul, Minnesota. Jeff Lonto reports (11/03), "Mike is a long-time rock jock who worked primarily in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. He is doing Saturday mornings spinning swing music and crooners on Club 14 KLBB in the Twin Cities; and is involved in other businesses."

Steve Ryan
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KZNN [Rolla MO] 2006
Now: Steve says (5/08), "I am OM/PD for Results Radio in Rolla/Cuba, Missouri; and doing mornings on Country KZNN-FM (105.3)."

Ed Ryba
KUHL [Santa Maria CA] 1977
KXFM [Santa Maria] 1979
KSBQ [Santa Maria] 1981
KXFM [Santa Maria] 1984
Financial News Network [Los Angeles CA] 1987
FBN Radio Network [LA] 1990
KSBL [Santa Barbara CA] 1991-1996

Now: Ed says (12/11), "I'm doing voiceovers in Los Angeles and making music for commercials at my own MotyMusic Solar Studio in Culver City, CA; I have a song on iTunes: Day After Day (it's slippin' away), in which California falls into the Pacific after a huge earthquake -- I sing 3-part harmony with a Jamaican accent on the song, and I play all the instruments."

Stefan Rybak
WWCO [Waterbury CT] 1977 - Stef in the nighttime
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1982
KZZP/KVRY [Phoenix AZ] 1990-1992
KXAM [Phoenix] 1994
- GM
WBLI [Long Island NY] 1994
WLVG [Long Island] 1997
WLUX [Long Island] 1999
- GM
WRCN/WLVG [Long Island NY] 2001
Now: Stefan says, "I am General Sales Manager for Barnstable Broadcasting's WRCN-FM (Classic Rock) and WLVG-FM (Adult Contemporary) on Long Island, New York." He adds, "The WWCO Reunion in Waterbury, CT in November, 1998 and KC101 Reunion in New Haven, CT in July, 1999 were both wonderful events!"

Rick Rydell
KTKU [Juneau AK] 1983
KZZU [Spokane WA] 1984
KJRB [Spokane] 1984
KKZX [Spokane] 1985
KMJK [Portland OR] 1986
WNCX [Cleveland OH] 1989
KBFX [Anchorage AK] 1990
KMXS [Anchorage] 1998
KNIK [Anchorage] 1999
KENI [Anchorage] 2001

Now: Mornings at News/Talk KENI, Anchorage, Alaska. Rick says (12/03), "I am also a registered guide."

Mick Ryder (Mick Rapeer)
WFMV [Blairstown NJ] 1984 - Mike Rapeer
WQQQ [Allentown PA] 1986-1989
WSBG [Stroudsburg PA] 1991
WNJO/WTHK [Trenton NJ] 1999
WAFY/WWEG/WARK [Frederick/Hagerstown MD] 2005
- CE
WODE [Allentown PA] 2008 - CE
Now: Mick says (12/08), "I am Director of Engineering for WODE-FM, Allentown (Easton), Pennsylvania."

Jim Ryker
WHYL [Carlisle PA] 1979
WZUE [Carlisle] 1979
- aka the Bear
WRAW [Reading PA] 1981 - Bill Maxwell
WLAN-FM [Lancaster PA] 1982
WRFY [Reading PA] 1984
- aka the Dancing Bear
WYCL [Reading] 1991 - aka the Bear
WRVV [Harrisburg PA] 1996-2000
WMHX [Hershey PA] 2005-2006

Now: Jim says (6/07), "They did not give Mix 1067 enough time and cleaned house after one year; I am making more money than I EVER have in radio driving a tour bus."

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