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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (R2)

Eric Rhoads
WITB [Ft. Wayne IN] 1969 - Dusty Reese
WLYV [Ft. Wayne IN] 1971 - Bruce Rhoads
WYYY [Kalamazoo MI] 1972 - Sean Elliott
WHYI [Miami] 1973 - Hymn
WHYI [Miami] 1974
WMJX [Miami] 1975
WQAM [Miami] 1977
KIOY [Fresno CA] 1978
KLRZ [Salt Lake City] 1980
Radio Ink [West Palm Beach FL] 198?
- Owner/Publisher
Now: After selling his 3 stations in 1986 Eric invented the Giant Boom Box (remote studio that looks like a big radio). He then got into the trade magazine business and owns and publishes Radio Ink magazine. He authored BLAST from the past: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF RADIO'S FIRST 75 YEARS (1996).

Zebby Rhoads
WBRH [Baton Rouge LA] 1980
WQXY [Baton Rouge] 1981
- John Rhoads
WJBO [Baton Rouge] 1982
WLCS [Baton Rouge] 1983
WKJN [Baton Rouge] 1985
WKOR [Columbus MS] 1986
WIBR [Baton Rouge] 1987
WGMG [Athens GA] 1989
WIBR [Baton Rouge] 1990
WKJN [Baton Rouge] 1991-1992

Now: Zebby says, "I left KAJUN 103 (WKJN-FM) in 1992, and it was really the last full time job I had in radio. My PLANET ZEB! radio station has grown into one of the most popular Internet radio stations in its genres at Live365. I've become obsessed with webcasting, and also continue to have my own little radio formatting consultancy on the side (AOR/Classic Rock and 1980s-driven formats, mostly)."

Dave Rhodes
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WNDB [Daytona Beach FL] 1987-1996
Now: Traffic and operations at WKCF-TV, Orlando Florida.

Dusty Rhodes
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1955
WNDR [Syracuse] 1957
WONG [Syracuse] 1958
WNDR [Syracuse] 1960
WHEN-TV [Syracuse] 1960
WSAI [Cincinnati] 1961
CKLW [Detroit] 1966
WUBE [Cincinnati] 1971
WKRC [Cincinnati] 1974
WLW [Cincinnati] 1983
WGRR [Cincinnati] 1991
WSAI [Cincinnati] 2003
WDJO [Cincinnati] 2006

Now: harleykids@roadrunner.com says (10/06), "Dusty Rhodes is working at Oldies WDJO (1160) in Northern Kentucky; he and his investors leased the station in Feb 2006, since Clear Channel pulled WSAI in Jan 2005 and turned it into liberal talk radio." Dusty says (7/03), "...and since 1991, I have been Hamilton County (Ohio) Auditor."

David Ricci aka Rick Ward
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WQIK-FM [Jacksonville FL] 1993-1994
Now: David says (10/06), "I am married and live in Little Rock, Arkansas; I have a small trucking company that operates 18-wheelers coast to coast. I keep my radio licks tuned up as a good friend and regular contributor to Dale Sommers and his Truckin' Bozo radio show heard on several stations and on XM satellite radio; I never left radio ... radio died and left me..."

Bill Rice
KYMS [LA] 1968
KWIZ [LA] 1969
KUUU [Seattle] 1970
KPLZ [Seattle] 1977
KCPQ-TV [Seattle] 1981
KSEA [Seattle] 1983
KJR/KJR-FM/KUBE/KBTB [Seattle] 1984
KOMO [Seattle] 2002

Now: Midday news anchor at News KOMO, Seattle, Washington.
Bill remembers: While attending Cal State Fullerton, I used to hang around the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel and watch Bob Hudson and Ted Quillin spin their magic on KEZY. An inspiration for me to get into broadcasting

Bobby Rich
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1968
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1972
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1972
KHJ [LA] 1973
KFMB-FM [San Diego] 1974
WXLO [New York] 1978
KHTZ [LA] 1980
Drake/Chenault [LA] 1981
- Dir Specialized Programming
KFI [LA] 1982
WWSH [Philadelphia] 1983
KFMB-FM [San Diego] 1984
KMGI/KIXI [Seattle] 1989
KKLD [Tucson] 1992
KMXZ [Tucson] 1995-2017

Now: Bobby says (8/17), "I am focusing on digital/internet only radio at Bobby's B100.FM -- and Talent Coaching. Radio was my first love, it will be my last"

Chuck Rich
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WZND [Grand Rapids MI] 1971-1987 - Pres/GM
Now: Chuck is, "Semi retired. Working in public access/cable TV and I own a video production company in Holland, Michigan; also active in Christian ministries."

Craig Rich
WZND [Grand Rapids MI] 1971-1987
Now: Craig says (8/04), "I'm still in the media, but on the print side. I sell advertising for the Grand Rapids Business Journal, Grand Rapids, Michigan."

Tom Richard
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1977
KCSF [San Francisco] 1977-1979
- City College of SF
KFRC [San Francisco] 1978-1978
KSTN [Stockton CA] 1980-1982
- aka Jay Richard
KWUN [San Francisco] 1981-1981
KCRK [San Francisco] 1984-1997
KKIS [San Francisco] 1985-1985
KWUN [San Francisco] 1987-1987
KKIS-FM [San Francisco] 1990-1991

Now: Tom says (5/12), "I have a Yahoo Group that details my career; and see my You Tube page." See Tom's bio The Tom Richard Show: Bay Area Radio's Best-Kept Secret.

Beau Richards
WLCY [Tampa FL] 1979
WWKX [Nashville TN] 1980
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1981
KQKQ [Council Bluffs IA] 1982
WBSB [Baltimore MD] 1983
WAGO [Chicago IL] 1984
WNFI [Daytona Beach FL] 1986
KHYT [Tucson AZ] 1987
WYAV [Myrtle Beach SC] 1990
WMGI [Terre Haute] 1994
WZPL [Indianapolis IN] 1997
KIXY [San Angelo TX] 1997
WNST [Charleston SC] 1998
KCDA [Spokane WA] 1999
KZMG [Boise ID] 2001
WAOA [Melbourne FL] 2002

Now: Beau says (9/05), "I am Program Director and doing PM drive at Top-40 WAOA-FM (A1a Wa1a), Melbourne, Florida."

Calvin 'Baby' Richards
WKLR [Toledo OH] 1968
WOWO [Ft. Wayne IN] 1970
WXYT [Detroit MI] 1978
WHYT [Detroit] 1980
WJR [Detroit] 1985

Now: Advertising Sales at News-Talk WJR, Detroit, Michigan.

Carl Richards
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CFLY [Kingston ON] 2003
Now: Carl says (1/05), "I'm midday host at Hot AC FLY-FM, Kingston, Ontario. I'm also the Area 1 Governor for Toastmasters International, District 61, and VP Education for Cataraqui Valley Toastmasters."

Dave Richards
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KFKF [Kansas City KS] 1990-1991
Now: Dave says (11/08), "My wife & I own Galaxy Hot Wheels Family Skate Center, Marshall, Missouri..."

Dave Richards
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WOON [Providence RI] 1992 - owner/GM
Now: Dave says (6/00), "I run WOON as a full-service local station and have branched out into live streaming Internet TV and radio and a commercial Web site."

Dean Richards
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WGN [Chicago IL] 1994
Now: Dean says (2/07), "I do production, fill-in and weekends at News/Talk WGN, Chicago, Illinois; I'm also the entertainment critic reporter for WGN-TV Morning News (since 2001)."

Jeanne Richards
WNOR [Norfolk VA] 1975
WKEZ [Norfolk] 1975
WLTY [Norfolk] 1981-1988

Now: Jeanne (McDougall) says (9/06), "I went back to school in 1988 and have been working in PR ever since; still a musician on the side; many fond memories of working with countless Tidewater legends; will never forgive Dale Parsons for deadbolting me in the restroom while my tape ran out. :-)"

Grahame Richards
W??? [Bridgewater MA] 194?
W??? [Rhode Island] 194?
KOWH [Omaha NE] 195?
KIMN [Denver CO] 1957
- VP Intermountain Net
WTIX [New Orleans LA] 1960 - Storz Nat PD
WQAM [Miami FL] 196? - VP Storz
WFUN [Miami] 196?
KFAC [Los Angeles CA] 1972
Click here to Submit InfoGrahame's daughter, Kim writes, "My dad passed away in 1992 in Tucson, Arizona. He had a brilliant career and was a major player in Top-40 radio design and implementation. If you knew him, I would love to hear from you."
Kim Richards

Kris Richards
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KEKB [Grand Junction CO] 2005
Now: Kris says (11/06), "I am PD at Country KEKB-FM, Grand Junction, Colorado; I moved to CO from GA with Cumulus Broadcasting; have been programming country stations since 1994."

Lou Richards
KLBK [Lubbock TX] 1970 - Jerry Wright
KSEL [Lubbock] 1971
KEND [Lubbock] 1971
KKUA [Honolulu] 1972
KORL [Honolulu] 1977
KTNQ [LA] 1978
KHTZ [LA] 1984-1984

Now: Lou Richards is an actor (numerous TV roles and voice-overs) residing in Los Angeles, CA.Click for Lou's acting career.

Mark Richards
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KENO [Las Vegas NV] 1990-1994
Now: Mark says, "I am hosting a local TV game show, have created several card games for major casinos and own a video production company in Las Vegas, Nevada."

Ned Richards
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WGPA [Bethlehem PA] 1996
Now: Ned says (4/09), "I'm doing a Saturday afternoon sock hop on Variety WGPA, Bethlehem, PA; and I am in the transportation business in Nazareth, Pennsylvania; I also raise gypsy, draft horses."

Scott Richards
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WDEN [Macon GA] 1986-1986
Now: Scott says (2/03), "Since 1988 I have owned Creative Services Software, Inc. (software development company), Florence, Alabama."

Steve Richards
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WRAL [Raleigh NC] 1986-1997
Now: Steve says (2/03), "I produce (and substitute host) NASCAR programming for The Performance Racing Network; also a pitreporter as a member of PRN's on-air crew (since 1991) which broadcasts live NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Series races to nearly 500 affiliates nationwide and worldwide."

Stoney Richards
WGAR [Cleveland OH] 1971
KIIS [Los Angeles CA] 1973
WKYS [Washington DC] 1975
WRQX [Washington DC] 1978
KHTZ [Los Angeles] 1981
KLAC [Los Angeles] 1984
WQKB [Pittsburgh PA] 1994
WZPT [Pittsburgh] 1995
WDSY [Pittsburgh] 1999
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 2015

Now: Stoney hosts a Saturday afternoon talk show (Live from the Center) on News/Talk KDKA; also works as an actor in movies, TV and on stage.

Ted 'The Bear' Richards
WBLR [Batesburg-Leesville SC] 1965
WDXY [Sumter SC] 1966
AFRTS [??] 1966
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1970
CKLW [Windsor ON] 1972
WHND [Detroit MI] 1985
WRQN [Toledo OH] 1992
WTRG [Raleigh NC] 1992
Jones Radio Networks [Denver CO] 1996

Now: Playing 'Goodtime Oldies' on the Jones Radio Networks, Denver, Colorado.

Tom Richards
WDDL [Lancaster PA] 1977
WLPA [Lancaster] 1983
WROZ [Lancaster] 1993

Now: Tom says (8/07), "I'm with Hall Communications, Inc. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as Creative Services Director and Webmaster for WROZ-FM, WSJW-FM, and WLPA-AM' along with remote appearances and in-house production, I do voice-imaging for TV and radio -- and I still hop on the air to do vacation mornings; my voice has been on the air in this area since 1977 and I just may be the longest continuous on-air voice in Lancaster, PA."

Wynn Richards
WWWM [Cleveland OH] 1976 - The Mudd
WWWE [Cleveland] 1976 - Tony Manero
WDMT [Cleveland] 1979
WWSW [Pittsburgh PA] 1980
WGAR [Cleveland] 1981
KENI [Anchorage AK] 1982
WLEQ [Ft. Myers FL] 1985
WTRG [Raleigh NC] 1986
WWKB [Buffalo NY] 1990
KYCW [Seattle WA] 1994
- Uncle Wynn
KYNG [Dallas TX] 1998 - Uncle Wynn
KFSO [Fresno CA] 1999-2000 - Uncle Wynn
Now: Communications specialist at AT&T Wireless, Fresno, California. Wynn says, "I am out of radio, working with some great salespeople at AT&T Wireless."

Larry Richert
WWCH [Clarion PA] 1978
WDSY [Pittsburgh PA] 1980
WIRK [West Palm Beach FL] 1982
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1983
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1986
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1989
KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh] 1989
Voice of NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Films [Pittsburgh] 1985
Voice of NFL Miami Dolphins Films [Pittsburgh] 1997
WBZZ [Pittsburgh] 1998
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 2002

Now: Mornings at News/Talk KDKA, Pittsburgh. Larry is the sideline reporter for Pitt football broadcasts and the public address announcer for Steelers games at Heinz Field. He also voices Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins films for the NFL. Click here to take Larry's Pittsburgh Trivia Test.

'New York' Vinnie Richichi
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KIRO [Seattle WA] 1998
KOMO [Seattle] 2008
KDKA-FM [Pittsburgh PA] 2010

Now: Vinnie is co-host (with the Post-Gazette's Ron Cook) of the midday show on sports talk KDKA-FM (93.7 The Fan), Pittsburgh, PA.

Nathan 'Nate' Richie
WBCY [Charlotte NC] 1981
WDEX [Charlotte] 1983
WJZR [Charlotte] 1983
WBCY [Charlotte] 1984
WMXX [Myrtle Beach SC] 1985
WEZC/WMXC [Charlotte] 1986
WCKZ [Charlotte] 1992
WWSN [Charlotte] 1994-1996
WEND [Charlotte NC] 2000

Now: Nate says (12/08), "In addition to my company NR Creative Group (PRINT, SHOW and SELL Marketing Solutions -- brochures, trade show, advertising), I also crank it to 11 (one louder than 10) at Alternative WEND (106.5 The END), Charlotte, North Carolina; I also created and host a cool show called End Sessions, featuring live and acoustic recordings primarily from the artists that come through on the promo tour of the station."

Tim Richmond
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WMEX [Rochester NH] 2002
Now: Tim says (5/03), "At 45 I had a midlife crisis and decided that instead of a red 'vette, I wanted a 60,000 lb. firetruck. Been on the Bridgeport Fire Dept since 1994 and am currently the overnight voice of Oldies WMEX-FM, Rochester, New Hampshire."

Reese Rickards
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WBCT [Grand Rapids MI] 1992 - News Dir
Now: News Director at Country WBCT-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Brian Rickman
WDZ [Decatur IL] 1988
WCTC [New Brunswick NJ] 1991
WBWN [Bloomington IL] 1994
WZNX [Decatur] 1995
WXQR [Jacksonville NC] 2000
WQSL [Jacksonville] 2000
WKZQ [Myrtle Beach SC] 2002
WYAV [Myrtle Beach] 2002
WZAT [Savannah GA] 2004
WVNA-FM [Muscle Shoals AL] 2005

Now: Brian says (9/05), "I have joined Kevin Wagner's new company, URBan Radio Broadcasting as Director of Programming and Operations. I am now making my home in the Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL market as I oversee the six-station cluster here: WVNA-FM (Rock), WLAY (Country), WMXV (Urban), WJOR (Classic Country, WVNA-AM (News/Talk) and WLAY-AM (Oldies)."

Rick Ringer
WBIZ [Eau Claire WI] 1971
CHUM-FM [Toronto ON] 1975
CKPT/CKQM [Ontario] 1995

Now: Afternoon Drive at Adult Contemporary/Talk CKPT and Program Director at CKPT and Country CKQM-FM, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Sam Riddle
KRBC [Abilene TX] 195?
KDEO [San Diego] 195?
KRLA [LA] 1960
KFWB [LA] 1963
KHJ [LA] 1965
9th Street West KHJ-TV [LA] 1966
- TV music/dance show: host
Hollywood A Go Go syndicated [LA] 1968 - host
KDAY [LA] 1971
KROQ [LA] 1972
KHJ [LA] 1974
Almost Anything Goes [LA] 1975-1976
- co-host, announcer
Star Search [LA] 1981-1994 - national TV talent show: producer
Sam Riddle Productions [LA] 19?? - owner
Now: Retired as president of Riddle-Weinstock Entertainment; residing in the LA area with his lovely wife Adrienne.

Terry Riddle
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KICM [Ardmore OK] 1998
Now: Terry says (7/06), "I work part time as DJ, production, board op for Country KICM-FM, Ardmore, Oklahoma; and full time for one of the local banks, in the operations side. I also worked for the state of Oklahoma and retired from there in 2001."

Pam Riesmeyer
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WMAQ [Chicago IL] 1988-2000
Now: Pam says, "I am teaching basic computing and taking classes at Purdue Calumet University, Hammond, IN. I'm switching careers to one with a little more dough (as in bread). I'm going into whole food cooking and catering. At least that's today. Ask me tomorrow."

Jeff Riggenbach
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KKHI [San Francisco CA] 1993-1994
Now: Jeff says (1/05), "I am writing, teaching, and narrating audiobooks in San Francisco, California."

Michael Right
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KXRA-FM [Alexandria MN] 1992
Now: Michael says (1/07), "I have been programming, doing mornings and a weekend show at Classic Rock KXRA-FM, Alexandria, Minnesota since 1992; have a wife, a daughter and some of the coldest winters you could imagine; love to hear from old friends (if I still have any)."

Art Riley
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WIOD [Miami FL] 1997
Now: Art says (8/03), "Besides my morning shift at News/Talk WIOD, I write a travel column for we8there.com and contribute articles to several publications."

Ed 'Hot Rod' Riley
KBPS [Portland OR] 1965 - Walt Larson
KVAN [Vancouver WA] 1967 - Tom Bond
KYME [Boise ID] 1968 - Mason Allen
KGW [Portland] 1970
KANC [Anchorage AK] 1975
KFQD [Anchorage] 1976
KEAG [Anchorage] 1997

Now: PM drive at Oldies KEAG-FM, Anchorage, Alaska.

Ron Riley
WAPL [Appleton WI] 1959
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1960
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1962
WLS [Chicago IL] 1963
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1970
WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1971-1982

Now: ???

Rip Rinehart
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KDKB [Phoenix AZ] 1982-1983
Now: Rip says (Sep 2002), "I am a software engineer in Austin, Texas. Peggy, my wife of 26 years, and I live on five acres just north of Austin in Georgetown, TX with a gaggle of goats, llamas, chickens, and other critters."

Ron Rininger
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 197?
Passed away in the early 1980s.

Alan Risener
KFSA [Ft. Smith AR] 1965
KTOW [Tulsa OK] 1966
KWCB [Searcy AR] 1967
KARV [Russellville AR] 1974
KWCK [Searcy] 1976
- GM
KFPW/KXXI [Ft. Smith] 1981 - GM
KARV [Russellville] 1983 - GM
KWCK [Searcy] 1988-1997 - partner/GM
KZNN/KTTR [Rolla MO] 2002-2004 - GM
Now: Alan says (7/07), "I have worked for Cumulus in Macon, Georgia as Director of Sales since 2005; was out of day-to-day radio for over four years after selling the stations in Arkansas; I never dreamed a five-minute "High School News" program while a junior in high school would turn into a career; the changes over the last 40-plus years are just unbelievable, but I still love it. In the early 1970s, while doing a live remote for a discount store that was "flying Santa in from the North Pole" via Helicopter (go figure), the pilot made several sharp banking turns so Santa could wave to the kids awaiting his arrival; after landing, as Santa stepped out to greet the 300-400 kids waiting behind the ropes, he lifted his beard and deposited his breakfast on the ground right in front of the stunned crowd; that was the only time I ever completely lost my composure on the air..."

Dick Risenhoover
KGNC [Amarillo TX] 1957-1970
KGNC-TV [Amarillo] 1968-1970
KDFW-TV [Dallas TX] 1970-1973
WBAP [Ft. Worth TX] 1973-1978

Passed away April 8, 1978 at age 51. Mike Shannon says, "Dick was lead announcer for the Texas Rangers baseball games [1973-1977] on WBAP-AM and the Texas Rangers Radio Network and sports commentary on WBAP [1973-1978]. In 1979, the Panhandle Sports Hall of Fame developed the Dick Risenhoover Award. It is presented annually to a West Texas-area athlete who receives national recognition or succeeds on the national level."

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Jody Ritchie
WIMZ [Knoxville TN] 1989-1994
WWBZ [Hyden KY] 2015
- owner
WWZB [Manchester KY] 2015 - owner
Now: Jody says (9/15), "I own and operate WWBZ-LPFM WWZB-LPFM -- together I call them "the Buzz", in Hyden and Manchester KY."

Bart Ritner
WCEC [Rocky Mount NC] 1956
WRAL [Raleigh NC] 1964
WPTF [Raleigh] 1966

Bart Ritner died in Raleigh, NC Dec 28, 2011 (cancer; age 76). See Raleigh Radio Great Bart Ritner Passes Away (The Raleigh Telegram); and Bart Ritner, WPTF Great For 39 Years, Dies (WPTF Radio). Brad Butler, Bart's grandson, says (2/12), "By all accounts, Bart was a pioneer in Radio in North Carolina. He hosted one of the first call-in talk shows, Open Line, and interviewed many famous and infamous people including President Johnson and serial killer Velma Barfield. His career spanned over half a century. During radio's heyday, Bart was a headline personality on one of North Carolina's most prestigious news and talk stations. I knew him as a grandfather, and he was one of the most interesting people I've ever had the chance to spend time with." Click for more on Bart.

Jim Rittenhouse
KWOW [Los Angeles CA] 1964-1976
KLFM [LA] 1966-1967

Donald Rittenhouse tells us, "My brother, Jim Rittenhouse, passed away on April 26, 2003 from pneumonia. He had battled diabetes for many years and his death was actually a result of complications from long-term diabetes. Jim's widow, Judy, now uses the e-mail address of Judykr1959@aol.com."

Anna Marie Ritter
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WJXA [Nashville TN] 1996
Now: Anna says, (12/07), "I am with Adult Contemporary WJXA-FM, Nashville, Tennessee: morning show co-host, news director, host of Anna's Book Club and Anna's Personal Pals."

Doug Ritterling aka Doug Ritter
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WXGT [Columbus OH] 1987-1990
Now: Doug says (2/09), "I left the radio industry with the birth of my first child in 1990; I attended Ohio State Univ, graduated in 1989 with an Industrial Design degree; now I'm a director of design at Emerson, St. Louis, MO; my business is Flat Earth Guitars (designing and building custom guitars), Chesterfield, Missouri."

Maurice Rivera
aka Mo Better
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KTFM [San Antonio TX] 2001-2002 - mkt/promo dir
Now: Chris says (Sep 2002), "I am Managing Editor for Urban247.com"

'Uncle' Bobby Rivers
WHUT [Anderson IN] 1974 - Dan Scott
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1977 - Wild Bill Kelly
WNDE [Indianapolis] 1978 - Steve Kelly
KRQQ [Tucson AZ] 1979 - Steve Rivers
KTKT [Tucson] 1981 - Steve Rivers
WNDU [South Bend IN] 1982
WZZP/WRBR [South Bend] 1986
WZOW [Elkhart IN] 1994
WCOE [Laporte IN] 1997
KTUC/KHYT [Tucson] 2004
WASK [Lafayette IN] 2005-2005

Bobby Rivers (Steve C. Bokor) died Feb 9, 2005 in Lafayette, Indiana.

Smilin' Brad Rivers
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KHBR [Hillsboro TX] 1998-2003
KQDI-FM [Great Falls MT] 2008-2010

Now: Brad says (3/10), "I want to find a small town USA station that will let me be me, the old Smilin' Brad Rivers. I'm so sad that corporate radio has done this business in. Serious when I have to be, funny as hell every other second of the day. Life should be led with a smile on it's face...."

Chris Rivers
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WXLY [Charleston SC] 2005-2006
Now: Chris (George Hook) says (4/07), "I am semi-retired from radio and live in Dallas, Texas where I operate my own production company (Chris Rivers Productions), doing voice-overs and station imaging; I am also the Southwest Regional spokesperson for the national Children's Rights Foundation, a charity which provides services to victims of family violence; I am responsible for fund-raising activities for the foundation throughout TX, OK, NM and AZ; very satisfying work and I don't have to worry about a format change."

Tom Rivers
WNBY [Newberry MI] 1966
WIDG [St. Ignace MI] 1967
WVIC [Lansing] 1968
WKNR [Detroit] 1969
CHUM [Toronto] 1970
CKLW [Detroit] 1971
CHUM [Toronto] 1972
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1972
KIQQ [LA] 1974
KFRC [San Francisco] 1975
- Mike Rivers
KYA [San Francisco] 1977 - Mike Rivers
KFQD [Anchorage] 1979
CHUM [Toronto] 1980
CFTR [Toronto] 1982
CKRA [Edmonton] 1993
CHOG [Toronto] 1997-1999
CHUM [Toronto] 2002
CJAQ [Toronto] 2004-2004

Tom Rivers died November 20, 2004 (cancer).

Steve Rizen
KTLK [Denver] 1962
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1964
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 1967
WINZ [Miami] 1970

Steve died (complications from diabetes) March 22, 2011.

Mick Rizzo
WCHP [Mount Pleasant MI] 1969
WMPX [Midland MI] 1973
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1973
WSAM [Saginaw MI] 1973
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1975
WHNN [Bay City MI] 1975
WKGN [Knoxville TN] 1975
WAYS [Charlotte NC] 1976
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1976-1979

Now: Mick says (9/05), "relocated back to Detroit after leaving radio. I consult nonprofit and corporate clients in special events, business-to-business presentations, and additional marketing functions; work closely with a few professional speakers developing and producing audio/video product. As a favor to a friend, I DJd a wedding in the mid-90s; DJ Sound & Lighting has turned in to my own little Amway. My best to anyone and everyone from the old radio days...."

Sandy Rizzo
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KVRY [Phoenix AZ] 1995-1995 - Sandy Diamond
Now: Sandy says (6/11), "I am a librarian, since 1997, after getting my Master's in Library Science from 1995-1997."

Brenda Roads
KZBB [Poteau OK/Ft. Smith AR] 1995
KMOD [Tulsa OK] 1997
KOKZ [Waterloo IA] 2002

Now: Brenda says (9/04), "I am PD and doing Middays at Oldies KOKZ-FM (Cool 105.7), the best Oldies, in Waterloo, Iowa."

Randy Roadz
KAPA [Raymond WA] 1977
KGHO [Aberdeen WA] 1979
KAPA [Raymond] 1980
KLYK [Longview WA] 1982
KGHO [Aberdeen] 1983
KDUX [Aberdeen] 1983
KLYK [Longview] 1986
KBRC [Mt. Vernon WA] 1988
KQEU [Olympia WA] 1989
KXRO [Aberdeen] 1990
KKRV [Wenatchee WA] 1996
- Randy Brooks
KPQ [Wenatchee] 1998 - Randy Brooks
KKRV [Wenatchee] 2000 - Randy Brooks
KRXY [Olympia] 2004
KGY/KGY-FM [Olympia] 2004
KMNT [Centralia WA] 2005-2006
KMAS [Olympia] 2008
KZAL/KOHO [Wenatchee WA] 2013

Now: Randy says (12/13), "I am Program Director of Adult Contemporary KOHO-FM and PD/PM drive at KZAL-FM (Z-Country 94.7), Wenatchee, Washington." Randy's radio ramblings.

Barry Robb
KWMC [Del Rio TX] 1968
KDLK [Del Rio] 1970-1971
KMOD [Tulsa OK] 1974
KXXO [Tulsa] 1974
KTOW [Tulsa] 1975
KGOW [Tulsa] 1975
KVOO [Tulsa] 1975-1976
KTFX [Tulsa] 1980-1983
Oklahoma News Network [Oklahoma City OK] 1987-1990
- newsman
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1999-2000
KEYF [Spokane WA] 2008
KDRK [Spokane] 2009

Now: Barry says (3/10), "I have been doing weekends live at Country KDRK (The Cat), Spokane, Washington; just found out that I am number 1 on weekend's country formats here; bound to happen... I always go number one; and I own Coeur d'Alene Coffee Roasting Co., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho."

Stu Robb
WVOV [Huntsville AL] 1974
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1976
Continental Radio Net [Virginia Beach VA] 1981

Stu Robb died March 26, 2012. More info needed.

Rich 'Brother' Robbin
KUSN [St. Joseph MO] 1965
KISN [Portland OR] 1967
KASH [Eugene OR] 1968
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1970
- Rich 'Mother' Robbin
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1973
KCMO-FM [Kansas City MO] 1984
KKPW/KFXX [Tucson AZ] 1986
- part owner
KWFM [Tucson] 19??
KBZT [San Diego] 2000
WGFX [Nashville TN] 2002
WSRR [Memphis TN] 2004

Now: Rich says (10/04): "I'm PD and doing PM drive at Classic Rock WSRR-FM (98.1 The CAT), Memphis, Tennessee; probably sounds the most like Q of any station on the air here 30 years later." Hear Rich's on-line Oldies feed at http://www.richbroradio.com/.

Jon Robbins
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WZMX [Hartford CT] 1999-1999
Now: Jon says (1/03), "I am Clear Channel's Regional VP/Programming for the Charleston, SC trading zone."

Lou Robbins
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KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1995-1996
Now: Lou says (1/05), "I am working for AT&T, about to retire and spend daytime on sofa watching Jerry Springer (someone save me from this!); I also publish a blog all about Phoenix radio."

Philip Robbins
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KPLV [Victoria TX] 1987-1989
Now: Philip says (Aug 2002), "I retired from Radio in 1991. Retired from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department in 1999."

Bill Robert
WCCM/WCGY [Boston MA] 1983-1988
WVNH [Salem NH] 1985-1986
WFTQ [Worcester MA] 1989-1991
WORC [Worcester] 1991-1992
WHYN-FM [Springfield MA] 1991-1993
WTAG/WSRS/WMRC [Worcester] 1992-1995
WQRC [Cape Cod MA] 1995-1996
WMRC [Milford MA] 1996-1998
WTAG/WSRS/WORC-FM [Worcester MA] 1998-1998

Now: Bill says (8/07), "I am serving as Operations Manager at Wilmington (Massachusetts) Community Television; and setting up a cable radio service along with broadcast training classes for students interested in broadcasting."

Alan Roberts

Voice of Peace [off coast of Israel] 1975
BBC Radio Oxford [Oxford England] 1976
Swansea Sound [Swansea Wales] 1979
Severn Sound [Gloucester England] 1980
GWR FM [Bristol England] 1988
GWR Bath [Bath England] 1989
BBC Radio 2 [London England] 1989
BBC World Service [London] 1996
QEFM [Gloucestershire England] 1991
BBC Local Radio [network - London] 1997
Quay Productions [Torquay England] 2000
- Creative Director
Now: Alan (Price-Roberts) says (11/06), "I settled in Torquay and gave up full-time radio in favour of operating a small-scale production company with a couple of ex BBC friends. In the main, my time since 2000 has been spent being invisible as a voice-over on many TV commercials and narations and I've just started doing a few audio books; I have produced mainly documentaries for both radio and TV, some of which have been music based as well as many travel and art programmes for international programmers. I like the idea of going back to radio again for a part-time show somewhere, but Devon isn't exactly peppered with alternatives that would suit my style and gage." Click for more from Alan.

Art Roberts
KALT [Atlanta TX] 1953
KTBB [Tyler TX] 1954
KLIF [Dallas] 1956
WCUE [Akron OH] 1957
WKBW [Buffalo] 1959
WLS [Chicago] 1961
KNBR [San Francisco] 1971
WCFL [Chicago] 1972
WOKY [Milwaukee] 1974
WKQX [Chicago] 1979
WBCS [Milwaukee] 1982
KLUV [Dallas TX] 1988
KBUC [San AntonioTX] 1989
- manager
KXTN [San Antonio] 1990 - manager
KWKH [Shreveport LA] 1989
KDOK [Tyler TX] 1995
KGVM [Reno NV] 1998

Now: Art passed away March 6, 2002. He had suffered a stroke in October 1999.

Bob Roberts
WIUS [Bloomington IN] 1970 - Frankie B. Rhodes
WNUR [Chicago IL] 1974 - Bob Rodenkirk
WDHF [Chicago] 1976
WMET [Chicago] 1977
WYEN [Chicago] 1978
- Frank Rhodes
WKQX [Chicago] 1978
WMAQ [Chicago] 1978
WINS [New York NY] 1984
WMAQ [Chicago] 1988
WBBM [Chicago] 2000

Now: Ray is a reporter at WBBM (Newsradio 780), Chicago, Illinois. He says, "I stayed at WMAQ till the bitter end, and during its final month helped compile the definitive audio history of the station, from 1922 till the end. It's amazing how many WMAQ staffers have ended up either part-time or full-time at WBBM."

Brian Roberts
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1972
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1976
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1976
KUTE [LA] 1980
KMGG [LA] 1983
KKHR [LA] 1985
KZLA [LA] 1986
KRTH [LA] 1990
KCBS-FM [LA] 1993
KLIT [LA] 199?

Now: WestWood One (Oldies) and mornings at Lite 92.7 (KLIT), Los Angeles, Calif. Click for more on Brian.

Carly Roberts
KIIQ [Colorado Springs CO] 1974
KKFM [Colorado Springs] 1977
KLUC [Las Vegas NV] 1977-1991
KTGL [Lincoln NE] 1993-1994

Now: Carly (Constance Bleam-Swift) says (7/16), "I am semi-retired and working on The Great American Novel in Rhode Island with my husband and my beautiful dog, Reese; after leaving radio in 1994, I became a full-time, award winning English teacher (and drama director) in Colorado Springs, CO; my favorite stories are all about KLUC; I watched talent come and go for 14 years and still managed to stay with my head above water; I worked with the BEST: Dave Anthony, Dave VanStone, Bill Richards, Guy Zapolean, Bob Berzins, Chris DeMarco, Jay Taylor, Mike O'Brien..."

Charlie Roberts
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WHLW [[Lakewood NJ] 1972-1976
Now: Charlie says (12/06), "I founded MotorNet in 1981; we produce the original -- and only -- daily nationwide network radio program on racing, The McDonald's MotorSports Report; would love to hear from my old radio buddies and anyone else who remembers..."

Chip Roberts
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1969
Now: ???

Chris Roberts
WCUE [Akron] 1971
WINW [Canton] 1972
WOWO [Ft. Wayne IN] 1973
WERT [Van Wert OH]/WERT-FM [Paulding OH] 1995
- owner
Now: Owner of WERT, Van Wert, Ohio and WERT-FM, Paulding, Ohio.

Chrissie Roberts
KKNX [Huntsville TX] 1985
KSAM/KHUN [Huntsville] 1986
KKMY [Beaumont TX] 1989
KZZB [Beaumont] 1990
KYKR [Beaumont] 1991
KAYD [Beaumont] 1994
KYKR [Beaumont] 2001-2009
KAYD [Beaumont] 2011

Now: Chrissie Roberts-McDaniel says (5/13), "I'm in Beaumont, Texas doing midddays at Country KAYD-FM (KD101); I also voice track two shows in ST. Croix, VI on WVVI, and WVIQ. Like everyone else, I'm doing some freelance too -- hey as the business changes, so do we, right? I am happily married with two children, Kelly and Bobby: life is good."

Chuck Roberts
WLAV [Grand Rapids MI] 1968
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1969
KSLQ [St. Louis MO] 1971
WXLO [New York NY] 1973
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1974
KSLQ [St. Louis] 1976
KWK [St. Louis] 1978
WLLZ [Detroit] 1984
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1986
WIXC [Bay City MI] 1992
KLOU [St. Louis] 1996

Now: Middays and webmaster at Oldies KLOU-FM, St. Louis, Missouri.

Chuck Roberts (Foy)
KGMB [Honolulu HI] 1971
KKUA [Honolulu] 1972
KORL [Honolulu] 1973
KCCN/KCCN-FM [Honolulu] 1973-1973

Now: Chuck says (1/11), "I am working as a political consultant in Glendale, Arizona; give a holler anytime you are in the Phoenix metro area."

Craig Roberts
KXOK [St. Louis] 1976
KHTR [St. Louis] 1985
KYUU [San Francisco CA] 1986
KRTH [Los Angeles CA] 1990

Now: Jeff McNeal says (6/05), "Craig is running Promo Guys, servicing dozens of TV stations with promos and imaging liners all across the country, while also pursuing freelance VO work in L.A."

Craig Roberts
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KFAX [San Francisco CA] 1985 - CE
Now: Craig says (7/07), "After hosting a daily call-in talk show M-F for 16 years and programming stations for just as long, I have 'retired' to the quietness of transmitter and studio maintenance, overseeing two AM facilities; I'm 'keeping my chops up' hosting a syndicated financial-advice talk-show and dabbling in big-band and old-time radio..."

Dave Roberts
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CBS-FM group [New York NY] 1985-1986 - VP/Progrmming
Now: Dave Roberts Ph.D., is running Roberts Communications and Dave Roberts Voiceover, Austin, Texas. Dave says, "My biggest thrill was guest-hosting American Top 40 (4 times in the early 1980s)."

'Ugly' Del Roberts
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1965
WCMP [Pine City MN] 1966
KCCR [Pierre SD] 1967
WEBC [Deluth MN] 1968
WWTC [Minneapolis] 1979
KFUN [Sioux Falls SD] 1989
KLBB [St. Paul MN] 1989
KDWB [Minneapolis] 1990
KJJO [Minneapolis] 1993-199?
WWTC [Minneapolis] 2002

Del Roberts (Darrell Mulroy) died March 16, 2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Click for details.

Duke Roberts

WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1963 - Bob Baker
WYBG [Massena NY] 1965 - Bob Baker
CFOX [Montreal Quebec] 1966 - Bob Baker
WMEX [Boston] 1967 - Bobby Holiday
WFUN [Miami] 1968 - Big Bob Baker
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1968
CHUM [Toronto Ontario] 1969
CKLW [Detroit] 1970
KFRC [San Francisco] 1971
CHUM [Toronto Ontario] 1972
CFTR [Toronto Ontario] 1973
various stations [Florida] 1975
- owner (Robert Stoehr)
WRGO [Cedar Key FL] 1996 - owner (Robert Stoehr)
Now: Residing in central Florida, doing voice-overs and liners, and still heading Stoehr Communications, Ocala, Florida.

Frank Roberts
WBSR [Pensacola FL] 1974
WERC/WERC-FM [Birmingham AL] 1975
WSGN [Birmingham] 1978
KILT/KILT-FM [Houston TX] 1980
KENR [Houston] 1981
WABB/WABB-FM [Mobile AL] 1983
WKSJ [Mobile] 1984
REO Broadcasting [Austin TX] 1985
KLRU-TV [Austin] 1993

Now: Frank is an audio and video engineer at KLRU-TV here in Austin. He says, "You might know us better as the PBS TV station which produces the live music show 'Austin City Limits'". I have been receiving on-screen credit for almost 8 years now. I am employed with the station on a part-time basis since relinquishing the Chief Engineer's position in 1996 so that I could go back to school. I am currently enrolled in my second professional year at the College of Pharmacy here at the University of Texas at Austin. I plan on becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy sometime in 2003. Click for more on Frank.

Jay Roberts
WIRK [West Palm Beach FL] 1973
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL] 1974
WSUN [St. Petersburg] 1978
WQYK [St. Petersburg] 1989
WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 1999

Now: Music director at Country WQYK-FM, St. Petersburg and WRBQ-FM, Tampa, Florida.

Jim Roberts
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WWZZ [Washington DC] 1998-2000
Now: Jim says, "I left Z104 in Washington DC to pursue career in network engineering (radio isn't what it used to be). I also do voice work and contract imaging and project sized production. I own and operate a fully digital production company with the technology to service clients instantly via the internet."

Joel Roberts
(Joel Reagan)
KOKF [Oklahoma City OK] 1998-2000
KYIS [Oklahoma City] 1999-2006
WWLS [Oklahoma City] 2001-2006
KSYY [Oklahoma City] 2002-2004
WKY [Oklahoma City] 2003-2006
KCKC/KMXV [Kansas City MO] 2006-2009

Now: Joel says (5/10), "I am a news reporter for the nationwide K-LOVE and Air 1 radio networks."

Kenny Roberts

KFIV [Modesto CA] 1971
KASH [Eugene OR] 1975
KTRB [Modesto] 1976
KOSO [Modesto] 1979
KMIX [Modesto] 1985
KTRB [Modesto] 1987-1988
KMIX [Modesto] 1990
KATM [Modesto] 1992-1994

Now: Ken (Tinkle) says (5/06), "I left radio in 1994, but dabbled in artist management and concert promotion till March of 2005; now retired and enjoying life. During 25 years in radio, there are so many stories to tell. In the early 1980s in Modesto, KOSO was out in the country. I ran to the front of the building one afternoon to check the current outdoor temp and as I came back in, I ran into a cow that had walked in the door. I don't remember who was the most frightened!"

Lan Roberts
KJR [Seattle] 1964
KOL [Seattle] 1970
KJR [Seattle] 1971
KORL [Honolulu] 197?
KIKI [Honolulu] 197?
ICRT [Taipei] 1982
KRQR [San Francisco] 1992
KBIG-FM [LA] 199?

As reported by AllAccess.com: Lan Roberts died Dec 30, 2005 from complications associated with his long battle with cancer ... He is survived by his daughter Jodi Lipford Smith and her husband Stan Smith; he's the OM at Mississippi Radio Group's WWMS, WZLQ, WSYE, and WELO-A/Tupelo, and together they do mornings at Country WWMS (MISS 98).

Mark Roberts
WYYY [Kalamazoo MI] 1969
WGRD [Grand Rapids MI] 1971
- Johnny Walker
WOOD [Grand Rapids] 1976-1991
WTRV [Grand Rapids] 1997
WODJ [Grand Rapids] 2004
WFGR [Grand Rapids] 2004

Now: Mark is doing morning news at Oldies WFGR-FM, Grand Rapids, MI. He says (11/04), "I am doing voice-overs in the West Michigan area; am the promotional voice for WOOD TV 8; and I still reside in the Grand Rapids area."

Mark Roberts
WCRO [Johnstown PA] 1967
WIXY [Cleveland] 1971
WIXZ [Pittsburgh] 1971
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1972
Mark Roberts Associates [Pittsburgh] 1985
WMXP [Pittsburgh] 1992
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 2007-2008
AFTRA National Board [New York City] 2001-2012
SAG-AFTRA National Board [New York City] 2012

Now: Mark says (2/15), "Sandy and I are retired, but I still do freelance VOs as they present themselves. Still on the SAG-AFTRA National Board also."

Mike Roberts
WFTL [West Palm Beach FL] 1978-1990
Now: Mike says (2/05), "I retired from radio in 1990; am Associate Director of Admissions at New England Institute of Technology, West Palm Beach, Florida."

Mike Roberts
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WSOC [Charlotte NC] 1992-1997
Now: Mike says (1/07), "I left radio in 1999; have lived in Charlotte, NC since 1985; I now work maintaining computers for a global corporation, which means I don't have to worry about format changes anymore; yes I miss my first love and it isn't my ex wife..."

Randy Roberts
Now: Running Cockerham Communications, Philadelphia, Pennsyvania.

Russ Roberts
WJMA [Orange VA] 1972-1988
WCHV [Charlottesville VA] 1974-1974

Now: Rus says (11/04), "I am Captain R. D. Roberts, flying for Northwest Airlines. I've done occasional radio commercials and some voice-over work, but spend most of my time in the air rather than on it."

Scott Roberts

KLOS [Los Angeles CA] 1973
KCHV/KVIM [Palm Springs/Indio CA] 1974
KFLY [Corvallis OR] 1975
KSLM [Salem OR] 1976
KPAM [Portland OR] 1977
KCNR [Portland] 1980
KKRZ [Portland] 1985-1987

Now: Scott says (10/11), "I did 14 years in radio; by the late 1980s was station voice for Willamette Cable TV; eventually joined Portland CBS affiliate KOIN-TV as Retail Account Mgr. I am now back home in San Diego, and am Personal Account Rep for Anthony Robbins since 1996."

Scott Roberts aka Boomer
WQTU [Rome GA] 1984
WQEN [Gadsden AL] 1986
WAPI [Birmingham AL] 1988
WTSH [Rome] 1992

Now: Scott says (7/05), "I am working the biz part-time at Country WTSH-FM, Rome, Georgia; full-time job is with a software development company managing their telecommunications services."

Storm Roberts
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WKTK [Gainesville FL] 1987
Now: Storm (Bob Whalen) says (1/09), "I've been with Adult Contemporary WKTK-FM Gainesville/Ocala Florida since 1987; we've been lucky to build a great morning show in a fantastic college/business market; we're a 100kW flamethrower with a great signal in the heart of Florida."

Tim Roberts
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KDKB [Phoenix AZ] 1993-1994
Now: Tim Now owns and operates an aerial photography business in Mesa, AZ.

Woody Roberts
WPOP [Hartford CT] 1967
Now: ???

Gary Robertson aka Gary Roberts
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WDIZ [Orlando FL] 1976-1979
Now: Gary says, "I was just (2002) laid off from BAF communications in Sanford, FL. I had worked for BAF for seven years as an electronics integrator, building broadcast trucks, vans and trailers."

Mike Robertson
WYKZ [Beaufort SC] 1983
WNMB-FM [Myrtle Beach SC] 1985
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1989-1999

Now: Mike says (9/03), "I am Director of Media Relations at the College of Charleston, South Carolina."

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