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Radio People by Name (N)

'Mighty' Don Nadeau
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WCFU [Caribou ME] 1990
Now: At Adult Contemporary WCXU-FM, Caribou, Maine.

Carmen Nardone
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WITK [Pittston PA] 2007 - station mgr
Now: Carmen says (1/09), "I'm working at WITK, Pittston, PA, as Station Manager; WITK is a part of Wilkins Communications Network, Christian Radio."

Rick Nash
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KLKC [Parsons KS] 2006
Now: Rick says (8/08), "I do mornings for Adult Hits KLKC-FM (93.5), Parsons, Kansas; still having a good time, radio is my life."

Joel Natalie
WJET [Erie PA] 1983 - Joel James
WDOE [Fredonia NY] 1984 - Joel James
WSEG [Erie] 1985 - Joel James
WXKC [Erie] 1986-1987 - Joel James
WCTL [Union City PA] 1990-2004 - GM
Now: Joel says (11/06), "I'm Director of Communications for McLane Church, Edinboro, Pennsylvania; I also run NatalieMedia, a consulting firm for religious radio stations."

Scott Neader
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WIZM [La Crosse WI] 1989-1992
Now: Scott says (Sep 2002), "I stayed in La Crosse and went from radio to TV and marketing, before taking P.R., advertising job with CenturyTel in 1991; later named LAN Admin, then Sr. Internet Engineer."

Michael Neal
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KSNE [Las Vegas NV] 1992
Now: Michael says (12/02), "I'm doing middays at Adult Contemporary KSNE-FM, Las Vegas, Nevada."

Sal Neal
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KJKJ [Grand Forks ND] 1991-1993
Now: Sal says (4/09), "I started taking classes at the Univ of North Dakota while doing PM drive at KJKJ-FM (ROCK-108) in 1991; completed BA in Psych (1995); completed Masters in Education (2001), and PhD in Adult Learning at Univ of Connecticut (2009); I still love the music, and often miss my Radio Days -- spent with some really talented (read: insane!) people."

Doug Neatrour
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WOMA [Lebanon PA] 2003 - exec dir
Now: Doug says (8/04), "I established one of Pennsylvania's first LPFM (Low Power) FM radio stations, licensed to Lebanon, PA; format is Spanish music and information, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, known on the air by the logo Radio Omega. (I am the Executive Director for the license holder.)"

Neil Nelkin
Now: Program Director at KKAR and KOIL, Omaha, Nebraska.

Andy Neill
CKMR [Newcastle NB] 1963
CFNB [Fredericton NB] 1964
CFJR [Brockville ON] 1969
CFOX [Montreal QC] 1969
CKGM [Montreal] 1970
CBC [Montreal] 1973
CKSL [London ON] 1974
CFOX [Montreal] 1975
CJCH [Halifax NS] 1977
CIOO [Halifax] 1978
CFQR [Montreal] 1979
CKFH [Toronto ON] 1980
CFOR [Orillia ON] 1981
CFTR [Toronto] 1982
CKEY [Toronto] 1983
CJCL [Toronto] 1985
CFAN [Toronto] 1990
CJEZ [Toronto] 1990
CKDO [Toronto] 1992
Pelmorex Radio net [Toronto] 1994-1999

Now: Andy says (10/04), "Have now added another move ... hopefully the last. This time I actually left North America. I live in Fortaleza, Brazil and married my Brasileira girlfriend, Thieny. I still do VO work here with the same system I had in San Diego. It works just as well ... thanks to the 'net'."

Andy Nelson
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WLTM [Green Bay WI] 1996-2000
Now: Andy says (2/03), "While I'm still doing freelance voice work, I'm out of radio for the first time in 30 years. I'm now the Director of Quality for a customer service firm in Green Bay Wisconsin."

Bob Nelson
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KQZY/KRSR [Dallas TX] 1987-1991
Now: Bob is working on software for the broadcast industry at On Air Digital USA. He says, "I stay current with colleagues still in broadcasting and also have made many acquaintances through the Call Lettter Origins Web page."

Dave Nelson
KTKT [Tucson] 1959-1963
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1963-1964; 1968-1971
KHVH [Honolulu] 1973-1975

Now: Dave says (8/10), "I got drafted; returned to KPOI after two tours in Viet Nam as radio operator in a Navy Sea Plane, Patrol Squadron VP-50; I got an MA and taught English at the University of Hawaii Manoa 1975-1995; moved back to Douglas AZ, where I grew up, right next to Pirtleville (so Frank Kalil christened me the Pirtleville Warrior); retired in May 2010 from the English Department at Cochise College; I actually live in my own house, which is something I was never able to afford in Hawaii, or I'd still be there. Married for the first time 5/2015. Now live in Orangevale, California."

Don Nelson
WQUA [Moline IL] 1955
WQUA [Moline IL] 1964
- GM
WIRE/WXTZ [Indianapolis IN] 1967 - GM
KSON [San Diego CA] 1981 - GM
KMGG/KPWR [Los Angeles CA] 1985 - GM
WYNY/WNEW [New York NY] 1991 - GM
Now: Don says (1/15), "As of 08/01/2014 I am retired & living in Dallas."

Eric Nelson
KCSY [Soldotna AK] 1985 - Rick Preston
KWHL [Anchorage AK] 1989 - Rick Preston
KSLD [Soldotna] 1990 - Rick Preston
Jones Satellite Network [Denver CO] 1991 - Rick Preston
KTRR [Ft. Collins CO] 1991 - Rick Preston
KHOW [Denver] 1992
KSRM [Kenai AK] 1995
KMXS/KEAG [Anchorage AK] 1998
- AKA Rick Preston
KQEZ [Anchorage AK] 1998
KFQD [Anchorage] 1998
KVML [Sonora CA] 2005
KESP [Modesto CA] 2006

Now: Eric says (3/06), "I am working with an outstanding group of professionals on a very exciting new venture in California's central valley; enjoying the sunshine and everything Northern California has to offer."

Eric Nelson
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KYKZ [Lake Charles LA] 1982
Now: Eric says (2/06), "I am PD (since 1992) and do middays at Country KYKZ-FM, Lake Charles, Louisiana."

Fred Nelson
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KPRG [Mangilao GU] 1996-1997
Now: Fred says (11/02), "I am living in Manassas, Virginia. I am the Senior Media Editor for The Kamber Group in Washington, DC. Have also been acting for more than 20 years..."

Gene Nelson
KYA [San Francisco] 196?
KSFO [San Francisco] 197?-1994

Gene retired in 1994. Latest report has him living on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Harry Nelson
WBKH [Hattiesburg MS] 1964
WXXX [Hattiesburg] 1968
WBSR [Pensacola FL] 1969
WRBC [Jackson MS] 1970
KTLK [Denver CO] 1971
- Scott Nelson
WRBC [Jackson] 1972
WRKO [Boston MA] 1973
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1979-1982
WAPP [New York NY] 1984
WZOU [Boston] 1986-1988
WPOR [Portland ME] 2005

Now: Harry does PM drive and is PD at Country WPOR-FM (Todays Country 101.9). He says, "Today's Country rocks, and I would like to think I have gotten pretty good at it; my station WPOR is #1 (25-54) in Portland, Maine. I semi-retired for a while in 2003 and 2004 in Ft. Myers, Fl; got bored -- you can play golf and ride a motorcycle just so much -- returned home to New England and WPOR in 2005; best move I ever made." Click for more from Harry.

Jay Nelson (Frank Coxe)
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1955 - Frank Jaye
WARM [Scranton PA] 1956
WHLO [Akron OH] 1958
WBNY [Buffalo NY] 1960
WKBW [Buffalo] 1961
- 'Jungle' Jay Nelson
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1963-1980
Bob Shannon reports (10/02), "Jay passed away in 1994 at the age of 57."

John Nelson
KTAC [Tacoma WA] 1982
KDRK [Spokane WA] 1984
KEZE [Spokane] 1984
- Jay Nelson
KEZX [Seattle WA] 1985
KZOK [Seattle] 1990
- Jay Nelson
KMTT [Tacoma] 1993
Now: John says (6/10), "I'm working as a traffic reporter at Westwood One, Metro Traffic; can be heard on several radio stations in the Seattle, Tacoma area; also working as a freelance voice-over actor."

Kathryn Nelson
KQMS/KSHA [Redding CA] 1989
KPBS [San Diego CA] 2000-2003, 2006

Now: Kathryn says (7/06), "I am operations manager at KPBS-FM, San Diego, California."

Kevin Nelson
WRSC [State College PA] 1969
Now: Kevin says (9/05), "I am working as co-host of The Morning News on WRSC, State College Pennsylvania. I'm in my 36th year of radio, most of those years working on WRSC, with a couple of exceptions; have seen the evolution of WRSC go from music to News/Talk; hosted a talk show with the morning show for a number of years. I am playing a lot of golf and enjoying almost seven years of marriage to the most beautiful wife; staying involved with various charities and benefits."

Larry Nelson
KOMO [Seattle WA] 1967-1996
Larry Nelson died (lung cancer) Nov 29, 2007 in Seattle Washington. See seattletimes.nwsource.com and komotv.com.

Paul Nelson
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KMTT [Tacoma WA] 1993-1996
Now: Playing jazz part-time at Public KPLU-FM. Paul says (Sep 2002), "I also produce and syndicate public affairs programs through It Plays in Peoria Productions, Auburn, Washington."

Skip Nelson
WSID [Baltimore MD] 1968 - Doug Franklin
WINX [Rockville MD] 1968-1969 - Frank Nelson
WINX [Rockville MD] 1971-1974
WOHN [Herndon VA] 1974-1974
WPGC-FM [Washington DC] 1981-1982
WAVA [Arlington VA] 1989-1991

Now: Skip (Skip Groff) says (11/05), "I have operated Yesterday and Today Records since 1977; since 2002, as Internet and mail order. While PD at WMUC, Connie Chung worked in my news department, while Maury's cousin Ronnie worked on-air. While PD at WINX, I put on Terry Steele, Dave Tate, and Dave Brown, but was noted for being the first to put Steve Kingston on the air; he later returned the favor at WPGC, putting me on weekends doing an Oldies show. At the end of the 1980s, I took over Flash Phillips' Rock of the 90s at his insistance when he left WAVA to head west (we had worked together briefly at WPGC). I'm now on the Internet, on Top Shelf Oldies, playing the kind of records you don't hear anywhere else..."

Terry Nelson
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KWIN [Stockton CA] 1999
Now: mtzsharp1@yahoo.com reports Terry is in sales at Top-40 KWIN-FM, Stockton, California. E-mail address needed for Terry.

Tom Nelson
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KNID [Enid OK] 2004
Now: Tom says (8/05), "I'm in sports sales and am Marketing Director at Country KNID, Enid, Oklahoma; also broadcasting high school, collegiate and minor-league professional sports on Chisholm Trail Broadcasting stations. Wife Julie, and two children."

Bill Nesbitt
KIQQ [Los Angeles CA] 1985
KWIZ [LA] 1986
KEZY [LA] 1991
Unistar [Los Angeles] 1991
KYSR [LA] 1993
KACD [LA] 1995
Entertainment Radio Networks [LA] 1997
KLAC [LA] 2000

Now: Program Director at Nostagia KLAC, Los Angeles, California.

Rick Nettles
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KXL [Portland OR] 1999-2000
Now: Rick says, "Though I haven't worked on the music side of things for twelve years, I still wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming of songs running out and having nothing cued up..."

Jim Nettleton
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1965
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1966
WABC [New York] 1970
WCBS [New York] 1971
WCAU [Philadelphia] 197?
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1982
WDAE [Tampa] 1983
WOGL [Philadelphia] 1992-2000

Jim Nettleton died Oct 4, 2009 of cancer in Cherry Hill, NJ. See Jim Nettleton, veteran broadcaster, dies at 69.

Elliott 'Biggie' Nevins
WIOD [Miami] 1968
KFI [LA] 1973

Passed away in 1982.

Bill Newbrough
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KNBR [San Francisco CA] 1977-1989
Now: Bill says (10/05), "I am in Las Vegas Nevada, supplying broadcast equipment to radio & TV stations all over the west coast."

Bryan Newkirk
WNVY [Pensacola FL] 1983
WOWW [Pensacola] 1986
WCOA [Pensacola] 1990

Now: Bryan says (5/05), "I've been with News/Talk WCOA close to 15 years now and am Program Director. Even though I am legally blind I'm able to complete all of my job functions to everyone's satisfaction. I plan on keeping WCOA a top-notch news-talk station and am planning to keep us actively involved in the community."

Neal Newman
WCAU [Philadelphia PA] 1975
WRAW [Reading PA] 1977
WAEB/WXKW [Allentown PA] 1979
CRB Broadcasting 1984-1990
- VP/Programming:
Enterprise Media Partners 1994-1998 - Executive VP:
WEJM [Philadelphia] 2000
WIP [Philadelphia] 2001-2004
- Operations Mgr
Neal Newman died Dec 2, 2004 of heart failure in Philadelphia, PA. He was 49. According to billboardradiomonitor.com, Newman, whose real name was Neal M. Welsh, had just finished a karate class with his wife and two sons when he collapsed.

Ron Newman aka Billy Cannon
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WVBO [Oshkosh WI] 1998
Now: Ron (Billy) says (7/04), "I am Production Director for five Cumulus stations in Appleton/Oshkosh, Wisconsin (WVBO, WWWX, WOSH, WNAM and WPKR). I also run Billy Cannon Productions, Neenah, Wisconsin."

Steve Newman
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KLRS [Chico CA] 1998-2000
KZBR [San Francisco CA] 2004

Now: Steve says (1/05), "I'm doing weekends at Country KZBR-FM (The Bear), San Francisco."

Rick Newsome
WEVA [Emporia VA] 1972
WSVS [Crewe VA] 1979
WLXN [Winston-Salem NC] 1983-1990

Now: Rick says (11/07), "I am living in Wake Forest, NC and working in Raleigh as Director of State Level Reporting for the NC Community College System; got out of radio in 1990, but still miss it and it is still my first love, but there have been so many changes, I don't think I could do it now and enjoy it the way I did; syndication has taken the local personalities out of radio and everything pretty much sounds the same."

Joe Niagara - The Rockin' Bird
WDAS [Philadelphia PA] 1947
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1949
KBIG [Los Angeles CA] 1960
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1962
WDAS-FM [Philadelphia] 1970
WCAU [Philadelphia] 197?
WFIL [Philadelphia] 197?
WIFI [Philadelphia] 197?
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1977
Guiness Book of World Records 1980

For playing most (over 500) consecutive different versions of Stardust
Joe Niagara died June 4, 2004 in Phildelphia (heart failure related to bladder cancer surgery; age 76).

George Nicholas
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KRNA [Iowa City IA] 1998-1999
Now: George says (1/08), "I am Corporate Director of Engineering for NRG Media, LLC, which owns and operates radio stations in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota."

'Brother' Dave Nichols
WVOV [Huntsville AL] 1972
WKGN [Knoxville TN] 1972
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1973
WBRC [Birmingham] 1974
WBSR [Pensacola FL] 1976
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1978
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1980
WRNO [New Orleans] 1982
WFMF [Baton Rouge LA] 1983-1991

Now: Dave says (10/04), "I got out of radio in 1991 to enter the world of NASCAR and worked for NASCAR images until 2002; I'm with a sports marketing agency developing sponsorships for Proctor & Gamble, Whirlpool and FedEx; married over 25 years (and in radio, no less), two kids, Julie and Jordan, and happy to be celebrating every day."

Dave Nichols
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WLAC/WLAC-FM [Nashville TN] 1983-1987
Now: Dave says (Oct 2002), "I've started a consulting/management company working with Christian artists and writers in Nashville, Tennessee."

Tom Nichols
WQUD [Memphis TN] 1981 - Tom Conners
WRVR [Memphis] 1981 - Tom Conners
KZOU [Little Rock AR] 1986-1989 - CE
KOKY [Little Rock] 1986-1989 - CE
KSSN [Little Rock] 1988-1989 - CE
WMC/WMC-FM [Memphis] 1989-1993 - CE
WMC-TV [Memphis] 1994-1997
Now: Tom says (4/03), "About 1996, I saw the handwriting on the wall, and began doing engineering work outside of broadcasting. It became a full-time endeavor in 1997. My company does military, aviation, and other communications work ... including the occasional transmitter site. I travel a lot, and it seems everyone's sounding the same nowdays. (Sigh)."

Dave Nicholson
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ABC radio nets [Dallas TX] 2000
Now: Dave says (8/03), "I am Director of Country Operations at ABC Radio Networks, Dallas, Texas; programming two 24-hour satellite networks."

B. Rand Nickell
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KYYY [Bismarck ND] 1982
Now: B. Rand says (3/08), "I am a board op with KTBN worldwide shortwave until the station ceases broadcasting soon); I will then be a free agent, seeking an announcer and/or music director/consultant position, preferably with an adult standards/big band or 1950s-1960s-based oldies station..."

Mark Nieto
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KMVQ [San Francisco CA] 2006
Now: Mark says, (11/08), "I continue to work in San Francisco with Metro Networks, providing morning news and traffic on Dance KMVQ-FM; I've been doing traffic in the Bay Area since 1986 (with a brief 1-year stint in Sacramento sandwiched in the middle)."

John Mack Nink
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WMJX [Miami FL] 1990-1995 - Mr. Mike Raffone
Now: John says (11/06), "I am living in Boynton Beach, Florida running my entertainment company (since 1995); plus, I've started to make feature films of my own."

Darryl Nixon
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WOCQ [Ocean City MD] 1981-1997 - owner
Now: Darryl says, "Radio was so much fun throughout the 1970s and 1980s. I had the good fortune to work with many outstanding people, on both sides of the microphone. Now, I'm working on the TV side of the business with terrific people."

John Nixon
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KLSY/KQMV [Bellevue WA] 1989
Now: John says (2/08), "I am production director at KQMV (used to be KLSY) and KIXI in Bellevue (Seattle), Washington."

Kenny Noble
Now: At Oldies KJR-FM, Seattle, Washington. Kenny says, "Have moved 3 times to Southern California, and now 3 times to Seattle. Definitely plan to make a life in the coffee-suckin' capital of the world. My goal: to live, work, and worship in the SAME community. i.e., NOT drive 66 miles one-way to work.

Mike Nolan
Now: Traffic pilot/reporter for KFI/KOST, Los Angeles, California.

Chuck Nolen
WAMI [Opp AL] 1970
WTBF [Troy AL] 1973
WKMX [Dothan AL] 1975
WLHQ [Enterprise AL] 1978-1979
WDHN-TV [Dothan] 1981-1982
- sports director, anchor
WESP [Dothan] 1995-1996
Now: Chuck says (7/14), "Since 1989, I've been homesteading in sunny Marianna, Florida with wife, Janie, children/spouses and grand children; we've been married 41 years and are still going strong in education with the Jackson County School District; I also am a licensed realtor and notary public -- and 40-years wannabe musician and songwriter. Memorable interviews of mine: Coach Bear Bryant in 1974, members of Wild Cherry in 1977, and Coach Charlie Bradshaw 1981." See Chuck's story on his friend's 1955 Chevy theft.

Bill Norman
WANS [Greenville SC] 1971
WNMB-FM [Myrtle Beach SC] 1972-1979
- station mgr
WZKY/WSPC [Albemarle NC] 1980 - owner
WNMB [Myrtle Beach SC] 2001 - owner
Now: Bill says (7/03), "I own Norman Communications Inc., which owns and operates WZKY, WSPC in Albemarle, North Carolina; and holds a tba for WABZ-FM, Albemarle, NC, and a tba for WNMB, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina." Click for the rest of the story from Bill Norman.

Dave Norman
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KGGL [Missoula MT] 1995
Now: Afternoons at Country KGGL-FM (Eagle 93), Missoula, Montana. Dave says (12/02), "I am enjoying life in Big Sky country; raising a great child in a wonderful area of the country. I took up triathlons in 1992, and have now gone the Ironman distance 3 times, including Hawaii in 2002."

Pat Norman
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1973 - GM
KRTH [LA] 1986 - GM
Passed away.

Teri Norman
WPOC [Baltimore MD] 1986
WIOV [Lancaster PA] 2000
WZBA [Baltimore] 2001

Now: Middays/creative services director at Rock WZBA-FM, Baltimore, Maryland and "raising 4 horses on the farm with my fiancee, Rick."

Richie Norris
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WFNY [Gloversville NY] 2003
Now: Richie says (5/03), "I'm doing weekends at Variety WFNY, Gloversville, New York."

Zeb Norris
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KXFM [Santa Maria CA] 2001-2001
Now: Zeb says (1/03), "I'm running Lucky Dog Audio, a digital recording, voiceover, and imaging company in Santa Barbara, California."

Dave North
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KXTC [Gallup NM] 2000
Now: Dave says (7/03), "I am doing PM drive at Top-40 KXTC-FM, Gallup, New Mexico."

Benji Norton
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WTCB [Columbia SC] 1996
Now: Benji says (4/06), "I have been back in Columbia since 1996 as a Senior Sales Rep for Citadel Broadcasting's WTCB (also weekends), WOMG, WLXC and WISW. I never thought I would adjust to sales after being on the air for 20 years, but I love it! The money ain't all that bad either. I also own Benji Norton Productions, and do voice-overs all over the USA; and I am the voice of the Univ of South Carolina Gamecock Radio Network."

Ron Norwood
KEED [Eugene OR] 1964
KRVM [Eugene] 1964
KQIK [Lakeview OR] 1965
AFRS [Adak AK] 1966-1966
KFLW [Klamath Falls OR] 1968
KBOY/KBOY-FM [Medford OR] 1968
KORE [Eugene] 1970
KXLY/KXLY-FM [Spokane WA] 1973
KGA [Spokane] 1974
KMPS/KMPS-FM [Seattle WA] 1977-1985
KBZY [Salem OR] 1998

Now: Ron says (2/15), "I operate six pure-play Internet radio stations from my world wide ;) headquarters in Independence, Oregon."

Dick Novak
KGON [Portland OR] 1954
KPOJ [Portland] 1954
KGW [Portland] 1958
KPOJ [Portland] 1959
KPOK [Portland] 1961
KYXI [Portland] 19??
KXL [Portland] 19??
KATU-TV [Portland] 19??

Dick Novak, "Portland's first top-40 DJ," passed away (cancer) July 12, 2002. Click for more on Dick.

Tony Novia
WPRO-FM [Providence RI] 1978
WHYI [Miami] 1979
- VP
WXDJ [Miami] 1987 - VP/GM
WSTR [Atlanta] 1989
Radio & Records [LA] 1994 - CHR Editor

Now: CHR Editor at Radio & Records, Los Angeles, California.

Gary Nunn
KWRT [Columbia MO] 1957
WSYR [Syracuse NY] 1964-1965
WTOP [Washington DC] 1965-66, 1968-75
ABC Radio net [New York NY] 1975
NBC Radio net [New York] 1980
ABC Radio net [New York] 1989
Wall Street Journal Radio Net [New York] 2009
CBS Radio net [New York] 2010

Now: Gary says (9/10), "I'm doing weekends and fill at CBS Radio News, New York, New York."

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