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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (M2a)

Alan McKay (Larry Waggoner)
KEYN [Wichita] 1968
Now: Servicing stations statewide (Kansas) as a consultant engineer.

Brent McKay
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WALC [Charleston SC] 2002
Now: Brent says (1/03), "I am PD and doing middays at Hot AC WALC-FM, Charleston, South Carolina."

Buzz McKay
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WWWY [Columbus IN] 2007
Now: Buzz says (3/08), "I'm doing mornings for Rock WWWY-FM, Columbus, Indiana..."

Chris McKay
KHNY [Riverside CA] 1982
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1984
KDIG [San Bernardino] 1986
KRSO [San Bernardino] 1987
KDUO [Riverside] 1988
KYXY [San Diego CA] 1991
KFSD/KOWF [San Diego] 1992
KPLN/KYXY [San Diego] 1997
KCEO/KFSD/KSPA [San Diego] 1999

Now: With KCEO, KFSD, KSPA, San Diego, California.

Dan McKay
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WXYK [Biloxi MS] 1994-1996
Now: Dan says, "I am in Internet marketing and promotions in Seattle, Washington.

Jack McKay
KVCV [Redding CA] 1975
WZYQ [Frederick MD] 1976
WAGO [Oshkosh WI] 1977
KKKQ [Phoenix AZ] 1977
KOPA [Phoenix] 1978
KLUC [Las Vegas NV] 1981
WSB-FM [Atlanta GA] 1982
KKLT [Phoenix] 1985
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 2005-2005

Now: Jack says (10/05), "I retired Oct 7, 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona."

J.J. McKay
WRVQ [Richmond VA] 1979
WPGC [Washington DC] 1980
WAVA [Washington DC] 1983
KIIS [Los Angeles CA] 1984
WRQX [Washington DC] 1985
WZOU [Boston MA] 1985
WRQX [Washington DC] 1986
WBCY [Charlotte NC] 1986
WROQ [Charlotte] 1986
KWTO-FM [Springfield MO] 1987
KHYI [Dallas TX] 1989
WYXR [Philadelphia PA] 1991
KHKS [Dallas] 1992-1996
KXKL [Denver CO] 2002-2005
KOA [Denver] 2006-2007
KGTW [Ketchikan AK] 2010

Now: J.J. says (4/11), "I am PD and doing mornings at Country KGTW-FM, Ketchikan, Alaska; and I run JJ McKay Productions, V/O biz."

J.J. McKay
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KGUY [Portland OR] 1997 - Owner
Now: Owner of Classic Country KGUY, Portland, Oregon. J.J. says, "I wrote columns on Talk radio and the industry for Talkers Magazine and Radio Inc. from 1998 to current."

Larry McKay
WMRI [Marion IN] 1962 - Larry McCabe
WERK [Muncie IN] 1965 - Larry McCabe
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1971
WHYI [Miami] 1973
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1974
KKDJ [Los Angeles] 1975
KIIS [Los Angeles] 1975
KFI [Los Angeles] 1981
KMPC [Los Angeles] 1982
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1992
Westwood One Oldies Channel [Los Angeles] 1996
KRTH [Los Angeles] 1997

Now: Larry says (6/07), "I'm semi-retired but still doing one overnight shift per week at K-Earth 101 in Los Angeles, California, plus part-time at Dial Global - digital 24/7 formats (formerly Westwood One) in Valencia, California - I work on the oldies format, satelliting to some 65 affiliates around the country; occasionally, I do voice-over work through the Sandi Schnarr talent agency in L.A.; I've done a lot of voice-overs for TV sitcoms like Cheers, Married ... With Children, Frazier, etc. and v.o.s for Princess Cruises, Dodge, Honda, Disney, Jack-in-the-Box and many more. In 1970, as a program director, I hired David Letterman (when he was a graduate student at Ball State Univ) to do part-time news and jock work at WERK In Muncie, Indiana; I worked for the famous singing cowboy, Gene Autry, who was owner of KMPC In Los Angeles; I have a 44-year-old son, Mick McCabe, who is production director for WPBZ In West Palm Beach, Florida, a four-year-old son, Matthew, and, a five-month-old son, Sean; the latter two, myself, and their mother, Margarita live in Beverly Hills, California."

'Marvelous' Mark McKay
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KFRC [San Francisco] 1974
KFKF [Kansas City KS] 1988
KCMO-FM [Kansas City MO] 2000

Now: PM Drive at Oldies KCMO-FM and running McKay Media, Kansas City, Missouri.

Mike McKay
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WBBW [Youngstown OH] 1976-1987
Now: Mike says, "I've been with Farris & Associates, a Youngstown Ohio ad/marketing/pr firm since 1988. Corporate radio sucks!"

Bob McKee
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1951
WAKE [Atlanta] 1956
WAOK [Atlanta] 1961-1978

John Long reports (7/08), "Bob McKee died in 1985; he was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame in 2007 in the Legacy category."

Jeff McKee
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1968
KRCB [Council Bluffs IA] 1969
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1970
WRBC [Jackson MS] 1970
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1971
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1971
KNUS [Dallas TX] 1973
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1974
WQXI-FM [Atlanta GA] 1974
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1975
WOW [Omaha] 1977
WIKS [Indianapolis IN] 1981
WISN/WLPX [Milwaukee] 1984
WKTI [Milwaukee] 1985
WMET [Chicago IL] 1985
WZPL [Indianapolis] 1986
KEYI [Austin TX] 1987
KBTS [Austin] 1988
WVBF/WCLB/WKLB [Boston MA] 1990-1998

Now: Jeff says (5/12), "I've been out of radio since 1998 and own the Barking Cat Pet Emporium in Salem, Massachusetts."

Don McKenzie
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WFLZ [Tampa FL] 1997-1998
Now: Don says (3/04), "I'm voicing some spots and writing production; own a small business; and am enjoying the good life -- in the Tampa Bay, Florida area."

Donna McKenzie
KZFX [Houston TX] 1986
KLOL [Houston] 1992
New Texas Radio [Houston] 1993
- syndicated: host
KKRW [Houston] 1998-2001
KHJZ [Houston] 2003

Now: Donna says (5/03), "I'm hosting midddays for Smooth Jazz KHJZ (95.7 The Wave); and voice-over artist for commercial, industrial and radio imaging."

Gary McKenzie
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1971
KISN [Portland OR] 1972
- Grant Jackson
KERN [Bakersfield] 1973
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1973
WXLO [New York] 1974
KIIS [LA] 1977
RKO Network [New York] 1980
- news anchor
United Stations [New York] 1984 - news anchor
Unistar [New York] 1988 - news anchor
Ask the Expert Media [Washington DC] 1992 - owner
CBS Radio Networks [New York] 1998-1999 - anchor
Now: Gary says (6/11), "I'm in Pinehurst, North Carolina; own McKenzie Multimedia (network radio programming, advertising, marketing, PR); and host a daily national financial talk show from my home studio."
Boss Radio memories

Mike McKenzie
WEGN [Evergreen AL] 1988
WCRQ [Arab AL] 1989
WTWX [Guntersville AL] 1993
WCRQ [Arab] 1996
WKXX [Gadsden AL] 1998
WODL [Birmingham AL] 2000
WZZK/WBPT/WNCB [Birmingham] 2001

Now: Mike says (10/07), "I'm Creative Services Director for Cox Radio of Birmingham, Alabama; no longer on the air, I write and produce all of the station imaging on all three of the stations in this building (WZZK-FM, WBPT-FM, WNCB-FM), write all the creative continuity for the stations and contribute to our urban sister stations (WBHK, WBHJ, WAGG, WRJS) downtown; doing more and more free-lance V/O, as well, some national and international."

Scott McKenzie
WNKO [Columbus OH] 1978 - Scott Friedman
WTHZ [Talahassee FL] 1986
WXGT [Columbus] 1989
WZOU [Boston MA] 1990
WOMX [Orlando FL] 1991-2015

Scott McKenzie died August 11, 2015 (59; non-Hodgkins lymphoma). See Scott McKenzie 1956-2015 (mix1051.cbslocal.com); and WOMX Morning Host Scott McKenzie Passes; Entire Orlando Market Pays Tribute (radioinsight.com).

Kevin McKeown
WYBC [New Haven CT] 1966
WNHC [New Haven] 1966
WDEE [New Haven] 1967
WPOP [Hartford CT] 1967
WPLR [New Haven] 1972
KGB/KGB-FM [San Diego CA] 1974
KROQ [Los Angeles CA] 1976
- GM
KWST [Los Angeles] 1979-1980
Now: Kevin says (9/09), "After leaving KWST, I was a voice, production, writing talent for advertising agencies specializing in radio; I am a Santa Monica, California City Councilmember, and still on the radio, because our meetings are broadcast on NPR flagship KCRW, heard from Santa Barbara to San Diego."

Bill McKibben
WKPA [Pittsburgh PA] 1945
WSYR [Syracuse NY] 1947
WACB [Kittaning PA] 1948
WDEL [Wilmington DE] 1954
WILD [Boston MA] 1958
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1958
WGR/WGR-FM/WGR-TV [Buffalo NY] 1964
WBEN/WBEN-FM/WBEN-TV [Buffalo] 1965
WEBR [Buffalo] 1969
- president, CEO
Great Lakes Group [Buffalo]] 1973 - senior partner
Now: Bill says (12/07), "I set up a marketing commutations agency with my daughter Tracy LeBlanc and we created some great advertising and communications programs; in the early nineties she moved on to a job that gave her more time with her boys and I backed down to a solo practice -- my wife Carolyn, (a book editor) says I have cut down to half days (12 hours is enough). I continue to write, and represent deserving clients with interesting projects; I am working with automotive journalism legend Brock Yates on several projects and I have published a book on business ethics, Play Nice, Make Money: if you are interested you can check it out at Ethics-Guru.com (the book has generated speaking and seminar opportunities); a couple years ago the Buffalo Broadcasters Association ran out of candidates and elected me to their broadcast Hall of Fame. Life is good." Click for more from Bill.

Ken McKim
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CKPC [Hamilton ON] 2002 - Ken Carter
Now: Ken says (10/03), "I'm still jocking (at CKPC, Brantford, Ontario); still loving (for the most part) the biz. Thanks to all the friends I've made and lost touch with; and to Real Roy Hennesey and Racoon Carney for the inspiration ... I finally found my own own path."

Johnny McKinney
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1960
KLFF [Phoenix] 1988

broadmoor369@columbus.rr.com reports (4/04), "Johnny is deceased. Not sure when..."

Marvin McKinnon aka Cousin Bud
WTTB [Vero Beach FL] 1958-1978
Richard McKinnon says (4/04), "Cousin Bud died in 1978 after a wonderful career as a country music DJ. He was CMA DJ of the year in 1961; did many wonderful things for his community and for the country music business in general."

Bob McLain
WTOB [Winston-Salem NC] 1966
WEAM [Washington DC] 1969
Capitol Records [Los Angeles CA] 1971
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1973
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1974
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1975
WNOE-FM [New Orleans LA] 1976
WHBQ [Memphis] 1976
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1976
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1977
KULF [Houston TX] 1978
WCIV-TV [Charleston] 1979
- Sports Dir
KDFW-TV [Dallas TX] 1979 - sports anchor
WJLA-TV [Washington DC] 1980 - sports anchor
WSB-TV [Memphis] 1986 - Sports Dir
CNN [Atlanta] 1986 - sportscaster
WMC-TV-5 (NBC) [Memphis] 1986 - weather, morning anchor
WOTO [Memphis] 1999
WGKX [Memphis] 2002
WGVC [Greenville SC] 2002
WORD/WYRD [Greenville SC] 20065

Now: Bob says (6/06), "I am Director of News & Programming at News/Talk WORD/WYRD, Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, Entercom Stations."

Peter McLane
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KGGO [Des Moines IA] 1989-2001 - VP, Mgr
Now: Peter says (Sep 2002), "I am a program, management advisor (Des Moines + 6 markets), teaching the new folks old tricks through radio-ology."

'Jolly' Jim McLaughlin
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1958
WPOP [Hartford CT] 1964

Now: A partner in McLaughlin, DelVecchio & Casey Advertising, New Haven, CT for many years (still there May 1997).

Tim McLaughlin
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WLVU-FM [Tampa FL] 1986-1992
Now: Running weboutloud.com, doing freelance voice-over and writing in Denver, Colorado.

Ron McLendon
WKZQ [Myrtle Beach SC] 1974
WMAG [High Point NC] 1984
- Mark St. John
Now: Ron is a computer technician with the Tennessee Department of Transportation in Nashville, Tennessee. Click for Ron/Barney Fife photos (including the real thing).

Doug McLeod
KCOG [Centerville IA] 1969
KIOA [Des Moines IA] 1971
KRNT [Des Moines] 1971
KSO/KGGO [Des Moines] 1974
KBAB [Des Moines] 1976
WWTC [Minneapolis MN] 1977
WAYL/KMFY [Minneapolis] 1981
WTCN [Minneapolis] 1986
Minnesota North Stars [Minneapolis] 1987
- NHL PBP ancr
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1993
Pittsburgh Penguins [Pittsburgh PA] 1993
- NHL PBP ancr
Phoenix Coyotes [Phoenix AZ] 1996-2002 - NHL PBP ancr
Colorado Avalanche [Denver CO] 2004-2006 - NHL PBP ancr
Now: Doug says (4/13), "I am a TV play-by-play announcer, Fox Sports Net."

Pat McMahon
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KDMX [Dallas TX] 2000
Now: Pat says (12/02), "I am back (as PD) at Hot AC KDMX-FM, Dallas, Texas."

Pat McMahon
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1963
KPHO-TV Wallace & Ladmo [Phoenix] 196?
- Gerald
KTAR [Phoenix] 1982
Now: Pat McMahon does weekly commentary and something called The God Show on News-Talk KTAR and talk and commentary on KAZT-TV, Phoenix, Arizona.

Ed McMann
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WRVE [Schenectady NY] 2004-2005
Now: Ed says (8/05), "I operate out of the Boston area as an on-air talent for Clear Channel, doing daily shows in six markets including Boston, Hartford, Providence, Albany, Syracuse and Rochester. I am also the regular fill in for Casey Kasem and do numerous freelance projects including Grand Theft Auto games and voiceover work."

Tess McManus
KNUI-FM [Kahului, (Maui) HI] 1992
KONI [Lanai City, (Maui/Lanai) HI] 1994
KNUI-FM [Kahului, (Maui) HI] 1998-2003
KTLO/KCTT [Mountain Home AR] 2004

Now: Tess says (2/04), "I'm working in Mountain Home, Arkansas at KTLO-AM/FM and Oldies KCTT-FM, in the news department mostly, doing weather, news, and sports on-air, as well as commercial production."

Rick McMillan
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WMJJ [Birmingham AL] 2010
Now: Rich says (3/12), "I'm programming Adult Contemporary WMJJ-FM (& 105-1 Hallelujah FM), Birmingham, Alabama."

Hank McMonigle
KTUH [Honolulu HI] 1972 - Univ of Hawaii
KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1983
KTCK [Dallas TX] 2001
KPLX [Dallas] 2003
KLAK [Sherman TX] 2010 - VP/Mkt Mgr
Now: Hank reports (6/10), "I am VP/Market Manager for NextMedia (KLAK, KMKT, KMAD), North Dallas, Texas."

John McMullen
KAGT [Anacortes WA] 1976
KVI [Seattle WA] 1978-1979
KUBE [Seattle] 1981
NW Radio Network [Seattle] 1982-1984
- PD/host
KHVH [Honolulu HI] 1988-1989
RealNetworks [Seattle] 1995
- exec producer/talk host
Stellar Networks [Seattle] 1997 - VP Programming/talk host
SIRIUS Satellite Radio [New York NY] 2002 - exec producer/talk host
Now: John says (2/05), "After pioneering niche talk programming on the Internet at RealNetworks, and later on my own start-up, Stellar Networks, I've moved into the next generation of national niche talk radio at SIRIUS Satellite Radio. As the company's first original talk programmer and air talent, I launched left-wing political talk and the service's most outside-the-box channel, SIRIUS OutQ (targeted at Gay & Lesbian listeners). I had great mentors in Michael O'Shea at KVI and KUBE/Seattle, and the late, great Robert E. Lee Hardwick at KVI and Northwest Radio Network to thank for a life of fulfilling radio work that hasn't ever been conventional. And, thanks to Walter Sabo, too, for inspiration to 'break the rules' and prove that radio never has to be boring!"

Tom McMurray
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1965
WRAW [Reading PA] 1965
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1966 -
Captain Marvel
WSAR [Fall River MA] 1968
Knight Stations [Boston MA] 1969 -
National PD
WBT [Charlotte NC] 1970
WHAM [Rochester NY] 1978
WNDE/WFBQ [Indianapolis IN] 1979

momchat@msn.com reports Tom McMurray passed away in September 1999 (respiratory failure).

Steve McNally
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KWJJ [Portland OR] 1974-1976
Now: Steve says, "I am retired from broadcasting in Central, Oregon. Divorced father of three daughters; fishing, camping and spoiling my grandkids."

Tom McNally
WOND [Atlantic City NJ] 1972-1987
WMGM-FM [Atlantic City] 1972-1987
WIFI [Philadelphia PA] 1980-1984
WEAZ [Philadelphia] 1980-1985
- Jim McCann
WRDR [Atlantic City] 1980-1996
WFPG [Atlantic City] 1988-1989
- CE
WYSP [Philadelphia] 1988-1991
WMID [Atlantic City] 1989-1997
WFPG/WKOE/WPUR [Atlantic City] 1996 - CE
WKXY [Trenton NJ] 2000
WBSS [Atlantic City NJ] 2000

Now: Weekends at at News/Talk WKXW-FM, Trenton, NJ and News/Talk WBSS-FM, Millville, New Jersey.

Jeff McNeal
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1978
KIDD [Monterey CA] 1978
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1979
KUTE [LA] 1979
KHTZ [LA] 1980
KIIS [LA] 1980
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1981
KYUU [San Francisco CA] 1982
KKIS-FM [San Francisco] 1988
KKYY [San Diego CA] 1990
KMGQ/KIST [Santa Barbara CA] 1991
KRTH [LA] 1991
KCBQ [San Diego] 1991
KFMB [San Diego] 1993-1994
KXGL [San Diego] 1997-1997

Now: Jeff says (6/05), "I took over as the signature promo voice for KNBC-TV in February 2004; I'm also voicing network promos, theatrical trailers and national TV and radio commercials."

Pete McNeal
KHJ [LA] 1970
Now: ???

Rex McNeill
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KXCL [Yuba City, CA] 2002
KMJE [Yuba City] 2004
KUIV [Vacaville CA] 2008

Now: Rex says (6/08), "I'm doing nights at Hot AC KUIC-FM (95.3) and weekends at CBS Radio's 100.5 (The Zone), Sacramento, California."

Pat McNulty
KCCC [Carlsbad NM] 1974-1975
KADX [Denver CO] 1982
KOSI-FM [Denver] 1988
KVOD [Denver] 1992
KEZW [Denver] 1999-2009

Now: Pat says (1/10), "I left Denver radio after 27 years to concentrate on my business of 12 years, Word Construction Company, where I do voice work for clients across the country; also, since 1998, I've been the voice on KMGH, Channel 7, Denver; and I'm married to Carol -- with three kids.

Denny McPhee
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KSSK-FM [Honolulu HI] 1999
Now: Overnights at Adult Contemporary KSSK-FM, Honolulu, Hawaii. Denny says, "I am simulcast in Japan Hotel rooms!"

Stuart McRae
WWOM [New Orleans LA] 1967
WNOE [New Orleans] 1968
KRBE [Houston TX] 1970
- Michael King
KFAD [Dallas TX] 1971
WBAP [Ft. Worth TX] 1972
KSCS [Ft. Worth] 1973
KAMC [Dallas] 1974
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1976
WZXR [Memphis TN] 1977
KLPQ [Little Rock] 1979
WXUS [Lafayette IN] 1979
WZEW [Mobile AL] 1981
KTXQ [Dallas] 1982-1990

Now: Stuart says (1/08), "Since 2002, I've been in Affiliate Relations at the ABC Radio Network; I was with TM Century for eleven years; and I worked for Broadcast Electronics, Scott Studios, and CBSI." Stuart's thoughts on radio today.

Arthur Mctague
WMEX [Boston MA] 1960 - Dan Donovan (II)
WBZ [Boston] 1961 - Kevin O'Keefe
WCOP [Boston] 1964 - Bob Allen
WHDH [Boston] 1960 - Kevin O'Keefe: traffic reporter
WEEI [Boston] 1960-1992 - Kevin O'Keefe: traffic
Now: Arthur (Kevin) says, "I retired from broadcasting, aviation and WEEI, Boston in 1992. I had one hell of a run in the business I still love. I also miss being the pilot of jet helicopters for traffic reporting. I am now retired in Venice, FL ... and am enjoying life on the golf course."

Miles Mead
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WUST [Washington DC] 1999
Now: Miles says (1/07), "Ahhh! The wine, women and song! What sweet and golden memories can gush from the career trajectory of a stumbling, bumbling rock jock. Glad I did it. Now that I'm settled down with a wife and child, I'm relaxing a bit as Production Director at multicultural WUST, Washington DC."

Jo Meader
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WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1995-2003
Now: Jo says (5/07), "I moved to North Carolina in 2003 to care for my mother; love it here; I have a home studio and am the imaging voice of radio stations around the country..."

Matt Meaney
KTOB [Santa Rosa CA] 1976
KERS [Sacramento CA] 1977
KJOY [Stockton CA] 1978
KIQO [San Luis Obispo CA] 1981
KKIQ [San Francisco CA] 1981
KNBA [Vallejo CA] 1983
KMPS/KMPS-FM [Seattle WA] 1983-1985

Now: Matt says (3/17), "I'm in Langley, BC, working as a voice-over artist."

Travis Medcalf
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WDZN [Cumberland MD] 2000
Now: Travis says (4/03), "I am Operations Director at Youth/Children's WDZN-FM, Romney WV (serving Cumberland MD)."

Rosie Medlin
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WARO [Naples FL] 2007
Now: Rosie says (7/07), "I've bounced around Florida for a few years and finally settled down in Fort Myers; loving nights at Classic Rock WARO-FM (94.5); recently married former WXTB Program Director Brian Medlin."

Garry Meier
WYEN [Chicago IL] 1977-1977
WLUP-FM [Chicago] 1979
WLS-FM [Chicago] 1981
WLS [Chicago] 1984
WLUP-FM [Chicago] 1986
WLUP [Chicago] 1987
WLUP-FM [Chicago] 1992
WLS [Chicago] 1996-2004

Now: ???

Sonny Melendrez
KELP [El Paso] 1965
KINT [El Paso] 1966
KTSA [San Antonio] 1971
KIIS [LA] 1972
KMPC [LA] 1973
KFI [LA] 1980
KRLA [LA] 1981
KMGG [LA] 1983
Hanna Barbera [LA]
- character voice
Night Clubs/Stage [LA] - stand-up comic
Disney You and Me, Kid [LA] - host
network commercial voiceovers [LA] 1980s/1990s
KTFM [San Antonio] 1985
KSMG [San Antonio] 1993
KLUP [San Antonio] 2002

Now: Sonny says, "I am a multi-air personality: at Nostalgia KLUP-AM, San Antonio, TX; with AOL Time Warner TV; and Internet radio at SonnyRadio.com. I contiune to travel across the U.S. for motivational speaking and cartoon voice work."
more about SonnySonny@SonnyRadio.com

John Mellon aka Walt Ballard
WHOL [Allentown PA] 1969 - Ron London
WKTC [Allentown] 1971
WPST [Trenton NJ] 1975-1977

Now: John says (1/04), "I am in the transportation business and living in Easton, PA; considering getting back into radio (Oldies format) on a part-time basis."

Scotty 'Bud' Melvin
WLKM [Three Rivers MI] 1987
WRKR [Kalamazoo MI] 1988
WZUU [Kalamazoo] 2006

Now: Scotty says (6/08), "I'm doing PM drive at WZUU-FM (92.5, Kalamazoo's Real Rock Station, and I'm the PD, plus wear many other hats, of course."

Paul Menard
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KFMB [San Diego CA] 2001
Now: The Paul in Jack and Paul as Charlie and Harrigan, mid-days at Talk KFMB. Paul is also Western Affiliates Manager for Traffic Pulse, San Diego, California.

Jim Mendonca aka Johnny Sunday
KAOR [Oroville CA] 1965 - James Bruce
KMYC [Yuba City CA] 1966
KWIZ [Los Angeles CA] 1968
KYMS [LA] 1970
KWIZ [LA] 1972-1976
KREL [Riverside CA] 1975-1978
- Jim O'Hare
KACE [Riverside] 1975-1978 - John Sunday
KSOM [Ontario CA] 1978-1979 - Jim O'Hare
KLFE [San Bernardino CA] 1988-1990 - Jim O'Hare
KCKC [San Bernardino] 1995-1996 - Jim O'Hare
Now: Jim says (2/05), "I do freelance voice-overs and training films. I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up and realized that I didn't want to leave my native state of California and become a DJ/Gypsy. I live in Riverside, CA and have recently adopted a son. I teach college communications classes and am a resource teacher at a medium sized private elementary school." He remembers, "When I was a lot younger, I worked at 3 stations at the same time, and was carrying a full load at the university. The only way that I kept my sanity was to carry several 3X5 cards in my shirt pocket so that if I 'lost it' and was too busy trying to study, announce, run a board, write news copy, and answer the phone ... My absolute worst fear was to say the wrong air name or the wrong call letters. I did a news shift 6-11:15A (canned the noon report) @KACE Riverside, drove to college CSULB 12:30-6P, and then did a 7-Midnight at a live DJ rock/with 2 hours of taped programs(study time)@KREL Corona. And on the week-ends I did three shifts at an oldies station, KWIZ Santa Ana. I did get the best grades of my life! Almost a 4.0."

Charlie Menees
KWMU [St. Louis] 1971
KMOX [St. Louis] 1978-1993

Passed away.

Brad Mercer aka Radical Bradford
WFYV [Jacksonville FL] 1981
KKDJ [Fresno CA] 1987
KFIG [Fresno] 1990
- Brad Mitchell
WKLS [Atlanta GA] 1991-1994
KYZX [Colorado Springs CO] 1999-2001
- Bradford
KDGL [Palm Springs CA] 2006
Now: Brad says (11/08), "I'm doing PM drive on Classic Hits KDGL-FM, Palm Springs, CA; I founded the Brad Mercer Band, a high-energy Classic Rock group opening for major classic rock artists in area casinos; am married and planning on retiring here like everyone else; I absolutely love it. My fondest memories are of working with my ex-morning partner, Christopher Rude, who now has a very successful sports talk show on 680 The Fan in Atlanta, GA."

Tony Mercurio
KFAT [San Jose Ca] 1975
KSTN [Stockton CA] 1975
- Bobby Case
KDON [Salinas CA] 1976 - Michael Hines
KFIV [Modesto CA] 1977 - Michael Hines
KAZA [San Jose] 1977
KYUU [San Francisco CA] 1979
KJOY [Stockton] 1985
- Bobby Case
KSJQ [Stockton] 1988 - M.T. Head
KWG [Stockton] 1993
KQOD [Stockton] 1995-1996

jmcneal@ohms.com reports: "Tony Mercurio (engineer at KYUU and also a jock) passed away in February 2001, some four weeks after being diagnosed with cancer."

Jack Merker
KIMN [Denver] 1958
KYMN [Portland OR] 1964
KSDO [San Diego] 1975
KOGO [San Diego] 198?-1997

Jack was a public affairs specialist for the County of San Diego (since 1997) and was instrumental in the development of the county's cable television network. He was murdered in Palm Springs, CA Dec 1 or 2, 2001; the apparent victim of a robbery. He was 63.

John Merriam aka Johnny O'Neill aka John Thomas
KRLN [Canon City CO] 1973
KDZA [Pueblo CO] 1975
KXKX [Denver CO] 1977
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1978-1979
KAJA [San Antonio TX] 1981
KSCS [Ft. Worth TX] 1985
KRST [Albuquerque NM] 1988-1988
KKLI [Colorado Springs CO] 2003
Jones Radio net [Denver] 2005
- U.S. Country
KYGO [Denver] 2005
WJGL [Jacksonville FL] 2006
WOMC [Detroit MI] 2008

Now: John says (12/08), "I'm doing middays at Oldies WOMC, Detroit, Michigan; spent 15 years off the air involved in the development and support of radio software; music scheduling, research tabulation and database marketing products for the most part; I also lived a year in Vancouver BC when I married Kari who I met online from Dallas in 2002; I got back on the air in 2003 and am lovin' being back on the radio."

Ken Merson - The Merson Person
WLMD [Laurel MD] 1973
WCBM [Baltimore MD] 1974
WBSB [Baltimore] 1982
WWMX [Baltimore] 1986
WQSR [Baltimore] 1990
WLIF [Baltimore] 2005-2007
WOLX [Madison WI], WSNA/WKQK [Memphis TN] 2007
WIAD [Bethesda MD] 2010

Now: Ken says (1/10), "I'm doing weekends and fill at Adult Contemporary WIAD-FM, Bethesda, Maryland."

Brad Messer
KNUZ [Houston TX] 1961
KILT [Houston] 1964
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1966
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1969
KGB [San Diego CA] 1972
KMET [Los Angeles CA] 1977
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1980-2007

Now: Brad says (4/11), "I retired to Oregon in 2008; was a columnist for Radio & Records for 13 years, on Talkers Top 100 list for seven; also had a syndicated program Daybook on 600+ stations via Westwood One."

Doug Messimer
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WEZR [Washington DC] 1981-1984
Now: Doug says, "Since 1984 I have been working for the Virginia Employment Commission doing video production/agency PR, and an occassional freelance voice over job. I miss the heck out of real radio!".

Geoff Metcalf
WEAN [Providence RI] 1968-1971
WAAB [Worcester MA] 1974
WAAF [Worcester] 1975-1977
WBVD [Boston MA] 1980-1981
- GM
KPLA [Modeston CA] 1990
KSTE [Sacramento CA] 1992
KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1995
KGO [San Francisco CA] 2003-2004
- political pundit
WorldNetDaily [Grants Pass OR] 2000 - talk host
TalkAmerica [San Francisco CA] 2003-2004 - talk host
Liberty Broadcasting [Newark NJ] 2003 - talk host
Now: Geoff says (4/04), "I do a daily (Mon-Fri) talk show nationally syndicated by Liberty Broadcasting. I am editor/publisher of CalNews.com; and I'm an author: my first novel, The Terrorist Killers, was published in 1989. My first nonfiction book, In the Arena, was published in 2002. I continues to fill in on KSFO, WOR, KLIF and others; Occasionally, I show up on Fox News or elsewhere. Stories are too numerous (or potentially litigation prone). Otherwise, I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel (USAR), former Green Beret, Black Belt, and Eagle Scout. I like to hunt and fish and play with my son."

Hugh Metheny
WJSO [Jonesboro TN] 1961 - Hugh Martin
WSPF [Hickory NC] 1963 - Hugh Martin
WBBQ [Augusta GA] 1964 - Danny O'Shea
WJSO [Jonesboro] 1966 - Danny O'Shea
WEAM [Washington DC] 1967-1970 - Mark Allen
Now: Hugh says (12/06), "Since 1970, I have been the owner/operator of an advertsing agency; I am president of Good & Associates, Inc. (Good Advertising) for the Washington DC-Baltimore MD markets; I design ad campaigns and purchase media in the Washington/Baltimore market."

Kevin Metheny
KWHP-FM [Edmond OK] 1970 - Michael Flowers
WKY [Oklahoma City] 1971 - Kevin Michaels
KJR [Seattle] 1972 - Kevin O'Brien
KUUU [Seattle] 1975 - Kevin O'Brien
WNOE-FM [New Orleans] 1976 - Kevin O'Brien
KMJC [San Diego] 1977 - Kevin O'Brien
WZZD [Philadelphia] 1977
WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1978
KSLQ [St. Louis] 1980
WNBC [New York] 1980
MTV Networks [New York] 1984
- VP Programming & Production
KTKS-FM [Dallas] 1986
WSOK/WAEV-FM [Savannah GA] 1988
- GM
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1991
KQQL [Minneapolis] 1992
[Jacksonville FL] 1995
WTAM/WGAR-FM/WMJI [Cleveland OH] 1998
Clear Channel [Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton] 2002
- VP Programming
WGN [Chicago IL] 2008
WJR [Detroit MI] 2010
KGO/KSFO [San Francisco] 2014-2014

Kevin Metheny died Oct 3, 2014 (heart attack, age 60) in San Francisco, CA. See KGO-A/KSFO OM Kevin Metheny Passes (allaccess.com) and Kevin Metheny, former WGN-AM 720 boss and "Pig Virus" to Howard Stern, dead at 60 (Chicago Tribune).

Terrell Metheny
KTUL [Tulsa OK] 1957
WKDA [Nashville TN] 1959
- Ronn Terrell
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1960 - Mitch Michael
WKLO [Louisville KY] 1964 - Mitch Michael - VP/pgm
WMCA [New York NY] 1968
KJET/KWIC [Beaumont TX] 1974
WBCS/WMKE [Milwaukee WI] 1977 - Pres/GM
KUUY/KKAZ [Cheyenne WY] 1981 - owner
WYNK [Baton Rouge LA] 1985 - GM
WWNC [Asheville NC] 1986 - GM
KHLT [Little Rock AR] 1987 - GM
WSPD/WLQR [Toldeo OH] 1990 - GM
Metheny Media Co [Maui HI] 1993 - Pres
KKBN/KVML/KZSQ [Sonora CA] 1996-2001 - GM
Now: Terrell says (11/09), "After 50 years being paid to play radio, I retired from radio on 8/31/01 and am living in Van Buren, Arkansas where I am active in the Orthodox Church (OCA) as a lay person and serve as a pastoral aide at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith; I'm affiliated with the Mahlman Company and still do occasional consultancies and/or interim GM work." Terrell remembers Bill Stern.

Mike Metz
KIMN [Denver] 1961
KLNG [Omaha NE] 197?
KESY [Omaha] 197?
KOMJ [Omaha] 1961

Died in 1988 (heart attack) in Omaha, Nebraska.

Don Metzger
KHNR [Honolulu] 1992
Don Metzger died in 1997.

Bill Meyer
KIOT [Barstow CA] 1980 - Bill King
KFIV [Modesto CA] 1981 - Bill King
KPOP-FM [Sacramento CA] 1984 - Bill King
KPLZ [Seattle WA] 1984
WNRJ [Pittsburgh PA] 1989
KMAS [Olympia WA] 1990
KBOY-FM [Medford OR] 1992
KZZE [Medford] 1996
KFGO-FM [Fargo ND] 1999
KMED [Medford OR] 2001

Now: PD and mornings at News/Talk KMED, Medford, Oregon. Bill says (10/06), "I'm having the time of my life programming and doing morning drive talk; who would have thought after 26 years in the biz that non-music radio would be so much fun? Really enjoy the lifestyle in Southern Oregon ... but as most small market folk know, we don't come to small towns to 'die'; I work harder now than I ever did in the majors (and I thought I was sooooooooo overworked back then, too! ;-) Lovely memories of being so poor at KIOT in Barstow, CA back in 1980 that when the tower lights burned out, I volunteered to climb the towers and replace them ... even though I was afraid of heights; hey, $50 bucks a tower tax-free was big money to a starving newbie radio dumbass at the time! Of course, the owner tried to convince me that he meant $50 for both towers, rather than $50 PER tower; some things never change, do they?"

Rich Meyer
KFMQ [Lincoln NE] 1975
XTRA-FM [LA/San Diego/Tijuana] 1979
KAZY [Denver CO] 1981
WMET [Chicago IL] 1983
WNCI [Columbus OH] 1985
Mediabase [Los Angeles, CA] 1986
- founder/president
Now: Rich says (12/08), "In 1986, along with my wife, I established Mediabase, the first monitored airplay radio charts; we monitor more than 1,800 radio stations around the clock, with our data fueling the official USA TODAY music charts, along with dozens of radio countdown shows (including Ryan Seacrest, Casey Kasem, and many more). My best radio story actually occured on the air, unknowingly; I was on the air; not realizing I had not turned off the mike (new board to me), I started a Fleetwood Mac record, and continued my conversation with our consultant about firing one of the jocks; Oops. Fortunately, the receptionist stopped me before any damage was done!"

Jason Meyers aka Kid Corona aka Jason Garrett
KKLQ [San Diego CA] 1987
XHRM [Tijuana, Baja, Mexico/San Diego] 1989
XHTZ [Tijuana, Baja, Mexico/San Diego] 1990
KOY-FM [Phoenix, AZ] 1991
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1991
KKFR [Phoenix] 1992
KVRY [Phoenix] 1994
- aka The Disco Stranger
KHYT [Tucson AZ] 1996
KPTY [Phoenix] 1998-1998

Now: Jason says (1/07), "Went to work in newspapers/multimedia in 1998, now thriving in the public relations field in the Phoenix area; often appear on TV." He remembers his radio days, "...Helping to launch the new Jammin' Z-90 in San Diego as the station's original night jock; hangin' out with Jo Jo Kincaid and Chuck Cannon at Q106; surviving the radio wars between KZZP, Y-95 and Power92 in Phoenix; editing reel-to-reel tape with a razor blade and dubbing carts until 2am."

Ray Meyers
WSUZ [Palatka FL] 1961-1961 - Bob Taylor
WINZ [Miami FL] 1964
WAME [Miami] 1966-1966
WMBM/WGOS [Miami] 1968
- CE
WVCG/WYOR [Miami] 1969
WOCN [Miami] 1975
- CE
WWOK/WIGL [Miami] 1976 - CE
WIOD/WAIA [Miami] 1977-1977
WLRN [Miami] 1981

Now: Ray says (5/04), "I am a staff engineer at Public WLRN-FM (and TV), Miami, Florida; I also own Sound Masters Commercial Recording Co. (since 1957); am president, United Radio Network (since 1975); president, Travelers Radio Network (since 1993); former president, Benchmark Communications Corp (group station owner, 1983-1997); owner of Florida Stereo Network (1971-1975); president, Different Aspect Productions, Inc." Click for more from Ray.

Charlie Meyerson
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WGN [Chicago IL] 1999
Now: Charlie says (9/06), "I am senior producer and columnist at News/Talk WGN for chicagotribune.com.".

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