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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (M1)

Andy Martin
KRAL [Rawlins WY] 1980
KIQZ [Rawlins] 1984
KQSW [Rock Springs WY] 1986
WMYR [Ft. Myers FL] 1986
WRCC [Ft. Myers] 1986
WRGI [Naples FL] 1986
- Andy Holiday
XHRM [Tijuana, Baja, Mexico] 1990 - Andy Holiday
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1993
KBEE [Salt Lake City UT] 2000
KUDD [Ogden UT] 2000
- Andy Holiday
Now: Mornings at Top-40 KUDD-FM (Power 107-9), Ogden, Utah.

Bob Martin
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WMXC [Mobile AL] 1986 - Robert Gage
WOMC [Detroit MI] 1994-1996
Now: Bob says (2/16), "After leaving WOMC-FM, I moved back to Mobile, Alabama (wife's hometown) and worked a little more radio for a few years, then retired from the business to start my own gun parts company which is still in business at www.CheapGunParts.com. And, after also losing my right leg in an accident in 2014, I started the website www.amputationhelp.com and after building my home studio, I have started to record podcasts for other amputees."

Brad Martin
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KPBS [San Diego CA] 1998
Now: Brad says (10/02), "I am PM anchor at Public KPBS-FM, San Diego, California."

Brad Martin
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WFHN [Fairhaven MA] 2004
Now: Brad says (3/04), "I have started my own production company providing copywriting, voiceover and audio production work; plus just to keep in radio, I'm working weekends at Top-40 WFHN-FM and WKKB, Fairhaven, MA; and am on call with WPXC, WCIB, WRZE on Cape Cod where I live with my family."

Charlie Martin
KHOW [Denver CO] 196?
KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1998-2000

Now: Between engagements. Danny Davis, KOY PD and Martin's on-air partner, said (Feb 2000) "AMFM wants to cut back and Charlie got fired!"

Chris Martin
KXEO [Columbia MO] 1967
KBLE [Seattle WA] 1968
WXOX [Bay City MI] 1968
WBCM [Bay City] 1969
WXOX [Bay City] 1970
KKIN [Aitkin MN] 1970
KCIA [Hobbs NM] 1971
WBHP [Huntsville AL] 1975
KQXE/KIOG [Phoenix AZ] 1977
KAYC/KAYD [Beaumont TX] 1982
KRBL [Lubbock TX] 1998
- manager
Now: Chris (Martin Staudenruaus) says, "Except the short stint at KRBL as Manager, I left the biz in the early 1980s. I now work for ATT Wireless Services. Seems like most of the stations I worked are now defunct or have been beaten up by their FM counterpart. I'm still looking for Larry Coates, who worked with me at WBHP in Huntsville, Alabama."

Chuck Martin
Y103 [Jacksonville FL] 196?
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 196?
WNHC [New Haven] 1971
KISN [Portland OR] 197?
WIFE [Indianpolis IN] 1972
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1977
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1980
KWST [LA] 1981
Chapman College [LA] 1982
- Broadcast Journalism Instructor
Now: Owns ad agency/production studio in Southern California. Residing in Diamond Bar CA.

Chuck Martin
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KCLW [Hamilton TX] 1993
Now: Chuck says (6/03), "I sold my Hamilton, Texas station (Country KCLW) in 2000 but still do the morning show from my home in Marietta, Ohio. I am also a consultant for Western Music Broadcasters."

Dave Martin
KMOD [Tulsa OK] 1970
WMAD [Madison WI] 1974
KQRS-FM [Minneapolis] 1975
WFYR [Chicago] 1976
WBZ [Boston] 1978
WCFL [Chicago] 1979
WCLR [Chicago] 1982
Doubleday [New York] 1984
- group PD
Midcontinent Media [??] 198? - President
The Radio Consultants [Edina MN] 198? - President
KOAI/KRBV/KHVN [Dallas TX] 1997 - GM
Now: General Manager of CBS O&O KOAI, KRBV, KHVN, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas.

Don Martin
KICN [Denver] 1960
KIMN [Denver] 1962
KHOW [Denver] 196?

Now: Retired from the radio biz but still doing some voice-over work -- in Denver, Colorado.

Donald K. Martin
KDWB [Minneapolis] 1964
WDGY [Minneapolis] 1969-1977

Now: Don says (8/10), "I finished my radio career at WDGY in Minneapolis and St. Paul MN in 1977; sold new construction homes for the next 30 years, retiring in 2006; was inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame in October 2010.

Glen Martin
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KLUV [Dallas TX] 1989-1994
Now: Glen says (2/09), "Internet only Christmas Radio Network since 2000; I still live in Dallas, doing freelance video editing."

Glen Martin
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1968
KQIQ [Ventura CA] 1970
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1971
KPOI [Honolulu] 1972
KFMB-FM [San Diego CA] 1975
- Glen McCartney
WFYR [Chicago IL] 1984
WCLR [Chicago] 1988
- Glen McCartney
KLTX [Seattle WA] 1988-1993
KJR-FM [Seattle] 1988-1993
- Glen McCartney
Now: Glen says (7/03), "I'm a financial planner and investment advisor with the same firm since 1993. Living in Seattle, WA suburbs ... I still have all my Boss 30s from KHJ 1965-1969. Miss the business sometimes even though I enjoy what I do."

Greg Martin
WBCI [Williamsburg VA] 1981
WWDE [Norfolk VA] 1981
WKEZ [Norfolk] 1983
WTJZ [Norfolk] 1984
WQSF [Williamsburg] 1986
WMBG [Williamsburg] 1986
WPEX [Norfolk] 1988-2000
WKEZ [Norfolk] 1988
WFOG [Norfolk] 1992-1995
WVKL [Norfolk] 1997-1999
WSRV [Gloucester VA] 2003-2005
WMBG [Williamsburg] 2017

Now: Greg says (1/18), "I am host of Martin in Morning on Nostalgia WMBG, Williamsburg, Virginia; and my wife (Kay) and I operate A.M. DJ Services mobil DJ company."

Harry Martin aka Happy Hare
KGBC [Galveston TX] 1947
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1950-1951
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1955
WADO [New York NY] 1960
KYW [Cleveland OH] 1962
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1968
KCBQ [San Diego] 1969-1971
KPOP [San Diego] 1999-2004

Harry Martin died Jan 5, 2009 (81: liver cancer). See The Death Of HAPPY HARE (Harry Martin) (DJ & Radio Virtual Museum); happy hare (Chris Cantore); and Happy Hare kept radio jumping (North County Times).

Jeff Martin
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WANB [Waynesburgh PA] 1996-1998
Now: Jeff says (10/04), "I am living in Moundsville, West Virginia; working as a supervisor for a telemarketing firm."

'Mad' Joe Martin
KSCB [Liberal KS] 1971 - Ron Rice
KTRN [Wichita Falls TX] 1972
KLUR [Wichita Falls] 1980-1980
KTRN [Wichita Falls] 1983
KKQV [Wichita Falls] 1984
KNIN [Wichita Falls] 1990
KYYI [Wichita Falls] 1997-1998, 2006-2008

Now: Joe says (8/15), "I left radio in 2008 to continue my mobile entertainment company which started in 1975. I would love to hear from anyone I worked with over the years."

Ken Martin
WHUM [Reading PA] 1947-1947
WCHA [Chambersburg PA] 1953
WLDB [Atlantic City NJ] 1955
WHLI [Hempstead NY] 1957
WTMI [Miami FL] 1970-1999
WKAT [Miami] 2003

Now: Joe Cassara says (2/04), "Ken is afternoon drive host on South Florida's new Classical 1360 (the only station playing the music after Cox radio turned WTMI into dance music)."

Kyle Martin
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KRTI [Newton IA] 2001
KFJB [Marshalltown IA] 2004

Now: Mornings at News/Talk KFJB, Marshalltown, Iowa. Kyle says (5/03), "I'm the son of Charley Martin of Hal & Charley, KHOW, Denver, CO."

Lee Martin
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WERA [Plainfield NJ] 1994-1995
Now: Lee says (3/04), "I was Manager of Client Services for Radio Netherlands, North America, Livingston, New Jersey from 1995 until my retirement in 2001."

Pat Martin (Pat Lopeman)
WBYS [Peoria IL] 1966
WIOK [Bloomington IL] 1968
- Lee Patrick
WITY [Danville IL] 1969 - Lee Patrick
WISM [Madison WI] 1969 - Les Patrick
WTLB [Utica/Rome NY] 1971 - Lee Patrick
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1972
WXLW [Indianapolis] 1972
WDXR [Paducah KY] 1974
WSPT [Stevens Point WI] 1976
WBCS/WMKE [Milwaukee WI] 1981
WRKR [Milwaukee] 1983-1985
- GM
WPHD [Elmira NY] 1992-1995 - owner
WXYQ [Traverse City MI] 1994-1997 - owner
WMOM [Ludington MI] 1999 - owner
Now: Pat says (5/04), "I own Hot AC WMOM-FM ("Always Listen to Your Mom"), Ludington Michigan."

Pat Martin
KZIQ [Ridgecrest CA] 1977
KGB-FM [San Diego CA] 1978-1988
KMET [Los Angeles CA] 1986-1987
KRXQ [Sacramento CA] 1988

Now: Pat says (12/08), "I'm the midday guy at KRXQ-FM (98 Rock), Sacramento, California; in 2008, I celebrated my 20th year on the station on the same shift, a market record."

Peter Martin
KXOK [St. Louis] 1961
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1968
- GM
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1972 - GM
Passed away in the mid-1980s.

Randi Martin
WSHE [Miami FL] 1978 - Robin Martin
WZTA [Miami] 1981 - Robin Martin
WLVE [Miami] 1983 - Robin Martin
WFLC [Miami] 1986
WIOD [Miami] 1988
WMGF [Miami] 1990
WASH [Washington DC] 1993
WARW [Bethesda MD] 2002-2003

Now: Randi says (1/08), "I've been with XM Radio since 2003 (The Blend XM 25 and X-Country XM 12) and I'm running my voice-over biz."

Roger Martin
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KGOE [Thousand Oaks CA] 1973-1974 - Rog Martin
Now: Roger says (11/04), "I am still hosting Out & About with Roger Martin which is shown in Missouri, Ohio and California."

Roxanne Martin
WWSW [Pittsburgh] 197?
Now: ???

Russ Martin
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KYNG [Dallas TX] 2000
KLLI [Dallas] 2004

Now: PM drive at KLLI-FM ("Alternative Talk"), Dallas, Texas. Michael Revett says (2/04), "Russ is a lifelong Dallas area resident. An area animal shelter and listener's fund for local police and fire departments are among his charitable offerings. His show is among the top-rated in afternoon drive in Dallas/Ft.Worth."

Tom Martin
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WVLK [Lexington KY] 1995-1997
Now: Tom says (12/02), "I am Press Secretary for Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry; and a voice-over artist."

W. Steven Martin
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KNIX [Phoenix AZ] 1977-2001
Now: Steve says, (Aug 2002), "I own WSM Promotions, Phoenix, Arizona."

Wink Martindale
WHBQ [Memphis] 1952
KHJ [LA] 1959
Deck of Cards [Memphis] 1959
- Dot Records
KRLA [LA] 1960
KFWB [LA] 1962
What's This Song? NBC-TV [LA] 1964
- host
KGIL [LA] 1968
KHJ/KCOP/KTLA [LA] 1960s-70s
- TV dance show host
Those Were the Days [LA] 1973 - syndicated: host
The Elvis Presley Story [LA] 1975 - syndicated: host
:20-:20 Music World [LA] 198? - syndicated: host
KMPC [LA] 1983
KABC [LA] 1988
KJQI [LA] 1993
Wink Martindale Enterprises [LA] 1980s-1990s
Gambit, High Rollers, Tic Tac Dough, others: host
Debt Lifetime TV [LA] 1996 - host
Now: Hosting Debt on Lifetime cable TV net and running Wink Martindale Enterprises - in Los Angeles, California.

Rick Martini
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KOSI-FM [Denver CO] 2001
WNEW-FM [New York NY] 2003

Now: Rick says (4/04), "I'm APD and Music Director at Hot AC WNEW-FM, New York, New York.".

Brian Martinez
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KTIP [Visalia CA] 2005
Now: Brian says (11/07), "I am assistant PD, news anchor and a production genius at News/Talk KTIP, Porterville, CA."

Danny Martinez
KHJ [LA] 1973
KFI [LA] 1978
KYSR [LA] 1994
KCBS-FM [LA] 1997

Now: At Classic Rock KCBS-FM, Los Angeles.

Heather Martinez
KBBY [Ventura CA] 1986-1988 - Heather Thornton
KKMG [Pueblo CO] 1990 - Heather Austin
KIKX [Colorado Springs CO] 1991-1992 - Heather Thornton
KKLI [Colorado Springs] 1994-1997 - Heather Thornton
KOSI-FM [Denver CO] 1995-1996
KYXY [San Diego CA] 2001
KFSH [Los Angeles CA] 2004

Now: Heather says (9/04), "I'm working part-time at Christian Contemporary KFSH-FM (The Fish), Los Angeles, CA; living in Los Angeles, CA; and working full-time for Westwood One Radio Network."

Chip Martz
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KOEL-FM [Waterloo IA] 2002 - Dallas Kincade
Now: Chip/Dallas says (11/02) "I'm in sales for the Cumulus stations (KOEL-FM, KOEL-AM, KKCV, KCRR) in Waterloo, Iowa. Miss being on the air everyday, but enjoying the money and having the weekends and holidays off to spend with my family."

Ted Marvelle
KGB [San Diego CA] 1965
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1967
KNUZ [Houston TX] 1968
KBIG-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1969
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1971
WOMC [Detroit] 1973
WCCW [Traverse City MI] 1974
KAFY [Bakersfield] 1977
KCBQ/KSDO/KSON [San Diego] 1978
KFMS [Las Vegas NV] 1984

Now: Ted says, "I am semi-retired, and have become an emegency medical tech (watched too many old Emergency shows). Still do a little broadcasting when the mood and opportunity agree. Living in Las Vegas, Nevada." He remembers, "The best time in radio may have been the very begining, learning good radio from Bill Drake and his crew at KGB (Les Turpin, Bill Wade, K.O. Bayley, Dick Sainte and Tom Maule)."

Jay Marvin
KWMC [Del Rio TX] 1973
WWOD [Lynchburg VA] 1974
KIXZ [Amarillo TX] 1975
WAME [Charlotte NC] 1977-1978
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1990
WTMJ [Milwaukee WI] 1992
WLS-FM [Chicago IL] 1994
WLS [Chicago] 1995
KHOW [Denver CO] 1996
WLS [Chicago] 1998
KKZN [Boulder CO] 2005-2010

Now: Jay says (7/10), "I'm out of radio due to medical reasons."

David Marxx
Now: Middays at WEZB, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Alan Mason
KVAN [Vancouver WA] 1968
KYES [Roseburg OR] 1968
- John Cooper
KUDI [Great Falls MT] 1969 - The Duke
KQWB [Fargo ND] 1970 - Dave Shannon
KGW [Portland] 1970 - Mike Rivers
KING [Seattle WA] 1975 - Mike Rivers
KYA/KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1977
King Broadcasting [Seattle] 1981
- group PD
KGW [Portland OR] 1985 - VP/GM
Paxson Com. [West Palm Beach FL] 1994-2001 - VP
Now: Alan's daughter, Jennifer Riordan, reports (7/04), "Alan Mason has taken on a new roll as Director of Research at EMF Broadcasting, Rocklin, California."

Brian Mason
WLAC [Nashville TN] 1974
WSM [Nashville] 1977
WSM-FM [Nashville] 1978
WLAC-FM [Nashville] 1983
WJXA [Nashville] 1998-2011

Now: Brian says (6/11), I retired the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) show on Jun 26, 2011."

Chuck Mason
WCBH [Casey IL] 1993
WXEF [Effingham IL] 1995
WXET [Arcola IL] 1996
WMGI [Terre Haute In] 1997
WCBH [Casey] 1999
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 2000
WAOA [Melbourne FL] 2001
KHIH [Denver CO] 2002
WKZI [Casey] 2003-2004
WMGI [Terre Haute] 2006

Now: Chuck says (7/07), "I have returned to Top-40 WMGI-FM, Terre Haute, Indiana doing part time & weekends."

Dave Mason
WSAY [Rochester NY] 1966
WLEA [Hornell NY] 1967
- Dave Rosati
WENE [Binghamton NY] 1968 - Dave Roe
WAXC [Rochester] 1973
WBBF [Rochester] 1975
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1977
WBBF [Rochester] 1979
WGR [Buffalo NY] 1981
WKRC [Cincinnati OH] 1983
WTAE/WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1985-1988
- GM
KJQY/KGB-FM [San Diego CA] 1999
XHOCL [Tijuana, Baja] 2003
KOGO [San Diego] 2005
XPRS [Tijuana] 2008
KRTH [Los Angeles CA] 2013
XPRS [Tijuana] 2017
KXSN [San Diego] 2017

Now: Dave says (7/17), "I am doing part time at Adult Contemporary KXSN-FM (Sunny 98), San Diego, California." See Dave's Narration Now page.

Jeffrey T. Mason
WYCL [Reading PA] 1990 - Shawn Allan
WEEU [Reading] 1991
WLAN/WLAN-FM [Lancaster PA] 1993
WIMX [Harrisburg] 1993
WLEV [Allentown PA] 1993
WKRZ [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1994
WBSS [Atlantic City NJ] 1995
WFBC [Greenville SC] 1995
- Jeffrey B. Mason
WSTW [Wilmington DE] 1995
WEDJ [Charlotte NC] 1995
WXLK/WLYK [Roanoke VA] 1995
WIOQ [Philadelphia PA] 1996
WYXR [Philadelphia] 1998
WAYV [Atlantic City] 1998
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1998
WKIE/WDEK [Chicago/De Kalb IL] 1998
WXXY/WYXX [Chicago] 1999
WZZN [Chicago] 2001
WKIE/WDEK [Chicago/De Kalb] 2001
WGRL [Indianapolis IN] 2003
WNOU [Indianapolis] 2004
KLUV [Dallas TX] 2004
WKIS [Miami FL] 2004
WMZQ [Washington DC] 2007
KMLE [Phoenix AZ] 2010
- JJ
KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 2010
WJMK [Chicago] 2013

Now: Jeffrey says (5/13), "I left KOOL-FM Nov 2, 2012 to take some much needed time off for myself; after 5 very relaxing and rewarding months, I returned to Chicago radio, doing 7p-Midnight at Classic Hits WJMK-FM (104.3 K-Hits); this is my fifth station with CBS Radio and it's a blast being back in my favorite city ever after 10 years away."

Jerry Mason
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WLTE [Minneapolis MN] 1986
KWOA/KWOA-FM/KITN [Worthington MN] 2007-2008

Now: Jerry (Robert Olson) says (5/10), "I left position after an unprecendented 90.9 Arbitron Share of the Audience at KITN-FM (The Breeze), where I did mornings; planning retirement in style at my studio/home in Sibley Iowa..."

Joe Mason
KSLQ [St. Louis MO] 1976
KCFM [St. Louis] 1978
KSHE [St. Louis] 1979
KSD-FM [St. Louis] 1987-1993

Now: Joe says (3/03), "I am director for TV and president of Illustrated Man (advertising/marketing agency), St. Louis, MO."

Kevin Mason
WQZQ [Norfolk VA] 1979-1979 - Mason Creek
WPSK/WPUV [Pulaski VA] 1983
WJJJ/WVVV [Christiansburg VA] 1984
WSLC/WSLQ [Roanoke VA] 1984
WCMS [Norfolk VA] 1984
WLVK [Charlotte NC] 1987
WBHP [Huntsville AL] 1988
WRXZ [Bloomington IL] 1989
WFMS [Indianapolis IN] 1993
WQMX/WAKR [Akron OH] 1995-2006

Now: Kevin says (1/07), "I am the VP/GM for Rust Records, an up-and-coming independent label in Nashville -- our artist roster includes Aaron Tippin, BlackHawk, and the PovertyNeck Hillbillies; in Oct 2006 I was named to the Ohio Radio & Televison Broadcasters Hall of Fame."

Mark Mason
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KEX [Portland OR] 1995
Now: PM drive at News KEX, Portland, Oregon.

Mitch Mason
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KIKF [Los Angeles CA] 1988-1990
Now: Mitch says (11/09), "I left radio for good in 1990; I am now a consulting television broadcast engineer in Los Angeles, California."

Steve Mason
Now: Morning sports host at XTRA, San Diego/LA.

Terry Mason
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WOMX [Orlando FL] 2000-2002
Now: Terry says (5/03), "I am PD and morning host at Waitt Radio Networks AC/Pure format, Omaha, Nebraska."

Steve Matela aka Dino
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1969-1971 - Steve Andrews
WPIX [New York NY] 1970 - Steve Andrews
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1975 - Super Steve
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1976
WZIR [Buffalo] 1979
KEZL [San Diego] 1985
XHTZ [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1987
KCBQ [San Diego] 1987-1993

Now: Steve says (4/16), "I am Managing Director, U.S. Operations Eurocinema World,Charlotte, NC."

Bob Mathers
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WQSR [Baltimore MD] 2001
KOMO [Seattle WA] 2007

Now: Bob says (2/08), "I am an editor and anchor for KOMO 1000 News Radio, Seattle, Washington; and I operate http://ultimateoldiesradio.com/, my 50s, 60s & 70s streaming radio Web site."


Mark Mathew
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1966
KISD [Sioux Falls SD] 1967
KGRC [Hannibal MO] 1968
KUSN [St. Joseph MO] 1977
KSHB-TV [Kansas City MO] 1978
WOI-TV [Ames IA] 1981
KOMA/KRXO [Oklahoma City OK] 1991-2002

Now: Mark says (5/04), "I retired from broadcasting in 2002 after serving ten years with KOMA/KRXO in Oklahoma City, and as a member of the sportscasting team for the University of Oklahoma football, basketball and baseball broadcasts. I am president, CEO, and majority stockholder of Super Series Baseball of America� Inc (corporate offices in Mesa, Arizona)."

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Marilyn Mathews
WOWW [Pensacola FL] 1993-1994
Now: Marilyn says (4/16), "I basically 'retired' from radio in the mid-1990s to run some businesses in Florida -- other than short stints here and there to keep the air checks up to date. I returned to college in 2007; currently teaching in special education at a high school in Portland, Oregon. Still missing all the wonderful radio friends I made all over."

Charlie Matkin
WHEP [Mobile AL] 1954
WNPT [Tuscaloosa] 1954
WTBC [Tuscaloosa] 1955
WJRD [Tuscaloosa] 1956
WCRT [Birmingham AL] 1957
WBRC [Birmingham] 1958
WGCM [Gulfport MS] 1959
WALA [Mobile] 1960
WABB [Mobile] 1960
WWOM [New Orleans LA] 1961
WSHO [New Orleans] 1962
WDSU [New Orleans] 1962
WNPS [New Orleans] 1966
WWL [New Orleans] 1967
WNPS [New Orleans] 1969
WEZB [New Orleans] 1973
WWIW [New Orleans] 1976
WBYU [New Orleans] 1979
WSMB [New Orleans] 1985

Now: Charlie says (7/06), "I am involved in music activities in New Orleans, Louisiana, plus doing lectures on Old Time Radio."

Celeste Matthews
KDBS [Alexandria LA] 1980
KQID [Alexandria] 1980
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1980
WTIX [New Orleans] 1981
WLTS [New Orleans] 1983
WCKW [New Orleans] 1985
ABC radio [Dallas TX] 1992
KYNG [Dallas] 1995
KIKK [Houston TX] 1997

Now: Middays at Country KIKK, Houston, Texas.

Chris Matthews
KIIM [Tucson AZ] 1997
KOAZ [Tucson] 2001
- Tomcat
KIIM [Tucson] 2002
KTMY [Boise ID] 2006
- Shotgun
KAWO [Boise] 2007 - Tarzan Dan
Now: Chris says (7/07), "I am Tarzan Dan, middays on KAWO (Wow Country 104.3), Boise, Idaho."

Chuck Matthews
WNCX [Cleveland OH] 1992 - Chuck Gregg
WHBC/WHBC-FM [Canton] 1993
WMJI [Cleveland] 1994-2000
WLLD [Columbus OH] 1995
- Clyde McBride
WZOO [Ashtabula OH] 1995
WNPQ [Canton] 1996
WKFM [Sandusky OH] 1996
WMMS/WMVX/WAKS [Cleveland] 1999
WTRG/WRDU [Raleigh NC] 2000
WTOD [Toledo OH] 2005-2008

Now: Chuck says (6/08), "I was downsized by Cumulus Toledo where I was Director of Creative Services and PD for talk WTOD-AM; freelance VO and production still going strong under Chuck Matthews Productions; and I am Creative Director for a Toledo, Ohio advertising agency, but looking for another radio gig that is a good fit, rogramming and/or imaging."

Dave Matthews
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WEBG [Orlando FL] 2002-2006
Now: Dave says (4/13), "I am a business owner in Orlando, Florida. I do miss the radio biz and being on air..."

Jack Matthews
WTCS [Fairmont WV] 1958-1959
WABC [New York NY] 1961-1963
KRCH [St. Louis MO] 1967
KEZK [St. Louis] 1973
KCFM [St. Louis] 1975
KADI [St. Louis] 1977
KYSR [St. Louis] 1984
KWK-FM [El Paso TX] 1984
WMRV [Binghamton NY] 1985
KROD [El Paso] 1986
KINT-FM [El Paso] 1992
KAMZ [El Paso] 1994
KHEY/KHEY-FM [El Paso] 1996-1996

Now: Jack says (4/04), "I owned SPORTSOUND (Sportscars track announcing in St. Louis, Tulsa & Dallas on FM frequency) from 1974-1982; and I am a professional actor for a touring theater company (1984 to present) and community theater actor (1976-present: best actor: Visiting Mr. Green 2003). I got out of the radio rat race in 1996 to get a real job -- in El Paso, Texas (letter carruer for the United States Postal Service); tripled my income in one year. I'm now into my third career, after designing HVAC systems for major hospitals and fiberglass railroad cars. All those years I sat in a comfortable stool in air-conditioned studios interviewing famous persons, and now I'm out walking in temperatures nearing 114 degrees (somtimes) delivering social security checks. It's not nearly as much fun as racing elephants or wing-walking (twice) but it is satisfying."

John Matthews
WRQN [Toledo OH] 1992
KGMZ [Honolulu] 1997
KLOU [St. Louis MO] 2007-2009

Now: John says (8/10), "I am working towards a PhD in Communication from the University of Miami, Miami, Florida."

Scott Matthews
WGBE [Williamsport PA] 1989 - Chris Matthews
WKSB [Williamsport] 1991 - Chris Matthews
WRVV [Harrisburg PA] 1992
WYSP [Philadelphia PA] 1994
- Scott Luth
WRVE [Schenectady NY] 1996
WEQX [Manchester VT] 1997
WRVV [Harrisburg] 1998
WMGK [Philadelphia] 1999-2000
WRVE [Schenectady] 2004-2005

Now: Scott says (1/05), "I do PM drive at Adult Album Alternative WRVV-FM, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is a great place to work and the people are the best ... that's why I'm here! With Clear Channel, I have the great opportunity to diversify with voice tracking and voice imaging, too! In the 1990s, I made the weekend commute to Philly. The opportunity to work with Tim Sabian & John DeBella was a great learning expererience that I still value."

Casey Matlock aka Matt Casey
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KBIM/KBIM-FM [Roswell NM] 2002-2009
Now: Casey says (7/09), "I am retired from radio and spending my time selling cars; I keep my on air habit fed by doing weather for Radio Forecast Network."

Ken Matz
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1960-1977
WRAW [Reading PA] 1964-1966
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1966-1969
- AKA Gary Smith
KYW [Philadelphia] 1977-1977
Now: Ken says (2/05), "I am retired in Sarasota, Florida; member Broadcast Pioneers, George Allen's Media Round Table."

Jeff Matzka
WOKO [Albany NY] 1979 - Jeff Allen
WPTR [Albany] 1979 - Jeff Allen
WFLY [Albany] 1980 - Jeff Allen
WWOM/WABY [Albany] 1980 - Jeff Allen
WIRL [Peoria IL] 1984 - Jeff Allen
WHAM [Rochester NY] 1985
WASH [Washington DC] 1986
- Jeff Roberts
Voice of America Europe [Washington DC] 1988-1997 - Jeff Roberts
WMZQ [Washington DC] 1996-1997 - Jeff Roberts
WWZZ [Washington DC] 1997-2003
WWVZ [Frederick MD] 1997-2003

Now: Jeff says (9/05), "In March 2005, I started working for Salem Communications, National News & Public Affairs Division as Production Director for Beyond the News Weekend Journal, a nationally syndicated weekly news journal program, heard on more than 100 stations nationwide; I also do a daily radio show on Radio Voyager, a music-radio service of WorldSpace Satellite Radio, Washington DC; and, I am still running my voiceover business, Jeff Matzka Voiceovers, Washington, DC. Life is busy, but GOOD!"

Joe Mauk
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KMJ [Fresno CA] 1989
Now: Chief Engineer ("tryin' to keep 'em on the air") at News/Talk KMJ; Market Engineer for Infinity Broadcasting, Fresno, Calfornia.

Tom Maule
KMAK [Fresno] 1962
KGB [San Diego] 1964
KHJ [LA] 1967
KFRC [San Francisco] 1967
KDAY [LA] 1969
KARM [Fresno] 1976

Passed away in 1993.

Mark Mauney
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KCON [Little Rock AR] 1984-1998 - ad mgr
Now: Mark says (4/03), "I am a manager for Radio Shack. I loved nearly every minute of my time in the radio biz. Despite my off-air responsibilities, I always had an air shift to keep my chops in shape."

Chris Mavros
WKDD [Cleveland OH] 1976 - Chris Michaels
WCUE [Akron OH] 1978 - Chris Michaels
WLYT [Cleveland] 1980 - Chris Manning
WLTF [Cleveland] 1982 - Chris Manning
WZAK [Cleveland] 1984
WHK [Cleveland] 2004

Now: Chris says (8/06), "I'm an announcer and in sales at News/Talk WHK, Cleveland, Ohio; I also have a group of clients I do voice-over for."

Ben Maxwell
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CayRock [George Town, Cayman Islands] 2006
KISS FM [George Town] 2007

Now: Ben says (10/07), "I am living in the Cayman Islands working as the PD/morning-show host for 96.5 CayRock (and PD of 106.1 KISS FM since 2007); building on well-defined music, solid on-air features, and executing creative promotions, we've established a solid brand..."

Bob May
Now: GM at KSNM/KXDA, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Pete May
KKMG [Pueblo CO] 1983
KATM [Pueblo] 1986
KKMG [Pueblo] 1988
KIIQ [Colorado Springs CO] 1991
KKFM [Colorado Springs] 1993
KKCS-FM [Colorado Springs] 1994
KXPK [Denver CO] 1994
KENZ [Salt Lake City UT] 1996
KUUU [Provo UT] 2004

Now: Pete says (7/05), "I am Production Director for Millcreek Broadcasting's three Salt Lake City properties (Hip-Hop KUUU/U-92, Active RockHTB/94.9 The Blaze, and Hot AC KUDE/107.9 The Mix); great group of people to work with, with an old-school mentality -- everybody does a little bit of something beyond their core jobs -- and no huge egos! I also have a production company (I've voiced projects for companies such as Symantec and 3Com)."

Bob Mayben
WAAX [Gadsden AL] 1963
WCRL [Oneonta AL] 1965
WJBY [Gadsden] 1969
- Bobaloo
WEXP [Gadsden] 1974 - station mgr
WQEN [Gadsden] 1978
WKXC [Chattanooga TN] 1980
- GM, CE
WWKX [Nashville TN] 1981 - CE
CNN Radio [Atlanta GA] 1985 - CE
WCNN [Atlanta] 1986 - CE
WKXJ [Chattanooga] 1990 - CE
WRVR [Memphis TN] 1992 - CE
WRGA [Rome GA] 1994
WMYU [Knoxville TN] 1997
- CE
WGAD [Gadsden] 2002-2002 - Little Bobby Mayben
WGAD [Gadsden] 2004 - CE
Now: Bob says (8/15), "I am Chief Engineer for Oldies WGAD, Gadsden, Alabama and doing a two hour oldies show every Saturday and Sunday on WGAD AM/FM; and am the Regional Sales Manager for SCMS Inc., selling broadcast equipment in the Southeastern U.S." And he recalls, "In 1989, we were building a new tower for WCNN's FM sister WALR. I was at the base of the new tower, trying to use my primitive cell phone, it would not work so that I could call the GM and tell him we had 'topped out' the tower. I left after congratulating the crew. By the time I got to the interstate, the tower had fallen, and when I returned to the site, I found a 20 foot section of 5 foot face tower laying across my tire tracks of 10 minutes earlier."

Paul Mayer
WENY [Elmira NY] 1972 - Paul Leigh
WLOB [Portland ME] 1973 - Paul Leigh
XEROK [El Paso TX/Juarez Mex] 1974 - Paul Leigh
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1975 - Paul Leigh
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1975 - Morning Mayer
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1977 - Morning Mayer
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1977 - Night Mayer
KULF [Houston TX] 1980
WAIV [Jacksonville FL] 1980
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1980
WBSB [Baltimore MD] 1986
WWMX [Baltimore] 1988
WMTZ [Augusta GA] 1992
WKXC [North Augusta SC] 1993-1995

Now: Paul says (6/17), "Career shift from radio in 1999 to real estate sales. In 2016 began to relax and enjoy a less stressful lifestyle: on the East coast, living near the beach; enjoy occasionally running into many acquaintances from the classic days of radio. What a ride! and I dare to admit, I've written a book, The Beet Goes On And On -- I encourage everyone to read it."

Roger Mayer
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KHBG [Santa Rosa CA] 1997-1998 - GM
Now: Roger says (5/10), "I own Roger Mayer Video Productions and Balanced Visions Television, Newport Beach, California -- primarily producing video for Internet and TV."

Ken Mayfield
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WLFJ [Greenville SC] 1999-2003 net ops dir
Now: Ken says (10/02), "I am Minister of Communications (producing a weekly TV show) at First North (First Baptist Church), North Spartanburg, South Carolina."

Mark Mayhew
WOMI/WBKR [Owensboro KY] 1980
WIKY [Evansville IN] 1983
WNTA [Rockford IL] 1992

Now: Mark says (2/07), "I'm a news anchor and talk-show host at WNTA, Rockford, Illinois; I've been with WNTA through three owners since 1992; started out as News and Program Director."

Roy Mayhugh
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KLOA [Ridgecrest CA] 1989-1996 - owner/GM
Now: Roy says (9/06), "I own Mayhugh Media; we are building new TV station in Palmdale, California."

Ken Maynard
WVOV [Huntsville AL] 1974 - Ken Maynard Aynard
Now: ???

Al Mayo
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WHAS [Louisville KY] 2002
Now: Al says (12/03), "I'm working at News/Talk WHAS on weekends; I work full-time for a major media monitoring company."

Jason Mayoff
Now: Morning news at CIQC, Montreal Quebec, Canada.

Thad Mazur
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1976
WEAE [Pittsburgh] 1999

Now: Chief Engineer at Sports WEAE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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