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Radio People by Name (K2)

Bob Kersmarki
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WKAN [Kankakee IL] 2003
Now: Bob says (11/03), "I am VP/GM of Country WKAN (AM-1320), Kankakee, Illinois and Top-40 WYKT-FM 105.5 (the Pickle), Joliet (Wilmington), Illinois."

Mike Kessler
WLUP-FM [Chicago IL] 1984
WUSN [Chicago] 1985
WMET [Chicago] 1986
WRXR [Chicago] 1987
WNUA [Chicago] 1988
WMAQ [Chicago] 1988-2000
WGN [Chicago] 1998
- John Kessler
WSCR/WBBM [Chicago] 1999
Now: Mike says (4/04), "I added WXRT to my duties in 1999 as part of the WSCR/WXRT combo, and when WSCR moved downtown I was kept; also kept at WXRT. So, in 1999 & 2000 I was with WSCR & WXRT & WMAQ, and since 2000 I've been with WSCR & WXRT & WBBM-AM as a producer/announcer." Uh, sure Mike. Whatever you say... Click for more from Mike.

Art Kevin
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1956
UPI [Los Angeles CA] 1959
- West Coast bureau chief
KEZY [LA] 196?
KFAC [LA] 196?
KFI [LA] 196?
KHJ [LA] 1963
KMPC [LA] 1972
KVI [Seattle WA] 1978
KRRI [Las Vegas NV] 1982-1995
- owner/mgr
Passed away Aug. 15, 2002 (lung cancer) at his home in the Las Vegas Valley.

Cathy Keyes
KQEU [Olympia WA] 1982 - Chaz Phillips
KMAS [Olympia] 1983 - Cathy Christopher
KITI [Centralia WA] 1984 - Cathy Christopher
KXXO [Olympia] 1990 - Cathy V.
KRQT [Longview WA] 1995 - Cathy V.
KZOK [Seattle WA] 1998-1999 - Cathy V.
Now: Not on the air currently, Cathy says (August 2000), "I'm on a Tae Bo commercial that is running all over the country on NBC and CBS. You may have even seen it. I have lost 140 pounds to date as a result of using Tae Bo, and have even been on the Tae Bo video tapings in LA from February and March of 2000. You can go to www.taebo.com and go to the before and after section, look for Cathy Keyes and that's me! It's a fantastic exercise program that changes you from the inside out and develops your mind, body and spirit. On my last show at KZOK, I interviewed the creator of Tae Bo, Billy Blanks, who is a wonderful man ... very quiet and humble and a pleasure to know."

Ron Keys
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WJPA [Washington PA] 1998
Now: PSA Director at Oldies WJPA, Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Lyle Kilgore
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1956
KMEN [San Bernardino] 1964
KHJ [LA] 1966
Shamrock Broadcasting [LA] 1976
- VP News/Public Affairs
KDAY [LA] 1978
KLAC [LA] 1983
KFWB [LA] 1990-2005

Lyle Kilgore died Feb 22, 2018 in Huntington Beach CA. He was 89 years old.

Matt Killion
KMIS [Portageville MO] 1976
WCCL [Jackson MS] 1981
WQMV [Jackson] 1983
WTYX [Jackson MS] 1985-1990
KHFI [Austin TX] 2000
WVEZ [Louisville KY] 2001-2013
WRKA [Louisville] 2001-2008
WQNU [Louisville] 2008-2013

Now: Matt says (06/14), "I produce imaging for media at mattkillion.com, Crestwood, Kentucky. Favorite time was programming CHR WTYX (94TYX - Jackson) in the 1980s; we had a great crew: Scott Mateer, Bill Ellison, Bill Crews, Dr. Dave Dunaway, Rosco on the Radio, Johnny O and others."

Kurt Kilpatrick
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WYDE [Birmingham AL] 2002
Now: Kurt of the Burt and Kurt Show heard mornings on WYDE, Birmingham, Alabama.

Rich Kimball
WBGW [Bangor ME] 1975
WABI [Bangor] 1983
WKIT [Bangor] 1988
WQCB [Bangor] 1990
WKSQ [Bangor] 1992
WZON [Bangor] 1993

Now: Rich says (6/06), "I am on the air each day as part of the Sports Zone Morning Show, hosting the College of Useless Sports Knowledge for Stephen King's WZON (The Sports Zone) on AM620, Bangor, Maine; I also am the voice of University of Maine football; I broadcast sporting events for Maine Public TV; teach middle school; and act with a local professional theater company."

Tim Kimble
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WMAL [Washington DC] 2005
Now: Tim says (12/05), "I am a producer at News/Talk WMAL, Washington DC; also edit the Buyer's Guide section of Radio World Magazine."

Tom Kinard
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WJMX [Florence SC] 1987
Now: Tom says (12/02), "I'm still doing the morning show on News/Talk WJMX, Florence, South Carolina. Married 32 years; 1 daughter; 1 son-in-law; 2 grandchildren; Marconi nominations: 6, Marconi wins: 0 (I do better with kids and grandkids)."

Dallas Kincaid
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WZYQ [Frederick MD] 1993-1998
Now: Dallas says, "I finally got out of the business and now I own a fairly large Internet provider based out of Frederick, MD. I still can't listen to radio like a normal person. I'm still thinking of hot clocks and wondering why in the hell they are backselling that stiff from 1987! :) Ya know, I can't think of any other business that could be as much fun as radio. I miss it every day and I will probably get back into it sometime soon just doing a weekend shift for fun."

JoJo Kincaid
WUWU [Gainesville FL] 1970
WGGG [Gainesville] 1970
WDAT [Daytona Beach FL] 1970
WWKE [Ocala FL] 1971
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1972
- Amaysa Kincaid
KSLQ [St. Louis MO] 1974
WIFI [Philadelphia PA] 1976
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1976
WHYI [Miami FL] 1977
WVBF [Boston MA] 1978
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1979
WVBF [Boston] 1980
KKDA [Dallas TX] 1982
WXKS [Boston] 1983
KKLQ [San Diego CA] 1987
WEDJ [Charlotte NC] 1994
WJMN [Boston] 1994
WEGQ [Boston] 1995
WKQI [Detroit MI] 1998
KPLN [San Diego] 2000
KRTH [Los Angeles CA] 2002
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 2005
KBWF [San Francisco] 2007
WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 2009

Now: Jo Jo is doing PM drive at Classic Hits WRBQ-FM, Tampa, Florida."

Bryan King
KLBK [Lubbock TX] 1970
KLBJ/KLBJ-FM [Austin TX] 1979-1998
- Chief Engineer
Now: Bryan says (9/10), "I operate as BK Radio (KITY, KOTY, KAJZ) and own 6 CPs in Texas."

Fred King
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WLAN [Lancaster PA] 1987-1988
Now: Fred (Klein) is now retired from radio, driving a cab, and "I listen to whatever I want." -- in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Jackson King
KFWB [LA] 1962
K??? [Honolulu] 196?

Passed away.

John King
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KVIL [Dallas TX] 1994-199?
Now: Out of radio for the moment in Dallas, Texas.

Jonnie King
KLID [Poplar Bluff MO] 1967 - Jonnie Cougar
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1969
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1972
KSLQ [St Louis MO] 1973
KADI [St Louis] 1975
KSLQ [St Louis] 1976
KADI [St Louis] 1984
KGLD [St Louis] 1985
KADI/KIHT [St Louis] 1986
WSSM [St Louis] 2001-2005

Now: Jonnie says (7/07), "I am still in St. Louis, this is my hometown; have been active not only in radio (now freelance on air and producing), but as a car buff and collector (my custom-built 1961 Buick Invicta resides in Darryl Starbird's legendary Rod & Custom Hall of Fame Museum); also have a vast collection of antique toys, golden-age radio shows, premiums, advertising items, etc. Since 1973, I have produced, voiced and syndicated a show based on golden-age radio programs called The Breakfast Serial; I have put together a Web site for that show -- and an automotive-related radio Web site (see thewwbc.net); I'm always busy -- love my profession(s) -- and I wish all of my former radio family of friends only the best; drop me a note anytime, would love to hear from you." See Jonnies's Tribute to Johnny Rabbitt (Don Pietromonaco).

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Paul King (Paul Box)
KAYC/KAYD [Beaumont TX] 1978-1980 - GM
Now: Paul says (02/16), "I am retired from full-time anything; I teach English/some consulting for local stations here in Asunción, Paraguay. Still stay in touch with a few people up yonder! Love to listen to old airchecks, jingles and anything about top 40 radio of the past."

Peter King
WTKO [Ithaca NY] 1976
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1978
WDOT [Burlington VT] 1978
WHEN [Syracuse] 1980
WKLX [Rochester NY] 1990
WNDB [Daytona Beach FL] 1994
WWNZ [Orlando FL] 1994
CBS Radio Network [Orlando FL] 1994

Now: Reporter/anchor for CBS News Radio, Orlando, Florida. Peter explains, "I am based in Orlando. I work for the network (not for a local affiliate) out of my home; covering everything from the space shuttle to spring training, Elian Gonzales, hurricanes, twisters, heat waves, fires and breaking news in and out of Florida. I report and anchor, sometimes from NY." Peter is also a contributing writer for Radio World magazine.

Ron King
KKUA [Honolulu] 1970
KIKI-FM [Honolulu] 1975

Passed away in 1985 of complications from AIDS.

Sid King
KMCW [Augusta AR] 1969
KGFL/KHPQ [Clinton AR] 1976
- owner/mgr
Now: Sid says (10/06), "I built the station when I was 24 years old; I remain here (at Oldies KGFL and Country KHPQ-FM, Clinton, Arkansas) today as owner/manager."

Teri King
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KLLC [San Francisco CA] 2006
Now: Teri says (6/07), "I'm working part time at Alice (Hot AC KLLC-FM), San Francisco, California, and spending lots of time at the beautiful beaches and playgrounds of San Francisco taking care of our young son Aidan."

John Kingston
WGL [Ft. Wayne IN] 1973 - Al Wayne
KWSL [Sioux City IA] 1976
KBST [Midland TX] 1977
KQDY [Bismarck ND] 1978
KHYM [Longview TX] 1980
KPXI [Longview] 1984
SEB [Sigonella Sicily] 1985
Nav Bcast [Bermuda] 1990
WCRJ [Jacksonville FL] 1995
WROO [Jacksonville] 1995
WMXQ [Jacksonville] 1996-2012

Now: John says (9/15), "Since 2013, I have been working part time as board op, producer, weather traffic guy at 600 WBOB Jacksonville FL."

Reed Kinney aka Kinney in the Morning
WGNE [Panama City FL] 1969
WPCF [Panama City] 1971
WPAP [Panama City] 1976
WAKT [Panama City] 1994-2002

Now: Reed says (9/06), "Radio is and has been my life; I have been fortunate to know so many people in the industry who have shaped my life; it is a fun business, but stressful if let to rule your life; I am in Panama City, FLorida -- now retired, doing a little work at the local college, trying to shape new minds in the broadcast industry which is taught there. How one can stay married for 43 years in this business is the sign of an adoring wife; she put up with the hours, the missed holidays, and forgotten vacations for many years; raised two boys, one now a TV news photographer, the other is Director of Engineering for Cox Broadcasting, Atlanta."

Lou 'King' Kirby
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WERE [Cleveland OH] 1981
Now: Lou says, (5/03), "I had always done TV along with my radio career. In 1985 I switched to TV; in 1993, I left the biz and went into sales for a few years. I retired in 2000 and now live in Mexico."

Jerry King
WJPA [Washington PA] 1970 - Jon Truman
WKEG [Washington] 1971 - John Truman
WEDO/WKTQ [Pittsburgh] 1973
WEIF/WNEU [Wheeling WV] 1974
WABB [Mobile AL] 1977
WWWM/WOHO [Toledo OH] 1982
- mgr
WMXJ [Miami FL] 1985
KEYN [Wichita KS] 1986
- GM
WRMX [Nashville TN] 1987
WMJC [Indianapolis IN] 1989-1990

Now: Jerry says (11/02), "I am an international radio programming consultant: VP/Contemporary Radio for McVay Media, Cleveland, Ohio (since 1990)."

Michael Jack Kirby
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KXJM [Portland OR] 1999 - M.J.
Now: Production, weekends and fill at Hip Hop KXJM (Jammin 95.5), Portland, Oregon.

Dave Kirkpatrick
Now: Part-time at WSRT, Greencastle/Mercersburg, PA and full time General Manager (McBeth Corp).

Mike Kirven
WWUH [Hartford CT] 1974
WCCC [Hartford] 1975
WHCN [Hartford] 1976
WYDD [Pittsburgh PA] 1979
WMAD [Madison WI] 1980
WPLR [New Haven CT] 1981
WKCI [New Haven] 1984
WYDD [Pittsburgh] 1986
WMYG [Pittsburgh] 1989
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 1991
WLTJ [Pittsburgh] 1995
WJJJ [Pittsburgh] 1998-2002

Now: Mike says (4/06), "I'm still in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; was downsized by HP in 2003; out of work for over a year, but did get my CompTIA A+ certifications for hardware and operating systems; worked part-time for FujiFilm digital as a rep. Gas got expensive; left Fuji in 2005; went to Best Buy as a home theater specialist for the interim; just there for the discount; where can I find a good surround sound radio station?"

Michol Klabo
KGU [Honolulu] 1982
KORL [Honolulu] 1984
KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1985
WQFM [Milwaukee] 1988
KPOI [Honolulu] 1989
KHHH [Honolulu] 1992
KIKI [Honolulu] 1993
KAOI Radio Group [Honolulu] 1995
KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1995-1997
Clear Channel Radio [Florida] 1998
- various sales management positions
KCCN-FM [Honolulu] 2006 - GSM
Now: Michol Klabo is General Sales Manager for Ethnic/Hawaiiain KCCN-FM, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Tim Klassen
CKRD [Red Deer Alb] 1981
CIRK [Edmonton, Alb] 1983
CKIK [Calgary Alb] 1986
CHFM [Edmonton] 1989
CFBR [Edmonton] 1993
CJFM [Montreal Que] 1995
CJMX [Sudbury ON] 1998
CKMX [Regina SK] 2001
Channel 4 FM [Dubai UAE] 2002-2007

Now: Tim says (5/12), "I left Channel 4 FM Dubai in 2007 to set up Entertainment Media Professionals, an audio/video production company."

Dennis Klautzer
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KRMS [Osage Beach MO] 1997 - owner
Now: Dennis says (1/05), "I am having the time of my life exercising all of the great radio I learned from working with great radio people. I am running two radio stations in central Missouri and one in Florida, along with my partner Ken Kuenzie. I perform the duties of sales manager, program director, promotions director ... and get donuts..."

Gene Klavan
WNEW [New York] 1952
WOR [New York] 1977-1980

After his retirment from radio, Gene Klavan was a host on TV's American Movie Classics, a columnist for Newsday and a comic commentator for WCBS-TV. He died April 8, 2004 at 79 in New York City. (See the NY Times or Variety.)

Bob Klein
WALK [Patchogue NY] 1967-1992
Now: Bob says, "I am proud and grateful for a small celebrity in the 14th largest market in the contiguous states. I left N.Y. in 1992 and moved to Florida where I am working as a membership services representative for the St.Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. My years in radio were a glorious experience. I had a love affair with a microphone for over 26 years. I feel I would like to be recognized as having contributed something to the growth and development of what is today the #1 station on Long Island."

Elliott K. Klein
KENT [Prescott AZ] 1963 - Gordon Richards
KDOT [Phoenix AZ] 1964 - Gordon Richards
KUPD [Phoenix] 1964 - Don Elliott
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1965 - Don Elliott
KOOL-TV [Phoenix] 1971 - engineer
KNIX [Phoenix] 1971 - Dir of Engineering
Merv Griffin group [NY CT RI] 1986 - consulting eng
Buck Owens group [CA AZ] 1986 - consulting eng
KTVK-TV/KASW-TV [Phoenix] 1995 - consulting eng
American General group [CA CO NY NM] 1998 - consulting eng
Now: Elliott says (6/06), "I am CEO of Klein Broadcast Engineering, L.L.C., radio & TV consulting engineers (more than 100 AM/FM radio and TV stations); recent client addition: Styles Media Group (KDAY-FM, Los Angeles, also KDAI-FM Ontario and KWIE-FM, San Jacinto/Riverside). I find myself still living in Paradise Valley, Arizona, only one block away from Charlie Van Dyke. I own an interest in several stations in Idaho; Charlie cut the liners for the stations and they were easy to pick up -- only had to walk down the street."

George Klein
WHBQ [Memphis] 1962
Now: Still at sports WHBQ, Memphis, hosting the Elvis Hour, Sundays at 7 pm. George is also Casino Host/Entertainment Consultant at the Horseshoe Casino at Tunica, Mississippi.

Joe Kleon
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WNCX [Cleveland OH] 1997-2000
WRQK [Canton OH] 2003

Now: Joe says (6/04), "I'm doing weekends on Rock WRQK-FM, Canton, Ohio."

Ron Kline
WKBI [Saint Marys PA] 1984 - Ron Hicks
WJET [Erie PA] 1985 - Eddie Munster
WMYJ [Erie] 1987
WXTA [Erie] 1988
WRKT [Erie] 1990
WRTS [Erie] 1995-1997

Now: PD and ROCKET morning crewmember at Rock WRKT-FM, Erie, PA. Ron says (6/04), "I was born in Emporium, Pennsylvania (1963). I launched four stations in Erie (WMYJ, WXTA, WRTS, WRPL) and have programed various formats (Country, CHR, Rock and Active Rock)."

Steve Kline
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WRBR [South Bend IN] 1994-2004 - GM
Now: Steve says (12/05), "My wife and I retired in August of 2004 and moved to Hemet, California to be closer to grandchildren in Phoenix and Los Angeles. It was 50 years to the month in 2004 when I said, 'Enough is enough.' Lots of activities and new friends to fill in the structure that I once had in radio..."

Bob Klopfenstein
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KABC [Los Angeles CA] 1992-1996
Now: Dir. Content Acquisition at Vialta, Inc., Fremont, California. Bob says, "I negotiate licensing agreements with motion picture and TV production companies to use their content on our DVD magazine."

Chuck Knapp
KQWB [Fargo ND] 1965
WRKO [Boston MA] 1966
- 'Chuckles'
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1969
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1971
WLS [Chicago IL] 1971
WCFL [Chicago] 1972
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1973
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1976
WIP [Philadelphia] 1978
WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1978
KSTP-FM [St. Paul] 1979-1994
KTIS [Minneapolis] 1998

Now: Mornings at Religion KTIS, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chuck says, "During my four-year vacation from radio (1994-1998), I worked for Promise Keepers Men's Ministry of Denver, Colorado. KTIS was founded 50 years ago by Dr. Billy Graham and this is my first venture into Christian music radio." larryc.kaam620@juno.com reports, "At KSTP, Chuck would do monologues to cows in the morning so the cows would give more milk. He also once fired himself as PD because he couldn't get the station manager's attention long enough to resign. He never made it stick."

Bobby Knight
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WCUE/WKDD [Akron/Canton OH] 1972-1980
Now: Bobby says (4/13), "I am retired in Florida, but always looking for an opportunity to be on the air."

Carl Knight
WSOQ/WEZG [Syracuse NY] 1973
WTLB [Utica NY] 1974
WSEN [Syracuse] 1975
WNDR/WNTQ [Syracuse] 1977
KDON [Salinas CA] 1979
KMEN/KGGI [San Bernardino CA] 1980
KDON [Salinas] 1981
KERO-TV [Bakersfield CA] 1982
KAFY [Bakersfield] 1982
KGET-TV [Bakersfield] 1983
KERN [Bakersfield] 1983
KGEO/KGFM [Bakersfield CA] 1984-1988

Now: Carl (Nicita) says (10/05), "I am Fire Communications Operator for the Santa Monica Fire Department, Santa Monica, California."

Chuck Knight
KNEB/KNEB-FM [Scottsbluff NE] 1977 - Todd McKay
KISD [Sioux Falls SD] 1978
KKRC [Sioux Falls] 1979
WLXR [La Crosse WI] 1983
KRNQ [Des Moines IA] 1986
WENS [Indianapolis IN] 1991
WYXR [Philadelphia PA] 1994
WSNY [Columbus OH] 1996
WBEB [Philadelphia PA] 2007

Now: Chuck says (10/08), "I am Program Director at Adult Contemporary WBEB-FM, Philadelphia; I'm lucky that I have the best job in the business."

E.J. Knight
WTAQ [La Grange IL] 1961
KBIG [Los Angeles CA] 1963
- CE
KSTM/KVVA [Phoenix AZ] 1981 - co-owner
KTAR/KKLT/KMVP/KKFR [Phoenix] 1998
Now: E.J. says (9/04), "I am C.P.B.E. engineer with KTAR-AM, KKLT-FM, KMVP-AM & KKFR-FM, Phoenix, AZ. I started in broadcasting in LaGrange, IL; left for California in 1963; worked on Santa Catalina Island (Avalon) California (KBIG-AM); expanded my horizons by learning to fly a Grumman Seaplane, getting my Commercial pilots license with an instrument and multi-engine ratings; In 1965, I went to work for Metromedia Radio as an engineer, then production manager, then Chief Engineer; moved to Phoenix, AZ to partake in co-ownership until the stations were sold; then did contract engineering until 1998 when I became affiliated with KTAR-AM, KKLT-FM and KMVP-AM (I am Senior Engineer); in 2001 we added KKFR-FM."

Gary Michael Knight
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KHTC [Houston TX] 2004
Now: Gary says (5/08), "I am working for Talk KVCE and Classic Hits KHTC-FM, Houston, Texas."

Jim Knight
KSEA [San Diego CA] 1972-1974
KUDE [Oceanside CA] 1972-1973
KSON [San Diego] 1972-1988
Poe Advertising [San Diego] 1990
- partner
Now: Jim is a partner at Poe Advertising, San Diego, California. He says, "I do voice-overs for radio & TV spots, full digital audio production and manage the video post production studio for my agency. I have kept active in electronics and am heavy into computers."

Johnny Knight
WRAW [Reading PA] 1968
WUDO [Lewisburg PA] 1968
WMLP [Milton PA] 1970
WSBA [York PA] 1971
WMPT [Williamsport PA] 1972
WLQA [Cincinnati OH] 1968
- CE
WUBE/WUBE-FM [Cincinnati] 1980-1986 - CE
Now: Johnny (Jack Crawford) says (1/06), "Since retiring in 2003, to pass time, I write fiction novels and also dabble in photography."

Nikki Knight
WXXL [Orlando FL] 1992
WVYB [Daytona Beach FL] 1997
WXXL [Orlando] 1998-2000
KYSR [Los Angeles CA] 2002

Now: Nikki says (8/06), "I'm livin' by the beach ... doing weekends on Adult Album Alternative KYSR-FM (Star 98.7), Los Angeles, while pursuing acting during the week."

Russ Knight (Joe Dentici)
WYDE [Birmingham AL] 1965
WYAM [Birmingham] 1966
WSGN [Birmingham] 1967
WAQY [Birmingham] 1969

Joe Dentici died June 29, 2006 in Birmingham, Alabama (complications from Leukemia). See birminghamrewound.com for more. And the last note we received from Joe (2000).

Sonny Knight
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1961-1964
Now: Sunny Jo Petry fills us in (1/07), "Sonny (Joseph 'Sonny' Melendrez) moved on from Vegas to LA where he went to Columbia records; later produced The Spiral Starecase and their #1 hit More Today than Yesterday; Sonny later went on to movies where he became a production manager; he is now residing in San Fransisco, where he is retired..."

Steve Knoll
WROK [Rockford IL] 1977 - Jay Robbins
WZOK [Rockford] 1979 - Steve St. John
KQAA [Aberdeen SD] 1981
WSPT [Stevens Point WI] 1982
KKCI [Kansas City MO] 1984
KPXR [Anchorage AK] 1987
KDMX [Dallas TX] 1991
KVIL [Dallas] 1995
KRRW [Dallas] 1995
KBFB [Dallas] 1997-2001
KSCS [Ft. Worth TX] 2003
KEGL [Ft. Worth] 2004-2005

Now: Steve says (7/06), "After KEGL changed formats to Spanish in August of 2005, I moved to TM Century in Dallas, Texas as Affiliate Relations Manager-Comedy."

Jon Knott
WHRL [Albany NY] 1972
WHSH [Albany] 1973-1980
WTRY [Troy NY] 1974-1978
- Fred Peabody
WKLI [Albany] 1980
WTRY [Troy NY] 1993
WKLI [Albany] 1995-1996

Now: Jon says (8/06), "After almost 25 years in radio, I switched media companies and joined the Times Union newspaper IN 1996; I have held different marketing and circulation positions."

Ron Knowles
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KLZ [Denver CO] 2000-2002 - Ron Koffey
Now: Ron says, "I just (early 2002) finished my career in radio at KLZ (Crawford Broadcasting) Denver -- Big Band and Oldies -- on the air in AM drive as Ron Koffey (Koffey in the morning). I am retired on Guemes Island, Anacortes, Washington; however still working at freelance voice, etc. for various agencies in the area."

Bonnie Knox
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KGON-FM [Portland OR] 1998
Now: Bonnie says (8/05), "I'm at Classic Rock KGON-FM, Portland Oregon -- music director and fill-in air talent; also music director for Oldies KKSN; both stations are part of the Entercom cluster."

Daniel R. Knox
WAZS [Charleston SC] 1963 - Danny Knox
WTMA [Charleston] 1964 - Danny Knox
WFUN [Miami FL] 1966 - Johnny Summer
WQAM [Miami] 1966 - Johnny Knox
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1968 - Chuck Richards
WIOD [Miami] 1971 - Johnny Knox
WINZ/WINZ-FM [Miami] 1971 - Johnny Knox
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1974-1974 - Johnny Knox
Now: Daniel says (7/13), "I was VP/General Manager of Dania Jai-Alai, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 1974-2009; I retired in 2009 in Ft. Lauderdale."

John Kobylt
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KFI [Los Angeles CA] 2000
Now: PM drive w/partner Ken Chiampou doing the John and Ken Show on Talk KFI, Los Angeles, California.

Theron Koch
WMCB [Michigan City IN] 1969
WNBQ [Titusville FL] 1973
KKGO-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1975
WNBQ [Titusville] 1982

Now: Engineering for a cable TV music service in Muncie, Indiana.

Tom Koetting
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KXPK [Denver CO] 1997-1998
Now: Tom says (6/03), "I am self employed, outsourced voice-over & imaging for radio & TV. living near Telluride, Colorado."

Dave Koffee (Dave Rudat)
WJBC [Bloomington IL] 1958
WPEO [Peoria IL] 1964
WIOK [Bloomington] 1966
WBOW [Terre Haute IN] 1968
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 197?
WIRE [Indianapolis] 197?
WHO [Des Moines IA] 197?
WIBC [Indianapolis] 1980
WMYS [Indianapolis] 1994-1998
WERK [Muncie IN] 2000-2005

Dave Rudat (aka Dave Koffee) died May 27, 2006. (Some photos from an old Dave Koffee Web site.)

Paul Koffy
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KEGA [Salt Lake City UT] 2003
WFUS [Sarasota FL] 2006
WUBL [Atlanta GA] 2007-2008

Now: Paul says (7/08), "I am in Dallas Fort Worth taking care of family, doing some voice work and enjoying life."

Kevin Kollins
KWSL [Sioux City IA] 1988
KGLI [Sioux City IA] 1988
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1991
KGLI [Sioux City IA] 1992
KSEZ [Sioux City IA] 1995
WIFC [Wausau WI] 1995
WZEE [Madison WI] 1996
Jeff McClusky and Associates [Chicago IL] 1997
WJOL [Joliet IL] 2012

Now: Kevin says (2/13), "I'm doing afternoons at News Talk WJOL, Joliet, Illinois."

Kamasami Kong (Bob Zix)
WMOH [Cincinnati] 1965
WOXR [Cincinnati] 1968
KELP [El Paso] 1970
AFKN [Seoul Korea] 1971
KBC [Seoul Korea] 1973
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1975
KORL [Honolulu] 1976
KKUA [Honolulu] 1976
OBC [Osaka Japan] 1979
KIKI [Honolulu] 1980
JOTU [Yokohama Japan] 1985
KKUA [Honolulu] 1986
KDEO [Honolulu] 1986
KRTR [Honolulu] 1987
AM576/ICRT [Taipei] 1987
FM Ishikawa [Kanazawa, Japan] 1987
JOFV [Osaka, Japan] 1988-2005
World Chart Show [Honolulu] 1994
- Japan correspondent/rep
Tokyo FM [Tokyo, Japan] 2005
Now: Weekends at Tokyo FM, Tokyo, Japan; and Owner Keystroke Communications Corp., Hawaii and Nickong Ent.Inc. Production Company.

Frank Konwinski
WSHY [Shelbyville IL] 1973
WSOY/WSOY-FM [Decatur IL] 1989

Now: Chief Engineer at WSOY-AM/FM, Decatur Illinois.

Bob Kopler
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1966
KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh] 1971
WWSW [Pittsburgh] 1973
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1975
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1989

Now: Bob retired from KDKA News at the end of 2007; he resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sam Kopper
WBCN [Boston] 1968
Now: Sam has done many projects in the music field including record production for major performers and live broadcasts under his own company, Starfleet Communications.

Cliff Korradi
WTSA [Brattleboro VT] 1961
WOKO [Albany NY] 1962
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1965
- Klif King
KBON [Omaha NE] 1966
WHEN [Syracuse NY] 1970
WTSA/WECM [Claremont NH] 1972
WNBP [Newburyport MA] 1976-1979
WMXN [Norfolk VA] 1992
WFOG [Norfolk VA] 1994-1998

Now: Cliff says (10/07), "I am writing and producing broadcast commercials for Spofford Productions (Manchester, New Jersey)."

Greg Kornides
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 197?
WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh] 198?

Now: Videographer at WTAE-TV, Channel 4, Pittsburgh.

Walter Koschnitzke aka Walter K
WSOO [Sault Sainte Marie MI] 1973
WSMM [Sault Sainte Marie] 1974
WHNN [Bay City MI] 1976
KOSO [Modesto CA] 1978
- station mgr
KTHT [Fresno CA] 1988 - GM
KTMS [Santa Barbara CA] 1990 - GSM
WRJN [Racine WI] 1993 - GSM
WIIL [Kenosha WI] 1997 - GSM
DreamMakers Productions [Kenosha] 2004 - GM
Now: Walter says (11/04), "I run the Creative Services Division of NextMedia (Kenosha, Wisconsin) - writing, voicing and producing ads for clients nationwide." He recalls, "The first DJ I met was Dick Purtan. My mom used to iron his shirts when he lived in Taylor MI. My first on-air experience was as a caller to Warren Pierce's show on WJR in 1970; also made an appearance on Jimmy Lance's Show on WJR as a member of the Lake Superior State College Debate Team in 1972."

Kevin Koske aka Kozman
KQLZ [Los Angeles CA] 1989
KCMJ-FM [Palm Springs CA] 1990
KKXX [Bakersfield CA] 1991
KYOT [Phoenix AZ] 1992
KIIS [Los Angeles] 1993
KKXX [Bakersfield] 1993
KDJK [Modesto CA] 1995
KMXB [Las Vegas NV] 1996
- Kevin Maxwell
KALC [Denver CO] 1999
KXPK [Denver] 2000
KALC [Denver] 2001
WTMX [Chicago IL] 2004

Now: Kevin says (3/05), "I am doing PM drive at WTMX-FM (The Mix), Chicago, Illinois."

Joey Kovacik
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KSBJ [Houston TX] 2001 - Joey K.
Now: Joey says (2/07), "I'm doing middays on Christian Contemporary KSBJ-FM, Houston, Texas; I own my own mobile DJ service, DJBrothers.com, providing A/V rentals too..."

John Christopher Kowsky
KPUG [Bellingham WA] 1967
KMEL [Wenatchee WA] 1969
KREM [Spokane WA] 1972
KING [Seattle WA] 1975
KREM-TV [Spokane] 1976
- sportscaster
KHQ [Spokane] 1980
KHQ-TV [Spokane] 1982
- host: PM Magazine
KQSP [Spokane] 1985
KISC [Spokane] 1989-1999

Now: John says (1/10), "Since retiring from 32 years in broadcasting on New Year's Eve, 1999, I have been a reliability consultant based in the Pacific Northwest for Lubrication Engineers, Inc. of Fort Worth, TX; 10 years later, I still seem to get people calling for voice-over narrations and commercial production; even though I became more famous hosting PM Magazine on TV, nobody ever calls for me to be on camera any more." Fav story: "Simulcasting live with Aku (J. Akuhead Pupule) from Hawai'i on April Fool's Day 1980. I explained to the audiences listening (Hawaii and Washington State) how unique it was to have the highest-paid morning DJ in the world (Aku) and the lowest-paid morning DJ in the world (me) simulcasting a show together. The whole premise was that we were changing the format of our Spokane radio station from Top-40 to an all-Hawaiian music format. Everybody bought it, including the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, who heard the show on Aku's station (KSSK at the time) and started sending me tons of Hawaii information to use on the my morning show in Spokane. I think I still have the tape, somewhere. Someday, it will be worth absolutely nothing."

Herb Kraft
WHHL [Orlando FL] 1976
WYND [Sarasota FL] 1977
WHLY [Orlando] 1978-1979
WBGM [Tallahassee FL] 1980
- Rick Woods
WMNX [Tallahassee] 1984-1986 - Chris Kraft
Peoples Net [U.S.] 1989 - talk host
WTKN [Daleville AL] 1991-1992
Broadcast Classifieds [Las Vegas NV] 2004
- Big Boss
Now: Herb says (10/04), "I am the Big Boss of Broadcast Classifieds (add-on for radio station web sites). From 1984-1991 I acted as legal counsel for many radio stations and groups, and did programming consulting as well. Markets included: Columbus, GA; Beaumont, TX; Gainesville, FL; Orlando, Florida; Cocoa Beach, FL; and Mongtomery, AL."

Bob Kramer
WKKD [Chicago IL] 1969
WSPY [Plano IL] 1974-1980

Now: Bob says (12/12), "I left broadcasting in 1980 & opened a successful stereo repair business; as an FCC licensed engineer, I was contracted to build the new WSPY AM-FM-TV broadcast center, (Plano Illinois) which took most of 1990 to complete; now doing electronic consulting for utility companies. I was very proud to work for & befriend the late Russ Salter, owner of WKKD AM-FM and Russ Salter Records; Russ was in at the beginning of broadcasting, announcing for the WLS Barn Dance & Alka-Seltzer Hour, then owning a chain of radio stations in the midwest; he loved to tell stories of the 'Old Days' of the 1930s & 1940s Chicago radio, as much as I loved to hear them; I think about 1/4th of the people working in Chicago radio in the 1960s or 1970s worked for him at one point or other; whenever I would attend meetings of broadcasters, it seemed like everyone I talked to would say, 'You work for Russ? He gave me my first job.'"

Michael Kramer
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1986-1987
KSAC [Sacramento] 1986-1994
KAER [Sacramento] 1988
- Michael Rivers
KBGY [Sacramento] 1991 - Michael Rivers
KIOI [San Francisco CA] 2000 - Michael Rivers
RadioCentral [San Francisco] 2001
Steve Rivers Power Media [San Francisco] 2002
KSQR/KSAC [Sacramento CA] 2004-2005

Now: Michael says (11/05), "I'm Music Director at Pyramid Radio (a start up founded by veteran station owner Richie Balsbaugh and veteran programmer Steve Rivers), Los Angeles, California."

Scott Kramer
KOLM [Rochester MN] 1977
KROC-FM [Rochester] 1979
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1982
WWTC [Minneapolis] 1985
KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1988
KOY-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1988
KKFR [Phoenix] 1987
KCCF [Phoenix] 1997-1998
KPKX [Phoenix] 2006

Now: Scott says (6/06), "I am doing swing and weekends at Adult Hits KPKX-FM (The Peak), Phoenix, Arizona."

Ted Kramer
Now: ??? Last (1991) reported at KRRI, Boulder City, NV.

Brad Krantz
WVTN [Columbus OH] 1977
KIOA [Des Moines IA] 1981
- Brad Kaye
WMOU [Berlin NH] 1982
WSJS [Winston-Salem NC] 1982
- Brad Winston
WJOK [Gaithersburg MD] 1983
WPIX [New York NY] 1984
WZOU [Boston MA] 1984
WKRR [Greensboro NC] 1987
WKEW [Greensboro] 1997
WBT [Charlotte NC] 1999
WZTK [Greensboro] 2004
WBT [Charlotte] 2012

Now: Brad says (10/12), "I'm doing afternoons on News/Talk WBT, Charlotte with Britt Whitmire."

Larry Kratka
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WUPE [Pittsfield MA] 1993
Now: Larry says (11/02), "I am News Director and morning anchor at Adult Contemporary WUPE-FM and Country WUHN-AM, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I also host of two talk shows and own/operate a mobile DJ service and sound restoration company named The Sound Doctor."

Jack Kratoville
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WLTW [New York NY] 1997
Now: Jack says (12/05), "I am primary fill for Adult Contemporary WLTW-FM (106.7 Lite-FM), New York -- all shifts, including production. I also operate a Web site development business on Long Island; living in Riverhead, New York where I grew up."

Mike Krehel
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1972 - CE
KBEQ/KBEQ-FM [Kansas City MO] 1973 - CE
KSAQ [San Antonio TX] 1974 - CE
KRBE [Houston TX] 1975-1980 - CE
Now: Mike says (7/05), "I am retired; founded HTS (Houston Tracker Systems), now the technology division of Echostar/Dish Network."

Bud Kress
KPOP [Sacramento CA] 1984
KRFD [Yuba City CA] 1985
KWG/KYBB [Stockton CA] 1986
KROY [Sacramento] 1988
KAER [Sacramento] 1988
Concept Productions [Roseville CA] 1992
- PD
KSAC [Sacramento] 1993-1994
KGBY [Sacramento CA] 1997-2005

Now: Bud says (3/08), "I am operating That 70s Channel, Live365's #1 oldies pop and 70s station -- also one of the few grandfathered small Internet stations -- I call this venture my #1 success in radio because it's all I learned in formatics (keeping it simple and projecting having fun: it all adds up to success). My Most treasured memory of radio was the involvement of a special exhibit of radio through the ages at the Haggan Museum in Stockton CA; we found a recording of an actual broadcast of The Chesterfield Hour that aired on KWG Dec 24, 1936; the staff announcer, Frank Wilber, came to the station and recreated the announcement that later played in the museum; we aired that broadcast again 50 years later (Dec 24, 1986) with Frank announcing -- there was not a dry eye in the house that day; it was an honor to work at the oldest radio station west of the Mississippi; may the Mighty KWG Stockton live forever."

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Ken Kuenzie
WENG [Englewood FL] 2001 - owner
Now: Ken says (03/15), "I am president of Viper Communications, Inc., owner of News/Talk WENG, Englewood Florida."

Mike Kristof
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WMIL [Milwaukee WI] 1998-2000
Now: Mike says (8/04), "I am Director of Operations and traffic anchor at Metro Networks, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am enjoying doing radio without the ratings, ownership, management nightmares."

Brantley Kuglar
WWBD [Bamberg SC] 1980-1994
Now: Brantley says (5/05), "I am a high-performance work teams trainer and coordinator for Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Aiken, South Carolina. My radio days with WWBD/WWBD-FM were some of the best days of my life; I learned everything about radio working at this great station. I am very fortunate to have work with some great people: Vic Whetstone who gave me the chance, Guy Kirby who 'programmed me' in, Bob Smoak who kept the station going, and of course Jim Brazzell who taught me the ropes in selling. This station represented true community service, something we just don't see today. Those days of commericals on carts and music on 45s will live forever ... in our minds and hearts; WWBD, Your Voice and Choice in the South Carolina Low Country."

Blair Kullman ala Blair on the Air
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WTIX-FM [New Orleans LA] 2006-2006
Now: Blair says (11/06), "I left WTIX-FM in August 2006..."

Jack Kulp
WMAJ [State College PA] 1976
KIOI [San Francisco CA] 1984
KDBK/KDBQ [San Francisco/San Jose CA] 1990
KOIT [San Francisco] 1995

Now: Morning drive at Adult Contemporary KOIT-FM, San Francisco, California.

Phil Kushnir
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CHRX [Vancouver BC] 1993-1994
Now: Phil says, "I am now a computer consultant (Mac specialist) in Vancouver B.C. I also operate Internet radio stations HotHitsRadio.com and HotJazzRadio.com with a total of 5 channels including one live broadcast channel from Vancouver, B.C."

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