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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (K)

Dave Kaelin
WSEG [Erie PA] 1984
WKYN [Erie] 1986
WJET [Erie] 1986
WNCI [Columbus OH] 1990
WBZZ [Pittsburgh] 1995
WNCI [Columbus OH] 1997

Now: Dave says (01/08), "I'm still doing mornings at Top-40 WNCI-FM, Columbus, Ohio; our show is syndicated as Dave and Jimmy ... so we're still at WNCI, but also on seven regional stations."

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Scott Kahler
WTVN [Columbus OH] 1979-2006 - production dir
Now: Scott says (12/06), "I was released due to Clear Channel cut-backs on November 30, 2006; am now persuing freelance opportunities and (for now) enjoying life on the beach; was the radio voice of Enzyte for a number of years."

Keala Kai aka Judy Ford
KIKI [Honolulu] 1973
KKUA [Honolulu] 1976
KDEO [Honolulu] 1979
Watermark Productions [LA] 1981
KFWB [Los Angeles] 1983-2007

Now: Judy is retired and living in San Rafael, California.

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'Doctor' Dave Kalahar
WRKA [Louisville KY] 1998-2001
Now: Dave says (10/11), "I am Director of Media and Broadcasting at Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, California; I still hear from past radio listeners and folks I've worked with through my Web site at davekalahar.com."

Kono Kalani
KGU [Honolulu HI] 1979
KNUI [Kahulu, Maui HI] 1981-1989

Now: Kono says (4/09), "I'm doing voice work in Los Angeles, California."

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Chris Kalen
WGMC [Rochester NY] 1989
Now: Chris says (1/06), "I am spinning jazz Thursdays on WGMC-FM (Jazz 90.1); working as a jock for Sirius Satellite Channel 72 Pure Jazz and Sirius Hits 1 (filling in on several others). I will be graduating with my master of education and teaching soon."

Frank Kalil
KTKT [Tucson] 195?
KAIR [Tucson] 196?
- owner
Now: Still in Tucson, still running Kalil Bottling Company and involved in a station brokerage business. Unknown if he still has that camel.

Brian Kane
KOKL [Tulsa OK] 1981 - Brian Keith
KELI [Tulsa] 1983
KZBB [Ft. Smith AR] 1985
KAYI [Tulsa] 1986
KPLX [Ft. Worth TX] 1987
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1988
KTCK [Dallas] 1996
Texas State Networks [Dallas] 1996
- producer
KRLD [Dallas TX] 1996-2006
ABC/Citadel Media (AC net) [Dallas] 1996
- nights
WABC/Citadel (Red Eye Radio) [Dallas] 2010 - producer
Now: Brian says (4/11), "I'm producing the nationally syndicated Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio from Dallas, am owner of web solutions provider Internet DJ Network, am the former owner/creator of dj.net and am now operating djmail.net (over 5,000 DJ e-mail users), and other web sites including freebietexts.com."

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Dave Kane
WISR [Butler PA] 1999
Now: At Talk WISR, Butler, PA.

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Mike Kankelfritz
KXOJ [Tulsa OK] 2003
KSBJ [Houston TX] 2006-2011

Now: Mike says (8/13), "I am doing mornings on the K-LOVE radio programming service."

Bob Kanner
WMCA [New York NY] 197? - CE
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco CA] 197?-1977 - CE
KHJ/KRTH [Los Angeles CA] 1977-2000 - CE
Bob Kanner died (lung cancer/asbestos exposure) Aug 20, 2005.

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Jamey Karr
KXGL [Amarillo TX] 2002 - GM
Now: Jamey says (02/13), "I grew up near El Paso and was inspired listening to Sonny Melendrez on KINT; got my break at 14 and still continue -- in Amarillo: I am the GM, PD and morning guy at KXGL-FM."

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Steve Karr
WMAG [Greensboro NC] 1995-1995
Now: Steve says (11/11), "I am working for the USPS and stationed in Salt Lake City, Utah..."

Casey Kasem
WJLB [Detroit MI] 1954
WAMM [Flint MI] 195?
KYA [San Francisco] 1961
KEWB [San Francisco] 1962
- Casey at the Mike
KRLA [LA] 1963 - American Top 40
Syndicated TV Host [LA] 1980s - America's Top 10
Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame [LA] 1981
Inducted into NAB's Radio Hall of Fame - 1985
Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award - 1997

Casey Kasem died Jun 15, 2014 (Lewy body dementia, 82 years old) in Gig Harbor, Washington. See Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem dies at 82 (CNN); and Casey Kasem Dies at 82 (People magazine).

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Karyn Kasi (Beth Hannan)
WZZN [Chicago IL] 2000
Now: Karyn says (Aug 2002), "I am Research Director at WZZN and teach radio programming at Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois."

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Karen Kasler
WTAM [Cleveland OH] 1996-2004
Now: Karen says (6/04), "I am the Statehouse Bureau Chief for Ohio public radio/TV. I manage the reporters who cover the statehouse for Ohio's public radio and TV stations. I report for those radio stations, and also host and produce a weekly TV talk show. Please check out statenews.org for more information."

Lou Kasman aka Lou Perry
WABC [New York NY] 1964
Morty Wax Promotions [New York] 1964
WAPC [Riverhead NY] 1965-1966
WVNJ [Oakland NJ] 1968
WPIX [New York] 1970
Sandy Corp. [Detroit MI] 1972
WJR [Detroit] 1991
CBS Radio [Detroit] 1995
- Regional Mgr
Campbell-Ewald Advertising [Detroit] 1998 - Sr VP
broadcast/media consultant [Ann Arbor MI] 1999
WAAM [Ann Arbor] 2004
WLBY [Ann Arbor] 2006-2011

Now: Lou says (12/14), "I'm running Marketing/Management Associates, LLC, Ann Arbor, MI; my consultancy is substantial; besides publicly held radio groups and smaller groups I consult, for example, NBCUniversal."

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Bob Katt
KEYJ [Abilene TX] 1995-1996
Now: Equipment engineer at Texas Instruments and doing part time work around Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

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Jeff Kaufer
KRLT [South Lake Tahoe CA] 1990-1991 - J. David Michael
Now: Jeff says, "Instead of ON the air, IN the air -- as a Boeing Business Jet (B737) Flight Instructor for Flight Safety Boeing, Seattle, WA. Still keeping my hand in broadcasting with some voiceover jobs."

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Bill Kauffman
WHP [Harrisburg PA] 1971-1983
Now: Bill says (4/08), "I am master control operator at WGAL-TV, Lancaster, Pennsylvania."

Brian Kauffmann (Brian K)
KNCN [Corpus Christi TX] 1985
KBFM [Brownsville TX] 1989
WKRQ [Cincinnati OH] 1993
WMOH [Hamilton OH] 1995

Now: Salesperson/production at News/Talk WMOH, Hamilton, Ohio.

Allen Kaufhold
WWDJ [Hackensack NJ/NYC] 1971 - request operator
WWCO [Waterbury CT] 1973 - Allen Kaye
WBIS [Bristol CT] 1976 - Allen Kaye
KCRG [Cedar Rapids IA] 1976 - Catfish Kasey
KRNA [Iowa City IA] 1983 - Catfish Kasey
KCRG [Cedar Rapids IA] 1983-1990 - Catfish Kasey
Now: With Amana Appliances LP, Amana, Iowa.

Murray the K (Kaufman)
WMCA [New York] 1955
WMGM [New York] 1957
WINS [New York] 1958
WOR-FM [New York] 1966
CHUM [Toronto] 1967
NBC Monitor [New York] 1968
WWDC [Washington DC] 1970
WHFS [Bethesday MD] 1971
WNBC [New York] 1972
WKTU [New York] 1975
Soundtrack of the '60s - Syndicated [LA] 1980

Passed away Feb. 21, 1982 (age 60) in Los Angeles. Murray the K was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame (part of Chicago's Museum of Broadcast Communications) on October 19, 1997.
Murray the K Bio

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Stephan Kaufman
KTAR [Phoenix AZ] 1991-1993
Now: Stephan says (6/17), "I'm in Denver, Colorado retaining my title of Correspondent for the CBS Radio Network in New York. I exclusively worked for CBS from 1997 to 2012 covering the Pacific Northwest region while based in the Spokane area. CBS assignments took me to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In addition, since 2000 I've been a reporter for Westwood One, my reports airing on the America in the Morning show. It's been a long and exciting radio career and I'm happy to note that it's not over yet."

Johnny Kay
WPET [Greensboro NC] 195?
WBUT [Butler PA] 1955
- Mister Q
WKRZ [Oil City PA] 1954
WHOT [Youngstown OH] 1960-1974
WSOM [Youngstown] 19??

Now: ???

Rodger Kay
Latest report: Station Manager at KFRQ, Weslaco (Brownsville), Texas.

Barry Kaye
KHJ [LA] 1973
KILT [Houston] 1974
KRBE [Houston] 1977
KKBQ [Houston] 1985
KHFI [Austin] 198?
KLDE [Houston] 1994

Now: ???

Ernie Kaye
WQBX [Blacksburg VA] 1975
WLEE [Richmond VA] 1978
WELK [Charlottesville VA] 1978
WWDC [Washington DC] 1978-1993
WWDC-FM [Washington DC] 1980-1993
WNAV [Annapolis MD] 1993
WASH [Washington DC] 1994

Now: Ernie says (1/08), "I'm doing freelance production work in the DC area and selling full time for Van Metre Homes, Lansdowne, Virginia; last radio job was my favorite ever: doing play-by-play for the Frederick Keys minor-league baseball team for Buddy Rizer's WTRI-AM in Brunswick Maryland."

Jerry Kay/Kaye
KOL [Seattle WA] 1960
KJR [Seattle] 1961
KNEW [San Francisco CA] 1965
WLS [Chicago] 1967
WCFL [Chicago] 1971
KJR [Seattle] 1971
KBSG [Tacoma WA] 1974
KYYX [Seattle] 1982
KHIT [Seattle] 1984
KSPL [Seattle] 1987
KJR [Seattle] 1989
KJR-FM [Seattle] 1994

Jerry Kay/Kaye (real name Jerry King) died Sep 25, 2005 in Seaside, Oregon. Click for Memories of Jerry; and Death of a Legend: Jerry Kay (from Norm Gregory).

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Julia Kaye
KKHG [Sioux Falls SD] 2001
Now: Middays at Country KKHG-FM (the Hog 107.9), Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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Charly Kayle
WMC-FM [Memphis TN] 2002
WKLT [Traverse City, MI] 2006
KKLZ [Las Vegas NV] 2007

Now: Charly says (9/07), "I am co-host of Tofte, Kayle & O'Brian - The TKO Morning Show on Classic Hits KKLZ-FM, Las Vegas, Nevada."

Bill Keffury
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1959
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1961
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1963
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1965
KIOI [San Francisco] 1968
KCBS-FM [San Francisco] 1972
KFOG [San Francisco] 1981
KABL [San Francisco] 1988
KPIX [San Francisco] 1994-1998

Now: Bill says (6/06), "Retired, but not tired, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Take a listen to my NiceNoise.Net, an easy listening music format with a bit of a jazz edge; it originates in Las Vegas and is on 24/7."

Bill Keith (Hoisington)
KCRC [Enid OK] 1960
WRBC [Jackson MS] 1961
WROA [Gulfport MS] 1964
WYNK [Baton Rouge LA] 1967
WRKN [Brandon MS] 1968
WKYV [Vicksburg MS] 1970
- owner
WKYD [Andalusia AL] 1975 - owner
WCKC [Milton FL] 1982 - owner
WTCG [Andalusia] 1983 - owner
VOA [Belize Central America] 1988 - field eng
RF Specialties [Valparaiso FL] 1990 - president
Now: Bill Hoisington is President of RF Specialties of Florida, Valparaiso, FL (part of RF Specialties Group, marketers of Broadcast Equipment: offices in 12 cities).

Don Keith
WVOK [Birmingham AL] 1969
WRKK [Birmingham] 1976
WJRB/WJKZ [Nashville TN] 1979
WVOK/WLTB [Birmingham] 1986
WODL [Birmingham] 1994-1996

Now: Don says (5/04), "I'm teaching media and advertising at Virginia College, Birmingham, Alabama, and running their in-house advertising agency. I'm also a published author with 12 books in print, including Wizard of the Wind, set in radio, Final Bearing, a techno-thriller, and Gallant Lady, the true story of a unique WWII submarine."

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Dave Kelber
WRNJ [Hackettstown NJ] 2009
Now: Dave says (12/09), "I'm hosting morning drive at Oldies WRNJ, Hackettstown, New Jersey; am a professional photographer, working weekends doing event photography and video production; I live in Easton, Pennsylvania and am not contemplating retirement."

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Phil Keller
KBAY [San Jose CA] 1986-1994
Now: Phil says (9/06), "I am retired and living in San Jose, California."

'Captain Craig' Kelley
WKIG/WKIG-FM [Glennville GA] 1975
WSGF [Savannah GA] 1979
WKBX [Savannah] 1979
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1980
WKTM [Charleston SC] 1981
WSSX [Charleston] 1982-1983
WLKQ [Atlanta GA] 1998

Now: Captain Craig says (10/02), "My full-time gigs in Savannah, Jacksonville and Charleston gave way to 15 years away from the mic. In 1998, I began doing weekends and fill-in at WLKQ-FM, Atlanta (Oldies Lake 102). I also provide mobile entertainment for parties, etc. And I enjoy tinkering with Web-site and graphic design. The highlights of my radio venture were working at 95SGF (WSGF-FM) in Savannah and Y103 (WIVY-FM) in Jacksonville. Those two gigs hold for me the fondest memories."

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Chuck Kelley
WVOR [Rochester NY] 2001
Now: ???

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Dan Kelley
WMMQ [Lansing MI] 2005
Now: Dan says (2/06), "I am OM/PD of Citadel's CHR WJIM-FM and Classic Rock WMMQ-FM, Lansing, Michigan, and I do middays on WMMQ; life is good."

Don Kelley
WMRC [Milford MA] 1968
WQXT [Palm Beach FL] 1969
WHEB [Portsmouth NH] 1971
WGTR [Boston MA] 1972-1982
WOCB [Cape Cod MA] 1977-1980
WBZ [Boston] 1982
WMAS [Springfield MA] 1983
WFTQ [Worcester MA] 1984
WYYY [Syracuse NY] 1986
WWMX [Baltimore MD] 1987
WMJX [Boston] 1990

Now: Program Director at Adult Contemporary WMJX-FM (MAGIC 106.7), Boston, Massachusetts. Don says, "I am also Director of Programming for Greater Media/Boston: MAGIC 106.7, 105.7 WROR, 99.5 WKLB, 96.9 FM TALK, 92.9 WBOS. I got to move back to my home town and program the #1 station in a top-10 market. This is a rarity in radio."

Joe Kelley aka Jay Kelley
KIOC [Beaumont TX] 1982
KZZB [Beaumont] 1984
KHYS [Bryan TX] 1986
WFFX [Tuscaloosa AL] 1986
KKSS [Santa Fe NM] 1987
- J.J. Jamz
KTFM [San Antonio TX] 1987 - Jammer
KKBQ [Houston TX] 1988 - Jammer
KDON [Salinas CA] 1990
KLUC [Las Vegas NV] 1993
- Jay Casey
KXNT [Las Vegas] 1997 - Jay Casey
KLIF [Dallas TX] 2000
WBAP [Ft. Worth TX] 2001

Now: Joe says (5/05), "I host the syndicated overnight talk show on News/Talk WBAP, Ft. Worth, Texas."

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Matt Kelley
Radio Iowa/NE Radio net [Des Moines IA] 1996
Now: Matt says (Aug 2002), "I am anchoring and reporting the news in morning drive for both Iowa and Nebraska on 80 affiliated radio stations. I was named 2002 Iowa Journalist of the Year by the U-S Small Business Administration."

Blaine Kellis
WROQ [Charlotte NC] 1985
WRFX [Charlotte] 1988
WBCY [Charlotte] 1988
WWMG [Charlotte] 1991
WSFM [Wilmington NC] 1995
WDCG-FM/WTRG [Raleigh NC] 1998
WSSR [Clearwater FL] 2000

Now: ???

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KPLA [Columbia MO] 2002
Now: Chris says (1/09), "I'm PD and doing mornings at Adult Contemporary KPLA-FM; have been in Columbia, Missouri since 1985 with a good streak of ratings and career success; I love being the OM of Cumulus Broadcasting's Columbia/Jefferson City, Missouri cluster; I was lucky to put KOQL-FM on the air in Columbia as the first Audiovault station in the country; it's been a fun ride and it keeps on going..."

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Dave Kellogg
WXTR [Washington DC] 1990-1993
Now: Dave says (10/11), "I am doing freelance voice-over work and commercial audio, video production with kellogg-rice.com."

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Don Kellogg
WBBE [Baton Rouge LA] 2001-2002
Now: Don says (7/03), "I am Operations Manager of the Lake Charles, Louisiana Cumulus cluster. KYKZ(Country), KBIU(Hot AC), KKGB(Classic Rock), and KXZZ(Gospel)."

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Bill Kelly
WKBN [Youngstown OH] 1997
Now: Bill says, "I am area VP fo Clear Channel Radio. Responsbible for Youngstown OH, New Castle PA and Ahstabula OH."

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Bill Kelly
WVIA [Scranton PA] 1991-2013 - prez/ceo
Now: Retired (2013) as President/CEO at Public WVIA-FM (and WVIA-TV), Scranton, Pennsylvania. Bill says, "We did (May 2002) a restrospective TV show with several of the original 1960s 'Sensational Seven' jocks of WARM radio ('The Mighty 590'). George Gilbert, Ron Allen, Tommy Woods, Joe Shaver, Len Woloson, Harry West, T.J. Lambert, etc. It was a fun and sentimental hour with lots of old photos, original jingles, etc."

Brian Kelly
WOMX [Orlando, FL] 1996-2001
Now: Brian says (11/11), "I hung up the microphone at the end of 2002; I am a national sales rep for DMX/Pandora; I'm still in the entertainment industry, but now in a different capacity."

Bruce Kelly
WELK [Charlottesville VA] 1976
WLEE [Richmond VA] 1976
WRVQ [Richmond] 1978
WMJX [Miami FL] 1979
WHYI [Miami] 1981
WPGC [Washington DC] 1981
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1983
WHTT [Boston MA] 1984
KZZP [Phoenix AZ] 1985
KOY-FM [Phoenix] 1990
KKFR [Phoenix] 1993
WJMO [Washington DC] 1999
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2000-2005
- 80s PD
Now: Bruce says (9/06), "I resigned from XM in Nov 2005 to care for my 79-year-old dad after a series of strokes; after eight months of his rehab - he is doing great! I'm looking for my next radio home."

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'Cannonball' Kelly
KDYL [Salt Lake City UT] 2004-2004 - Gary Moore
Now: Cannonball (Glenn Higbee) says (1/09), "I have just started up an Internet radio show from my home with an old Navy buddy (Tim Kuda); the show (CBK Radioland) is webcast through blogtalkradio.com -- go there to listen to the past shows..."

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Chris Kelly
KRTQ [Tulsa OK] 1999
Now: Chris says (1/03, "I am PD at KRTQ-FM (Rock 102.3)".

Chuck Kelly
WPGU [Urbana IL] 1973
WVLJ [Champaign IL] 1974
WLRW [Champaign] 1974
- Charley Kay
WEBQ [Carbondale IL] 1976 - Chief Eng
KIUP [Durango CO] 1977 - Chief Eng
WFVR [Chicago IL] 1978 - Chief Eng
KIUP [Durango] 1980-1980 - Chief Eng
Now: Chuck says (6/17), "I am Regional Sales Manager Asia/Pacific at Nautel Ltd, Halifax, Nova Scotia; during my career, I have also served as a board member, VP and finally president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE)."

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Dave Kelly
WMGF [Orlando FL] 2003
Now: Dave says (3/04), "I'm doing weekend/swing on Adult Contemporary WMGF-FM (Magic 107.7) and Oldies WEBG-FM (BIG 100), Orlando, Florida."

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David Kelly
WTAM [Cleveland OH] 2001
Now: David says (6/03), "I'm the Browns Beat Reporter for News/Talk WTAM, Cleveland, Ohio. During the off-season, I do sports updates, weekend talk and auxiliary coverage on NBA and MLB."

Don Kelly
WLOL [Minneapolis MN] 1954
WDGY [Minneapolis] 1957
WPTR [Albany NY] 1960
KMBC [Kansas City MO] 1962
WCBM [Baltimore MD] 1964
WIP [Philadelphia PA] 1970 - VP/GM
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1980-1983 - VP/GM
Now: Don says he is, "Retired, living in Minnetonka, Minnesota, frequently traveling to visit kids and grandkids in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Ev Kelly
KTLN/KTLK [Denver] 1972
WGCI [Chicago] 1974
WPGC [Washington DC] 1975
WNSR [New York] 1977
WRKO [Boston] 1977
- Beverly Hudson
KFI [LA] 1978 - w/Tim Kelly
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1981
KIIS [LA] 1983

Now: With hubby, Tim Kelly and kids, Danny and Elizabeth, in Los Angeles.

Gerry Kelly
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1968
WYND [Sarasota FL] 1969
WGOW [Chatanooga TN] 1970
WSRF [Miami FL] 1971-1974

Now: Gerry says (4/10), "I am a stage hypnotist, and travel from U.S. coast to coast doing comedy hypnosis shows; have been everywhere from Vegas to Branson; in between shows, I have a hypnosis clinic in Amarillo, Texas where I help people stop smoking, lose weight, etc. Check out my video clips at gerrykelly.net [click on Media]."

Graigg Kelly
KPAM [Portland OR] 1969 - Craig Neff
KASH [Eugene OR] 1979
KZUL [Parker AZ] 1980
KFLY [Corvallis OR] 1983
KWJJ [Portland OR] 1984
KUPL [Portland] 1987
KISN [Portland] 1988
- The Big Guy
KWJJ [Portland OR] 1990 - G.K. Rafferty
Kizmet Communications [Portland] 1993
Now: Executive Producer (producing Books on Tape) for Kizmet Communications, Portland, Oregon and looking for a good talk station and sidekick to team with.

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Jack Kelly
KKUA/KQMQ [Honolulu HI] 1986-1993 - GM/owner
Now: Jack says (5/05), "I am living in Italy near France and Monaco; and am a partner in two stations, each covering the French and Italian Rivieras."

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Jim Kelly
KIOI [San Francisco VA] 2002
Now: ???

Katfish Kris Kelly
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1967
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1969
- Johnny Dark
WBMJ [San Juan PR] 1970 - Junior Juncos
WNOR [Norfolk VA] 1972
WDAF [Kansas City MO] 1973
KYYS [Kansas City] 1974
WHB [Kansas City] 1976
KBEQ-FM [Kansas City] 1980
KLSI [Kansas City] 1984
KCMO-FM/KUDL-FM [Kansas City] 1990
KMXV/KSRC [Kansas City] 2000
KGMG [Tucson AZ] 2005
KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 2008

Now: Kris (Clayton Cox) says (1/06), "I am with Oldies KOOL-FM, Phoenix, Arizona."

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Kurt Kelly
WOVV [Ft. Pierce FL] 1992-1993
Now: Kurt says (4/09), "I own Live Video, Inc., Los Angeles, California." See kurtkelly.com.

M.G. (Machine Gun) Kelly
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1970
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1972
KHJ [LA] 1974
KTNQ [LA] 1978
MG Kelly's Top 30 USA [New York] 1984
- CBS: host
KOST [LA] 1985
KIIS [LA] 1987
A Star is Born, Buddy Holly Story [LA] 1970s-1980s
- actor
KRLA [LA] 1989 - 1 day only
KODJ [LA] 1989
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1993
KBGO [Las Vegas] 1996
CKRA [Edmonton AB] 1997
WYUU [St. Petersburg] 1998-1999

Now: calikrista@yahoo.com reports: "M.G. Kelly has two nationally syndicated radio programs that he produces and hosts. One is Machine Gun Kelly's American Hit List (since June 1998); the other is MG Kelly's Amazing '80s (since January 1999). Between the 2 he is on over 100 radio stations."

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Mike Kelly
WKDL [Washington DC] 1993-1994
Now: Mike says (2/10), "I'm in Southern California and nemployed, but looking into podcasting, and video production; I programmed over 250 channels of music for Disney in 1999-2000 for their Web site which crashed when the net did."

Mike Kelly
CKLW [Detroit] 1973
The CKLW Big 8 Honor Roll reports that Mike Kelly passed away in August of 2005 in California.

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Mike Kelly
KUJJ [Salt Lake City UT] 1984-1995
Now: Mike says (2/08), "I live in St. George, Utah (Utah's Palm Springs) with my wonderful family; I am a real estate broker and developer with Century 21; I still do some radio production and voice overs and have my own recording studio that I use for this purpose; life is good and I long for the good old days of really creative radio not the automated mega stations that just fill time on the air ways."

Phil Kelly
WXKQ [Whitesburg KY] 1988
WHKO [Dayton OH] 1989
- Alan Kelly
WHIO [Dayton] 2002-2005 - Asst CE
Now: Phil says (4/16), "I install, support and train on WideOrbit Automation for Radio throughout the USA."

Steve Kelly
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1969
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1972
- Steve Franklin
WIFI [Philadelphia] 1973 - Steve 'Shotgun' Kelly
WIXY [Cleveland] 1975
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1976
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1981
Bill Young Productions [Houston] 1985

Now: Executive Vice President of Creative at Bill Young Productions, Houston, Texas; voice-over talent for Dodge, Toyota, Budweiser, Valvoline, Nintendo and more.

Ted Kelly
WLCL [Gary IN] 1975 - Ted Semper
WLTH [Gary] 1974 - Ted Semper
WWMM [Chicago IL] 1978
WNOE-FM [New Orleans LA] 1979
KSEI [Pocatello ID] 1980
WEZB [New Orleans] 1980
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1981
WSHO [New Orleans] 1982
WAIL [New Orleans] 1982
WQUE [New Orleans] 1983
WEZB [New Orleans] 1984
WGGZ [Baton Rouge LA] 1985
- Hollywood Harrison
WNCI [Columbus OH] 1986 - Hollywood Harrison
WEZB [New Orleans] 1987 - Hollywood Harrison
WFMF [New Orleans] 1988 - Hollywood Harrison
KBIU [Lake Charles LA] 1992 - Hollywood Harrison
KQIZ [Amarillo TX] 1994
Guarantee Broadcasting [Baton Rouge] 1997
WQCK [Baton Rouge, LA] 2001-2002

Now: Ted (Semper) says (1/03), "I am editor of hisair.net (Christian radio home page) and co-host of Christian Future Hits, a syndicated program featuring new CCM releases."

Tim Kelly
WYSL [Buffalo] 1966
KTSA [San Antonio] 1968
WKBW [Buffalo] 1969
KTSA [San Antonio] 1970
KTLN/KTLK [Denver] 1972
WCFL [Chicago] 1975
WPGC [Washington DC] 1976
WRKO [Boston] 1977
KFI [LA] 1978
- with Ev Kelly
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1981
KPPL [Denver] 1982
KIIS [LA] 1983
KKBT [LA] 1988
Premiere Radio Networks [LA] 1988
- founder
Now: VP, Programming, Premiere Radio Networks, Los Angeles.

Tom Kelly
WSPR [Springfield MA] 1977
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1978
WTIC-FM [Hartford] 1980
WBEN [Buffalo NY] 1982
KHOW [Denver CO] 1986
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 1993-2006

Now: Tom (Pagnotti) says (1/08), "I'm doing voice-overs from my home studio in Maine."

'Shotgun' Tom Kelly
KDEO [San Diego] 1966
KPRI [San Diego] 1967
KYOS [Merced CA] 1969
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1970
KAFY [Bakersfield] 1970
KGB [San Diego] 1971
KCBQ [San Diego] 1971
KGB [San Diego] 1972
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1972
KCBQ [San Diego] 1973
KFMB [San Diego] 1976
KOGO [San Diego] 1980
KFRC [San Francisco] 1982
KCBQ [San Diego] 1984
KFMB [San Diego] 1985
KBZS [San Diego] 1992
KCBQ [San Diego] 1993
KRTH [LA] 1997-2015

Now: Tom is in San Diego, CA running Shotgun Tom Productions specializing in voice-overs for radio/TV stations nationally.

Photos of the celebration Shotgun has been immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. VIPs at the Apr 30, 2013 event included Stevie Wonder. View the ceremonies here.
And Allen Denton interviews Shotgun on KUSI-TV's San Diego People.

10 Questions with ... Shotgun Tom Kelly from All Access Music Group.


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Tom Kelly
KMZQ [Las Vegas NV] 2002-2004
Now: Tom says (5/04), "After 30 years and frustrated with the current state of radio, I am selling TV here in Las Vegas at the UPN affiliate, KTUD-TV."

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Lori Kelman
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 2002-2008
Now: ???

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Charlie Kendall
WNEW-FM [New York] 1983-1987
WQMA [Marks MS] 1993-1998
KSLX [Phoenix AZ] 2003-2005

Now: ???

Roger Kenkel aka Roger Healy
KQKY [Kearney NE] 1985
KUBL [Salt Lake City UT] 1994
- Doc Holladay
KQKY [Kearney] 1996
KMTY/KUVR [Holdrege NE] 2000-2000

Now: Roger says (7/07), "I left the radio business in 2000 to pursue my love of metal fabrication and am currently working in a small family-owned metal fabrication shop as a painter; I'm also an avid kite flyer."

Mike Kenneally
WFRL [Rockford IL] 1969 - Jerry Dillon
WDBQ [Dubuque IA] 1971
KCRG [Cedar Rapids IA] 1976
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1978
KOFM [Oklahoma City OK] 1981
WMET [Chicago IL] 1985
WRXR [Chicago] 1986
WLLR [Davenport] 1988
KBOB [Davenport] 1996
WDEZ [Wausau WI] 2000
WVRE [Dubuque] 2003-2009
- ops mgr
Now: Mike says (1/03), "It's been a great ride but it's a treat to be back in my hometown of Dubuque. The most interesting story of my 33-year career was working the stand-up comedy thing in Oklahoma City and briefly in the Quad cities. I had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the funniest people God was kind enough to bless us all with."

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Charlie Kennedy
KFRQ [McAllen TX] 1997
Now: Charlie says (12/03), "I'm doing mornings at Rock KFRQ-FM, McAllen, Texas."

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Chris Kennedy
CFQR [Montreal Québec] 2007-2008
Now: Chris says (9/09), "After 15 years of consulting several hundred radio stations and media companies throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America at Joint Communications, I was hired by one of my clients (Corus Radio) to join Montreal's Q92 (CFQR) as their Program Director to help them make the transition for success in PPM electronic ratings measurement (which we accomplished); Montreal truly is a world-class city ... love it here; since completing the Q92 project at the end of 2008, I've been deeply engaged with digital and social media as it relates to radio while exploring new opportunities and assisting in custom community events here in Montreal."

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Dan Kennedy
KFLX [Flagstaff AZ] 2009
Now: Dan says (10/09), "I am doing mornings at Top 40 KFLX-FM and am Director of Operations for KFLX, Country KSED-FM and Classic Rock KWMX-FM, Flagstaff, Arizona."

Earl Kennedy
WLDY [Ladysmith WI] 1979-1982
WLDY/WLDY-FM [Ladysmith] 1984
WXCE [Amery WI] 1988
KCZY-FM [Mason City IA] 1989
- Earl Duke
KCHA/KCHA-FM [Mason City] 1989 - Earl Duke
WNBI/WNBI-FM [Park Falls WI] 1990
KCZQ-FM [Cresco IA] 1991-1992
KLSS [Mason City] 1994
KCZY-FM [Mason City] 1995
KCHA/KCHA-FM [Mason City] 1995-1996
KLSS/KRIB/KYTC [Mason City] 2006
KAUS/KAUS-FM [Austin MN] 2007-2008
- ap/news
Now: Earl says (4/16), "I left the radio business for good in 2011, following doing some voiceover work for a few years after I left my last station. I am now a truck driver who also does local emcee work for charitable causes."

Ed Kennedy
WSJM [Benton Harbor MI] 1987
WIRX [Benton Harbor] 1987
WITL [Lansing MI] 1988
Katz Radio [Atlanta GA] 1989
WYAY [Atlanta] 1992
Katz Radio [Atlanta] 1993
Christal Radio [Atlanta] 1995
WMMO [Orlando FL] 1997
WHTQ [Orlando] 1997
WHOO [Orlando] 1997
WDBO [Orlando] 1998
WSHE/WEBG [Orlando] 2004
WTKS [Orlando] 2005
WMGF [Orlando] 2007-2008

Now: Ed says (1/10), "After managing WTKS for 2 years, I moved over to sister stations WMGF-FM and WRUM-FM in 2007 as the regional sales rep; in addition, I was Orlando point person for the Clear Channel Florida Statewide Unwired Network; in Feb 2008 I left Orlando and relocated to Atlanta, taking an exciting new opportunity with Cumulus Media, Inc. as their National Sales Manager for the Southeast Region; my current responsiblities include overseeing national sales for 11 Cumulus markets and close to 60 radio stations."

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K.C. Kennedy
KZRX [Globe AZ] 1990-1993
Now: K.C. says (4/09), "I retired in Gold Canyon, AZ after a traffic accident."

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Keith Kennedy
WKDD [Canton OH] 1998
Now: Keith says (5/04), "I'm doing PM drive at Hot AC WKDD-FM; and I'm OM at WKDD, WHLO and WTOU, Canton/Akron, Ohio."

Rich Kennedy
WLAV [Grand Rapids MI] 1977
WZZR [Grand Rapids] 1978
WTAS [Grand Rapids] 1979
WGRD-FM [Grand Rapids] 1983
WKTH [Grand Rapids] 1983
WCUZ [Grand Rapids] 1985
WSSP [Orlando FL] 1986
WMGF [Orlando] 1998
United Broadcast Net [Austin TX] 1999-2000
- ops mgr
Now: Rich says (2/09), "I am working for the City of Orlando, Florida; still miss radio..."

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Tom Kennedy
WBZ [Boston MA] 1989-1992
Now: I now do presentation and media skills training and coaching for companies and individuals. See my Website, kennedygroupboston.com for details.

Wally Kennedy
WEAW [Chicago IL] 1968
WTRX [Flint MI] 1972
WSB [Atlanta GA] 1976
WRNG [Atlanta] 1979
WCAU [Philadelphia PA] 1981
WPVI-TV [Philadelphia] 1984-2004
KYW [Philadelphia] 2006

Now: Wally says (11/12), "After a brief period as an announcer/DJ, I transitioned into a radio talk host in Flint, Atlanta and Philadelphia; after a 20-year stint as a TV talk host at the ABC-TV O&O, went back to radio and have anchored at KYW since 2006. Born, raised and educated in Chicago, I started as a page at WGN, while in school at Columbia College; first on-air opportunity was as a guest teen-DJ on WLS-AM in 1967; used the tape from that appearance as my first audition tape for my first announcing job at WEAW-AM/FM in Evanston, IL."

Chuck Kenney
WIFM [Elkin NC] 1966-1979
AFN [Wurzburg, Germany] 1982-85, 1990-93

Now: Chuck says (Nov 2002), "I am retired from U.S. Army and living in small town in North Carolina. I have many hours of AFVN-Saigon radio programs from the 60s and early 70s. Check out my website Chuck Kenney's Vietnam Store. Contact me by e-mail for more information. I enjoy e-mail from Nam vets and have made many friends over the years."

Tom Kennington
WDVH [Gainesville FL] 1961
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1964
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1965
WPDQ [Jacksonville] 1968
WFUN [Miami FL] 1969
Rounsaville Radio [Miami] 1974-1977
- U.S. PD
WDBO [Orlando FL] 1979
WOWD [Tallahassee FL] 1983-1984
- GM
Now: Tom says (Oct 2002), "I am retired after spending 16 years in marketing with Walt Disney World. At Disney I was Manager of Promotions and Film and Television Development, Director." Tom resides in the Orlando, Florida area.

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Barry Kent
WAXI [Rockville IN] 2015
Now: Barry says (4/16), "I am Opeartions Manager for Oldies WAXI, Rockville, IN -- which serves the Terre Haute market. In 2011 I was inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame in Nashville."

Dick Kent
WABB [Mobile AL] 1964
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1965
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1967
WLAC [Nashville TN] 1972-1978

Now: Dick Kent (Withers) says (June 2002), "I am active in Cape Girardeau, Missouri."

Larry Kent
KOSY [Texarkana TX] 1960
KRYS [Corpus Christi TX] 1963
KJOE [Shreveport LA] 1965
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1965
WOAI [San Antonio] 1968
KKYR [Texarkana] 1989
Stellar Comm [Tyler TX] 1993-1996
- corporate PD
Chuck White reports (6/04), "Larry Kent died in 2003 after a four-month battle with cancer. Larry was the consumate pro, starting here in Texarkana in the early 1960s. He moved back here to run the family music store when his father died. He started his own consulting firm in 1996. Larry was a good friend and one of radio's best." Click for a couple of Lee 'Baby' Simms stories from Larry.

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Lee Kent
WCOO [Charleston SC] 2002-2002
Now: Lee Kent Hempfling says (6/09), "I am programing 1s and 0s as a logic consultant; the story of what happened will be released in a novel (see rollovermartin.com)."

Norm Kent
WFTL [Miami FL] 1989-1997
WFLL [Miami] 2000
WFTL [West Palm Beach FL] 2003

Now: Norm says (1/05), "I am a First Amendment Civil Rights Attorney representing media personalities and radio stations in dealings with the FCC; and I hosting a Weekend Legal on News/Talk WFTL, West Palm Beach, Florida."

Tom Kent
WAIR [Winston-Salem NC] 1970 - Kent Newton
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1974 - Truckin' Tom Cookin' Kent
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1974 - Truckin' Tom Cookin' Kent
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1975 - Truckin' Tom Cookin' Kent
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1977 - Truckin' Tom Cookin' Kent
WMJX [Miami FL] 1978
WGCL [Cleveland] 1978
WLS [Chicago IL] 1980
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1983
WAVA [Washington DC] 1983
WRQC [Cleveland] 1988
Elektra Records [Cleveland] 1990-2004
- Midwest Promo Mgr
TKO Radio Network [Cleveland, Dallas] 2002-08 - president
Now: Tom says (3/11), "On 3/16/2008, I founded the Tom Kent Radio Network, syndicated, with some 300 affiliates."

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Randy Kerdoon
KNX [Los Angeles CA] 2003
Now: Randy says (2/08), "I'm morning drive sportscaster at Newsradio KNX, Los Angeles; I'm still waiting for my body clock to get used to the 3:45am wake-up alarm..."

Kathy Kerestes
WESA [Pittsburgh PA] 1976-1977
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1977-1989

Kathy Kerestes died May 23, 2015 (multiple sclerosis, age 62, in Pittsburgh, PA); see Kerestes, Kathy J. 61 Belle Vernon (triblive.com); and The Kathy Kerestes Collection from Jeff Rotemans's WTAE Tribute site.

Willis Kern
WAKC [Normal IL] 1975
WJBC [Bloomington IL] 1977
WGLT [Normal] 1993

Now: Willis says (5/04), "I am News Director of NPR affiliate WGLT-FM, Normal, Illinois (Best Reporter, Illinois Associated Press, downstate radio division, 2004). Besides radio legend Don Munson, I'm the longest-serving radio personality in the Bloomington-Normal market, 2004 being my 30th consecutive year."

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Scott Kerr
WTMA [Charleston SC] 2003
Now: Scott says (3/04), "I'm Senior Account Manager for three stations of an eight-station Citadel Broadcasting cluster in Charleston, South Carolina I've been in the sales field for the past ten years."

more Ks...

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