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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (J)

Wolfman Jack (Robert Weston Smith)
Doug Allen's Tribute Site
WYOU [Newport News VA] 1960 - Daddy Jules
KCIJ [Shreveport LA] 1961 - Big Smith with the Records
XERF [Del Rio TX - Ciudad Acuna, Mexico] 1963
KUXL [Minneapolis] 1964
- Bob Smith
XERF, XEG, XERB Simulcast [Mexico to US] 1965
XERB [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1966
XPRS [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1971
KDAY [LA] 1972
Midnight Special [LA] 1973-1983
- U.S. national TV music show
WNEW-FM [NY] 1973
WNBC [NY] 1973
KRTH [LA] 1976
KRLA [LA] 1984
XTRA [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1987
Liberty Radio Network: WXTR - [Washington DC] 1995
Have Mercy
- biography published June 1995
Passed away July 1, 1995 (heart attack at his home in North Carolina). He was 57. Wolfman Jack was inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame April 20, 1999.

Buzz Jackson
WJPZ [Syracuse NY] 1986 - Jam Master Andy
WOVV [Ft. Pierce FL] 1988 - Andrew 'Boom Boom' Jackson
WTHZ [Tallahassee] 1990 - Rocketman
WNFI [Daytona Beach] 1992 - Chuck Jackson
WCFB [Daytona Beach] 1992
WRMF [West Palm Beach] 1994
- Andy Jackson
WROO [Jacksonville FL] 1995
KIIM [Tucson AZ] 2001

Now: Program Director and PM drive at country KIIM-FM, Tucson, Arizona.

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Craig Jackson
KESZ [Phoenix AZ] 1999-2004
Now: Craig says (7/06), "I have been diagnosed with Dystonia, involuntary muscle movement in my jaw which has made it impossible to be on air. I have been in Real Estate in Phoenix since 2004."

'Captain' Dan Jackson
KYSM [Mankato MN] 1973
WWLA [La Crosse WI] 1974
WIZM [La Crosse] 1975
KYSN [Colorado Springs CO] 1977-1982
KSSS [Colorado Springs] 1984-1987
KVUU [Colorado Springs] 1986-1999
KKLI [Colorado Springs] 1999-2017

Now: Captain Dan says (11/17), "I am thankful for the vast opportunities I have been given over my forty years on the air in Colorado Springs. I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people, to go places and do things I would only have dreamt of. I would personally like to thank each of you who invited me into your lives for a little morning fun each day! I am grateful for the support you’ve given me, my family and the many organizations I am passionate about. I feel good about what my team has accomplished both on the air and in this community and I look forward to what opportunities present themselves to me in the future! I will still be around, please say hello when you see me at the grocery store."

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Dean Jackson
WGL [Ft. Wayne IN] 2001
WBOI [Ft. Wayne] 2007
WOWO [Ft. Wayne] 2013

Now: Dean says (11/14), "I am with News/Talk WOWO (1190 AM, 92.3 FM) as reporter and anchor; I won the 2013 AP best shortform newscast."

Dennis Jackson
WJX [Westport, CT] 1958
WRPI/WHAZ [Albany NY] 1964
- The Night Tripper
WRNW [White Plains NY] 1967-1968
WMMM/WDJF [Westport] 1973
WEZN [Bridgeport CT] 1974
WDOT [Burlington VT] 1977
- Peter Tripp
WBRK [Pittsfield MA] 1980 - GM
WGCH [Greenwich CT] 1981 - prez/GM
WREF [Danbury CT] 1985 - owner
WNYQ [Albany NY] 1986 - owner
WNBX [Lebanon NH] 1990 - owner
WQQQ [Sharon CT] 1993 - owner
WMEX/WCLX [Burlington VT] 1994 - owner
WZEN [Farmington NH] 1999 - owner
WRIP [Windham NY] 1999 - owner
Now: Dennis still owns WQQQ, WRIP, WZEN and WCLX and is heard as Peter Tripp on Mix WQQQ (Q103), Adult Contemporary WRIP and Oldies WZEN.

J.J. Jackson
WCPA [Clearfield PA] 1971 - Steve Michaels
WRKT [Titusville FL] 1972 - Gary Stevens
WRFC [Athens GA] 1973 - Glenn 'Hey Baby' Michaels
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1974
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1976
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1976
- Stevie Kritzer
CKLW [Windsor ON/Detroit MI] 1977
WQXI [Atlanta] 1978
KSON/KSON-FM [San Diego CA] 1986
WFOX [Atlanta] 1986
WLCL [Atlanta] 2001
WYYU [Dalton GA] 2005
KHYL [Sacramento CA] 2005
WLUE [Louisville KY] 2005-2010

Now: J.J. says (8/15), "I was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame in 2010; left radio at the same time after stints on iHeart Media's 1960s and 1970s channel; working with legendary Winston Industries in the K12 market segment; my current title is "School Nutrition Guru."

Jim Jackson
WVNA [Muscle Shoals AL] 1986-2000
Now: Jim says (6/04), "I served as Operations Manager and morning drive personality at Classic Rock WVNA-FM from 1990 to 2000. I am now out of radio and own Colajax Ventures, LLC in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I also am the voiceover for nationwide automotive groups, Toyota etc."

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Mark Jackson
WWRM [Tampa FL] 2000
Now: Mark says (2/03), "I'm doing middays and am Music Director at Adult Contemporary WWRM-FM (Magic 949: Cox Radio),] Tampa, St.Petersburg, Clearwater, Florida market."

Michael Jackson
KYA[San Francisco] 1961
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1963
KNX [LA] 1965
KABC [LA] 1966
KRLA [LA] 1999-2000
KLAC [LA] 2001

Now: Talking middays at KLAC, Los Angeles, California.

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Ross Jackson
WKQL [Jacksonville FL] 2002-2003
KLUR [Wichita Falls TX] 2005

Now: Ross says (6/06), "I have retired from radio and work in administration for a major oil company in Kilgore, Texas."

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Scott Jackson
CJLF [Barrie ON] 1999:
Now: Owner/Manager of Contemporary Christian CJLF (LIFE 100.3), Barrie, Ontarion, Canada.

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Steve Jackson
KJSN [Modesto CA] 1999
Now: Steve says (9/09), "I'm mid-days on Adult Contemporary KJSN-FM (Sunny 102.3), Modesto, CA and online at sunny102fm.com."

Tiffany C. Jackson
Now: Latest (Apr '99) report put her at WYDS, Decatur, IL.

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Harry Jacobs
WIZN [Burlington VT] 1999-2000:
Now: Harry says (5/08), "I am living with my wife and son in Las Vegas; am the owner of Las Vegas Rolling Billboards and Carpet Liquidators Warehouse; I am free of the broadcast industry, but still connected to advertising through our mobile billboard company."

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Keith Jacobs
KKMJ [Austin TX] 2000-2001
KORA [Bryan TX] 2005-2008

Now: Keith says (10/08), "I own Keith Jacobs Productions, Austin, Texas -- doing voice-over and imaging work for radio and related projects; trying to stay in touch with past cohorts and enjoying family life..."

Ron Jacobs
KHON [Honolulu HI] 1954
KGU [Honolulu] 1955
KHVH [Honolulu] 1957
KPOA [Honolulu] 1958
KPOI [Honolulu] 1959
Colgreene Corp [NY NY] 1962
- VP Programming
KMEN [SanBernardino] 1962
KMAK [Fresno] 1962
KPOI [Honolulu] 1964
Radio One [Hong Kong] 1964
- installation mgr
KHJ [LA] 1965-1969
The History of Rock and Roll [LA] 1969
- creator/writer/producer
Watermark Inc [LA] 1970 - American Top 40, Elvis Presley Story, Cruisin' LP series: creator, producer
KGB [San Diego] 1972 - KGB Chicken, Home Grown LP series: creator, producer
KKUA [Honolulu] 1976-1977
KDEO [Honolulu] 1981
KGU [Honolulu] 1986
Backdoor Waikiki [Honolulu] 1987
- author
KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1989
Hawaii Calls [HI] 1993
- syndicated: producer
Radio Express World Chart Show [LA] 1995
KCCN [Honolulu] 1998
KHJ: Inside Boss Radio [Honolulu] 2002
- author
Ron Jacobs died March 8, 2016 (age 78) in Pearl City (Honolulu), Hawaii. See R.I.P. Ron Jacobs (kenlevine.blogspot.com); Radio Legend Ron Jacobs Passes (allaccess.com); and Hawaii radio pioneer Ron Jacobs dies (staradvertiser.com).

He was one of the true geniuses of Top-40 radio, “Part creative genius/part mad scientist/part visionary with all the parts constantly at war with each other.” (Ken Levine, 01/07/09). And he was a gifted writer: Backdoor Waikiki (memoirs of childhood in Hawaii); Uncle Tom's Rock 'n' Roll Scrapbook; over 150 magazine articles. Photo of Ron and his daughter.

Obamaland: Who Is Barack Obama? (2009) Obamaland: Who Is Barack Obama? (152 pages) This story tells of a young Barack Obama; of his heritage borne of a union between a man of color from Kenya and a Caucasian woman from Kansas; of his formative years enrolled in Hawai`i’s schools; the everlasting influence of his grandparents, the Dunham’s; and of the places, sights, sounds and smells of these islands that would shape and mold him. Visit the places that young Barack frequented. Walk the streets where he’s lived. Share in the stories and reflections of the people, famous and not so famous, who knew him or met him. Obamaland is Hawai`i, and Hawai`i is the birthplace of the 44th President of the United States of America.

KHJ: Inside Boss Radio (2002) KHJ: Inside Boss Radio, a 434-page, large format book combining the oral history of 93/KHJ, with Jacobs' anecdotes about his days at the legendary station, a compilation of jock memos, rare photos and more. It's "a gold mine for anyone interested in radio history."

Info at www.93khj.com

Dedicated to Robert W. Morgan
From RJ

A tribute from Ron to friend and colleague Robert W. Morgan

Whodaguy Hawaii logo
In 2007 Ron streamed an eclectic mix of Hawaiian music from his now defunct whodaguyhawaii Web site. See Ron Jacobs evolves into high tech -- Broadcaster finds new home online (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 11/13/07).

RJ with EP 1961
Deejay's stunts resulted in new car, meeting with Elvis (By Bob Sigall, Honolulu Star Advertiser 5/30/2014 via RonJacobsHawaii.com)

1964 KPOI aircheck, 1972 KGB Recycle Documentary (from reelradio.com)

Fan mail

Ron Jacobs Wikipedia article

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Ted Burton Jacobsen
KFMW [Waterloo IA] 1986-1988
Now: Ted says (11/12), "I have been living in Coralville, Iowa since 1988 and am an award-winning realtor at RE/MAX ... Wish well to all former co-horts, and of course, listeners."

Michael Jacques
Ashby [Ashby de la Zouch Leics UK] 1974 - Maj
Geronimo [Midland Counties UK] 1978-1982 - Maj
Geronimo FM2 [Midland Ctys] 1978-1982 - Mike MacKinnon
Midland Radio [Midland Ctys] 1983-1986 - Mike MacKinnon
Now: Michael says (3/11), "I have written a controvesial book and my London agent insisted that I use my full name, Michael Calum Jacques so as to be identifiable on the net; I have also 'guested' on a number of radio shows, which would be of at least passing interest to a number of your visitors." More info coming soon from Michael.

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Cyrene Jagger
KATY [Temecula CA] 2005
Now: Cyrene says (7/06), "It's pronounced Suh-reen; I'm PD and doing middays at Adult Contemporary KATY-FM, Temecula, California; radio has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow, and after all these years it is the only gig where it is a pleasure coming in to work every morning, or evening, or night, even overnights; I have seen every hour of the day in a studio."

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Alan James
WTSX [Middletown NY] 1994-1999
Now: Alan says (11/07), "I own my own mobile DJ entertainment company ... doing weddings, functions and corporate events."

Bill James
WEHH [Elmira NY] 1972 - Billy Orestano
WSUF [Patchogue] 1973
KMLO [Oceanside CA] 1974
KARL [San Diego CA] 1974
WSUS [Franklin NJ] 1975
WFMV [Blairstown NJ] 1976
- Bad Billy James
WEEX [Allentown PA] 1977 - Bad Billy James
WKXW [Trenton NJ] 1978
WGSM [Huntington NY] 1979
WTBQ [Middletown NY] 1982
WSUL [Monticello NY] 1983-1986
WVOS [Monticello] 1988
WSUL [Monticello] 1994
WVOS [Monticello] 2011-2014

Now: Bill says (8/14), "I have retired and gone fishing in the Sullivan County, Catskills."

Bob James (Eberlein)
Now: Sales rep for petroleum tank manufacturer/equipment supplier in Seattle. Contemplating a comeback.

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Brian James
CFBK [Huntsville ON] 2003
Now: Brian says (7/04), "I am enjoying small-town cottage country life with my two children and the morning show, programming and music department responsibilities at Top-40 CFBK-FM (105.5 MORE FM), Huntsville, Ontario."

Calib/Caleb James
WHTX[Pittsburgh PA] 1985
WHPA [Altoona PA] 1991
WMXV [Altoona] 1997-1998
WBRX [Altoona] 2008
WKMC [Altoona] 2011
WBRX [Altoona] 2014

Now: Calib/Caleb (Harv Rairie) says (3/17), "I'm back doing mornings on Adult Contemporary WBRX-FM (Mix 94.7), Altoona, PA."

Doug James
WKBW[Buffalo NY] 1961
KGIL [Los Angeles CA] 1965
KJUL [Las Vegas NV] 1998

Now: Part-time at Nostalgia KJUL-FM, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gord James
CFTJ [Cambridge ON] 1970
CJSS [Cornwall ON] 1970
CKOC [Hamilton ON] 1971
CFOX [Montréal Québec] 1975
CHYM [Kitchener ON] 1976
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1979
CHUM-FM [Toronto] 1981
CHUM [Toronto] 2003
CING [Toronto] 2010-2013

Now: Gord says (8/14), "A format change gives me an opportunity to spend more time on voice work and the 'honey do' list. Stay tuned - we'll be right back after this..."

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Mark James
KTOH [Lihue Kauai HI] 2002-2007
Now: Mark says (6/08), "I spent over 40 years on the radio; I live on Kaua'i, am playing guitar and singing all over the island, and loving it..."

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Mike James
WIKX [Ft. Myers FL] 1995-1996
Now: Mike's sister reports (6/03), "After radio/TV, Mike worked for Philip-Morris USA for five years. He misses the music and people of broadcasting, but still does freelance voice-over work for Florida & Missouri ad agencies."

Paul James
WPTR/WFLY [Albany NY] 1979
WTRY [Albany] 1982
WELI [New Haven CT] 1982
WTIC/WTIC-FM [Hartford CT] 1984
WPIX/WQCD [New York NY] 1984
WGY [Schenectady NY] 1991
WOR [New York] 1993
CBS News [New York] 1993-1999
ABC News [New York] 1999

Now: Doing news on the ABC Radio Network, New York, New York.

Randy James
WCOP [Macon GA] 1983
WSSA [Atlanta GA] 1996

Now: Program Director and mornings at Gospel WSSA, Atlanta, Georgia.

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'Big Deal' Ron James
KWYL [South Lake Tahoe CA] 2006
Now: Ron says (2/08), "I'm doing weekends at Hip Hop KWYL-FM, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada -- living the life of a radio DJ in small market America (Reno, Nevada)."

Scott K. James
KSTC [Sterling CO] 1981
KMXX [Sterling] 1983
KHOK [Great Bend KS] 1984
KAKS [Amarillo TX] 1985
KHFI [Austin TX] 1986
KSAQ [San Antonio TX] 1987
KTRR [Ft. Collins CO] 1990
KIMN [Ft. Collins] 1991
KUAD [Ft. Collins] 1992
KQLF [Ft. Collins] 2003

Now: Scott says (6/04), "I'm serving as mornings (Scott & Lynnie) and Program Director for bright AC KQLF-FM (Sunny 97.9), Fort Collins, Colorado."

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Chris Jamison
WFFX [Tuscaloosa AL] 1992-1993
Now: Chris says (8/05), "I left radio when consolidation began destroying locally owned, community based radio. In 2004 I began creating Esoteria, a weekly program, awarded 'Best Specialty Program of Summer 2005' at New Rock 90.7."

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Biff Jannuzzi
WMAQ [Chicago IL] 1997-1999
Now: Biff says, "After leaving WMAQ in Chicago and going to Metro Source Wire Service, I have continued writing. I published a book looking back on years of interviews and radio stories titled "Profiles in Curry, A Spicy Variety of Conversations and Stories."

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Don Jantzen
KQRC [Kansas City KS] 2001
Now: Afternoons at Rock KQRC-FM, Kansas City, Kansas.

Greg Jarrett
KANE [Lafayette LA] 1970
KVOL [Lafayette] 1971
KOB [Albuquerque NM] 1973
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1974
KIMN [Denver CO] 1976
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1977
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1979
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1980
KNUZ/KQUE [Houston TX] 1983
KGO [San Francisco] 1986
ABC News [Los Angeles] 1994
- staff correspondent
KEWS [Portland OR] 1998
KGO [San Francisco] 2000
WGN [Chicago IL] 2009-2011

Now: Greg is retired and living in Chicago, Illinois.

Bobby Jay
WTHB [Augusta GA] 1964
WNJR [Newark NJ] 1966
WGLI [Babylon NY] 1969
WDIA [Memphis TN] 1970
WGLI [Babylon] 1970
WWRL [New York NY] 1970
WCBS-FM [New York] 1985
VIP Radio [London, UK] 2006
Sirius/XM [New York] 2007
RadioMaxMusic.Com [New York] 2007

Now: Bobby says (12/09), "I'm on the Internet at RadioMaxMusic.Com, with Bobby Jay's Great Soul Performances; I am also producing CDs and singing background for various artists on stage and in the studio."

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Michael Jay
WODJ [Grand Rapids MI] 1993-2002
Now: Michael says (7/13), "I am retired in Grand Rapids MI -- and taking it easy."

Phil Jay
KQYX [Joplin MO] 1966
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1968-19??
KCMO-FM [Kansas City] 2001

Now: Phil is doing weekends on Oldies KCMO-FM and running running Phil Jay Productions, Kansas City, Missouri.

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Steve Jay
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1999
Now: Weekends at Nostalgia WDRC, Hartford, CT. Steve says, "I am with CRN International, parent company of Connecticut Radio Network which is an audio service offering state news, weather, entertainment features, etc."

Steve Jay
KGB [San Diego] 1964
KFRC [San Francisco] 1967
- Jay Stevens
KKDJ [LA] 197? - Jay Stevens
KRTH [LA] 1994
Now: Weekends at oldies KRTH-FM, Los Angeles.

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Peter Jaycock
CKLH [Hamilton ON] 1986
Now: Peter does middays at Adult Contemporary CKLH-FM, Hamilton, Ontarion. He says says(3/03), "I've been cranking out AC middays for 11 years now, 9 of them as #1 midday show in town. Huge f25-54 numbers make it a bigger money-maker than our morning show. Freelance voicework is steady but not like it used to be. That leaves more time for hangin' with my son (11) and wife (not 11), hiking, camping, and chasing a good brew."

Darla Jaye
KMGK [Minneapolis MN] 1986
WKJM [Lafayette IN] 1987
WKLQ [Grand Rapids MI] 1989
WGRD-FM [Grand Rapids] 1995
WMMS [Cleveland OH] 1997-1998
KOIO [San Francisco CA] 1999
WLLC [Detroit MI] 2000
WVNN [Huntsville AL] 2002

Now: At Talk WVNN, Huntsville, Alabama. Darla says, "After doing morning radio for the last 15 years, I am into Talk radio ... afternoons at WVNN. This is the same station that Sean Hannity got his start in Talk. I'm pretty excited!"

Ron Jaye
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1977
WPXI-TV [Pittsburgh] 199?

Now: Ron retired as morning news anchor at WPXI-TV, Channel 11, Pittsburgh in December 2000. See a bio on Ron by the Pittsburgh PostGazette.

Tod Jeffers
WWVA [Wheeling WV] 1963
WMAJ [State College PA] 1965
KLNK [Oklahoma City] 1980
WRKZ [Hershey PA] 1982
WWKL [Harrisburg PA] 1989
WBNS-FM [Columbus OH] 1994
WRBT [Harrisburg PA] 1996-1999
WKKX [Wheeling] 2004

Tod Jeffers died at home in Wheeling, West Virginia Sunday, Mar 1, 2009 (heart attack, age 67). See CentreDaily/Obituaries.

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'Banana' Don Jefferson
WITL [Lansing MI] 2001
Now: Banana Don says (7/08), "I'm doing mornings on legendary Country WITL-FM, Lansing, Michigan; also deer hunting, fishing, big NASCAR fan, big Michigan State fan, and still rooting for the Steelers."

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Joyce Jefferson
KYGO-FM [Denver CO] 2003
Now: Joyce says (6.03, "I'm a busy at-home Mom to our three daughters and I do voiceover work. On weekends, I pull a shift at Country KYGO-FM, Denver, Colorado (it's a great escape from Motherhood!)."

Chad Jefferys
Now: Doing voiceovers and industrial voice work. Also in high level technical sales in computer networking. Living in Silicon Valley, California with his wife and two boys.

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Rich Jeffrey
KEFM [Omaha NE] 1988-1995:
Mike O'Brien
Now: Rich is in "retail management" in Omaha, Nebraska.

'Wild' Bill Jeffries
KIEV [Los Angeles CA] 1969 - B.J. Stone
KPAY [Chico CA] 1970
KOBO [Yuba City CA] 1970
- Dave Jeffries
KLBK [Lubbock TX] 1971
WOAI [San Antonio TX] 1973
WMC [Memphis TN] 1973
KFBK [Sacramento CA] 1976
KPOP/KPOP-FM [Sacramento CA] 1979
KWG/KYBB [Stockton CA] 1985-1994

Now: Bill says (5/09), "I am an executive career coach -- have been the last ten years; I'm living in Tucson, Arizona."

Jason Jeffries
KLSX [Los Angeles CA] 1992
KKLA [Los Angeles] 1994
KLTX [Los Angeles] 1997
- station mgr
KIEV [Los Angeles] 1998
KRLA [Los Angeles] 2000
KOCP [Ventura CA] 2008-2015

Now: Jason says (8/15), "After 25 years of a successful programming and sales career in L.A. radio, I'm back where I started on the air and playing requests again on 99.1 the Ranch (www.991theranch.com) out of Simi Valley, CA; live and local radio is back and it feels good, plus I have a Sunday night show called Rock N' Roll Country which is free-form radio, the way it use to be on FM."

Mike Jeffries
WINR [Binghamton NY] 1972
WENE [Binghamton] 1973
WKOP [Binghamton] 1975
WNYR [Rochester NY] 1979
WKOP [Binghamton] 1980
WENE [Binghamton] 1983
WHWK [Binghamton] 1984
WVBS [Wilmington NC] 1989
WKOO [Jacksonville NC] 1990
WWQQ [Wilmington NC] 1994-1995

Now: Mike says (11/06), "I am still hooked up with Verizon Wireless, Wilmington, North Carolina, and loving it; my Web site is at MikeJeffriesVoice.com -- I do voice-overs for TV stations and ad agencies across the U.S."

Tom Jeffries
WDHF [Chicago IL] 1974
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1976
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1978
WZOU [Boston MA] 1985

Now: Programming 'hold queues' for MCI Telecommunications Corp.

Tom Jeffries
CFAX [Victoria BC] 1968
CKDA [Victoria] 1969
CKPG [Prince George BC] 1970
CKVN [Vancouver BC] 1972
CFUN [Vancouver] 1973
CFRA [Ottawa ON] 1974
CFTR [Toronto ON] 1976
CFUN [Vancouver] 1978
CJCH [Halifax NS] 1986
CKKS [Vancouver] 1990-2000
CKBD [Vancouver] 2001

Now: Mornings at Nostalgia CKBD (600AM), Vancouver British Columbia. Tom says, "I'd Love to hear from any of my co-workers over the years."

Bill Jenkins
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1955
KPAL [Palm Springs CA] 1956
KBOX [Dallas] 1958
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1959
KWK [St. Louis] 1960
KMOX [St. Louis] 1964
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1965
KGBS [Los Angeles CA] 1967
KFWB [LA] 1968
KFI [LA] 1974
KABC [LA] 1978-1991

Now: Retired from radio ... doing independent TV infomercials in Los Angeles, California.

Bob Jenkins
AFRTS [Tokyo Japan] 1972-1973
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1975
- promotions dir
KKUA/KQMQ [Honolulu] 1981 - promotions dir
KSJO/KXRX [San Jose CA] 1982 - promotions dir
KKCY [San Francisco] 1984 - marketing dir
KRQR/KCBS [San Francisco CA] 1984 - marketing dir
KSJO/KHTT [San Jose] 1987 - marketing dir
Disney Entertainment [Los Angeles CA] 1988-1989 - broadcast specialist
WRQX/WJZW [Washington DC] 1999 - Internet operations mgr
Townsend Group [Bethesda MD] 2003 - U.S. sales mgr
American Heritage Publishing [Rockville MD] 2007 - advertising dir
Now: Bob says (2/09), "I joined the new owner/publisher for American Heritage, Rockville, Maryland, the oldest and most widely read periodical of American history, and sister pub Invention & Technology; still involved with words, only now written instead of spoken."

John Jenkins
WAUG [Augusta GA] 1969
WBBQ [Augusta] 1973
KXYZ [Houston TX] 1977
KAUM [Houston] 1979
WQPD [Lakeland FL] 1980
KOFM [Oklahoma City OK] 1981
WMJJ [Birmingham AL] 1984
WMAG [Greensboro NC] 1986
WKSZ [Philadelphia PA] 1991
Ameron Broadcasting [Birmingham] 1992
- VP, programming
Clear Channel Communications [Birmingham] 1999 - operations mgr
Edgemarketing Inc. [Birmingham] 2001 - president
Now: John says (9/12), "I'm president (since 2001) of Edgemarketing Incorporated, Birmingham, Alabama."

Alan Jennings
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 198?
WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh] 1989
- reporter
Now: News Reporter for WTAE-TV, Channel 4, Pittsburgh.

Bill Jennings
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1964
Ken Wells says (5/03), "I regret to let you know that Bill passed away withing the past year. He had become somewhat disenchanted with broadcasting in the early 1970s, and as a two-decade broadcasting veteran, completely walked away from radio. Bill became a journeyman carpenter, and worked at that vocation until the last few years. That was some turnabout for an alum of the Boston Conservancy of Music who had an on-air voice that sounded like God, or something."

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Gregg Jensen
WBZ [Boston MA] 2004
Now: Gregg says (7/04), "I am a news anchor at WBZ, Boston, Massachusetts."

John Jensen
KREP [San Jose CA] 1968
KMPX [San Francisco CA] 1972-1979
- DJ, GM
Now: John says (11/10), "Following my time on KMPX I became Development Director for KLCS-TV in Los Angeles and then joined Westinghouse Broadcasting & Cable in an executive position; in 1989 I became the in-house creative agency director for World Vision, a humanitarian agency based in Federal Way, WA and am a director for that organization."

Jennifer Jensen
Now: At KPAW, Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Jon Jensen
KBRC [Mt. Vernon WA] 1995
KHTR [Pullman WA] 1995
KJR-FM [Seattle WA] 1999
KWDB [Oak Harbor WA] 2000
KZFN [Moscow ID] 2004
KWHT/KTEL [Walla Walla, WA] 2006-2011

Now: Jon says (4/11), "I am on the beach ... get me off the sand and on solid ground, please..."

Peter Jerome
WLNR [Chicago IL] 1966
WCGO [Chicago] 1967
WJOB [Hammond IN] 1967
WIRE [Indianapolis IN] 1969
WLTH [Gary IN] 1970
WAKE [Gary] 1972
WIRL/WSWT [Peoria IL] 1972
WZRO [Peoria IL] 1974-1975
WNUU [Louisville KY] 1978-1979

Now: Peter is in the jewelry business in Dallas, Texas. He remembers (4/99), "Claude Hall from Billboard loved to listen to our station (WLTH, Gary IN) when he was in Chicago. Nice reviews. Had a great lite rock format back in the 70s."

Bwana Johnny (Rick Johnson)
KJR [Seattle] 1969
KYA [San Francisco] 1969
KGB [San Diego] 1970
WWDJ [Hackensack NJ/NYC] 1971
WFUN [Miami] 1974
KISN [Portland OR] 1975
- Crazy Dick Simms
KSND [Eugene OR] 1986
KZEL [Eugene] 1990-1991
KODZ [Eugene] 1993
KKBR [Billings MT] 1998-2000

Sam W. Lee reports (10/28/05), "Bwana Johnny (ex-KISN, WWDJ, KYA et al.) passed away Fri, Oct 28, 2005 in Seattle after a prolonged bout with congestive heart failure. He was 56.")

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Reg Johns
WVBF [Boston MA] 1982
Now: President, Fairwest Direct (marketing to radio/TV stations around the world), San Diego, California.

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Crystal Lake Johnson
WIFC [Wausau WI] 1988-1990 - Crystal Lake
Now: Crystal says (12/09), "I am producing DennyRadio, with host Denny Schaffer, on WGKA-AM in Atlanta, GA ... via the Internet from Wisconsin; Dennyradio was on WGST-AM from 2005 to late 2006; we moved the show to the Internet, when Clear Channel sold the company and started the major blowout of employees; I book guests and set up interviews for the show."

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Curt Johnson
WDAY [Fargo ND] 1981-1983
Now: Curt is an outdoor media specialist with the Minnesota Office of Tourism. He says, "After 35 years of radio and TV news I moved to state government where I now work WITH radio/TV and print media who do stories on Minnesota's outdoors (fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, etc.). I also do some of the radio-TV voice work for the MOT as is needed for promotional announcements and commercials."

Gary Johnson
KSJB [Jamestown ND] 1955 - GJ the DJ
KUDI [Great Falls MT] 1960 - The GaryGoRound
WEBC [Duluth MN] 1962 - J. Cody Owens
WIGL [Superior WI] 1964 - J. Cody Owens
WITL [Lansing MI] 1965 - J. Cody Owens
Now: President, New Work Corporation; Managing Editor, NewWork News, Minnesota, USA.

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Gord Johnson
CJBX [London ON] 2001
Now: At Country CJBX-FM (BX-93), London, Ontario, Canada.

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Graham Johnson
CJCI [Prince George BC] 2000-2001
Now: ???

Ilyse Johnson aka Ilyse Jennings
WBRU [Providence RI] 1974
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1977
WZOK [Rockford IL] 1978
KPIG [Honolulu HI] 1979
WYMX [Augusta GA] 1979
WRXL [Richmond VA] 1980
WMXB [Richmond] 1983
WQSF [Richmond] 1989
WKHK [Richmond] 1992
WTVR [Richmond] 1997
WJZV [Richmond] 2002

Now: Ilyse says (8/17), "I sell digital signage and content management software for the Marlin Company (2010-present); still in Richmond, VA and still love connecting with old friends and former co-workers"

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Jay Johnson
KRNB [Dallas TX] 2001-2003
Now: Jay says (4/07), "I'm with ABC, Dallas, Texas: both High Energy and a Sunday Quiet Storm Show..."

Juan Johnson
KYKY [St. Louis] 1989
Now: ???

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Ken Johnson
CHRX [Fort St. John BC] 1997
Now: Ken says (9/03), "I'm Still employed full time at Country CKNL and CHRX-FM (EnergyFM); in sales and promotions."

Ken Johnson aka KJ
WJMH [Greensboro NC] 1994
WQMG [Greensboro] 1996
WPEG [Charlotte NC] 1998
WILD [Boston MA] 2000
- KJ Carson
KPRS [Kansas City MO] 2000-2002 - KJ Carson
KMXV [Kansas City] 2004
WWWQ [Atlanta GA] 2005
WIHT [Washington DC] 2007

Now: Ken says (5/08), "I'm doing noon-3pm Daily on XM Top 20 on 20 and am an on-air contributor to Clear Channel's WIHT, Washington DC."

Kurt Johnson
WTSO [Madison WI] 1980
WZEE [Madison] 1982
- Kurtis J
WFYR [Chicago IL] 1987
WLTW [New York NY] 1991
WAXQ [New York] 1996
WYXR [Philadelphia PA] 1997
WLCE [Philadelphia] 1999
KVIL [Dallas TX] 2001
KOAI [Dallas] 2003

Now: Kurt says (6/04), "I'm VP/Programming for Infinity Dallas (KVIL, KOAI, KLUV, KRLD, KLLI and KRBV); and program director of Adult Contemporary KVIL-FM and Smooth Jazz KOAI-FM, Dallas, Texas."

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Mark Johnson
WNTM [Mobile AL] 1996-1996 - GM
Now: Mark says (12/07), "After 15 years at NPR Satellite Services, I started Ka You Communications to help build satellite radio networks. My favorite story is involved a car accident on the way to the Florida State vs Clemson game in 1988 (The famous Punt-Rooski game.) It had been raining for 3 days straight. Lee Bowen (Stat man and news reporter at WTNT AM) was driving and lost control. His car was totalled. All the equipment was thrown out of the car and onto I-85. I was hit by flying equipment and taken to the emergency room for 11 stitches. Lee saved all of the equipment boxes. After a trip to the emergency room and the wrecker location we made it to the stadium an hour before air time. The FSU Seminole Sports Network broadcast went on the air, on time. The show must go on!"

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Marshall 'Marsh' Johnson
KHPE [Corvallis OR] 1994-1995
Now: Marsh says (4/10), "In Oct 2009 I went fulltime as GM of 24/7 streaming internet radio station Rhemaradio; finished 4-year degree in ministry, earned ordination and am looking to buy or buy into a radio station(s)."

Marty Johnson
KEPT [Shreveport LA] 1976
KCOZ [Shreveport] 1977
KJOE [Shreveport] 1977
KEEL [Shreveport] 1977
WFMF [Baton Rouge LA] 1981-1984
KVKI [Shreveport] 1992-1993
KLKL [Shreveport] 2003

Now: Marty says (Nov 2002), "I am a lawyer and shareholder with the law firm of Lunn, Irion, Salley, Carlisle & Gardner, Shreveport, LA."

Rich Johnson
KUIK [Portland OR] 1975
KGAL [Lebanon OR] 1976
KVI-FM [Seattle WA] 1977
- Rick West
KRKO [Everett WA] 1979
KWYZ [Everett] 1980
KING [Seattle] 1980
CNN Radio [Atlanta GA] 1984
AP Radio [Washington DC] 1985
Unistar Radio [Washington DC] 1990
WTOP [Washington DC] 1991
ABC Radio [New York NY] 1997
KIRO [Seattle] 2003

Now: Rich says (11/03), "I am anchor/reporter at News/Talk KIRO, Seattle, Washington; and I run SportsPages.com

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Ron Johnson
KSIG [Lafayette LA] 1977-1981
Now: Ron says (10/08), "I'm working as Marketing Director-V.P. of Operations with an Oilfield Leasing company in Lafayette, Louisiana; after all of these years out of radio I still have the voice that indicates what industry I was in; I still love music, music and music."

Royce Johnson
KIMN [Denver] 1958
KDEO [San Diego] 196?
KOGO [San Diego] 196?

Passed away in the mid-1970s.

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Scott Johnson
WFWI [Ft. Wayne IN] 2002-2002
KYYS [Kansas City MO] 2004

Now: Scott says (3/07), "I'm doing mid-days at Classic Rock, KYYS-FM Kansas City, Missouri."

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Tim Johnson
WLS [Chicago IL] 2002
Now: Tim says (11/02), "I am Director of Marketing & Promotions here at the BIG 89: News/Talk WLS, Chicago, Illinois. Like many radio dogs, I grew up listening to Old Uncle Lar and Animal Stories and dreamed of a working at WLS. It is a thrill to work for this amazing station and help it climb back into the top ranks of Chicago radio."

Troy Johnson
WTLC [Indianapolis In] 1989 - Wallstreet
KMJM [St. Louis MO] 1992
WTLC [Indianapolis] 1997
WERQ [Baltimore MD] 1999
WHFS [Baltimore] 2007
WHUR [Washington DC] 2010
H.U.R. Voices Sirius XM 141 [Washington DC] 2011
WNEW [Washington DC] 2012

Now: Troy says (10/12), "I host The Hang Suite with my old morning partner Marc Clarke on Saturday nights on Urban Contemporary WHUR-FM, Washington DC, and on H.U.R.Voices, Monday - Friday on Sirius XM 141; I am also a news anchor on All News WNEW in Washington, DC."

Wayne Johnson
KSUM [Fairmont MN] 1963
KWWL [Waterloo IA] 1964
KAUS [Austin MN] 1964
KLWW [Cedar Rapids IA] 1965
KCRG [Cedar Rapids] 1969-1975
KHAK/KHAK-FM [Cedar Rapids] 1978
WMT/WMT-FM [Cedar Rapids] 1983
KMRY [Cedar Rapids] 1999-2004

Now: Wayne says (3/11), "I'm retired from radio for the most part; do some voice work, and serve as a music source and consultant for several jocks doing oldies shows in Cedar Rapids; I try to keep in touch with many of the talented people that I've been fortunate enough to work with over the years."

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Jim JJ Johnston
CILQ/CFNY/CFYI/CING [Toronto ON] 2000 - GM
Now: General Manager at CILQ (Q107), CFNY (EDGE102), CFYI (MoJo Radio) and CING (ENERGY FM), Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Frank Jolley
WNEX [Macon GA] 1961 - Clarko
WPLO [Atlanta GA] 1962 - Clarko
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1963
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1965
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1967
KVIL [Dallas] 1967
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1968
KLIF [Dallas] 1969
KNAC [Los Angeles CA] 1970
KKDJ [LA] 1975
KPAK [Redding CA] 1986
- owner
Now: Running (since 1990) American Independent Producers Studio, Inc., a motion picture producer/distributor of Independent movies, in Los Angeles. Click for more on Frank.

Bob Jones
KCUB [Tucson AZ] 1974
KHOS [Tucson] 1975
KIXS [Killeen TX] 1976
KDAV [Lubbock TX] 1976
KJJJ [Phoenix AZ] 1977
KIKX [Tucson] 1977
KTKT [Tucson] 1981-1982
KAVV [Tucson] 1981-1982
KCEE [Tucson] 1983
KWFM [Tucson] 1988
KRRI [Las Vegas NV] 1993
KQOL [Las Vegas] 1995
KFMS [Las Vegas] 1994-1996
KIIM [Tucson] 2006-2012

Now: Bob says (6/15), "I retired in December 2012 after working for 6 years at KIIM-FM Tucson, Arizona."

Bob Jones
WKAI [Macomb IL] 1954
WKRS [Chicago IL] 1956
WNBF [Binghamton NY] 1964
KCRA [Sacramento CA] 1966
WBAL [Baltimore MD] 1968-1990

Now: Bob says (1/08), "I left WBAL to freelance, which I did actively thru most of the nineties; these days I'm pretty much retired and enjoying traveling and boating on the Cheapeake Bay (Norma and I live near Annapolis)."

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David K. Jones
WBBY [St. Petersburg FL] 2001-2004
Now: Running David K. Jones Voice Works, Clearwater, Florida. David says (10/05), "I'm having more fun than ever, instead of working with just one station of crazy radio people, I now work with over 80 separate radio stations; I also work with many great national voice-over clients; the very best part of my life is, for the first time in decades, I don't have to wake up at 3:30am for a mornings show!"

Jason Jones
WCCO [Minneapolis MN] 1998-2003
Now: Jason says (3/07), "I'm working as a freelance talent -- I own a small company that produces entertainment events; and I do some voice-over work (on oneshoeproductions.com); in 2003 I married Kelly McGaughey (a St. Louis Park girl) and we've set up a nest in St. Paul where we currently reside with our menagerie of animals; my greatest experience in radio I owe to my two biggest mentors: Jim Davis, now in Grand Island Nebraska, and Randy Cable, currently in Asheville, NC."

Jaynie Jones aka Jaynie Dillon
KCYS [Richland WA] 1967
KTWD [Spokane WA] 1968-1970
KTNT [Tacoma WA] 1976
- Jaynie Jo Royal
KNBQ [Tacoma] 1976 - Jaynie Jo Royal
KAYO [Seattle WA] 1977
KTAC [Tacoma] 1979
KBRD [Tacoma] 1979
- Jane Robbins
KOMO [Seattle] 1981-1990
KKBY [Tacoma] 1997
KLAY [Tacoma] 1998

Now: Jaynie is a voice talent for Talk KLAY, Lakewood, Washington. She says (11/05), "Since October 2001, my greatest joy and personal satisfaction come from sharing the advances in good health through nutritional supplements ... I'm proud to be an independent distributor for Shaklee..." Click for the full story.

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Jim Jones
KMRX [Oklahoma City OK] 2000-2001
KXOJ [Tulsa OK] 2004

Now: Jim says (3/04), "I'm a part-time announcer at Christian Contemporary KXOJ-FM, Tulsa, Oklahoma."

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Ken Jones
KSSJ [Sacramento CA] 1994
Now: Ken says, "I am doing the afternoon show on Smooth Jazz KSSJ-FM as APD, and doing the Web sites for all six stations in the building."

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Kent Jones
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 1988
Now: Kent is PD and doing midmornings at Oldies KOMA (92.5), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma."

Mike Jones
WQOK [Greenville SC] 1958
WANE [Ft. Wayne IN] 1960
- Tony Wayne
WGST [Atlanta GA] 1962-1966
Now: Mike says (12/04), "I'm living in Paradise (Key West, FL) and have been for more than 25 years. I'm a country music songwiter with several songs on the charts. Biggest thrill in music, writing with Shel Silverstein."

Red Jones
KRGV [Weslaco TX] 1948
KVET [Austin TX] 1950
AFRS [Berlin Germany] 1954
KILT [Houston TX] 1956
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1962
WFOM [Atlanta] 1968
WJEM [Valdosta GA] 1975
- part owner
WBTR [Carrollton GA] 1985-1995
WKNG [Carrollton] 2001-2011

Now: Red says (7/11), "I retired in 2011 after 63 years in the business and with birthday #80. It's been a great ride; was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame in 2008; still in good health and doing alot of traveling; have a total family of 50 now and counting."

Rich Jones
WCMF [Rochester NY] 1986
WMCC [Rochester] 1987
WKLX [Rochester] 1987
- Jumper Jones
WIRQ [Rochester] 1990
NESE Radio Network [Rochester] 1991
WHTK [Rochester NY] 1993
- Richie Rich
Now: Producer/co-host of The Pain Clinic pro-wrestling talk show on Talk WHTK, Rochester, New York. Richard is also Director of Programming for Companion Radio and Golden Age Entertainment.

Roger Lewis Jones aka Eric Scott
KZEN [Monterey CA] 1973 - LJ the DJ
KDON [Salinas CA] 1974
KRML [Carmel CA] 1978
KIDD [Monterey] 1978
KLAV [Las Vegas NV] 1979
KRKT [Corvallis OR] 1979
KSLM [Salem OR] 1980
KDON [Salinas] 1980
KNRY [Monterey] 1985
KKIS [San Francisco CA] 1987
KIOI [San Francisco] 1988
KTIM [San Rafael CA] 1989
KSOL [San Francisco] 1989
KGO [San Francisco] 1990
KOIT [San Francisco] 1990
KUIC [Vacaville CA] 1997
KKIQ [San Francisco CA] 2000-2008

Now: Roger says (08/10), "I have moved to Grass Valley, California and am doing voice-overs from home studio; for more information, please pop me an email."

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Steve Jones
WMKK [Boston MA] 2005
Now: Steve says (2/07), "I am GM for dms Broadcasting, a four-station cluster in Grand Cayman, 150 miles south of Cuba and 480 miles south of Miami; since I arrived here in 2006, lots of former co-workers have conveniently decided to vacation here; coincidence?"

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Travis Jones
WWLW-FM [Morgantown WV] 2003
Now: Travis says (5/03), "I'm doing PM drive jock on Adult Contemporary WWLW-FM (Magic 106.5), Clarksburg, West Virginia. I also host a weekly, statewide sports talk show on Metronews and do play-by-play for WVU on the Mountaineer Sports Network."

'Wild' Wayne Jones
WFCS [Hartford CT] 1974
WWUH [Hartford] 1976

Now: Wayne says, "I am still hosting The Rock n' Roll Memory Machine, New England's longest-running oldies radio program. I am also a full-time marketing consultant and a voting member in the National Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame."

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Wes Jones
WIST/WBLO [Greensboro NC] 2001
Now: Wes says (5/14), "I am LMA General Manager for GHB Radio's High Point, NC stations, WIST-FM/WBLO-AM; I also do production for other stations. Still Radio-Active."

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Dave Jopp
KRCQ [Detroit Lakes MN] 2002:
Dave Lee

Now: Dave says (10/04), "I'm Ops Mgr and doing mornings at Country KRCQ-FM, Detroit Lakes, MN; considering local run for council seat in hometown of Frazee; active in church band."

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Johnny Jordan
KTSX [Fresno CA] 2005-2006
Now: Johnny says (10/06), "I have moved to Toronto, Canada; it's a great city and as soon as I learn the lanuage, I hope to find a radio gig here :-)"

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Kirk Jordan
KROG [Medford OR] 2001-2003
Now: Kirk says (1/07), "I founded Nox Media Inc. in Medford, Oregon (audio production/V-O company) in 1998; I am CEO and executive producer, head writer, chief voice-over talent; enjoying life!"

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Sam Jordan
WAAT [Scranton PA] 2001-2002 - A.J. Roberts/GM
WFBS [Berwick PA] 2005-2006 - GM
Now: Sam says (11/07), "I am General Manager of W13BY-CA, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania."

T. Michael Jordan
WGNE [Panama City FL] 1963-1963
KFIF [Tucson AZ] 1965
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1967
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1968
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1969
WLOF [Orlando FL] 1971
KLIV [San Jose CA] 1972
KNDE [Sacramento] 1972
KIRL [St. Louis MO] 1972
- Tom Jordan
KKDJ [Los Angeles CA] 1973
KEZY [Los Angeles] 1976
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1978-1980

Now: T. Michael (Tom Nefeldt) says (2/06), "I am living in the Chicago area; got into computers in 1980; worked for Tandy Computers, then ten years at the Writers Guild of America as IS Manager, then five years at the Los Angeles County Bar as IT Director, then six months at the California Department of Justice as IT Director (hated it), then here to Chicago."

Tim Jordan
KOWN [San Diego CA] 1979
KKOS [Oceanside CA] 1979
KEZR [San Jose CA] 1985-1985
KBON [San Bernardino CA] 1989
KIQY [Lebanon OR] 1989
KKEY [Vancouver WA] 1992
KVAN [Vancouver] 1993
KFAT [Corvallis OR] 1993
KKEY [Vancouver] 1994-1995
station mgr
Now: Tim says (11/14), "I have been living in Portland, Oregon since 1992; worked at a couple of local radio stations (talk stations) and worked in management (which I hated); worked with some really talented people over the years including Dick Thyne and many others."

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Michael Joseph
KOAS [Dolan Springs AZ] 2002
Now: Michael says, "After living in Stockholm for a while, working for a radio promtions company, I decided that it was time to return to the U.S. I'm currently the Promotions Director/on-air talent for a Smooth jazz KOAS-FM in the Las Vegas market."

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Dug Joy
CHIQ [Winnipeg MB] 1996
Now: Dug says (6/05), "I am doing PM drive at Hot AC CHIQ (Q94FM), Winnipeg, Canada; and I continue to provide voiceovers world-wide with Dug Joy Voice Imaging."

Rick Joyce
WLOM [Cape Cod MA] 1978
WKZE [Cape Cod] 1980
WCFR [Springfield VT] 1981
WCNL [Newport NH] 1984
WCOD [Cape Cod MA] 1985
KCKC [San Bernardino CA] 1989
KMDY [Thousand Oaks CA] 1989
KWNK [Simi Valley CA] 1989
KQSB [Santa Barbara CA] 1993-1993
Entertainment Tonight [Los Angeles CA] 2000
- managing editor
Now: Rick says (7/05), "I am Managing Editor of the Paramount Domestic Television shows Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. I launched a nationally syndicated Hollywood report in the early 1990s; that led me to Sony Worldwide Radio Networks as a reporter chronicling celebrity news stories. I was a regular contributor to King World's TV magazine Inside Edition in the late 1990s; was part of the launch team for the nationally syndicated TV show Scoop in 1999; produced the Uncovered series for MGM TV in 2000; and landed at ET that year. I became senior producer with the debut of The Insider with Pat O'Brien in September of 2004. I'm still a radio guy at heart, I just added pictures."

Happy Julio
Now: Nights at New Rock WLUM-FM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Al Julius
KTLN [Denver CO] 1962
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 19641
WCAU [Philadelphia PA] 1969
KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh] 1973
KABC-TV [Los Angeles] 1978
KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh] 1981-1991
- commentary
Passed away June 28, 2002 (lung cancer) at age 73. Click for more on Al.

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Glory June
WFBQ [Indianapolis IN] 1978-1979
Now: Glory says (9/10), "I am a public historian and theatrical performer based in Indianapolis Indiana; I still do occasional voice work and lots of public programs. I was the first woman to do morning drive in Indianapolis ("WFBQ ... Q95 ... pass it on."); won a reader poll in local semi-underground paper as #1 most popular DJ AND 3rd least popular in the same poll -- nothing like stirring 'em up."

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