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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (D)

Lori D
WHEB [Portsmouth NH] 1984
WSAK [Portsmouth] 1998

Now: Lori (D. Warriner) says (12/02), "I'm holding down the night shift while raising the kids - enjoying the classic rock and still in a state of shock that U2 is now classic."

Rocky D!
WKQX [Chicago IL] 1980
KCAL [Riverside CA] 1987
WGTO [Orlando FL] 1990
WZVU [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1994
WOCL [Orlando] 1995
WTMX/WTMX-FM [Tampa FL] 1995
WHNZ [Tampa] 1996
WTMA [Charleston SC] 2001

Now: Talking afternoons on News/Talk WTMA, Charleston, South Carolina.

Henry Dabecco
WCVI [Connellsville PA] 1950
WJAS [Pittsburgh PA] 1951
KQV [Pittsburgh] 195?
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 196?
WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh] 1968

Henry Dabecco, 'Handsome Henry, the city's most eligible bachelor', died in 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rodger Skinner says (1/07), "Henry is fondly remembered as one of the best announcers to ever grace the airwaves at KQV."

Steve Dahl
KPPC [Los Angeles CA] 1972
KKDJ [LA] 1973
WABX [Detroit] 1975
WWWW [Detroit MI] 1976
WDAI [Chicago] 1978
WLUP-FM [Chicago] 1979
WLS-FM [Chicago] 1981
WLS [Chicago] 1984
WLUP-FM [Chicago] 1986
WLUP [Chicago] 1987
WLUP-FM [Chicago] 1992
WLUP/WMVP [Chicago] 1993
WCKG [Chicago] 1996

Now: Afternoons at Talk WCKG-FM, Chicago, Illinois.

Doug Dahlgren
WTMJ [Milwaukee WI] 1968
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1972
WDAI [Chicago IL] 1973
WCFL [Chicago] 1973
WIND [Chicago] 1975
WIRE [Indianapolis IN] 1980
KUPL [Portland OR] 1987
KWJJ [Portland] 1995
KEX [Portland] 1997
KAYO-FM [Aberdeen WA] 2000-2005

Now: Doug says (9/10), "I'm retired and living in Chicago again. The Aberdeen, Washington station you list (KAYO-FM) was actually in Olympia, with a local signal into Seattle; the city of license at the time was Aberdeen; it became a Bustos Media station in 2005 and since none of us spoke Spanish ... well, you know..."

Ed Dailey
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KORD [Richland WA] 1998
Now: Ed says (12/02), "I do the Legends of Country radio show on a couple of radio stations in the west; Teach radio full time at a vocational school in Kennewick, Washington; and sing a little."

Roger Dale
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KITI-FM [Centralia WA] 1977-2002
Now: Roger Dale (Pederson) says (11/04), "I retired from KITI-FM (Live 95) at the end of 2002. I'm now a Realtor with RE/MAX Key Land Co. in Centralia, WA."

Tim Daley
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2MMM [Sydney Australia] 1996-1996 - Dangerman
Now: Tim says, "In 2000, I launched, and am now programming, musicMAX, and music video channel for adults in Australia. We play a wide variety of music from new AC to Classic Rock & 70s disco."

John Dalton
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WEJZ [Jacksonville FL] 1999
Now: John says (8/04), "Since 1969 I have been up and down the dial at some really great radio stations (mostly Tampa Bay), and made some lifelong friends too. I'm doing middays at Adult Contemporary WEJZ-FM (Lite 96.1) and have enjoyed high ratings at a top radio station in a great Florida market. What more could you want?"

Rick D'Amico
WALG [Albany GA] 1963
WREO [Ashtabula OH] 1966
WWGO [Erie PA] 1966
WMMS [Cleveland OH] 1968
WKFR [Battle Creek MI] 1970
WUHQ-TV [Battle Creek] 1976
- host
WBCK [Battle Creek] 1978
WKMI [Kalamazoo MI] 1980
WILS [Lansing MI] 1980
WLNS-TV [Lansing MI] 1985
- weatherman
KSAZ-TV [Phoenix AZ] 1987-2016 - morning show host
Now: Rick says (02/17), "I retired on August 1, 2016 after a 50 year career in Broadcasting. I am author of the book It Just Wasn't Perfect For Me! My 50 Years in Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Lina Damon
Quiet Storm [Bangkok Thailand] 1983
Smooth 105 [Bangkok] 1991
Virgin Smooth 105 [Bangkok] 2002-2006

Now: Lina says (6/09), "I'm working as the Group PD of Virgin Radio, Bangkok, Thailand." Some Tina background."

Tom 'Dynamite' Dancer
KCCN [Honolulu] 1973
KORL [Honolulu] 1975
KIOE [Honolulu] 1977

Passed away in December, 1992.

Jim Dandy
WDGY [Minneapolis] 1965
Now: ???

Spencer Danes
WGBS [Miami FL] 1961-1969
WGTO [Orlando FL] 1970-1972
VOA [Washington DC] 1975-1999
- news editor
Passed away from cancer in June 1999. Greg Danes says, "Spencer covered the space program at the Cape during the 1960s, was at major news events in Florida and Miami Dolphins home games. He worked editing news reports for the Voice of America from correspondents all over the world."

Chris Daniel
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KWXI [Glenwood AR] 2008
Now: Chris says (8/08), "I am GM and Chief Operator of KWXI, Glenwood, Arkansas; we are soon to add a FM translator to Glenwood and a few other communities for KWXI; when not on the air, I an on the air as KB5JBS on ham bands or DXxing the shortwave or mediumwave bands, listening to just about any kind of radio traffic or broadcasting I can find to listen to; I have long wanted to operate a Christian station in a small town and offer quality local news, weather and information, so Glenwood, AR and surrounding communites is about to have a truly local radio station again that knows what 'local' radio station means."

Chris Daniel
KSGT [Jackson WY] 1981
KAIR [Tucson AZ] 1985
KWFM/KCEE [Tucson] 1987
KRQQ [Tucson] 1987
KRZR [Fresno CA] 1989
KKLV [Honolulu HI] 1999
KRZR [Fresno] 2000
KKDJ [Fresno] 2004
KIFR [San Francisco] 2006-2007

Now: Chris says (6/07), "I'm on the beach ... er, or away from it; I'm part of the first Free FM to be cut down; I miss nearly every minute spent in the studio ... and not a single one spent in the hallways watching a good kid die from promotional malnutrition."

'Dandy' Dan Daniel
KXYZ [Houston TX] 1955
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1958
WMCA [New York NY] 1961-1970
WYNY [New York] 1975
WHN [New York] 1981
WYNY [New York] 1985
WCBS-FM [New York] 1996-2002

Vergil Glynn 'Dan' Daniel died June 21, 2016 (Larchmont, NY; age 81). See RIP Dandy Dan Daniel of WMCA, a Five-Star DJ and More Than Just a Good Guy (huffingtonpost.com); and RIP: Retired Radio Personality ‘Dandy’ Dan Daniel (adweek.com).

Aaron Daniels
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WAPE/WFYV [Jacksonville FL] 1994-2001
Now: Air talent at Jones Radio Networks (for over 200 affiliates), Denver, Colorado.

Andy Daniels (Andrew Ciesielski)
WSUX [Seaford DE] 1977
WQSR [Baltimore] 1981
WCBM [Baltimore] 1983-1983

Now: Andy says (6/04), "I'm in Baltimore, running vending company (snacks and drinks)."

Beau Daniels
WAAY [Huntsville AL] 1978 - J.J. Jones
WJDQ [Meridian MS] 1980 - J.J. Jones
WSSX [Charleston SC] 1981
WMXJ [Miami FL] 1984
WSSX [Charleston] 1985
WKXX [Birmingham AL] 1987
WHYT [Detroit MI] 1988
- Beau the Jammer
WWCK [Flint MI] 1997
WKQI [Detroit] 2002

Now: Afternoons and Music Director at Top-40 WKQI-FM, Detroit, Michigan.

Bryan Daniels
KZZO [Clovis NM] 1990 - Iceman
KICA/KKYC [Clovis] 1991
KTEG/KHTZ [Albuquerque NM] 1994
WIVI [St. Thomas VI] 1995
WIIS [Key West FL] 1997
- GM
KWNZ [Reno NV] 1998
WIVI [St. Thomas VI] 2000
WZZS/WZSP [Zolfo Springs/Nocatee FL] 2005 - VP/GM
DMS Broadcasting [Grand Cayman] 2007 - Market Mgr
Adelante Media Group [Yakima/Tri-Cities WA] 2010 - VP/Regional Market Mgr
Albany Broadcasting [Albany NY] 2014 - GM
Now: Bryan (Hollenbaugh) says (2/17), "I am GM of Albany Broadcasting Company (WFLY, WYJB, WKLI, WAJZ, WINU, WROW), Albany, New York." He remembers, "Running two FM stations off the same McCurdy board in Clovis, NM. One station was Rock and the other Country. Both stations were live, sharing the same jocks, so you'd do one break to a Country audience, then turn around flip the mic into the audition channel which was live on the rock station. We had a staff of three jocks. It made for interesting radio."

Dana Daniels
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KLOU [St. Louis MO] 1999-2002
WRDA [Jerseyville IL] 2004

Now: Dana says (7/05), "I am the morning host at Nostalgia WRDA-FM, St. Louis, Missouri."

Doug Daniels
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WVAF [Charleston WV] 2000
WGFB [Rockford IL] 2003

Now: Doug says (9/03), "I am Program Director and doing PM drive at Adult Contemporary WGFB-FM, Rockford, Illinois; also doing consulting in the AC format."

Doug Daniels
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WHDQ [Claremont NH] 2001
Now: PD and PM drive at Classic Rock WHDQ-FM, Claremont, New Hampshire.

Jack Daniels (Floyd Thackrey)
KRBO [Las Vegas NV] 1956
KSTN [Stockton CA] 1961
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1963
KENO [Las Vegas] 196?
KGFJ [Los Angeles CA] 1965
WGIV [Charlotte NC] 1965
- GM, Tracy Broadcasting U.S. PD
KRUX/KTKT [Phoenix/Tucson AZ] 1968 - group PD
Ted Randall Consulting [Australia] 1971 - 5-station ops mgr
KXYZ [Houston TX] 1974
KDWN [Las Vegas] 1977-1996
KITT [Las Vegas] 198?
TV Business Confidential [Milwaukee WI] 1998-2009
- publisher
Jack Daniels (Floyd Thackrey) died Feb 1, 2009 (cancer, 69 years old) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. See the WAKY tribute site, where Jack wrote, "I was hired [at WAKY, Louisville] by Jim Brand, who was program director and morning jock at the time. In fact it was Jim who gave me the name 'Jack Daniels.' He was driving me around town on my first night, giving me a quick tour of the city. As we drove along the freeway, we'd pass a Jack Daniels whiskey billboard about every quarter of a mile it seemed. I remember him asking if I was a teetotaler; after telling him 'no,' he asked what I thought about using Jack Daniels as an air name. He reminded me that since the Kentucky bourbon was owned by Early Times, and Early Times was headquartered in Louisville, the name would be easily and quickly recognizable for ratings purposes. Done deal..."

JT Daniels
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WEGI [Clarksville TN] 2004
Now: JT says (5/06), "I am programming Classic Hits WEGI-FM (Eagle 94.3), Clarksville TN; been here two years working for Saga Communications; I do afternoon drive and love it..."

Mike Daniels
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WGLQ [Escanaba MI] 1982
Now: Mike says (3/03), "I'm Director of Network Operations for the Radio Results Network five-station group in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 20+ years as middays on Top-40 WGLQ-FM; I also do an Oldies show on WGKL Kool 105.5; plus voice-overs and imaging for radio and TV."

Ray Daniels
West Sound [Ayr Scotland] 1982
Radio Forth [Edinburgh Scotland] 1988
BBC Radio Scotland [Glasgow Scotland] 1988
GNR [Newcastle England] 1989
WMXV [New York NY] 1992
- ancr/promo coordinator
WDBZ [New York] 1996 - public affairs dir
WINS [New York] 1997 - reporter
WCBS [New York] 1997 - reporter
WKXW [Trenton NJ] 1997 - reporter
Real Radio [Glasgow] 2001
WINS/WKXW [New York/Trenton] 2003
- reporter
KNPR [Las Vegas NV] 2005
Now: Ray says (7/05), "I moved to Las Vegas in June 2005; announcing at Public KNPR-FM; I'm also entertainment reporter on Citybeat 96.7 FM, Belfast, Northern Ireland."

Sky Daniels
WYDD [Pittsburgh PA] 1977
WWWW [Detroit MI] 1978
WLUP [Chicago IL] 1979
KFOG [San Francisco CA] 1984
KMET [Los Angeles CA] 1985
KFOG [San Francisco] 1987
KISW [Seattle WA] 1987-1989

Now: General Manager at Radio & Records magazine, Los Angeles, California.

Tom Daniels
WKWK [Wheeling WV] 1975
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1976
WPGC [Washington DC] 1977
WJDX [Jackson MS] 1978
WCWA [Toledo OH] 1980
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1981
WWSW/WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh] 1982
WDSY [Pittsburgh] 1983
WRQC [Cleveland OH] 1984
WNCX [Cleveland] 1987
- T-Bone
WLEV [Allentown PA] 1989
WMMS [Cleveland] 1990
WMMO [Orlando FL] 1991
WYNF [Tampa Bay FL] 1991
WQAL [Cleveland] 1992
WNPQ [Canton OH] 1995
- T-Bone
WCOL [Columbus OH] 1998
WGAR [Cleveland] 1999
WZKL [Canton] 2000-2002

Now: Tom says (3/15), " I am an award-winning voice actor/narrator/storyteller and executive producer at Tom Daniels' Voice, serving the world from 'America's Playing Field', Stark County, Ohio."

Troy Daniels
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KBBT [Portland OR] 1996-1998
Now: Network/WAN/LAN Administrator for Infinity Broadcasting, Portland, Oregon.

'Wicked' Wendy Daniels
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CKQB [Ottawa ON] 1996
Now: Wendy says (4/04), "I'm rockin' out doing PM drive at CKQB-FM, Ottawa, Ontario."

Bill Danning
KZIQ [Ridgecrest CA] 1983
KRRI [Las Vegas NV] 1989
KFXM [Lancaster CA] 2004
- owner
Now: Bill says (7/05), "I joined the resurected Oldies KFXM-FM ("The Lost Goldmine") in Lancaster, CA in 2004 as an air personality and part owner, returning to radio after being a stock trader in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a few years."

Jeff Dantre
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WSB [Atlanta GA] 1997
Now: Jeff says (9/08), "I'm with News/Talk WSB, Atlanta, Georgia; WSB is a great operation run by professionals who let professionals (like moi) do their jobs; I'm focusing my efforts more and more on the WSB Web site -- in addition to reporting and anchoring..."

Bobby Dark
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KBOX [Dallas TX] 1971-1982
Now: Bobby (Jay Caple) says (9/07), "I'm working as a 911 dispatcher for the Tarrant County Sheriff, Fort Worth, Texas..."

Danny Dark
KICK [Springfield MO] 1956
KAKC [Tulsa OK] 1957
WERE [Cleveland OH] 1959
WTIX [New Orleans LA] 1959
WFUN [Miami FL] 1960
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1961
WIL [St. Louis] 1962
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1963-1965

Now: westcomfilms@yahoo.com reports (6/04): "Sadly, Danny Dark passed away June 13, 2004 at his home in Los Angeles. When Danny left radio in 1965, he hit the voice-over jackpot. As one of the premiere commercial voices in the industry, Danny's golden tones could be heard for years on such spots as Chevrolet and Budweiser '...this Bud's for you'. Danny was also the image voice for NBC TV for more than 25 years as well as TV shows like Bewitched and Bonanza."

Johnny Dark
WYND [Sarasota FL] 1966
WSRF [Ft Lauderdale FL] 1968
WSHE [Ft Lauderdale] 1968
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1971
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1972
WRKO [Boston MA] 1973
WNBC [New York NY] 1977
WHTT [Boston] 1984
WHQO [Skowhegan ME] 1987
- owner
WFLC [Miami] 1989-2001
WKIS [Miami] 2002

Now: Johnny says (3/07), "I'm doing weekends and fill at Country WKIS-FM, Miami, Florida."

Johnny Dark
WHIL [Boston MA] 1953 - Al Bennett
WEAM [Washington DC] 1958
WMEX [Boston] 1959
- Dan Donovan (I)
WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1961
WEAM [Washington] 1965
WCAO [Baltimore] 1966
WWMX [Baltimore] 1992
WMEX [Boston] 1960
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 1993
WQSR [Baltimore] 2004
WorldSpace Satellite Radio [Silver Spring MD] 2006

Johnny says (3/07), "I'm heard in 103 countries around the world on the channel called The Hop on WorldSpace Satellite Radio." Johnny remembers Arnie Ginsburg's tin ear.

Lee Darling aka Lee Gray
WTRY [Albany NY] 1963
WHK [Cleveland] 1967
WKLO [Louisville] 1968
WMCA [New York] 1969
WKLO [Louisville] 1970
WAKY [Louisville] 1973
WKLO [Louisville]
KAAM [Dallas] 1978
KGOL [Houston] 1980
KSBJ [Houston] 1986

Royce Lee Darling (a.k.a Lee Gray) died (heart attack) in Houston, Texas March 8, 1996 (age of 59, one week before his 60th birthday.) See leegray.com, the tribute site maintained by Darling's son David.

Tom Darrah aka Tom Daren
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WSB [Atlanta GA] 1987-1988
Now: Tom says, "I am Manager of Field Marketing & Syndicated Radio at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida."

Bob Darough
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KCNR [Portland OR] 1978-1981 - Dave Bradley
Now: Bob says, "I am the Quality Manager for a large corrugated container corporation in Bradenton, Florida. I enjoy hearing from old radio buddies and friends."

Dave Daugherty aka Dave Matthews
KBRL [McCook NE] 1982
KICX [McCook] 1983-1983
KPAT/KSOO [Sioux Falls SD] 1985
- Dave Fredricks
KICX [McCook] 1987
KKPR [Kearney NE] 1989
KLIN/KEZG [Lincoln NE] 1989
KFMQ [Lincoln] 1991
KZKX [Lincoln NE] 1991-1998

Now: Dave Daugherty died July 13, 2006 in Lincoln, Nebraska. See more at www.nebraskaradio.com/, the site Dave founded.

Dick Daugherty
WFIN [Findlay OH] 1951-2007
Dick Daugherty died Oct 11, 2008 in Findlay, Ohio (88 years old). See wfin.com/daugherty.htm and community-foundation.com/scholarship_daugherty.htm.

Matt Davenport aka Matt Davis
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KLLP [Pocatello ID] 2000-2003
Now: Matt says (2/04), "I'm working as producer for the morning show and on-air as "Matt the Movie Guy" at KPVI-TV, Pocatello, Idaho."

Jon David
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KATA [Eureka CA] 1972-1973
Now: David 'Jon David' Anderson says "I am president of DRAwireless.com, a broadcast and wireless broadband engineering company."

Ted David
WLIX [Islip NY] 1969
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1969
WHLI [Hempstead NY] 1970
WPIX [New York NY] 1970-1976
WNSR [New York] 1986-1988
WOR [New York] 2000-2003
WCBS [New York] 2002
CNBC [Englewood Cliffs NJ] 1989
- business anchor
Now: Ted says (9/04), "I've been at CNBC since 1989 and loving TV, but still have my hand in radio doing daily business news updates on Westwood One and WCBS in New York."

Harley Davidson
WSHE [Miami FL] 1982
WHYI [Miami] 1983
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1986
KSJQ [Stockton CA] 1988
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1988
KKLQ [San Diego CA] 1991
KKBB [Bakersfield CA] 1992
KGGI [Riverside] 1993
KMEN [San Bernardino] 1994
KMRZ [San Bernardino] 1997
XHRM [San Diego/Tijuana] 1999
XHCR [San Diego/Tijuana] 2000-2002
WCOY [Quincy IL] 2014

Now: Harley says (11/14), "I have returned to the biz, doing middays at Country WCOY-FM (Coyote Country), Quincy, IL. I've also owned and operated Oldies kmen129.com since 2008."

Keith Davidson
Now: Owns and operates Keith Davidson & Company (broadcast technical/maintenance services company), Vallejo CA.

A.J. Davis
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WQIK [Jacksonville FL] 1991-1999
WBWL [Jacksonville] 2009
WBOB [Jacksonville] 2010-2011

Now: A.J. says (1/13), "A staff realignment at Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting (WBOB), resulted in my position being eliminated in late July 2011; I'm still 'On the Beach'. Hello and thanks to all the talented people I've worked with over the years..."

Dawne Davis
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KZCC [Eureka CA] 2008
Now: Dawne says (7/08), "I am assistant ops mgr, traffic mgr, news dir, community affairs dir, production assistant and morning-show host for Adult Hits KZCC-FM, Eureka, California." Some history, "I won a contest on KEZ, Phoenix, AZ with Perry Damone to go skiing, and then did this job exchange where he did my job for an hour and I did his ... he hooked me up with Rich Creeger in Cottonwood, and I started my first ever Radio job, drove up on a Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon, and started my first gig at 6:00 that evening..." See voice123.com/dawnedavis.

Don Davis
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1961 - AT, GSM
KARM [Fresno CA] 1979 - GM
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1981 - GM
KPRL/KDDB [Paso Robles CA] 1985 - owner/GM
KFRG [San Bernardino] 1992-2008 - Regional Sales Mgr
Now: Don says (4/09), "After 47 years, I retired from CBS Radio February 2008; since that time I have been consulting for radio and TV in Southern California; however, most of my time is consumed by traveling with my wife Judy and our family."

Gene Davis
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KQMQ [Honolulu HI] 1975-1977
Now: Gene says (9/10), "I am living in Honolulu, Hawaii and have been the the Public Relations Manager at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hawaii since 2000; I lost my voice to Spasmodic Dysphonia in 1990 and was forced to retire from radio; finished my college degree at Chaminade University in Journalism and joined the staff at PBS Hawaii, working there between 1995 and 2000; also served as men's and women's head tennis coach at Chaminade between 1994-1997."

Gene Davis
WTAO [Carbondale IL] 1975
WIBA-FM [Madison WI] 1978
KRWQ [Medford OR] 1980
WJVL [Beloit WI] 1982
WUSN [Chicago IL] 1986
Interstate Radio Network [Chicago/Nashville TN] 1988
WLIT [Chicago IL] 1992
- Gene Christianson
WBBM [Chicago] 1998
WLIT [Chicago] 1999
WSM/WWTN [Nashville TN] 2000-2003
- Gene Christianson
WHB [Kansas City MO] 2003-2005 - Gene Christianson
Now: Gene says (7/05), "Anti-corporate radio station WHB, where I had worked since November 2003, recently underwent a very corporate-style downsizing. So I'm now out of radio and working on the TV side here in K.C., as an audio and video engineer at the Hearst-Argyle ABC affiliate, KMBC Channel 9."

Gene Davis
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WNCO-FM [Ashland OH] 1987
Now: Gene says (11/04), "I'm PD of Adult Standards WNCO-AM and midday personality on Country WNCO-FM, Ashland, Ohio."

Geoff Davis
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KIHT [St. Louis MO] 2000-2001
Now: Geoff says (7/08), "I'm working on the other side (syndication) as GM for All Star Radio Networks; haven't been on the air since 2001..."

George L. Davis
WHIZ [Zanesville OH] 1957
WCLT [Columbus OH] 1957
WAMM [Flint MI] 1958
WOOD [Grand Rapids MI] 1958
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1962
WIGO [Indianapolis IN] 1963
WFBM [Indianapolis] 1964
WGEE [Indianapolis] 1970
KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1971
WOAI [San Antonio TX] 1971
KAYQ [Kansas City MO] 1972
WGY [Schenectady NY] 1973
WTAR [Norfolk VA] 1979
WGH [Norfolk] 1982
WXRI [Norfolk] 1983-1984
WZCL [Norfolk] 1989
WJQI [Norfolk] 1990
WMXN [Norfolk] 1992-1993

Now: George says (11/08), "After 35+ years on the air, I am retired from radio and own a company called Variety Entertainment, where I put together music and entertainment packages for clients, including being a DJ for weddings, birthdays, class reunions and other events."

James Davis
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KOMP [Las Vegas NV] 2005 - IT mgr
Now: James says (7/06), "I am IT manager for Lotus, Las Vegas, Nevada, and have my own IT services company."

Jay Davis
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1969
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1975
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1980
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1980

Passed away in 1992.

Jeff Davis
WGH [Norfolk VA] 1973
WLS [Chicago IL] 1974
KRTH [Los Angeles CA] 1989
KYSR [LA] 1992

Now: Running Jeff Davis Productions (image voice for stations in U.S., Canada and England including his old alma mater, WLS). Jeff's wife plays Lydia on CBS-TV's The Young and the Restless.

Jeff Davis
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KPDQ [Portland OR] 1994
Now: Production Director at Relgiious KPDQ AM/FM Portland, Oregon. Jeff says, "I also am co-owner of Our Production Studios, Inc. Sacramento / Portland. Working on voice tracking and TV voice-overs for stations all across the US."

Jim Davis
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WFKS [Daytona Beach FL] 1996-1999 - GM
Now: Jim says (2/04), "I am VP/GM of Treasure and Space Coast Radio stations WGYL, WGNX, WOSN, WTTB, Vero Beach, Florida."

Jim Davis
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WRMR [Cleveland OH] 1988
Now: Jim says (9/03), "I'm Operations Manager doing & middays at Classic Pops WRMR, Cleveland, Ohio."

Kevin 'Crash' Davis
WWKX [Nashville TN] 1987
WKQD [Huntsville AL] 1988
WSTZ [Jackson MS] 1990
- Kevin Hayes
WQID [Biloxi MS] 1990
KTUX [Shreveport LA] 1992
KLBQ [El Dorado AR] 1992
KYQQ [Wichita KS] 1994
KIGN [Cheyenne WY] 1996
WBTU [Ft. Wayne IN] 1997
WLJE [Chicago IL] 1998
Radio One Net [Vail CO] 1999
WYNG [Evansville IN] 2000
WNDT/WNDD/WNDN [Gainesville/Ocala FL] 2002-2011

Now: Keven is a freelance voice-over artist in Gainesville, Florida.

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Lauren 'Ren' Davis
WILZ/WYLZ [Saginaw MI] 1999-2005
Now: Ren says (1/15), "I own a business in Midland, Michigan and study Molecular Science with a concentration in Genetics and the Human Microbiome at Univ of Michigan Systems, with a dual Major in English and minor in Biology and another in Science and technical writing. Almost finished! I work behind the scenes in multimedia and I've been writing all this time as a freelancer. Just finished my second novel. I figure when I get the third done, I'll go on a publishing blitz for better or worse. Three kids and still married."

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Lee Davis
WNNS [Springfield IL] 1988-1996
Now: Lee says (6/14), "After 49 years of radio & TV, I retired in 2013 -- although, I guess I'd entertain part time somewhere."

Lee Davis
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KICR [Spokane WA] 2005
Now: Lee says (4/06), "I am living in the great Inland Northwest with my incredable wife Karla, raising three of our grand children, loving the weather and having a great time as Director of Programming for Blue Sky Broadcasting, as well as being half of the morning team on our Country format K102."

Mark Davis
WNBP [Newburyport MA] 1967 - Jack Harper
WLYN [Boston MA] 1968 - Jack Harper
WLLH [Lowell MA] 1968
WHIL [Boston] 1969
WMEX [Boston] 1969
WEEI [Boston] 1972
WVBF [Boston] 1973-1980
WKOX [Boston] 1975-1980
WTIC [Hartford CT] 1980-1987
WTNH-TV [New Haven CT] 1984

Now: Mark Davis is Chief Capitol & Political Correspondent at WTNH-TV, New Haven, CT. He says (4/04), "After several years of anchoring two TV newscasts per day on Connecticut's ABC affiliate Channel 8 and a night-time radio talk show host on WTIC AM, I gave up the radio show to devote all my time to TV. I still miss radio, but don't miss the long days of doing two jobs. I find it remarkable that I still run into people here in Connecticut who remember listening to me on WMEX and WVBF when they were going to college in Boston." Click for more from Mark.

Norman Davis
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KTIM [San Rafael CA] 1981-1983
Now: Norm says, "I produce a syndicated weekly blues show, Midnight Flyer, (radiothrills.com/midnightflyer). I also write for several magazines and am webmaster for several Web sites. Am transcribing many old tapes to CD."

Paul Davis
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WGLF [Tallahassee FL] 1989-2000
Now: Paul says (Aug 2002), "I am working in international marketing for the Florida Department of Agriculture. If it wasn't for deregulation..."

Rhys Davis
KXYZ [Everett WA] 1975
KAVA [Redding CA] 1975
KBKW [Aberdeen WA] 1978
KXRO [Aberdeen] 1980
KAYO-FM [Aberdeen] 1989
- GM
KXRO/KDUX [Aberdeen] 1993
KSWW [Aberdeen] 1998

Now: Mornings at Adult Contemporary KSWW-FM, Aberdeen, Washington. Jodesha Broadcasting, Inc. president Bill Wolfenbarger says (7/04), "Rhys Davis update: now 11 years straight as 'Twin Harbors Best Radio Personality' per Aberdeen Daily World readers' poll."

'Sister' Sara Davis
WNPS [New Orleans LA] 1975
WZZX [Louisville KY] 1978
KZOM [Beaumont TX] 1980
KWIC [Beaumont] 1981
KYKR [Beaumont] 1981
KMGC [Dallas TX] 1982
KMEZ [Dallas] 1984
Satellite Music Network [Dallas] 1986
WRVR [Memphis TN] 1987-1988
WEZI [Memphis] 1991-1991

Now: Sara says (4/08), "I'm in Bonham, Texas where I teach high school English and Communications; I began teaching in McKinney, Texas in 1999 after about nine years in video store ownership; I have taught each grade, 6-12, in English, speech communications, writing and theater; however, I'm looking into prison - uh, to teach; radio always made me tick and to some degree it continues; those radio days play a large role in my love for teaching." Click for more from Sara.

Steve Davis
WHHY [Montgomery AL] 1975-1976
WKXX [Birmingham AL] 1980
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1980
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 1982
WZNE [Clearwater FL] 1983
WZGO [Philadelphia PA] 1984
WAPW [Atlanta] 1986
WRVQ [Richmond VA] 1987
WAFX [Norfolk VA] 1993
WMXB [Richmond VA] 1993-1996

Now: Steve is a consultant with Zapoleon Media Strategies, Midlothian, Virginia.

Tony Davis
KHTR [St. Louis] 1985
WOGL [Philadelphia PA] 19??

Now: Production Director at WOGL (Oldies 98), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Val Davis
KFVS [Cape Girardeau MO] 1974
KFMP [Cape Girardeau] 1975
KGMO [Cape Girardeau] 1976
KYMO [East Prarie MO] 1978
KTAM [Bryan TX] 1980
KBOL [Boulder CO] 1983
KRBE [Houston TX] 1984
WXGL [Portland ME] 1985
KTRK-TV [Houston TX] 1987
On-Track Productions [Austin TX] 1991
KNYN [Santa Fe NM] 1994
ABC Satellite Music Net [] 1995
KEMB [Emmetsburg IA] 1996
WORK [Barre VT] 1999-2000
WGMT [Lyndon VT] 2005

Now: Val says (1/08), "I continue to do voice work from www.productionroom.com."

'Big' Jim Davison
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KRRX [Redding CA] 2001-2006
Now: Jim says (4/07), "I am out of radio for good; doing freelance VOs once in a while, but the new career path is along the computer graphic artist lines."

Tim Davisson
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WAKR/WONE-FM [Akron OH] 1987
Now: Tim says, "I have been in sales since 1980; in radio advertising sales since 1983; and with Talk WAKR and Rock WONE-FM, Akron, Ohio since 1987."
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