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About 440: Satisfaction
Boss Jock Johnny Williams left radio in 1995 to consult, freelance and take in some Hawaiian sun and surfing -- Web surfing that is. That's when he started 440: Satisfaction as a hobby.

It began with Johnny listing the radio stations he had worked for and the people he had worked with. The initial response was so great that Johnny moved 440: Satisfaction from his personal site to 440int.com & started 440 International Inc.

By the turn of the century, 440: Satisfaction had become the radio industry's genealogy of people past and present: DJs, newspersons, engineers, sales and administrative personnel, etc. and where they are now. Literally thousands of radio stars and unsung heroes are included, with more names and their favorite stories added every day.
About Those Were the Days
TWTD is a feature researched, written and produced by 440 International Inc. Those Were the Days is a daily series of historic events that occured on each specific day. Each day contains events covering news, sports, entertainment, inventions, personalities, organizations, literature, etc. The years covered in these events span time from the 1700s (earlier when data is available), primarily from 1900 to 1990. Celebrity birthdays and music chart toppers complete this fascinating feature.

And if you like Those Were the Days, you will love TWtD Deluxe. It's loaded with actual Web links to the events and famous birthdays, the hit songs & the artists who made them hits. Our expanded focus now extends all the way to last year and your membership includes full access to the Deluxe archives. Those Were the Days Deluxe is available for a measly five cents a day. Click here for details and order form.

Read about 440 to see how this all started. There are lots of radio links here too; we also appreciate your links to us and have built buttons for your Web site with instructions to make installing them easy. And check our recent updates/timeline.

FYI: We have two identical Web sites:
440fun.com and 440int.com.
Use the site that gives you the best performance.

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