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Ron Jacobs


You don't know me but I have to thank you for Great Radio when I first heard you in May '62 !! The day K-mack became KMAKe was a new day for radio in Fresno. The radio war with KYNO has to be a classic.

I was only 13, I guess, living waaay out in the country, 30 miles from Fresno. I did get in on the FIRST $1000 Treasure Hunt when the secret site was narrowed down to the vacant lot that later became a shopping center. What a scene; thousands of people with shovels!

You guys Kicked ass as far as I was concerned. You, yourself, were there for too short a time ( probably too long from your point of view) but then Robert W Morgan did a fair job of trying to fill your morning shift. Years later ('68) Gary Dee raised some hell with that same little 1000 watt xmitter on 1340Kc.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Gary Dee and Tom Maule in the past couple of years.

John Kirchman


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