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Don Imus

Charles McCord has worked with Imus (doing the news and generally acting as compass) for over 20 yrs; I would guess when Imus started at WFAN, Charles came with him.

Lou Rafino has been the engineer for about 5-6 years. He hates Imus and Imus hates him, but he works miracles with the most indiscernable cues from Imus. Have you ever seen any of the CSPAN tapes of the entire show?

Mike Breen does sports with a wicked twist (also does the occasional Giants game for Fox)

Rob Bartlett does these voices/skits among others:Dylan ('Subterranean OJ Blues' is a true classic), Nixon, Limbaugh, Perot and a killer Scott Muni. He is an accomplished comedian in his own right, and lets Imus coast a bit. Imus is getting more like Reagan in that he assembles a good crew and gives them room to go. Unlike RR, though, this crew stays within the law...sorry, couldn't resist.

Bernard McGuirk is another demented voice, the producer who gets Bob Dole with 5 moments notice.

I don't know if they all qualify, but they are one fantastic team.

Mark Baranowski


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