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440: Satisfaction
I started this project remembering the people I worked with and those radio stations I've known. That explains the JWNotes included with some of the listings. Since I don't pretend to be an expert on radio markets outside my own personal experience (even those markets have changed many times since I was there), please help me out. If you know the whereabouts and/or whatsheupto of any old radio people - DJ's, news, engineers, sales, support, management, etc. - please feed me the information. We're not looking for personal slime on anyone, just where were they then and/or where are they now (if you know)? Ideally, each person listed here would have a WWW page that we could link to directly. Until that occurs (sometime in 2020, I figure), I will post as much information about that person as I can lay my hands on. I have provided links to many stations on the Web, which provides a very wild kind of then/now time warp, but more and more are developing Web sites each day so, if you spot a station that isn't linked, please advise and I'll link it.

This radio information is more interesting to those who have spent some time in the business but you never know, and everyone is invited to browse around. Now, obviously there have to be a few rules and we'll modify them as we go (just like the PD always did).

Finally, the lists are not limited to the United States. Information from Canada, Australia, Europe - wherever - is welcome. And hey, radio people are notorious critics, so feel free to lay it on me (as we used to say).

Mahalo for your help,
Johnny Williams, Honolulu, Hawaii
E-mail johnnywilliams@440fun.com

P.S. About the title 440: Satisfaction.


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