Stanley B remembers,

April fools day / weekend Scott Slade invited all the old radio jocks who were in the record business to come over to Big WAYS (61 WAYS Charlotte NC), bring a bunch of promo junk, pull an hour on the air, and give your crap away. Well at that time MCA had plenty of crap!

My hour came up, and by the way, being from North Carolina, and listening to big WAYS every chance I had, through the static, the fading in and out, most of my life, I mean I was like about to jump out of my skin!

There were some great people there that day, including a dear friend, like a brother to me through my first years in radio, Ron Phelps (Bob Scott), and changed so many people's lives for the better (he passed away shortly after that). There was Scott in the production room. Spanky was there. Chuck Brittan was getting me settled in, telling what did what, then the moment came!

I opened the mic and said the thing I had alway wanted to say, "61 BIG WAYS, AND I ALWAYS THOUGHT THERE WERE A HUNDRED ONE!" Well I don't remember much about what happenend after that. I saw Scott sink to his knees in the production room, Spanky falling off the table, and Chuck, well he applauded.

By the way, if anyone knows the whereabouts of the aircheck that was made please e-mail me.

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Stanley B


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