Steve remembers (Oct, 1999):

I spent 20 years doing other things, but caught the radio bug again when a little AM station went on the air here (Albuquerque) in 1993. KJBO, "King of the Juke Box Oldies" rekindled a smoldering love for broadcasting. And I am glad it did. Radio is the one thing I look forward to each week. Danny and the Juniors were right: Rock 'n' roll is here to stay!

KAKC was one of the original Drake-Chenault stations. I was on the air one Sunday morning (1968?) when the hot line rang. Much to my surprise and fear it was Bill Drake calling from California. I assumed he was going to ask who the hell I was and why I was on the air. As it turned out, he was apologetic for interrupting, told me to go ahead and do the next break if one was coming up (i.e. put down the phone and work). All he wanted to tell me was that a copy of "I Am the Walrus" was coming that morning by courier. He told me to put it on the air immediately and play the "KAKC Exclusive" whisper cut over the intro. I don't know if I was the first jock in the country to play this song on the air, but I am sure I was one of the first.

I loved working at KAKC. By the way, I also loved the Drake format. I thought it was crisp, fresh and uncluttered.

Steve Suttle


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