Keith says (June 2000),

Love your web site ... wonder about some ancient jocks who spun hits in California ... Russ O'Hara ... Ted Taylor ... Sarge McClintock ... Chuck Downey ... Al Anthony ... Lee Duncan ... Jerry Stevens ... Brad Edwards ... some of the guys I worked with at KAFY and KUTY a long, long time ago.

Sorry to read of deaths of Don Pietro & Mark Denis.

Cheers to Bill Taylor, Felix Walker, George Chambers, Bryant Ellis, Damon Lane, Johnny Bruce, Brad Edwards and Mike Lundy.

One of my favorite stories is of 19 year old Russ O'Hara, let's say a very outwardly confident jock, who participated in a motorcycle giveway at KUTY (1966). While I, the P.D., had to take lessons from jockey Jon Wallace, Russ boasted he knew all about handling a mc. Unfortunately his turn at the wheel became a put the pedal to the metal ... all in first gear ... until he ended up blowing the engine on a new Yamaha 250. The Japanese rep said no way Jose regarding the machine's alleged failure.

Would you believe it? The mc dealer provided another new 250 to finish the promotion ... but Russ was banned from murdering another bike!

Keep up the good work. Love to remember my teen years of the late 1950s in L.A. remembering KFWB then KRLA, then after starting my career, KHJ.

Remember meeting and being psyched by Sam Riddle, Frosty Harris, Jimmy O'Neill, Roy Elwell...

Okay ... time to stop rambling....


Keith Allgood


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