Jerry remembers:

It was a sunday at WRVA the 50,000-watt voice of Virginia and it was 3:55 p.m. The network news was on and I was cleaning up my mess in the studio. Chris Dennision was coming with a ton of carts getting ready to kick off the 4 o'clock hour and the beginning of his show. He dropped the carts on the Pacific Recorder console ... this keyed the mic and in anger he said, "God!!!!!!!!!!!Damn!!!!!!!!it."

At the same time, the network news announcer said, "This is NBC News, New York." The phones rang off the hook. This one old lady said (as did all of the callers), "That Guy in New York has a nasty mouth." So, Chris got away with it and the blame was put on the news announcer at the network.

This was in 1985. Good story, huh! Chris is still in Richmond ... best damn traffic man and friend that I've had working at WRVA.

Jerry Carter


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