Brian says:

In addition to Westwood One Oldies, I'm also doing mornings at LITE 92.7 in southern Calif, working for Jim Maddox who hired me at KDAY in 76.

I still love being on the air as much as I did all those years ago. I finished Law School in 1984 and decided I'd never practice. It's too much like work. I'm married and have a Daughter Katy.

My favorite story would be working with Robert W. Morgan at Magic 106 FM (KMGG). I told him off the air that I went to a nudist resort in Topanga Canyon. The next thing I know we're doing our crossover bit and he asks me if I'm going to hang out at the nudist colony this weekend. He then starts to describe me, including a couple of tattoos. That weekend a few people came up to me and asked if I was Brian Roberts from Magic 106. I LOVED RWM and really miss him.

Brian Roberts


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