Shannon aka R.J. Adams

Bob fills us in:

Since leaving radio in 1983, I've worked as a film/TV actor (R.J. Adams), co-starring in "Rocky IV", "The Execution" and over 200 espisodic television shows including "L.A. Law", "Simon and Simon", "NYPD Blue", "Dynasty" and many others. I also coach film actors with my son, Rob, at our 20-year-old L.A. Actors Workshop. And I own Shannon & Company, which produces historical documentaries and films.

Bob Shannon, KRUX Sep 2, 1966

KRIZ Days -- While working in sales (Bob Adams), I managed to get my first on-air job (Bob Shannon) at the very mellow, crosstown MOR station, KXIV. Sunday evening from 7-10pm. Since my first love was to be on air and not in sales, I wanted to take full advantage of all the studio time that I could to practice on-air skills.

One of my responsibilties just after signing off at 10 was to take transmitter readings and take the station off the air. This is where I went into action. During the week at KRIZ, I put together a stack of rock records along with a cartridge containing the "Fun Lovin KRIZ" jingle package, so I could make a great audition right after my air shift at KXIV. Immediately after my shift, I took the trans reading and then began to play Rock 'n' Roll music accented by the very up and frantic "Fun Lovin K-R-I-Z channel 1-2-3".

It was great !! If I made a mistake, I would just lift up the turntable needle and start again, sometimes even adding a little curse or two. After several hours of some the best radio I ever did, I realized that I forgot to shut down the transmitter!! I spent the following week waiting for the hammer to drop, either from KRIZ GM Frank Flynn or KXIV PD Jim Spero.

Amazingly it never came... Boy, talk about lousy listenership.

I remember the big changes at KFI and KHJ. In 1975, KFI was doing Adult Contemporary until John Rook came in and rocked the station. I was moved to afternoon drive and as the station rocked on, as soon as the sun went down, the rock and roll stopped and on came Dodger baseball. It was an unbelievable mixture for the legendary radio giant.

I was the last guy on the air when KHJ dropped the oldies format and I began introducing country music. Going from Lynard Skybard to Waylon Jennings on KHJ was like going from rock 'n' roll in afternoon drive to Dodger baseball on KFI. Radio can be strange.

Bob Shannon aka R.J. Adams


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